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Hey guys! Yeah we had to open a new thread and a new account because we can't log into our other account.Someone changed the password or it got hacked. We don't know what is going on but this is the account now that we will be posting from. So please add this account now if you would like future Updates and PMs. PMs are being sent out to everyone on the buddy list in the other account but we can't add you so you are going to have to add us. So please do that if you would like to continue reading! It is a total set back for us that this is happening but we promise to keep on updating! But please bear with us until we figure everything out! Thanks again! 

Hershi and Katie


Parts 1 through 15 - Page 1 and Page 2

First of all a great father to Angad, Riddhima, and Anjali but loves the sharma Twins (Kavya and Armaan) no less than Angad. When it comes to his daughters, yes he is an over protective father, (wonder where Angad got the over protectiveness from). Riddhima and Anjali can be described as the apples of his eyes. He knows that Angad will protect and take care of his sisters but he worries a little too much about Ridhdima and Anjali since they live in London, away from home. Dilip Khanna is a businessman who owns 50% of the shares in the SK Enterprises.(Sharma-Khanna enterprises). He is a loving husband to Naina Khanna. He will do anything to fulfill his family's wishes and dreams. A motivated and optimistic person in life.

is a very kind hearted lady who dotes on all her three kids. Angad, being the eldest has always been the apple of her eye. She is a full time stay at home mom and wife. She worries over her daughters just like any typical mother. Not the partying type but would never stop her kids from enjoying as long as they are still on the right path. She knows her kids inside out. Knows exactly how they will react to a certain situation, what opinions on a certain event will be, and what's bothering them. Best friends with Gayatri Sharma. She loves getting together with Gayatri and cooking for their husbands and kids. 

22 yrs old. Lives in Mumbai India with his family. Oldest son of Naina and Dilip Khanna and elder brother of Riddhima and Anjali Khanna. A very good brother and son. Loves his sisters to bits but never leaves a chance to annoy the hell out of them, because in the end he is still a boy. A good guy at heart but knows how to stand up for himself and others when something wrong is happening. Has two best friends, kkavya and armaan Sharma who are twins and who he shares everything with whether it is things or feelings. Goes to College of Mumbai to get his MBA and is in his 2nd year. Wants to join his dad in the business after college. Likes to live life the way it comes and cares about everyone. Very friendly with everyone. Misses his sisters a lot but knows that they are safe and happy and will be back soon. 

21 yrs old. Second child of Dilip and Naina Khanna. Sister of angad and anjali khanna. Went toLondon to study. Goes to Oxford University to study medicine and wants to become a cardiologist technician (accompanies the cardiologist monitor the condition of the patient during the surgery.) Lives with her sister Anjali and best friend Kripa. Is very calm and the mature one out of the three friends yet knows how to have fun. The only negative thing about her is that she is very emotional and sensitive and takes things to heart easily but knows how to fight back if needed. One main thing common between the three friends is that they love to party. Not party with drinks and cigarettes but soberly. Misses her brother so makes sure to talk to him every single day. 

20 yrs old. Youngest child of Dilip and Naina Khanna. Sister of Angad and Riddhima Khanna. Lives in London with her sister Riddhima and friend Kripa who she met through riddhima, loves them both dearly. Knows how to stand up for herself and argue back so decided to use that to make money and help others so is studying law at oxford university. Loves to talk a lot ofcourse that's why she is opting to become a lawyer. But opposite of riddhima, where ridz is calm and hardworking this one here is lazy and bossy. Can't stand anyone talking back to her. Knows how to handle everyone the 'right' way. That's why no guy messes with her. Loves to party. Misses her brother a lot but makes sure to talk to him every single day.

A perfect father to Kavya, Armaan, and Kripa. Kripa is the apple of his eye. He treats her no less than his sons. The twins tend to give Suryaban a hard time with their pranks, especially if played on Kripa. But Suryaban knows that Kripa can knock down anyone who seemed like a threat to her. Armaan and Kavya love his father and behave more like buddies with him. Suryaban also considers Angad like his sons. His wife is his life. Suryaban needs Gayatri at every step in his life. Before making any decision, he makes sure he discusses it with Gayatri. He believes women tend to see both good and the bad in detail while the men look at the good in detail but don't pay so much attention to the bad. He owns the other 50% shares of SK Enterprises. He would also do anything for his family's happiness, and is extremely forward and motivated in life.

A kind hearted lady who dotes on all her three kids AND her husband. He tends to get a little childish once with kids. Misses her daughter and wants her to come back as soon as possible. She is a housewife. Suryaban had asked her to join his business but she had refused since she had found out she was having twins. She scolds Kavya and Armaan when they bother Kripa a lot. She is like Kripa's best friends. Knows every little thing about Kripa. Kripa cant hide anything from Gayatri no matter how hard she tries. Gayatri can 'read her kids' minds'. Best friends with Naina Khanna. Loves to get together with naina and cook for their husbands and kids.

22 yrs old. Lives in Mumbai India with his family. Oldest son of gayatri and Suryaban sharma and elder brother of armaan and kripa sharma. Well he is armaans twin but is older by 5 minutes even then he is best friends with armaan but knows when to become an older brother from friend. A very good brother and son. Loves his siblings to death. Is best friends with Angad khanna. Goes to Xaviers College of Mumbai with angad and armaan to get his MBA and is in his 2nd year. Wants to join his dad in the business after college. Likes to live life the way it comes and cares about everyone. Very friendly with everyone yet very calm. Misses his sister a lot since she is in London. Was very against her leaving because after all she is the baby of the family. Pampers her a lot even though she lives in London. Very overprotective about kripa but at the same time loves to annoy her. Many times gets stuck between the pranks of armaan and kripa

22 yrs old. One of the devil's of the family, the other being kripa. The middle child of gayatri and suryaban. Twin of kkavya Sharma and elder brother of kripa Sharma. Loves to play pranks on everyone and the life of the family after kripa ofcourse. Well the two are the same one incomplete without the other. Misses her a lot since she went to London. Ofcourse he shows everyone he is so happy she is gone but then again everyone one knows who was the one that cried like a baby when she was leaving and who almost hijacked the plane so she wouldn't go. Best friends with his brother kkavya and angad khanna. Goes to Xaviers College of Mumbai with angad and kkavya to get his MBA and is in his 2nd year. Wants to join his dad in the business after college. Well that is what he wants everyone to believe... work and him???? Neverrr!!! Wants to live life to the fullest'annoy the hell out of kripa and then maybe if there is time for work he will join the office. 

21 yrs old. Youngest and the second devil of the Sharma family. Lives in London with her two best friends riddhima and anjali who she met in college. Goes to Oxford University to become a cardiologist (heart doctor/surgeon). Loves both the girls very much and shares everything with them. Loves to party like the other two but is the more friendly one and the only one who can control Anjali when she gets angry and Riddhima when she gets upset. Misses her brothers and parents dearly especially her partner in crime Armaan Bhai. Even though he is older than her, she takes him as a friend where kkavya is more of the brother figure. And that is how she differentiates between them. While KKavya is bhaiya, Armaan is stupid, donkey, monkey, cockroach, cow, dinosaur and sometimes if she feels bad for him then Bhai. No matter how much she fights with him she loves him more than anything. The only thing that irritates her is the over protectiveness of her brothers. Kkavya who always shows it no matter where he is while armaan doesn't really do it but when he does oh my god. Like the time when she was coming to London and he almost hijacked the plane. That incident she can never forget. But no matter how her brothers are they are her brothers and if anyone messes with them then she knows how to handle it very well with her karate skills


Kripa Sharma moved to London to finish high school and join the most reputed college Oxford University to become a Cardiologist. When she left Mumbai she was very excited but a fear still inside her of leaving her loved ones and going to an unknown place without any knowledge of the city. She didn't know that this unknown place would give her not one but two people who she could call her best friend. Riddhima and Anjali Khanna like Kripa came to finish their studies in London as well. While Riddhima the elder one wanted to pursue her career in Cardiologist Tech., Anjali wanted to become a Lawyer. Due to having a profession in the same field Riddhima and Kripa first met in their Biology class. And the main thing that got them both talking was their fascination of their professor who was only 28 and very good looking. Well what was next Kripa needed a place to live and Riddhima needed someone to save her from Anjali's craziness so she offered Kripa to come and live with her and her sister and Kripa of course took the opportunity at first.

Anjali and Kripa hit it off as soon as they met. While Anjali was the more verbal one Kripa was the more physical one. For Kripa it was as if she found a girl version of her brother except for the fact that Anjali was more of the talk back to me and I will show you who is the boss type of a person. And Riddhima being herself was stuck in between the two. In a short span of time all three girls became really good friends, well more like sisters. It was as if they were all destined to be friends.


After their lovely sister Kripa moved to London, Kavya and Armaan joined a university which specialized in business programs. Kavya and Armaan met Angad Khanna in their marketing class. All three seated in a row, bored to death by the boring teacher. Angad had commented on the conversation Kavya and Armaan had about the professor, and then soon, all three were equal partners in crime of a prank

played on the teacher. Since that day on, the trio has been unbreakable. Kavya and Armaan had another brother: Angad. They weren't the dynamic duo any longer; they had promoted to triple trouble. The three could make the most sane man insane in a matter of few hours. No matter how mischievous they were, they were well focused on their education and knew their responsibilities inside out. They wouldn't exactly fall into the party-animals category but they did like to have a blast every now and then.

The Khanna family and the Sharma family didn't know each other but because of their sons' strong friendship, both families met frequently and soon had become like one single family. They had become so close, Dilip Khanna and Surayabhan Sharma had even decided to merge their businesses which their 'three' sons would lead in the future.

Yes the boys loved their sisters, but when guys get together, do they ever talk about their sisters? not really. most of the time they end up talking about the hot girls in their classes. Yea of course they had mentioned 'my sister' to each other but never really found it necessary to say the names.

what do you do when someone asks you "you have any sisters or brothers?"....a normal person would go "yes I have so and so sisters and so and so brothers."...

The families don't know that the Khanna Daughters and Kripa are in London living together like sisters.

Nor do the girls know about the strong friendship bonding between their families.

Love holds no boundaries

Friendship knows no reasons

Relationships can't be broken

Will any of these be proven wrong when they meet?

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"I'm home!!!!", Riddhima beamed as she stepped into the house only to see her worst nightmare before her.  The smile on her face slowly faded and soon an angry frown took over her face.  She saw her sister, Anjali, and her sister-like friend, Kripa, fighting with each other.  The Living room was a mess.  Even a trash dump would have looked neater than the room at that point.


Riddhima was getting angry.  The house was a mess, the two girls were screaming at each other at the top of their lungs and the phone was ringing.  Riddhima guessed what could have happened there.


Riddhima(yelling at the top of her lungs): STOP IT!!!!


Both Kripa and Anjali looked at Riddhima, and then at each other.  They started yelling again completely ignoring Riddhima.  Riddhima put her bag on the side table and rushed to the phone.  She took the phone and walked out of the house slamming the door behind her.  Kripa and Anjali, once again looked at the door, then at each other, and continued arguing.


Riddhima(barking into the phone): HELLO?


Anne: whoa….what happened to your ridzie?  The usual?


Riddhima: the usual…Kripa and Anjali…


Anne: hmm….no surprise…anyways……are you three going to reach at my party??


Riddhima: oh yea….wouldn't miss it!


Anne: alright then….i'll see you at 10:00 at the Copacabana Club?


Riddhima: sure thing!  Alright anne….im gonna hang up….gotta see how those two are doing in there…..gotta make sure they don't injure each other…


Anne: they wont…they love each other too much for that…


Riddhima: that's true…but if I want to stay in the house for one minute without getting a headache…they have to shut up…


Anne: alright…good luck with that…see ya!


Riddhima: bye!


Riddhima hung up and took a deep breath before opening the door again.  She groaned loudly when she saw them still arguing!




Riddhima angrily walked to Kripa and whispered something into her ear.  Kripa gasped loudly and looked at Riddhima with a frown.


Kripa: Don't say that about her!  She's your sister!  God!  How can you say she looks like a frog when she's angry??




Riddhima just looked at them and grinned.  Kripa and Anjali looked at her as if she was drunk.


Riddhima: finally…got you to shut up!  Seriously….what were you two fighting about??


Both girls pointed fingers at each other.


Kripa & Anjali: Its her fault!


Riddhima crossed her arms and turned to Anjali.  Kripa smiled ear to ear while Anjali stood there thinking up of a good argument.


Riddhima: ahem anju…would you like to tell me what happened?


Kripa: leave her alone Riddhima….she'll clean up the mess……..right anju?


Anjali: oh yea definitely……………NOT…….riddzie…..if you have a problem with the mess….you clean it up… a lawyer….not a janitor.


Riddhima: I'm a surgeon!!!  Do I look like a janitor to you???


Kripa was a silent observer until both Riddhima and Anjali turned to her and grinned.


Kripa: what???


Riddhima and Anjali flashed their lashes.


Kripa: oh no!  I'm not cleaning it up!  And Anjali you owe me remember?  I cleaned up the mess you made last Friday?


Anjali: what proof do you have?


Kripa: well your honor!  I have an Eye witness.


Anjali: who?


Riddhima put her hand up.  All three looked at each other and burst out into laughter.  All three gathered themselves into a group hug.


Anjali: ridzie…you go and rest….you've had a hard day today….kripa and I will clean up the mess…


Riddhima: no its okay…I'll help…


Kripa: shut up and go to your room! 


Riddhima followed Kripa's order and walked up to her room.  She had a busy schedule that day, since she had to catch up on a lab she had missed.  Kripa and Anjali got down to cleaning right away.


Kripa: you know….this is all your fault….i have to clean up this mess because of you…


Anjali: me?  It was your fault?


Kripa: oh yea?  Was I the one sitting right beside the phone but not picking it up?


Anjali: but you were on the couch too…..


Kripa: but you were closer..


Anjali(yelling): well you shouldn't have started throwing things


Kripa(yelling back): well you shouldn't have started saying things!


Riddhima(from her room): that's it!  If any one of you yells one more time!  We're not going to anne's Party!


Anjali: oh yea…that's today….i completely forgot about that…I want to go…so I'll shut up


Kripa: I forgot about it too….its your fault.


Anjali: what?  Me??


Kripa: yea….because of you I forgot!


Anjali(yelling): HOW THE HECK IS IT MY FAULT?


Riddhima(stomping down the stairs):  That's it Anjali!  You're not coming with us!


Anjali: WHAT??


Kripa: Riddhima…if Anjali doesn't go, then I'm not coming either.  You can go alone.  And give it a thought…..if anju doesn't go….i wont go and if we don't go…..there is no way you're going to go all alone!


At Anne's Party:


Anne: wow….this party was supposed to be fun!...its so boring….the dance floor is empty…everyone seems bored!


Sabrina: well that's because the terrific trio isn't here yet……are they even coming?


Anne: ridzie said they were…I don't know where they are….


"Hey Guys!", the three said in Unisom as they entered the club.


Anne: finally…..we thought we were going to die of boredom…..the party is a flop sweetie!!


Kripa: not anymore!


Anjali: yo DJ!!  Turn the music up!


All three walked up to their friends and pulled a few onto the dance floor and started moving to the beats.  Soon, the dance floor was crowding and the party was going on in full swing.  Riddhima, Kripa, and Anjali walked up to the bar and gulped down one shot each.  One shot was all they needed to hit the roof and they did.  The music was loud but it wasn't enough for the group.


Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up 
All the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin some more what 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up 
<!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->


Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up 
All the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin some more what 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up 

it goes 1 by 1 even 2 by 2 
everybody on the floor let me show you how we do 
lets go dip it low then you bring it up slow 
wind it up 1 time wind it back once more 

Run, Run, Run, Run 
Everybody move run 
Lemme see you move and 
Rock it til the grooves done


Shake it til the moon becomes the sun (Sun)


Everybody in the club give me a run (Run)


If you ready to move say it (Yeah Yeah)


One time for your mind say it (Yeah Yeah)


Well i'm ready for ya


Come let me show ya


All Three:
You want to groove im'a show you how to move 
Come come


Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up


All the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin some more what 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up


Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up


All three:
All the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin some more what 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up
Hey Mr. 
Please Mr. DJ
Tell me if you hear me 
Turn the music up 

It goes 1 by 1 even 2 by 2


Everybody in the club gon be rockin when i'm through


Let the bass from the speakers run through ya sneakers


Move both ya feet and run to the beat 
Run, Run, Run, Run 
Everybody move run 
Lemme see you move and 
Rock it till the grooves done


Shake it til the moon becomes the sun (Sun)


Everybody in the club give me a run (Run)


If you ready to move say it (Yeah Yeah)


One time for your mind say it (Yeah Yeah) 
Well i'm ready for ya 
Come let me show ya 
You want to groove im'a show you how to move 
Come come 
<!--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]-->

Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up


All the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin some more what 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up



Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up


All three:
All the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin some more what 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up
Hey Mr. 
Please Mr. DJ
Tell me if you hear me 
Turn the music up

Hey Mr. 
Please Mr. DJ
Tell me if you hear me 
Turn the music up

Okay everybody get down if you feel me
Put your hands up to the ceiling



Okay everybody get down if you feel me
Put your hands up to the ceiling



Okay everybody get down if you feel me
Put your hands up to the ceiling



Okay everybody get down if you feel me
Put your hands up to the ceiling
Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up 
All the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin some more what 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up

Come Mr. DJ song pon de replay 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up 
All the gyal pon the dancefloor wantin some more what 
Come Mr. DJ won't you turn the music up


The Dj blasted the music as loud as possible.  Everyone partied until the morning.  When the girls reached home, it was already 6 in the morning.  Since it was a weekend and they didn't have to go to university, they all retired to their bedrooms and fell asleep in no time.

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Part 2

"Wake up you moron"!!!! yelled Armaan as he dumped the whole jug of cold water on the bed and ran for his life.

"3, 2 ,1" counted Kavya who was sitting on the table drinking water downstairs and looked up at the stairs.

"I'm going to kill u armaan…come here NOWW!!" was the only thing that kavya heard before he saw two guys running downstairs. One being chased by the other. One running for his life, the other avenging for his wet state.

Angad: Kavya if u protect him, then you are partner in crime

He threatened kavya as he saw armaan hide behind him. Knowing the consequences kavya started running away from armaan. So armaan started running behind kavya while angad started chasing armaan.

Angad noticed the glass of water that kavya was drinking on the table and decided to use it to his advantage. He picked up the glass and threw the water at Armaan who ducked in time so it went straight onto kkavya's face.

Noticing what just happened everyone froze until angad felt a pillow hit him square on the face. After making sure his face was all right he looked up just in time to see kavya running towards him with the jug of water while armaan stood there laughing.

Angad: It was armaan's fault he moved

Kavya: who told u to throw the water?

Angad: I was just taking revenge

Kavya: I am also just taking revenge

Kavya threw the jug of water but of course angad also ducked on time and so all the water went on the petite lady standing behind angad who just came out of the kitchen. All three of them froze when they saw what kavya just did.

"MOM" yelled Angad

"AUNTY" yelled the twins in unison.

"What on earth is going on here?" yelled a furious and soaking wet Naina.

kavya pointed at angad who pointed at armaan who pointed to his other side, where stood absolutely no one. Armaan looked to see who he was pointing at, finding no one there he looked back at naina and gulped.…

"ooppss" he mumbled out loud

"Naina my breakfa-" Dilip said as he came down the stairs but stopped midway as he saw the state of his room, his son and his wife.

"Naina I think you took a shower with clothes on today. You are wet" he said trying to suppress his laughter

"No really, thank you for telling me Dilip, mujhe toh pata hi nahi tha ki main poori bheeg gayi hoon." she said sarcastically.

"Aap hasna bandh karoge, dekho kya haal kardiya in bacho ne mera" she complained to her husband.

Dilip: Accha sorrie…Bacho yeh kiski shararat thi?

Naina: Waise to pani kavya ne pheka lekin mujhe pata hai mere bete ne yeh in dono shaitan ki vajah se kiya hoga.

Angad: That's not fair mom aapko hamesha aisa kyun lagta hai ki kavya doodh ka dhula hua hai?

Kavya: Who isliye kyunki main hoon hi aisa (looking towards naina) Aunty aap bilkul theek keh rahi hai, yeh dono hi hamesha masti karte hai aur beech main main phas jaata hoon. It's all their fault.

Kavya explained the whole story too Naina and Dilip and soon enough Kavya, Angad and Naina were staring at Armaan as if ready to kill him.

Armaan: Arey main toh sirf isko utha raha tha. Aunty aap hi ne to bola tha na ki armaan ja kar angad ko uthao.

Angad: Mom ne mujhe utha ne ko bola tha mujh per pani dalne ko nahi. The water was so cold mommy (he whined to naina)

Dilip: Arey bas bas kyun sab armaan ke peche pare ho. (walking towards armaan)

Armaan: Thanks uncle ek aap hi hai jo mujhe samajte hai warna yeh sab to mere piche hi par jat-AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Armaan screamed on the top of his lungs while the rest were in hysterics seeing his state. Dilip had just dumped a glass of water that was on the table on Armaan's head.

Dilip: There you go problem solved…now Angad go and get ready for college and can I please have my breakfast Naina I am getting late to go to the office Suryaban must be waiting for me we have an important meeting today.

Kavya: Don't worry uncle dad must be late too because he is going to be getting breakfast late as well. All thanks to someone (giving a dirty look to Armaan who went to go get a Tshirt for himself and kavya to change into from Angad's room)

Soon enough angad got ready and came down looking hot as ever and all the three left for college after letting naina know that they will be having dinner at the sharma house today.

Angad, Armaan, and Kavya got out of their cars. As soon as they got off, Armaan and Kavya started counting down.

"3, 2, 1, Angad RUN!" said the twins in unison.

"ANGAD!!! MY SWEETU!!!" was all they heard after the twins were done counting down.

Angad was mortified...he turned around and his expression was as if he just saw a charged bull who was attacking him. He turned around and ran for his life while armaan and kavya stood there, laughing their heads off.

Angad turned around and screamed "HELP ME!!!!!!"

Armaan: Sorry man!!! we dont want to get involved!!!

Angad looked behind once again to see her running after him. god! who told her that this is how you show a man that you're crushing over him??

"Angad!!! Dont run away from me!!", she yelled.

"Sorry Nisha!! I'm in a hurryy!!!!", he yelled back as he disappeared into the building, too fast for nisha to catch while armaan and kavya laughing their hearts out followed to get to their class.

As soon as Kavya and Armaan got to their class they saw Angad sitting in his seat in the back hiding his face behind a book.

Armaan: NISHAA!

Angad: where? (panicking while kavya and armaan are laughing their heads off)

Angad: Not funny guys (noticing it was just them two being retarded)

Kavya: God angad why are you scared of her? She is such a nice girl. I am sure aunty would love to have her as a daughter-in-law.(laughing)

Angad (looking at kavya as if he has two heads) Are you always this crazy or is today a special day.

Armaan: No bhaiya is always like this, but he is right you know Nisha likes you so much. You two would look good together like a toothpick and a tree trunk

Angad: Well I think she would make a better bhabhi for you armaan….what say?

Kavya: No way angad I could never do that to you, I know how crushed you would be.Angad: oh going to be crushed like a walnut which has been walked over by an ant

And the three went on like this until the professor came and started his lecture which eventually lead to Armaan falling asleep and Angad and Kavya taking notes for him.

Finally after the class ended the three went out to go to the cafeteria to hang out for a bit before their next class which also they had together.

Armaan: Hmmm class went by pretty fast today don't you think? (he asked the other two who were walking next to him)

Angad: Of course it did for YOU who was asleep five minutes into the lecture.

Armaan: Well duhh it's a LECTURE…and you know that Armaan Sharma never listens to them…be it from my mother, your mother or the professor. (he looked up proudly)

Kavya: You don't listen to anyone's lecture except for one persons.

Angad: let me guess….your sister?

Armaan: Really? Is there a note on my back??… it on my face???…how did you know??

Angad: Um armaan….its kind of obvious…you almost hijacked the plane for should she be the only one you listen to?

kavya: That is not the's because she can knock him down in two karate moves...

kavya was so busy making fun of armaan, he didnt realize he was going into the girls washroom until some girl inside screamed which made kavya take quick steps backwards. Angad and armaan laughed as if they had sworn to die laughing.

Angad: I wish mom was here than she would know how innocent her Kavya really is. (giving a high five to armaan)

Kavya: oh yea?? You two are saying as if you have never done anything embarrassing before…who was the one that hijacked the plane? (looking at armaan)

Armaan: (turning red) um….who??? Oh look…hey NISHAA!! (he yelled trying to change the subject)

As soon as he saw Angad freak out and turn around with kavya following, he took the chance and ran away to his next class before angad and kavya would realize he was just kidding. And the day went on like this with the three encountering many ridiculous things mostly lead by Armaan. Soon enough college was over for the day and the three went in their cars to the Sharma house since dinner was going to be there today.

The three parked their cars by the garage and entered the Sharma's huge mansion which resembled the Khanna bungalow in many ways.

Angad: AUNTY I'M HOMEEEEEEE!!!!! (he yelled out on the top of his lungs as the twins looked at him disapprovingly)

Armaan: (whispering to kavya) Bhaiya why would he do that knowing that we are going to be dead meat by mom since we are an hour late?

Kavya: Cause he is your friend.

Armaan: You picked him up off the street and wanted to bring him home.

Angad: Heyyyyyyyyyy I heard that

Armaan: Just Kiddingggg

"Aagaye tum log" A voice called from up the stairs. The three looked up and saw Suryaban coming downstairs with a smirk on his face.

Suryaban: Aaj temperature bahaut hi garam hai….good luck boys!! (he said coming down the stairs)

The three boys gulped and looked towards the kitchen where they saw a petite lady in her late 40s standing with a belan in her hand ready to kill them. They knew they were in for it today because Gayatri Sharma looked very mad.

Gayatri: Arey tum teeno aaj thore jaldi nahin aagaye? (she said that in the most sarcastic way possible)

All three of them started talking at once, making up any excuses that came to mind. But after five minutes they realized it was no use and nothing was going to help them today because the expression on gayatri face had not changed even a millimeter so they ran and stood behind Suryaban for protection.

Gayatri: Suniye Ji...agar aaj aapne in teeno ko bachaya aapko bhi maar padegi...chaliye...hatiye.....abhi inhe dikhaati hoon...

Suryaban: sorry boys....lekin mujhe maar khaane ka koi shaukh nahi hai...mujhe abhi bhukh nahi hai....

The three guys: Humein bhi nahi hai!

Gayatri: accha? Kisi ko bhukh nahi lagi hai?...theek hai...lagta hai jo kheer aaj maine banayi thi woh sirf mein hi kha leti hoon...

All four men: bhukh nahi hai? kisne kaha? humein to bahut bhukh lag rahi hai!

All four of them followed Gayatri and went to the table. They all loved the kheer that she made and finished it all even before the entire dinner could be served. Soon enough Angad went home and Armaan went to his room while Gayatri and Surya sat to watch some TV. Kavya on the other hand went to go get the phone so he call his darling sister.

Gayatri: (as soon as she spotted kavya pick up the phone) Kavya put the phone down you are not calling Kripa.

Kavya(whining) But why mom???? I haven't talked to her in such a long time.

Suryaban: You talked to her 2 hours ago.

Kavya: That is what I am saying too dad. Two hours ago that is 120 minutes. 7200 seconds. So much could have happened in that. She lives with two girls who we don't even know. You don't know what the world has become these days. My poor baby is all alone in London.

Gayatri: (in a stern voice) Kavya no means no, let the girl live in peace. Go and check on Armaan see whose life he is making a hell now.

Kavya: FINEE!! (he put the phone down and went up the stairs mumbling to himself and to complain to Armaan how mom was not letting him talk to his "poor baby who was all alone in London.")


Preview: Armaan the genius's idea

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Part 3:

Kavya walked into their room sulking because he couldn't call his lovely sister. Armaan looked at him with his eyebrow cocked up.

Armaan: what happened?

Kavya: they won't let me call Kripa!!

Armaan:'re being too over've already called her four times.....and didn't you just call her right after Angad left?....which was like two hours ago!!

Kavya: that's so long ago!!!!! called her five times so

you shouldn't talk! And I'm not the one who...

Armaan (irritated): hijacked the plane....I know I know....

Kavya: well....if you got away with that...I think I should be able to get away with a phone call.....Armaan......I miss her! Stupid! Idiot! Why does she have to study there? Why can't she just stay here and study!! Does she HAVE TO live in London?

Armaan looked at Kavya for a few minutes until a grin formed on his face. Kavya looked at Armaan confusedly. He knew that ear-to-ear grin very well; it meant Armaan was up to something. Armaan walked up to Kavya and sat next to him on the bed. He rested his hand on Kavya's shoulder.

Armaan: so much do you really miss her?


Kavya: Nope. Not going to do it Armaan.

Armaan: I didn't even say anything....

Kavya: even though I was born only five minutes before you were, I know you more than you know yourself.....especially that grin of yours....whatever you're planning...I'm not doing it!

Armaan: oh come on!! You know you want to!

Kavya: In your dreams Armaan......

Armaan raised his shoulder as if giving up. He turned around to leave.

"Waise...What's the plan?' Kavya asked before Armaan left.

Armaan smirked and turned around. He gave Kavya an "I-know-you-would" look. Kavya pretended to be mad.

Kavya: stop looking at me like that and tell me what the plan is!

Armaan: I don't know!

Kavya: um...How are we going to call her if you don't have a plan?

Armaan: call?? (Hit his forehead with his palm), oh god Bhai!! You're still stuck at the call??...I was thinking of making a plan to bring her back! Her exams are done! She only has one more year to go! If we can bring her back somehow, then we will persuade her to stay know I can! I almost succeeded last time I tried....

Kavya: yea...almost succeeded and almost threw yourself in jail!

Armaan: Whatever it was still a good try and she was almost convinced to stay back but you had to ruin it by coming on the plane.

Kavya: Oh yah she was almost convinced, she pretended she had no idea who the hell u were and as for me coming on the plane...I thought u needed a tissue cause u were too busy bawling that even the words didn't come out properly

Armaan: Anyways...this wont be a legal matter so no jail! I'll think of something safer.....

Armaan started to think seriously, for once, while Kavya sat there waiting for Armaan's head to pop out a plan.

Meanwhile At Khanna Mansion:

"Yea...I just hope our team wins this time...last time we almost lost....' Angad said matter of factly.

"Don't worry bhai...and did you call me to talk about your basketball team??' Anjali said irritated.

"Okay sorry meri maa!! Tell were your exams?' he asked seriously. Anjali on the other hand burst into laughter like no tomorrow.

"What happened? Why are you laughing so much?' Angad asked confused.

Anjali: oh...only because that's like the hundredth time you've asked me that question?

Angad: oh Ridzie back yet?

Anjali: no bhai...I told you...she wont be back for another few hours! She's too busy grocery shopping!

Angad (concerned): she's gone all alone??

Anjali: no...Remember we told you that there is a paying guest at our place...she went with her.

Angad: you let her go alone with a stranger??

Anjali: bhaaiiiii....she's not with a stranger....the girl lives with us....and she is a little bit of Riddhima and a little bit of me! chill...

"Anjali!! We're home!!!' Kripa yelled from the front door, indicating Anjali to come and help them with the grocery bags.

Angad: who's that?

Anjali: The stranger who Riddhima went with, Kr...(Interrupted by Kripa)

"ANJALI!!! Come Here Now or I'll Kill You!' Kripa yelled again.


Anjali looked at the phone and then at the door. She could hear Kripa stomping up the stairs.


Anjali: IM COMING!!!! BHAI RELAX!!...she's calling me so I can go help them,


Angad: ears!! Hitler ki rishtedaar hai kya?

"AN-JA-LI!!!! NOWWWW", Kripa yelled as if giving her the ultimatum.

Anjali: um bhai!! I need to run...hold on okay...I'll send Riddhima!

Hearing Angad scream like that, Dilip and Naina had barged into his room. "Uh-oh", Angad thought. He wasn't supposed to call Riddhima and Anjali.....he had called an hour ago to see if Riddhima had come back.

"Hello??' Riddhima talked into the phone out of breath.

"Um're home? You're fine right?' angad asked.

Riddhima (confused): fine...why? Did something happen?

Angad: called an hour ago and you weren't I just got worried.

Riddhima: bhai...I am fine...I have two sisters taking care of me....don't worry....

Riddhima and Angad continued talking just like everyday. Naina and Dilip left knowing that Angad wasn't going to get off the phone so soon.

Back at the Sharma's:

"IDEA!!!!' Armaan jumped as he finally got an idea.

Kavya: what?

Armaan: bhai!! Hum phir se bhai banne waale hai!

Kavya (confused as ever!): What?


Kavya: WHAT THE ****???!!!

Armaan (covering Kavya's mouth with his hand): shh shhh!!! Why are you yelling???


Armaan: Bhai calm down


Armaan: because I just thought of it? I don't get it! What's the big deal??

Kavya: I need to talk to mom about this!! How come she never told me!!

Armaan (stopping Kavya): What the hell are you doing??

Kavya: going to ask how long it is before we become brothers again!

Armaan: my god bhai!!! Do you really think believe what I just.....aarrgghh!!! Bhai bhai bhai.....its the plan you isn't really pregnant...are you crazy??...but see, just like you believed what I said, Kripa will believe it too and come back as soon as possible.

Kavya started at Armaan for a few seconds. "Paagal ho gaye ho kya Armaan?' said Kavya shocked!

Armaan: well do you have a better idea??

"what's happening here?' Gayatri asked walking into their room after hearing so much commotion.

Armaan: Oh uh nothing mom...bhai just saw a cockroach...u know how freaked out he gets (he replied to gayatri...trying to cover up)

Kavya: (giving Armaan an I-will-kill-u look and then looking at Gayatri) Yah...what he the way mom are you okay?

Gayatri (confused) Mujhe kya hua.

Kavya: Do u feel like eating something sour lately?

Armaan gave Kavya a what-the-hell-are-you-doing-you-idiotic-fool look.

Gayatri: What?

Armaan: No Nothing mom...bhai has jus lost it. Don't worry we are fine...and now go to bed both of u its past your bedtime!

Suryaban: Right dad...anything else? (sarcastically)

Armaan: No that's it.

As soon as Gayatri and Suryaban left Armaan heaved a sigh of relief and looked at Kavya disapprovingly.

Armaan: Bhai what the hell was that?

Kavya: Whattttt I was just making sure okay...anything can happen now a days...u don't

Armaan: ya ya the world has gone bad we in?

Kavya gave it a quick thought and nodded. Armaan jumped in joy and dialed her number.

Armaan: hey Krispy!!

Kripa: don't call me that!! and why are you calling me so early? im fine!! I'm at home! and I'm safe!

Armaan: no Kripa!! its not that!

Kripa: then what is it?

Armaan: prepare yourself for the news of your life.....

Gayatri and Suryaban after they left the boys' bedroom.

Gayatri: offo yeh bacche bhi na....

Suryaban: bacche hai Gayatri....shararat to karenge na....Angad bhi toh shararati hai...

Gayatri: oh no! Angad se yaad aaya...kal mujhe aur Naina ko shopping jaana tha....Naina ko Angad ke liye kuch khareedna tha...

Gayatri went to her bedroom and picked up the phone to call Naina. As soon as she put the receiver to her ear, she heard Kripa's voice.

"then what is it?' Kripa had said.

"Prepare yourself for the news of your life", Gayatri frowned in confusion hearing Armaan's voice.

Kripa: aisi kya news hai??

Armaan: know is

Kripa (alert all of a sudden): kya hua mom ko??

Armaan: mom is pregnant!!

Gayatri's jaw dropped to her knees. What the heck did he think he was doing?? Gayatri covered her mouth with her hand out of shock. She saw Suryaban entering the room and signaled him to not say anything. She turned the speaker on so that Suryaban could hear what Armaan and Kavya were up to.

"SHE'S WHAT???' Kripa yelled.

"She is pregnant Kripa!' Armaan said calm as ever.

"Wait wait wait....did I just hear 'mom is pregnant'?"

"Yes is pregnant.....we're going to get another brother or sister!! aren't you excited?"

"um...I'm having a hard time sinking this"

"what do you mean how??...stop being weird...and come back as soon as wont be able to do the work all the time, us guys don't know anything, we need a woman in the needs you right now.", Armaan spoke into the phone confidently while Kavya sat there a bit nervous. Kavya could hear the awkwardness in Kripa's voice. she wasn't going to accept this so soon, especially since it was being told by Armaan, the all time prankster.

"um...let me talk to mom Armaan..."

"no Kripa...we'll give her a surprise...she should be happy these know how it is...and we're here for her, I really don't want to call you back really needs you!"

Gayatri couldn't take it anymore and so she decided to speak up.

Gayatri: No she doesn't need her! But I think Armaan and Kavya want some slaps from me.

"oh crap!!' was all Gayatri and Kripa heard before Armaan hung up his line.

Gayatri: kripa...dont listen to them...they're acting don't worry...everything is fine here. I'll call you back okay beta? let me go check on your brothers.

Kripa (giggled): okay...bye mom...I love you...and tell my idiotic brothers that I love them too.

Gayatri hung up and stomped out of the room to go to her sons' room only to see both running out the house.

Gayatri (yelling angrily): COME BACK!! WE NEED TO TALK!

Armaan & Kavya: we're going for a walk!!!

Suryaban held Gayatri back before she chased behind them.

On the other hand at Khanna's:

Naina (screaming from her bedroom): ANGAD!! get off the phone!!

Angad: ignore that Riddhima.....they wont let me talk to you...

Riddhima: um've been talking to me for the past hour!!

Angad: that's only 1 hour out of 24! you can at least take some more time to talk to your brother!

Riddhima: of course I can but I don't want to get you in is already mad at you....

Angad: who cares??

"You Should!' Naina said standing in the doorway.

"You're so dead!' Riddhima warned.

"um...I'll call you back! you!' Angad hung up.

"so...I asked you not to call her", Naina reminded.

Angad let out a nervous chuckle knowing he was in a big trouble. He pointed to a corner and gasped.

"mom! cockroach!!' he yelled.

"aahhh!! where? where?' Naina quickly stepped into the center of the room, giving Angad a chance to escape through the door.

Naina (screaming after him): Angad!! Come Back! Right now!!!


Naina: pata nahi kya karungi main iss ladke ka....

Dilip: kuch nahi kar sakti should be happy that he loves his sisters so much......varna aaj kal bhai behen mein itna pyaar kahan dekhne ko milta hai?

Naina: I know Dilip...but...the girls are trying to be independent...and he's not really helping...and one day Riddhima

and Anjali will leave this house, and go to their husbands' house...then what?...Angad cant be calling them everyday and talking for hours...

Dilip: tab ka tab dekha jaayega...

Dilip and Naina's conversation was interrupted by the doorbell, and the phone ringing. Dilip opened the door while Naina picked up the phone.

Naina: hello?

"hello...Naina...main Gayatri!' said the voice on the other line.

Naina: bolo Gayatri...I was going to call you but......yea.....accha hua tumne phone kar diya

Gayatri: um...Naina...Armaan aur Kavya tumhare ghar pe hai kya?

Naina saw Dilip walking in with Armaan and Kavya. She was about to say "yea they're here", but stopped when she saw Armaan and Kavya signaling to say no. Kavya and Armaan knew their aunty very well and could tell when she was talking Gayatri. The reason for Gayatri calling was pretty obvious.

Naina: nahi to....yahan to nahi hai woh dono...

Gayatri: accha theek hai...main baad mein phone karungi...

Naina: okay...bye Gayatri.

Gayatri: bye.

Gayatri hung up and shook her head. "Kya hua?' Suryaban asked.

"Waise to Naina ne kahan ke woh log wahan par nahi hai...lekin dono wahin par hai...' Gayatri laughed. The doorbell at Sharma's rang as well. After a couple of doorbells, the phone rang. Suryaban shook his head and walked to open the door while Gayatri picked up the phone. She saw Angad coming in with Suryaban.

Naina: are Gayatri...main to puchna hi bhool gayi...Angad wahan par hai kya?

Gayatri: nahi naina...jaise Armaan aur Kavya wahan par nahi hai...bilkul waise hi Angad bhi yahan nahi hai...

Both ladies laughed in unison. They both knew they were saving, and lying about each other's sons because their sons always did such thing when they were in trouble. Angad would come to Sharma house while Armaan and Kavya hid themselves in Khanna Mansion. The funny part was: all three of them knew that their mothers knew of this.

Gayatri: yeh ladke bhi na...

"kabhi nahi sudhrenge...' Naina completed for her.

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"They really miss you Kripa…and so do we…" Gayatri was on the phone with her daughter who had called to make sure Gayatri does not yell at the two idiots for their flop plan.

Kripa: I know mom. I miss all of you too but what can I do…college is also important.

Gayatri: Jaanti hoon beta lekin college to yahaan bhi ho sakta hai na. Teri zid ki wajah se tujhe jaane diya tha school ke liye lekin ab bohot hua ab wapis aaja.

Kripa: Lekin mom…

Gayatri: Arre baba jaanti hoon kya kahegi yahi naa ki mom aise kaise vapis aajaon wahan program bhi nahi hai aur na kuch aur. Lekin main tujhe bata doon ke maine tere dad se bohot hi research karvaya hai aur unhey pata lagvaya ke kkavya aur armaan ke college mein bhi wo program hai jo tu wahan study kar rahi hai. Infact wahan se behtar hai.

Kripa: Acha theek hai main kuch soch ti hoon. Lekin is waqt main jaa rahi hoon kyun ki mujhe bahar jaana hai Anjali ko pick up karne.

Gayatri: Acha theek hai. Un dono se kehna ke ab to lagta hai aunty ko bhool hi gayi hain. Aaj kal phone hi nahi kiya. Bohot naraz hoon unse.

Kripa: Hehe…theek hai mom…kehdoon gi… Aur dono se kahungi ki aaj raat hi aapko phone kare…..k bye mom…luv u…miss u…aur haan un dono paagal se kehna ke pleasee phone ab na kare…waise bhi main ghar pe nahin hoon.

Gayatri: Haan haan tu to aise keh rahi hai jaise who meri har baat maante hai…abhi adhe ghante mein phone ayega kavya ka…hello kripa tu theek hai na…..pagal hai dono ke dono.

Kripa: Offo mom aap bhi na hamesha un dono ki burai karti rehti hai. don't talk about my brothers like that. Wo jaise bhi hai I love them.

Gayatri: I don't even know why I try….ek ko kuch kahu to dusra uski taraf daari karne lagta hai phir kyun na teeno ke beech world war 3 kyun na ho.

Kripa: Aakhir bhai kiske hai…khair hai kisi ki jo mere bhai ko kuch kahe… haath na tor doon unke.

Gayatri: Theek hai dadi ma kuch nahi kehti unhe…khush….aur mujhe pata hai tere dono bhai ko kisi ne kuch kaha to tu hai na unki bodyguard unhe thikane laga ne ke liye.

Kripa: That is right…anyways mom now I have to go warna anjali mujhe kacha chaba jayegi…bye mom…love u…..miss u!!!

Gayatri: Bye beta…love u too.

Gayatri hung up on kripa and looked towards the door as she saw kavya and armaan walk in pretending that nothing happened.

Armaan: Hey beautiful

Kavya: Gosh mom you look so gorgeous today.

Armaan: What are you saying bhaiya mom always looks gorgeous.

Gayatri: Bas ab maska lagana bandh karo tum dono aur yeh batao keh khana khaya yah phir sirf naina ko tang kiya?

Armaan: we ate mom….but im still hungry….aap to jaante ho na bhaiya ko…hamesha meri bhaag ka khana bhi kha jate hai.

Kavya: WHAT?? I eat your food or you eat mine?? You know how he can't resist aunty's food mom (kavya complained to gayatri)

Armaan: ofo bhaiya baat to ek hi hai na.

Gayatri: Offo bas karo tum dono….main khana laga rahi hoon ab kha lo theek se dono

The three of them walked to the dining table as they heard someone screaming from the top of the stairs.

" Girlfriend….. I can't decide which one looks better the pink or the orange."

All three of them looked up and the next minute kavya screamed while armaan laughed.

Kavya: OH MY GODDDD!!!! Hai main barbaad ho gaya. Angad, meri izzat ka kuch toh khayal kiya hota. Ab teri wajah se main kisi ko muh nahi dikha sakta.

Angad was draped in two different saris as he made his way down the stairs tumbling.

Kavya: Yeh tune kya kiya angad. Koi acchi ladki nahi mili toh khud ladki bangaya?

Armaan: Wowwwww I did not know ke tumhare itne bure din aagaye (laughing hysterically)

Angad: Oh god shut up armaan aur tu rona bandh kar kavya….I was just helping girlfriend choose a sari since she is going out tonight on a date with uncle even though they are saying it is a business party.

Gayatri: ANGADD!!!

Angad: (sheepishly) Just kidding

Kavya: Oh okay well in that case the pink one looks nice.

Angad: You think so? I actually thought the orange one is nice. The material is nice too…she won't get too hot…you know how the weather is now a days.

Kavya: Yeah that is true but then they will have air condition in the hall.

Angad: Yeah I guess you are right….lets go with the pink one then right??

As the two continued discussing which sari Gayatri should wear, Armaan walked over to gayatri.

Armaan: Mom mujhe sach mein doubt ho raha hai in dono par. Are you sure they were not suppose to be girls?

Gayatri: Oh godd stop it armaan…kyun dono ka mazaak uda rahe ho….mere bache thore sensitive hai…tere jaise nahi ki jab dekho logo ka mazaak uda te rahe….unlike you they both are helping me.

Armaan: Whatever you say mom…but I still have my doubts….anyways mujhe bhook lagi hai main jaa raha hoon kitchen main.

He went in the kitchen looking for some food rolling his eyes and passing angad and kavya who were now discussing the material of both the saris but not before turning around and telling the two that the pink one was definitely better.

"WHY the heck were you late??? You know I had to wait for THREE whole minutes??" Anjali was screaming at kripa while the two were at Timmy's having coffee and waiting for riddhima so they could go out for dinner.

Kripa: I'm sorrie…it was becuz…

Anjali: What huh what?? Earthquake, tsunami, or monkeys?? What is it this time???

Kripa: Anjali can you listen to me for a minute??

Anjali: a minute?? A MINUTE??? I ALREADY GAVE YOU THREE ENTIRE MINUTES.....three minutes waiting for you outside my class......tell me why you were late? is there someone you'Re dating secretly? Because before you used to come right away then why were you so late today??

Kripa: Anju…realx…it was only three minutes…

Anjali: ONLY THREE MINUTESS?? Do you have any idea what could happen in three minutes? In three minutes I could pick you up and drop you off three times… in three minutes I could call you 50 times and have you not pick up a single call….in three minutes…I could win my…

A Random person at the place got annoyed with anjali. He had enough of her. He was listening to her for the past half an hour.


Anjali and kripa both stopped for a minute and looked over to the man. Kripa knew that this was it….she had to get anjali out NOW…or else it would be bad….veryyy bad…no not for anjali but for that man.

Anjali: Excuse me…were u talking to me?

Man: Who else would I be talking to? No one else here is talking because of your loud voice?

Anjali: I beg your perdon?? It isnt a crime to have a loud voice! I should Know! And everyone has the feedom of speech in this country so dont tell me..... but it is illegal to invade into people's privacy....which is what you'Re doing right now!!!

Man: Well I really can't control myself when a loud mouth like you ruins everyones day.

Kripa: You did not just say that to her.

Kripa stood up and walked to the guy. He had just insulted anjali and there was no way she was going to tolerate that.

Man: And what if I did?

Kripa: Oh yeah…let me show you what if!!!

The coffee shop bell rang as someone walked in through the door. Someone walked in and stopped as soon as she saw the scene in front of her. There was a man on the floor while a lady was standing in front of him with a shoe in her hand. She got shocked when she saw that the lady was none other than her best friend Kripa. And there was another girl leading and cheering her on standing on the chair who was none other than her sister Anjali. Boy was Riddhima angry.


Soon enough the whole caf was cheering with the girl on the chair for the girl named Kripa. But as soon as Anjali's eyes fell on the petite lady at the door her tune completely changed.


Kripa who was at first shocked for having everyone cheering for her and then hearing anjali changing what she was saying looked at anjali and was about to say something when she saw what anjali saw.

Kripa(to herself): Uh oh…im soo deadd

She had to do something before riddhima exploded. So she looked at the man on the floor and got an idea.

Kripa: YAYY VERY GOOD CHAMPAK….u were awesome…see this is how you propose to a girl.

Man: Champak who is champak and why are you being nice to me.

Kripa: Oh come on champak stop being so modest its okay….we are all family here….and look even riddhima didi is here.

Anjali also joined in as soon as she got what kripa was trying to do.

Anjali: Waah champak mere sher kya baat hai ullu ke pathe….I mean awesome job champu darling….just remember what we did to you when you go and talk to the girl next time…okayy…great…now byeeeeeeee!!

She grabbed kripa and walked out the door with ridhimma following and everyone else in the caf shocked about what just happened.

It was dead silence in the car. Riddhima was too angry to say anything and kripa and anjali just didn't want to die tonight. So all remained quiet on the way home. Once they got home kripa and anjali made a run for their room but were too late because riddhima stopped them.

Riddhima: Don't you dare move from there you two. What the heck was all of that..and don't tell me that champak was proposing because one he looked like he was about to cry and too he was a white man so obviously can't be named champak

Anjali: Okay you see...kripa was late so we started fighting so this jerk just started budding on so i argued then he insulted me so kripa got mad and then u stepped yea basically it's all Kripa's fault!

Kripa: MY FAULT?? I was just helping the poor man…and shes lying and by the way ridz why are you so racist goshhh cant white people be named champak??? Huh?

Riddhima: SHUT UP BOTH OF YOU!!! And you kripa do not pull the whole racist thing on me I know its once in a blue moon but this time I know anjali is saying the truth. I mean don't you two..

Anjali and Kripa(cutting her off) WE ARE SORRIEEEE!!!!

Riddhima: Whatever…so why were you late?

Kripa: That is what I have been trying to say but no one is listening…..I got late because I was talking to mom.

Anjali: ohhhh why didn't you say earlier?

Kripa: Like you gave me a chance???

Riddhima: yea should have listened to her first...

Kripa: never mind all need to make up for anything because you two have some major making up to do with mom...she was asking me why you two haven't called lately...

Riddhima: oopss.....

Kripa: that's right....

Anjali: wait kripa....I'm still not satisfied with your answer. Usually you dont talk to your mom for so long....and wouldnt it be like super early in the morning there right now?

Kripa: it is....actually my crazy brothers called and tried pranking me into going back to thats why I called mom to make sure she doesn't kill them…and then we got engaged into serious conversation

Anjali(narrowing her eyes): what serious conversation exactly?

Kripa(hesitating) Umm..well…actually

Riddhima: Spill….NOWW

Kripa(really fast): momwantsmetocomebackhome

Anjali: What??

Kripa: Mom wants me to come back home.



Riddhima: No stupid this is not the I-don't-understand-you what…it's the oh-my-god-im-shocked-what.

Kripa: Oh..well yeah…she wants me to come home.

Anjali: And you said no right

Kripa: ummmm

Anjali(emphasizing): RIGHTT??

Kripa: Ihaventdecidedanything

Anjali: What?? And no this is not the I'm-shocked what it's the I-don't-get-you what.

Kripa: I have not decided anything.

Riddhima: What is there to decide?

Anjali: You are saying No

Kripa: But..

Anjali: Did you just not hear me say no?

Kripa: Guys….I can not just do that….they really miss me.

Riddhima: oh yea...okay fine....go.......Tumhe yahan par miss karne waala kaun hai?? Me and Anjali won't miss you right?

Anjali(sad): Aww but I'm going to miss you….(ridz gives her a stare while kripa smiles) I mean of course not why would we miss you?

Kripa: Okay look I said I haven't decided anything…..don't come attacking me!

Riddhima: We are not attacking you kripa…but we just do not want you to go back. I mean how are we gonna stay here without you.

Anjali: Yeah….its like you have become a bad habit…that a person can never get over…like an addiction.

Kripa: Aww…you guys come on you are making me emotional.

Riddhima: Well there is only one way to solve this….lets call aunty and anjali and I will try to convince her.

Kripa: But...

Anjali: Yeah sit your butt down and let us do the talking…(talking to ridz) Ridzie di…make the call.

Riddhima followed anjali's order obediently and called up Gayatri while Anjali made kripa shut up who was jus rolling her eyes. The phone rang and Armaan thinking its kripa picked up.

Armaan: KRIPAA!!!

Riddhima(weirded out) Riddhima!

Armaan: Kripa??

Riddhima: OYE bola na Riddhima!!

Armaan(thinking it's a wrong number) Sorrie there is no riddhima who lives here.

Riddhima: Obviously…because I live here.

Armaan: Here..where??

Riddhima: Here…here..

Armaan: Excuse me that is what I am asking you here where?

Riddhima: Excuse me why should I tell you?

Armaan: Well you called so you tell me.

Riddhima: Well did I tell you to pick up the phone?

Armaan: Oh I know what you are trying to do.

Riddhima(confused): What am I trying to do?

Armaan: You are trying to do what they did in that movie Muskaan….the whole wrong number thing….and then you keep calling and I get irritated and then we keep on talking and then we fall in love but then we can't meet but end up meeting and not knowing each other.

Riddhima(annoyed): What are you talking about?

Armaan(ignoring her) Well you should know that the movie was a complete flop and so is this idea and also you got it all wrong I should be the one calling you since im the guy and you are the girl so give me your number and hang up so I can call you.

Riddhima: Oh okay….wait….what….NOO!!

Armaan: What no…if you are going to flirt than please do it the right way.

Riddhima(thoughtful): There is a right way for flirting?

Armaan: Yeah didn't you know? By the way who is this riddhima?

Riddhima: Your mom

Armaan: My mom?? Unhone kabhi bataya nahin….

Armaan called out to his mom. Gayatri came in and as soon as she saw him on the phone she knew he was upto something.

Gayatri: Armaan…ab kise pareshan kar rahe ho?

Armaan: Mom aap meri chodo aur mujhe yeh bataye ki aapne apna naam Gayatri se Riddhima kab change kiya aur mujhe bataya kyun nahi?

Gayatri: Kya bakwaas kar rahe ho?

Armaan: Main nahi…aisa to isne kaha…but I think I should go tell dad what you are up to.

He handed gayatri the phone and ran to his daddy to tell him that mom changed her name. Gayatri called behind him but was too late he was already probably telling the story to his dad.

Gayatri(to herself) Pura ka pura pagal hai.

She realized she was holding the phone and started talking to see who was on the phone.

Gayatri: Hello?

Riddhima: Hello aunty main riddhima.

Gayatri(happy): Arre riddhima beta kaisi ho tum? Oh to yeh riddhima tu hai…yeh ladka bhi na paagal hai.

Riddhima: Kaun tha who…(but realizing that anjali is giving her a deathly stare for arguing and talkin to some random person rather than talking about the main thing she continued)….newayss….aap kaisi hai.

Gayatri: Main to theek hoon par tum dono behne se bahaut naraaz hoon. Kitne dino se phone nahi kiya. Bhool gayi aunty ko?

Riddhima: Nahi aunty…aisi baat nahi hai…aap to jaanti hai na…yahaan kitna kaam hota hai…aur phir in dono bandariyaan ko bhi to sambhal na parta hai.

Anjali and Kripa both gave her a I-will-kill-u-look but she just winked at them.

Gayatri: Haan haan pata hai…ek tu hi to hai…jo dono ko sambhal sakti hai..Waise anjali kaisi hai?

Riddhima: Bilkul theek hai who…(hesitating)…waise aunty aap se baat karni thi

Gayatri: Haan bolo beta…kya baat hai…sab kuch theek to hai na?

Riddhima: Jee haan aunty sab theek hai….main to bus yeh poonch na chahti thi ki aap kripa ko waapis kyun bula rahi hai?

Gayatri got relieved that it was nothing bad. She knew this was going to come up soon. After all she knew Riddhima and Anjali well, even though talked only on the phone, they were like her own daughters. She knew they loved kripa very much and it was going to be hard to convince the two. But she wanted kripa back home….after all how long can a mother stay without her child.

Gayatri: yea beta...hum sab chahte hai ki Kripa vapas aa jaaye..

Riddhima: Lekin kyun aunty??

Gayatri: kyun ki ab uske bina jeena mushkil ho gaya hai socho....budhe maa baap apni lauti beti se kitne din door reh sakenge? do bhai hai jo apni behen ko bahut miss karte hai? aur woh peechle paanch saalon se humse door hai.

Riddhima(felt a bit guilty): Lekin aunty uski padhai….

Gayatri: Arre beta main uski padhai ke liye na thori kar rahi hoon….who yahaan aah kar apni padhai khatam kar sakti hain….infact uske bhai ke college main bhi who same program abhi abhi shuru hua hai joh tum dono wahaan kar rahi ho.

Riddhima(didn't feel like arguing anymore): Theek hai aunty…jaisa aap theek samjhe…main kripa se kehti hoon aapko wapis phone kare.

Gayatri: Beta tum log bura mat maan na…main to bas

Riddhima: Nahi aunty…maine bura bilkul nahi maan na…aap chinta mat kijeye…theek hai…bye aunty….love you!

Gayatri: Okay bye beta….tum sab apna khayal rakhna…aur haan meri anjali ko zyaada tang mat karna,

Riddhima: haha….hum?? Tang??? Aur usse???….more like the other way around aunty.

Gayatri: Tum teen na….kabhi nahi badlogi….okay byee.

Riddhima hung up on Gayatri and looked towards the other two. They didn't have to ask her what happened…because they could tell from her face that things didn't work out.

Kripa: I told you it was not going to work.

Anjali: Ab kya karenge? Kripa you can not go…I am not going to let you go. Agar tum chali gai toh mera kya hoga?

Kripa(comforting her): Offo anjali…calm down hun….it is not like I am going today.

Riddhima: Well what are we gonna do now??

Anjali(a grin on her face): Kuch nahi karenge..kyunki tum India jaaogi.

Riddhima and Kripa: WHAT??

Riddhima: Tu pagal hai kya?

Kripa: wait....ek taraf se tum keh rahi ho ke tum mujhe nahi jaane dogi aur dusri aur keh rahi ho ke main india jaungi?

Anjali: exactly....tum India jaa rahi ho...chalo packing shuru karo

Riddhima(whispering to kripa): lagta hai sadme se paagal hi gayi hai

Kripa(talking to anjali in a calm voice): Anjali….baby….sweety…are you okay?? Don't worry we will figure something out…tum pareshan kyun ho rahi ho…aur..

Anjali: Gosh kripa….did I not tell you to start packing…come on jaldi karo…packing karni hai na humein.

Kripa: Arre lekin….waitt…HUMEIN???

Anjali(grinning): Humein

At first she didn't get it but then kripa finally got it.

Kripa(smirking and looking at Riddhima): Humein

Riddhima: Arre yeh tum dono kya bakwaas kar rahi ho…obviously packing humein karni hai…tumhara kitna saara saman…akeli thori saari packing kar paaogi tum.

Anjali(annoyed): OH GOD DII!!! You are sooooooooooo sloww….like come on get with the program!

Riddhima: What are you talking about anjali.

Kripa: Main samjhati hoon….dekho ridz…mujhe toh India jaana hi hoga…you know mom will never agree….and since your family misses you both too…why don't you both come to India too? I mean main toh yahaan nahi reh sakti lekin tum dono toh wahaan aah sakteh hoon na.

Anjali: SAMJHI??

Riddhima: um Anjali….itni jaldi yeh faisla kaise le sakte hain hum?

Anjali: kyun?? Accha idea to hai??

Riddhima: lekin mamma pappa….

Anjali: well Ridzie….they miss us too….we miss them as well….so why don't we surprise them??

Riddhima: surprise??? You know they'll be angry right?

Anjali: well…it will all disappear when we see them…

Riddhima: Anju tum bhai ko jaanti ho na…he gets worries when he doesn't find us at home for like an hour…he will get so paranoid if he finds out that we are traveling alone..

Anjali: Bhai doesn't have to know!

Riddhima: Don't be ridiculous!

Kripa: no wait….if you two are sure that you are going to India…then call up uncle and aunty…I can talk to them if you wish…and tell them to not tell your brother…that way…your parents know that you're coming and your brother wont be so paranoid…because your parents know that you're traveling..

Anjali: exactly…and I'm a lawyer….I'm supposed to be good at convincing people…I'll convince mom and dad….

Riddhima paced across, back and forth, in front of Kripa and Anjali who stood there standing each other's hands…

Riddhima: OH MY GOD!! OFCOURSEE!!! That is a great idea guys.

Anjali (proudly): Akhir idea kiska tha?

Riddhima and Kripa: TERA!!

They all burst out laughing and gave each other a hug. Finally it was solved…all three of them were going to go to India. Back home to their family who they missed terribly. Finally after 5 years they can meet their family. All three of them went to the kitchen and made food to celebrate their little planning. They decided they will call home tomorrow and let their parents know that they are coming.

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"kahin tum mazak to nahi kar rahi ho?", Naina asked riddhima seriously.

Riddhima: No mom! I am 100% serious!! Anjali and I were thinking of coming back if you and dad don't mind.

Naina: if we don't mind?? Did you think we would mind it riddhima?? Paanch saalo se dekha nahi hai humne apni betiyon ko….why wouldn't we want them to come back?

Riddhima: so you and dad won't be angry if we came back??

Naina: are you two going to stay here forever??

Riddhima: as far as we have planned…yes we are.

Naina: but beta what about your education?

Riddhima: mom…education to India mein bhi poora ho sakta hai na? Aapko yaad hai maine aapki baat Kripa se carve this??...Tamari paying guest?

Naina: hand haan..kya hue uses?

Riddhima: kuch nahi hua…lekin who bhi India jaa rahi hai…woh yahan par thi to aap sab ki itni yaad nahi aati thi because she mommies me and Anjali around..lekin agar ab woh chali jayegi to hum bilkul akele pad jayenge…isi liye humne socha ki hum bhi vapas aa jaate hai uske saath…

Naina: Tum dono vapas aa jao usse badi khushi ki baat kya ho sakti hai hamare liye?...ek minute..apne papa se baat karo

Riddhima talked to her dad and let them know that they were coming back. Once she was done kripa called up gayatri and told her that she was coming back along with Ridz and Anju. She also told her not to tell the boys because she wants it to be a surprise. Gayatri was ecstatic that finally she will be seeing her daughter. She promised kripa she would not tell the boys anything.

Once the phone call was done all three just sat there staring at eachother

Anjali: Now what?

I don't feel like packing yet. I mean we already did enough.

Kripa(giving her a look): WE did enough?? You mean me and ridz did enough…you just sat here while we talked to our parents.

Anjali: Yeah well it takes a lot to listen to you to talk…im so proud of myself.(patting her back)

Riddhima: Yeah….well try putting up with someone who never does anything…talks too much…and is good for nothing.

Anjali: God Riddhima how mean….kripa is sitting right here….why would you say that about her in front of her??

Kripa: HEYYY!!!

Riddhima: Anjali…tum na bilkul paagal ho.

Anjali: Jaanti hoon….akhir behen kiski hoon.

Saying this she started laughing with kripa soon joining in while riddhima just gave both of them a dirty stare.

Riddhima(ignoring the two) ANYWAYS….so I was thinking…since we are leaving soon….why not have a party??

Anjali and kripa stopped laughing at riddhima and gave a big smile as soon as they heard the word party.

Kripa: Hey that is a great idea….lets throw ourselves a farewell party.

Anjali: Yeah and afterall this will be our last party here…so it has to be hugeeeee!! We have to invite everyone. Have the best foood…and…

Soon enough the three were engrossed in planning for the party they will have the day before their flight. Each one was excited yet sad since it was their last party. But they were going to make sure it turns out to be the best party ever. And plus everyone knew that whenever these three had a party it had to be the talk of town for weeks.

Back in India:

"Yes!!! We won!!! This means we're going to Delhi!!!", Armaan screamed as him and his team were lifted by university spectators to celebrate their victory. Victory of the National Basketball cup's semi final game. This meant that they will be participating in Delhi for the Finals. Their team had won the cup last year as well and there was no way they were going to lose this time. Angad, Kavya, and Armaan were the top three players on their basketball team. Angad had the speed; Armaan had the aim while Kavya had the ability to dodge others. When the three got together and played, they were unbeatable.

"Anagad!!! My Sweetu!!", the three heard and instantly knew who she was.

Angad: Not again!!!

Armaan: Angad meri Jaan bhaag yahan se!! hum to kya even god can't save you from Nisha!

Angad requested their fellow students to let him down but that wasn't going to happen anytime soon. He could see her making her way through the crowd. If he wasn't set free in two minutes, she was going to glue herself to him.

He used all his force while Armaan and Kavya helped to free him of the others' grip. He ran in the opposite direction the second his feet touched the floor. He almost got away but the group of cheerleaders surrounded him, hugging him, pinching his cheeks, cheering him. Then it happened. He felt a tug on his shoulder and he knew he was dead.

Nisha: Angad…how come you always run away from me????

Angad: ohh….um..h..hey N..Nisha!! You…here?? I thought you didn't like basketball…

Nisha: but I like basketball players…player…..You!!

Angad(looking over Nisha's shoulder): I'm Just coming yaar…ek minute nisha…someone's calling me!

Angad ran from there as if he was running away from a tiger to save his life.

Armaan and Kavya laughed at Angad while Angad tried to hide himself behind his books. The three sat in the cafeteria of their college since there was still one hour left before they were dismissed.

Armaan: Angad…book ke piche chupne se kuch nahi hoga…pyaar karne waale to apni mohabbat ko dil ki dhadkano se pehchaan lete hai…

Angad: to hell with the dhadkan…jab bhi woh mere aas paas hoti hai…mere dil ki dhadkan hi ruk jaati hai..

Kavya: Wah! Kya pyaar hai!

Angad: abe sale pyaar ke mare nahi…..darr ke mare….when she hugs me it feels like she's trying to break my bones or something…

Armaan: what do bones have to do with your heartbeat?

Angad: abe yaar…how do I explain to you?...ek kaam karta hoon….usse kehta hoon ki tum usse bahut pasand karte ho...phir tumhe sirf explanation nahi…pura ka pura demonstration mil jayega…how's that??

Armaan: mein itna bhi bewaquf nahi hoon…ki apne ki haatho se apne peeche ek bomb ka gola laga doon…

Kavya: chodo na in sab baato ko yaar…humein delhi jaana hai….do hafte hai hamare paas….in do hafto mein humein bahut practice karni hai…

Armaan: no problem…sab ho jayega..lekin bhai...but how will we get mom and dad to give us the permission?

Both Kavya and Armaan looked at each other and then, with a smirk, turned to Angad.

Angad: only if you two talk to my mom!

Armaan & Kavya: Done!

Angad: okay then! Done!

At Sharma Mansion after two weeks:

"damn it! Why isn't she picking up??", Armaan said to Kavya worried.

Kavya: hang up and try again…

Armaan hung up and dialed his lovely sister's number again for the nth time.

Armaan: damn it bhai! She isn't picking up!!!

Kavya: try her cell

Armaan: I did….15 times!! She's not picking up her cell either…

Kavya: maybe she's avoiding your call on purpose after that great idea of yours…

Armaan: or maybe she just went somewhere and forgot her phone?

Kavya: who are you kidding Armaan? She never forgets her phone!!

Armaan: maybe something's wrong…I just wanted to talk to her before we leave for delhi.

Kavya(hugging a sad Armaan): don't worry Armaan…we'll call her when we get there. She will be alright….after all, she is our sister…kiski himmat hai jo usse koi nuksaan pahuchaye?

Armaan: you're right…agar kisine usse hurt kiya to hum uski haddi pasli ek kar denge…

Kavya: exactly….now smile and lets go…Angad must be waiting.

Back In London:

The house is decorated beautifully. The music is loud and people are enjoying themselves, and why wouldn't after all the hosts of the party did a great job putting it together.

Kripa and Anjali were on the dance floor while Riddhima attended the guests. Finally after a while anju and kripa decided to bring riddhima to the dance floor. They walked up to riddhima who was talking to a guy.

Riddhima: don't worry Phill…we'll keep in contact…

Phill: ya better…otherwise we'll come to India…

Kripa(interrupting): That's even better philly!

Phill: you're never going to stop calling my that are you?

Kripa: not as far as I know…

Phill: I should have known…hey…Anjali ?

Anjali: that's me!!

Phill: you're looking gorgeous…how about a dance?

Anjali slipped her palm into his as he extended it for her. Both walked onto the dance floor while Kripa and Riddhima stood there staring at them.

Kripa: meri date ko to phill le gaya…so now riddhima darling…may I have a dance with you?

Riddhima: I thought you'd never ask!

Both riddhima and Kripa went on the dance floor holding hands and joined Phill and

Anjali. Everyone present in the party danced to "Crazy Kiya Re" from Dhoom 2 as Kripa, Riddhima, and Anjali set the floor on fire.

She's sexy

She's a Sexy lil girl

Sexy lady on the floor

Keep you coming back for more

Sexy lady on the floor

Keep you coming back for more

Chori chori kiya re

Dil ye dil liya re)

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Jaadu se jaadu kiya

Kiya re

Jaagi soyi rahu

Khoyi khoyi rahu

Uski yaadon mein

Uske khwabon mein

Jhoome jiya re

Crazy kiya re

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Crazy kiya re

Ho crazy

Crazy kiya re

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Na usko pata

Na uski khata

Mein uspe mar gayi

Zara usko bata

Na usko pata

Na uski khata

Mein uspe mar gayi

Zara usko bata

Dheere dheere ikraar mein

Kabhi kabhi intezaar mein

Uske hi pyaar mein

Jhoome jiya re

Crazy Kiya Re

Crazy Kiya Re

Crazy Kiya Re

Ho crazy

Crazy Kiya Re

Feel the rhythm of the night baby baby

Move it on groove all night crazy crazy

Feel the rhythm of the night baby baby

Move it on groove all night crazy crazy

Mein yahan bhi gayi

Mein wahan bhi gayi

Socha pal pal use

Mein jahan bhi gayi

Mein yahan bhi gayi

Mein wahan bhi gayi

Socha pal pal use

Mein jahan bhi gayi

Din ho ya raat ho

Woh mere saath ho

Jab uski baat ho

Jhoome jiya re

Crazy Kiya Re

Crazy Kiya Re

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ho crazy

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sexy lady on the floor

keep u coming back for more

Chori chori kiya re

Dil ye dil liya re

Chori chori kiya re

Dil ye dil liya re

Jaadu se jaadu kiya

Kiya re

Jaagi soyi rahu

Khoyi khoyi rahu

Uski yaadon mein

Uske khwabon mein

Jhoome jiya re

Crazy kiya re

Crazy Kiya Re

Crazy Kiya Re

Ho crazy

Crazy Kiya Re

Crazy Kiya Re

Crazy Kiya Re

Crazy Kiya Re

Ho crazy

Crazy Kiya Re

The next morning:

"OH MY GOD!!!", riddhima screamed jerking Kripa and Anjali out of their sleep.

They all were knocked out on the sofas downstairs after the party. Well the party itself was over by one but then the girls decided to have a little after party with just the three of them after the party was over which obviously turned out to be longer than they expected. They did not realize when they fell asleep on the sofa while they were cleaning up the mess that was made in the house

But Riddhima's scream woke the other two up with a start.

Anjali(drowsily) Geez ridz di what is the matter with you? Why in the world are you screaming in the middle of the night

Kripa: Yeah man…shut up and go to bed…kitna acha sapna dekh rahi thi main…it was me and Edward…all alone in Forks…flying together….and then I fell…cause SOMEBODY had to scream. (giving riddhima a dirty look.)


Anjali looked at the clock on the wall and replied back to riddhima.

Anjali: Gosh di its only 12:30...and you kripa…stop dreaming about my Edward.

Kripa(looking at her) YOUR Edward? You mean my Edward. Oh im sorrie don't u kno? He proposed to me…we are gonna be getting married soon.

Anjali: Yeah right…in your dreams….who sirf mera hai got it?

Kripa: Anjali dekh tu…………DID YOU SAY 12:30???????????


Anjali and Kripa: OHHHH CRAPPPP!!!!!!

Riddhima(sarcastically) Arre itna tension kyun le rahi ho tum dono?? Edward hai na…he will fly and take u to India? Flight mein kyun jaana hai?


KRIPA: Yeah what she said.

Anjali: when I said aapke hone wale jiju…I meant you too…

Kripa: in your dreams!! I'm older than you so I get married first and then you do…so I'm going to marry him before you can..

Anjali: oh yea…then I'll get him to divorce you…

Riddhima: SHUT UP!!! Do you not realize we have a flight in half an hour….what's wrong with me? Why am I even talking to deaf people! Jisse aana hai woh ready ho ar aa jaaye varna main chali..

Anjali: are meri chul-buli kahan chali??

Riddhima: arghhh!! That's it!!

With that riddhima walked away while Kripa and Anjali looked at each other a smirked.

"woh chali woh chali, dekho pyaar ki gali, usse roke na koi, woh chali woh chali….na na na meri jaan dekho jana na wahan koi pyaar ka lutera lute na meri jaan….", sang Kripa and Anjali as they followed riddhima, annoying her to no limit.

All three rushed and left the house. All three sat in phil's big van and gave a last tearful look to their house. The house that held so many memories. Happy, sad, angry, wild. All kinds of memories. They sure were going to miss this place.

Phil drove like a maniac for the 20 minutes despite Riddhima protests. Riddhima's protests were obviously ignored when Kripa and Anjali were cheering him to go faster. All three gave Phil a tight goodbye hug and ran into the airport with their luggage carts. The crowd around looked at the three as if they were thieves running away from cops.

After Boarding the Plane:

Kripa(breathing heavily): phew…that was a close one..

Riddhima: You bet!…Anjali kahan hai?

Both Kripa and riddhima looked around and spotted a breathless Anjali. She was dragging herself and her handbag to her seat. Kripa and Riddhima giggled at the sight. Anjali finally took her seat and heaved out a breath.

Anjali: remind me to never wake up late on the day of my flight…I haven't ran so much in my entire life.

Riddhima: Kripa…humein isse roz treadmill par bhaghana hoga….itna bhi bhaagh nahi sakti motti!

Anjali: aur bhaagh bhaag kar mujhe P.T Usha nahi banna hai okay?

Kripa: kyun??

Anjali: agar PT Usha ban gayi to koi ladka shaadi nahi karega mujhse….sochega…bhaaghne ka bahut shaukh hai….agar shaadi ke baad bhaagh gayi to?

Riddhima: tu chinta mat kar…tujhse waise bhi koi shaadi nahi karne waala...

Anjali: why not? Karega na...mera dream boy karega…

Kripa: dream boy? Kaun hai tera dream boy?

Anjali: hai ek prince charming…jo meri kismet mein likha hai….jisse abhi tak meine dekha nahi hai…jo mujhe bahut hi jald milne waala hai…

Riddhima: kaun????

Anjali: Edward Cullen!!!

Kripa: In your wildest dreams woman!!! Seriously bata na…kaun hai tera prince charming?? Do you have someone special that you didn't tell us about?

Riddhima: Oh my god!! Do you anju??

Kripa: Arre kahi who champu to nahi?? Tabhi main sochu ki tune use champu darling kyun kaha tha.

Riddhima: KYAA?? THAT UGLY GUY FROM THE RESTAURANT?? Gosh anju tera taste itna kharab hai??

Anjali: EWWW!!! Not that hairy monster…aur waise bhi…abhi tak to koi mila nahi…lekin jab milega na…to sabse pehle tum dono ko bataungi…promise!

Kripa: damn right you will…kyuki tere boyfriend ka interview mein aur riddhima lenge…kyun??

Riddhima: exactly…pehle mein aur Kripa usse approve karenge aur phir tum dono ka rishta jud sakta hai..

Anjali: are yaar abhi to mujhe ladka bhi nahi mila aur tum dono already saari plannings kar rahe ho…aur waise bhi…tum dono ke interview ke baad woh mujhse rishta bhi nahi jodega…koi bhi aisi ladki se shaadi nahi karega jiski behen aur behen jaisi dost bilkul sirphiri aur paagal hai! Aur tum dono ko kya lagta hai? Main koi aisa waisa ladka chun lungi?

Kripa: Well..

Anjali: Okay don't answer that.

Riddhima: Anyways…so kaisa larka chahiye tumhe?

Anjali: Hmm…koi aisa jo mera jaisa smart ho….good looking ho…He has to be hard working as well. Someone who I can share all my feelings and…

Kripa(matter of factly) Ohh agar aisi baat hai to phir tum na mujhse shaadi kar lo…we will be better off anyways (winking)

Anjali: FUNNY!!…Anyways…back to my guy…well I want him to be playful and friendly but at the same time know his responsibilities. He should respect my parents, my friends, my sister..and well everything about me.

Riddhima(sarcastically): Kripa…iski list kuch jyada hi choti nahi hai??

Kripa: nahi to…mujhe to normal lagi? Kyun?

Riddhima: normal?? To kya meri list abnormal hai?

Kripa: kyun? Teri list kya hai?

Riddhima: hmm…mera humsafar jo hoga na…woh mujhse bahut pyaar karega…meri har kwahish puri karega…meri feelings ko samjhega…aur woh hoga thoda sa pagla, thoda sayana..

Kripa: abe oye! Jyada filmi mat ban!

Anjali(sarcastic): aur kuch bhi add karna hai list mein?? Kaafi choti hai nai?....

Riddhima: teri list se to bahut choti hai…

Kripa: list choti hona jaruri hai kya? I'll admit..meri list to bahut lambi hai… dream boy has to someone who loves me for what I am. Who supports me in all circumstances. If I make a mistake than he should make me understand. If I ever need help he should be there. If I breakdown he should support me and be my strength. He should believe that our grief and happiness are not different from each other. He should be protective but also give me my space to understand myself. Thora natkhat bhi hona chahiye are sabse important He loves me more than anything else in the world.

Anjali: Waah kya baat hai…waise tumhe nahi lagta ke aise ladke ke liye tumhara luck bahaut hi acha hona chahiye. Well of course you have good luck..I mean agar nahi hota toh tum mujh jaise ladki se kabhi nahi milti(proudly)…but I hope for the best for you.

Kripa: Thanks…agar aur koi nahi to Edward to hai na.

Anjali: KRIPAA!!!

The two friends started bickering again while riddhima just sat in between them with her head in her hands. She knew it was going to be a really long flight. She just took her ipod out and blasted it to full volume so she doesn't hear the two. Soon enough the flight landed…which felt like years to riddhima even though it was only 2 days. All three got out of the plane and stepped on to the Airport in Mumbai.

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Anjali: Good Morning India!!!


Kripa (takes a deep breath): Hmm….it feels good to be back home!!


Riddhima: You bet! I can't believe we stayed away for 5 years.


The three friends looked around and were so happy to finally be back home. It felt great that they would be with their family again. The three talked about the various things they saw on the airport and finally it was time to say goodbye.


"Kripa ki bachhi…agar phone nahi kiya na to ghar par aa kar thappad marungi!!" A teary riddhima told kripa.


Anjali: Arre…we don't want her daughter to call us…we want her to call us. And by the way where did this daughter come from?


Kripa: Shut up anju!! Oh god I'm going to miss both of you sooo much!!! (she pulled both of them into a tight hug as a few tears dropped from her eyes.)


Anjali: We will miss you to krips!! And remember to call every single day got it!! Varna case kardoongi tum par. Phir zindagi bhar court ke chakkar kat ti rehna…


Kripa: Of course I will call everyday!! Lekin tum dono bhi phone karna varna main bhi tum dono par case kardoongi…aur apna case larne ke liye tujhe he lawyer choose karoongi.


The three of them shared their last bit of good byes and went their own ways to meet their family but only after making sure the other calls every single day and will always keep in touch.


Kripa looked back one last time to see that her friends had disappeared. When she turned around, she noticed Suryaban and Gayatri waving at her. Kripa waved her hands as her face expressed a tearful smile upon seeing her parents after five years. God, they looked so much older and worn out. So rushed to them and hugged them both tightly, letting out a few tears of joy. After a bit, Suryaban pulled away, but Gayatri wouldn't let go of Kripa. Kripa could sense that Gayatri was sobbing.


Kripa: Mom!! I'm back now its okay don't cry.


Gayatri: jaanti hoon lekin itne saalon baad apni beti ko dekh rahi hoon thora to rona aayega na. (she looked up smiling at her daughter)


Kripa (teary) I love you mom…I missed you all so much.


Gayatri (caressing her face) We missed you too beta. Lekin ab tum wapis aagayi ho. Ab main tumhe kahi nahi jane dungi.


Kripa (laughing): I don't plan to go anywhere either.


Suryaban (who was waiting patiently for the mother daughter moment to be over) Ab agar aap dono ka rona dhona ho gaya ho to kya hum ghar jaaye? Gayatri tum bhi na…thak gai hogi meri bachhi.


Kripa: Yes dad let's go I can't wait to see my brothers!! Gosh they are going to be so shocked!!


Gayatri: Arre haan…main to kehna hi bhool gayi ke voh dono to delhi gaye hain teen dino ke liye…unka basketball ka match hai na….dono finals main aagaye hai!!


Kripa: WHAT!! Dono delhi gaye hai?? Aur basketball finals?? Oh My god…unhone mujhe bataya bhi nahi!!


Suryaban: Arre un dono ne kirna phone kiya tha tujhe parso(day before yesterday) Lekin tera phone hi nahi lag raha tha.


Kripa realized that it was the same night that they had their farewell party.


Kripa: Oh haan voh…um…actually us din mujhe kaam tha na…aur packing and everything..shayad isliye…


Gayatri: Arre lekin un dono ne to kitne sare calls kiye the..aur…


Suryaban(cutting her off) Arre yeh saari baatein baad mein abhi ghar chale yah phir airport par hi baatein sari karni hai?


Kripa: Yah lets go home mom.


She thanked her dad silently for saving her even though it was unknowingly. If they would have found out she was partying that night. She would never hear the end of it either from her parents or her brothers. Finally the three left to go home while on the other side of the airport Naina and Dilip were looking for their daughters. They couldn't see them anywhere. Both got worried as to where they could be. Suddenly they heard a little commotion on the checking out counter. Both looked at each other and shook their heads.


Naina and Dilip(sighing): Anjali.


They walked over to the checking out counter and knew that they were right. The saw both their daughters talking to the security guard but the only difference was that while riddhima was talking nicely anjali had her hand bag ready to hit the man square in the face.




Riddhima: Anjali please calm down!!


Anjali: Di please….don't say anything…you don't know these people…they are just looking for ways to rob people. I know very well how to handle them.


Riddhima: Firstly stop talking like that to the security guard because I don't want to go to jail. And secondly why in the world would they want to rob your bag? All it has in there is bunch of make up and shoes!


Anjali: JAIL??? (looking at the guy with a challenging look) Oh so now you will send me and my sister to jail huh??? Try it….and see what I do to you?


Security Guard (SG) (innocently and confused): But maam we don't want to take you to jail.


Anjali: Agar tum chahte bhi na toh bhi kuch nahi kar pate….after all im anjali…aur anjali ko koi hath bhi nahi laga sakta.


Riddhima(to herself): Kisi ko marna hai jo tujhe haath lagaiye….goddd please help me.


SG: Maam please calm down…we will find your bag…just relax.


Anjali: Find it?? I know you have it!!! GIVE ME MY BAG NOWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!


As if on cue naina and dilip came to the rescue.


Dilip: Arre kya kar rahi ho anjali? Why are you yelling?


Anjali: DADDYYY!!!!!!! (looking back to the SG) Wait right here…let me talk to my dad. (turning to dilip) HI DADDYY!!! I missed you soooo muchhh!!


Dilip: I missed you too lekin yeh sab kya hai?


Riddhima: Thank god dad aap log aagaye. Dekho na pagal ho gayi hai…iska ek bag misplace ho gaya hai aur isse lagta hai ke inhone chori kar liya hai.


Naina: Arre anjali beta aisa hota hai…galti se bag kahi choot gaya hoga.


Anjali: NO MOM!! You don't know these people..all they want is money…but this time they have messed with the wrong person.


SG: Listen maam…I'm sorry for all the problems you had but we will find your bag.


Dilip: It is okay officer…we understand…and I apologize on her behalf.


Anjali: Dad aap….(her phone rings so stops in between)


Anjali: HELLO!!


Kripa: Arre tujhe kya hua…kyub itna chillah rahi hai?? Ab kiski shamat ayi hai?


Anjali: Oh hey….dekh na yaar…these stupid people….took my bag and will not give it back…saying they don't have it…but I know they do!!


Kripa: Yeah that is why I called you. Actually galti se teri bag mere paas agayi hai…so just wanted to let you know.


Anjali: What??? Oh um…..okay…thanks…umm…main tujhe wapis phone karti hoon.


Anjali turned around and looked sheepishly at the Security Guard.


Anjali: Um…its okay koi baat nahi…tum logo ko jab meri bag mil jaye toh mujhe phone kardena okay thanks bye.


She pulled everyone away and walked away from there as soon as possible. Finally when they got away from all the commotion riddhima stopped her and asked what is she doing.


Riddhima: Anjali…what are you doing? And how did you change all of a sudden? (eyeing her suspiciously)


Anjali: What do you mean? I just felt bad for the man so I said it is okay?


Riddhima: So what is the real story?


Anjali: Uh fineeee…kripa said she kind of umm has my bag.


Dilip: WHAT!! And you annoyed that poor man for no reason??


Dilip and Riddhima looked at her shocked while naina who looked at all three burst out laughing. Eventually the other three joined in.


Naina: Tum dono na…bilkul bhi nahi badli…god I missed you both so much!!


The family shared their hugs and kisses and finally decided to head home but of course making fun of anjali on the way home.


Anjali: can you all please stop making fun of me?? about no? happy anju bhai isn't here….otherwise he would have really made fun of you…


Anjali: I know he can't let me live in peace for even one second…dekhna…jaise hum ghar jayenge…voh kuch na kuch dhamaka jarur karenge.


Dilip: nahi karega….kyun ki woh ghar pe hai hi nahi..


"BHAI IS NOT HOME????" Both Anjali and Riddhima shouted silmultaneously.


Naina: yea…mujhe laga tum dono ki baat hui hogi usse…waise bhi woh hare k-do ghante mein call jo karta rehta hai…waise…parso call to kar raha tha tumhe woh..


Anjali: haan kiya hoga lekin…


She was interrupted by Riddhima who elbowed her in the stomach.


Riddhima: woh…hum packing mein busy the na….hum jab shopping ke liye gaye the tab kiya hoga…waise….bhai hai kahan…


Anjali: I'm sure he's at home….setting up a sequence of pranks for me to fall into…


Dilip: nahi…woh aisa bilkul nahi kar raha….but yea…im sure he's making plans…..plans to defeat their opposing team in Dehli.


Riddhima & Anjali: He's in Dehli???


Naina: haan…uska basketball tournament hai..


Naina(looked at Dilip and then back at the girls):…woh Dehli gaya hai…teen din ke liye…jis din tumhari flight thi…tab gaya tha…ek do din mein vapas aa jayega..


Anjali: lekin woh gaye kyun?? Pata hai..mein aur Ridzie kitni besabri se intezaar kar rahe the unse milne ka?


Dilip: are beta…paanch saal intezaar kiya hai to ek-do din aur intezaar kar lo..


Riddhima: pehle kar liya tha…lekin ab yahan aa kar aur intezaar nahi hota…peechle paanch saal se bhai ki photo hi dekhi hai…


Anjali: offo Ridzie! Photo mein jaise dikhenge…waise hai yahan par bhi dikhenge na? Kya paagalon jaisi baatein kar rahi ho..…waise mom…bhai ki koi girlfriend hai kya?? Agar hai to batao na..


Riddhima looked at Anjali as if she was insane.


Naina: agar hogi bhi to humein thodi batayega…hum sabse pehle tum dono ko batayega woh..


Anjali: haan…woh bhi hai…aakhir hum itne special jo hai….


Riddhima: special nahi hai….he'll tell us first cuz if we don't find out first….you will kill him…just like you were about to kill that security guard at the airport!


Anjali: can you guys please leave that behind??????


Kripa stood at the doorstep as instructed by Gayatri. Gayatri had ran inside the house and now she came back with a pooja plate in her hands. Kripa sighed as Gayatri started her "grah-pravesh" rituals.


Kripa: sab kya hai? Main pehli baar thodi ghar aa rahi hoon?


Gayatri: tu chup kar! Tujhe kuch nahi pata….abhi bahut choti hai tu..


Suryaban : apni maa ki baat sun lo beta varna tumhari khair nahi....main to aaj tak darta hoon tumhari maa se...


Gayatri : aap chup rahiye jee...hamesha baccho ki tarah baatein karte rehte hai...kuch to samjhaiye apni beti ko....yeh India hai London nahi..yahan yeh sab bahut maayne rakhta hai...yeh teri shaadi hogi tujhe pata chalega...chal...Andar aja....right foot first...


Kripa obeyed and stepped in the house with her right foot. They all walked into the living room together.


Kripa: maa…mujhe koi shaadi vaadi nahi karni…mein yeh ghar chod kar ab kahin nahi jaa rahi…


Gayatri: sab ladkiyan pehle yehi kehti thi…main bhi aisa hi kehti thi..


Suryaban: lekin phir mujh par dil jo aa gaya tumhari mamma ka…


Gayatri(blushing): aap bhi na…bacche ke saamne bhi..


She shyly walked away to put the plate back in the kitchen while Kripa and Suryaban giggled.


Suryaban: are meri anarkali…kahan chali??


He followed her to the kitchen while kripa decided to go to her room. She went up the stairs and to the left…where she remembered her room should be. When she got in front of the door she hesitated for a bit wondering if her room would be the same as she left it 5 years back. She put her hand on the door knob and turned it very slowly. She peered inside and gasped as she saw that the room was perfect. She slowly walked in but soon her walk turned into a run and she jumped onto her bed. She let out a soft giggle as she hugged her huge white teddy bear that was on her bed. It was the same one that kavya had got her for her 10thBirthday from his pocket money. She laid on the bed and looked around her room. Everything was the same, nothing had changed. Her eyes stopped at the pictures on her wall. The middle one was of her, Kavya and armaan. She laughed to herself as she remembered how they took the picture. It was from a wedding they were forced to go to by gayatri. Boy was it boring…but then armaan found the photographer and soon the three decided to take over and took pictures of each other. She still remembered how shocked everyone was when they saw the wedding album consisting mostly pictures of them three rather than the bride and the groom.


All of a sudden she started missing her brothers terribly but soon her missing turned into anger. She had come home after 5 years and they were not home. How rude was that. But soon enough her scowl turned into a grin as a wonderful idea came into her mind. 

Kripa(tapping her back): Good job kripa…you are a genious.


With that she headed to the bathroom to freshen up.


"Armaan!! Kavya..what are you two doing?? come on..lets get practicing!!" Angad yelled impatiently as he waited for the twins.


Armaan: Just a minute man…we are calling our sister…hold up!!


Angad: Oh okay (to himself) hmm…I should call those two also.


Kavya: Armaan!!! She is not picking up the phone!!!


Armaan: Still??? Hmm bhaiya call the cell.


A sleepy kripa picked up the phone: Hello?




Kripa(now fully awake): Lekin Bhaiya I am fine but..


Kavya: WHAT YOU ARE FINE? YOUUU ARE FINEEEEEEE!!!!! (looking at armaan) SHES FINE!!


Armaan: YAYY!!




Kripa: I think I said that….mind repeating it once more so I can confirm it (rolling her eyes)


Kavya: Well in that case where were you all these days?? Do you know how worried we were?? We thought…


Kripa: That someone must have kidnapped me…or better yet I got robbed from my own house…


Kavya(cutting her off): Yeah yeah whatever!!


Kripa: Why are you calling me right now?? I was dreaming so happily..


Kavya: Hamari neend ud gayi thi itne dino se aur tum aaram se so rahi thi? Kaha thi itne din?


Kripa: Itne din?? It was only two days bhai…aur waise bhi main ghar pe hoon bhai


Kavya: Then why weren't you picking up our calls..


Kripa: because we usually went for outing with friends since our exams are done..AND before you ask cell had some problem in it...i just got it fixed today


Kavya: Oh okay….well we called so you can wish us good luck! You know we don't play a game without talking to you first!


Kripa: Aww I know…all the best bhaiya…I know you will win the finals.


Kavya: Thank You…waitt….how do you know we are at the finals??? We never got in touch with you to tell you.


Kripa: Oh um…voh..actually..bhaiya maine mom se baat ki toh unhone bataiya.


Kavya: Oh okay…well here talk to armaan…he is being impatient.


Armaan: OYE MACCHAR!! Kidhar thi tu??


Kripa: Shut Up You orangutan I have a life of my own to you know!!


Armaan: Yeah Rite!! How many times have I told you that you have no life outside of Armaan Sharma's Life!!


Kripa: Yeah riteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Armaan: Damn rite baby…im always rite!! Anyways…ab parrot ki tarah bak bak bandh kar aur jaldi se wish kar!


Kripa: All the best my gorrilla…knock them all down!! I swear bhai…if you win this…I will give u a lifetime supply of bananas.


Armaan: Yeah and if we don't win this…then I will see to it that you eat every single one of those bananas.


Kripa: Ofcourse you will win…I have full confidence in myself…my wishes never go to waste.


Armaan: Haan haan theek hai…you win…now go back to sleep….I will call you when we win.


Kripa: Okie byee…love you both!!


Armaan hung up on her and then him and kavya went to go practice. While on the other hand angad who was trying to reach Riddhima and Anjali was fed up cause they were not picking up. Soon enough he gave up as it was time for the game and headed towards the locker room to get into his outfit.


Riddhima: sorry bhai….but we can't take your call right now…im too excited to be here and if I pick up your call…I know I'll tell you that im in Mumbai!......and sorry to you too Anjali..but I had to sweety….you weren't leaving me another option.


Anjali: I HATE YOU!!!! Just open me up and then I'll show you!!


Riddhima: mujhe kisi paagal kutte ne kaata hai jo mein tujhe kholungi?


Hearing Anjali scream, Naina and Dilip had rushed into the room.


Naina: are yeh sab kya ho raha hai? Riddhima….Anjali ko chair pe kyun baandh kar rakha hai?


Riddhima: Bhai humein call kar rahe the mom…aur agar maine isse khol diya to yeh sab kuch bata degi bhai ko….aur sara surprise paani mein…


Dilip: nahi batayegi Anjali…haina beta?


Riddhima: dad…yeh apne pet mein ek bhi baat nahi rakh sakti…


Naina: lekin aise kab tak baandh kar rakhogi?


Riddhima: yeh bhi theek hai…accha ek kam kijiye…hamare room main se yeh phone le jaiye aur hamare cell phones bhi…




Riddhima: Anjali darling…abhi tak to sirf kursi se baandha hai..agar apna muh band nahi kiya na….to mein duct tape apne saath le kar ayi hoon…..


Anjali: oh yea? Try and see….lets see if you can really shut me up or your just ta….


Riddhima had indeed made Anjali shut up, with tape on her mouth. Their parents just stood there shocked to see how their daughters had become.


Naina: tum dono ne yeh sab kya laga rakha hai…


Riddhima: mom…don't worry…me and Kripa have tied her up enough times….usse kuch nahi hoga…jab so jayegi tab mein usse khol dungi.


Dilip: waah beta! I'm proud of you…jo main aur naina itne saalo mein nahi kar paaye woh tune paanch saal mein kar ke dikha diya….


Riddhima: aur who kya hai?


Dilip: iss bina brake ki car ko rokna…


All three laughed while Anjali tried screaming with the duct tape on her mouth, shutting her up.


Dilip and Naina left while Riddhima hopped onto the bed for a nap.




Angad, Armaan, Kavya, and two other team mates lined up behind their line to prepare for the shootout. The game had tied at 1-1, resulting in a shootout. Angad's team was very confident about this shootout because Angad and Kavya were able to shoot from the midline even. First, Armaan took his shot. The stadium was dead silent. He closed his eyes before he took the shot and pictured Gayatri, Suryaban, Kavya, and Kripa. His mind automatically replayed Kripa's "good luck my gorilla". He opened his eyes, aimed, and shot at the hoop and got it in! The left side of the stadium broke out into cheers.


The opposing team's player took a quick shot as if he were a professional, and got it in as well. The score still tied. The right side of the stadium broke into cheers this time. Next, Arun, another wonderful shooter on Kavya's team took a shot, and took everyone's surprised, missed. Angad's team groaned, as the pressure was doubled while the right side cheered. The opposing team's player took a careful shot and to Armaan's teams misfortune, got it in. Now the score was 2-3. The opposing team leading.


Angad patted Mihir's back, as encouraging him since he was the third person to take the shot. Armaan, Kavya, Angad, and Arun crossed their fingers hoping for this one to get it as their team's confidence needed to be boosted. If Mihir missed the shot, Angad and Kavya were going to be put under a lot of pressure.Mihir gulped as he aimed at the hoop. Suddenly he felt sick to his stomach. He was getting really nervous. His knees weakened while his hands trembled a little, at the very moment, Angad, Armaan, and Kavya exchanged looks. They knew he was going to miss the shot and he did.


The team's coach took his cap off and threw it on the floor in anger. The opposing team still leading at 2-3. Angad's team had two shots left while the opposing team had three. The other team had more chances of winning IF they didn't miss the next shot.


The opposing team's player took another quick shot, more like to show off to the cheer leaders, missed. Angad and Kavya heaved a sigh of relief while the opposing team was a bit disappointed. Angad and Kavya had to get the next two shots in, and the other team had to miss both their shots in order for Angad's team to win.


Kavya stepped up to his position looked at the hoop and tuned out everything else around him. The only thing he saw was the hoop. He repeated exactly what Armaan did. Pictured Gayatri, Suryaban, Armaan, and then Kripa. He opened his eyes and without delaying the game took a fast shot and got it in. Armaan jumped and punched in the air to show his excitement. The score tied once again with 3-3.


The opposing team's best shooter, as warned by Angad's coach, stepped up to his position and took a shot. He twisted his hand a bit too much, hence missing the hoop by a mile. Armaan giggled as he whispered to Kavya and Angad. "Best shooter my ***". Angad's coach came and patted Angad's back. Score: 3-3.


"Don't miss this one my boy!", he said encouragingly.


Angad nodded. Armaan and Kavya patted his back in the same manner. Angad walked up confidently. He put the basketball against his chest and closed his eyes. Just like he always did, he sent up a quick prayer to god and remembered Dilip's words that Dilip had said to Angad one upon a time. "If you don't win, you didn't lose. You only gave the other a chance to win". He opened his eyes, focused his eyes on the hoop and shot away. The left side broke into cheer. It went straight through the hoop. All the team members huddled and cheered.


Angad's team was now leading with 4-3. If they wanted to win, the opponent had to miss the shot. The team got worried when the opponent looked extremely confident. Angad's whole team, including the coach crossed their fingers and stared at the player in anticipation. The player gave an evil smirk to Angad's team and turned back to the hoop.


"Crap!! Mujhe bhi aaj hi mere contacts bhul kar aana tha", the player thought nervously. He took a shot, even though he couldn't exactly see where the ball was going. He threw it off so much that it hit the wall and then bounced back hitting him on his own head. Kavya's team jumped and lifted the three penalty shooters who got the baskets.


The boys went into the locker room and had a mini celebration of their own until the coach came in.


Coach: BOYS!! Behave yourselves…stop pounding on the lockers! I'll make sure I have something better for you guys at the party tonight!


The coach smiled and left the boys who started screaming again.


That night, the boys celebrated their victory through the night since this was their college's 5th victory in a row. Though Angad, Kavya, and Armaan were on the team for two years, they were a few of the most loved ones and the best basketball players of their college. The three didn't know how to give up, or to lose so easily. They were destined to win.


As the boys were celebrating armaan realized he had to call kripa and tell her they won. He took out his cell and called her.


Kripa(sleepily): Hellllooooooooooo


Armaan: KRIPAA!!!


Kripa: Chillah kyun rahe ho??? Mujhe sab kuch sunai de raha hai?? Aur itna shor kyun hai tumhare peeche??




Kripa: tumne mujhe yeh kehne ke liye phone kiya hai? Mujhe pehle se hi pata tha….tum bhi na…khamakha meri neend bigad di….anyways…I am happy for you….now I am going to bed….tum bhi so jao.


Armaan: HAHA…theek hai..tu so ja…good night…love you!!


With that kripa went to bed with a smile on her face and armaan went back to partying with the boys.

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"Mujhe neend nahi aa rahi hai riddhima", Kripa complained over the phone at midnight.

"Mujhe Bhi!", Riddhima said eyeing Anjali with a frown.

Kripa: hmm…Anjali kahan hai?

Riddhima: yahin par hai…she is trying to scream through the tape…

Kripa: oh god…phir se baandh na pada usse?

Riddhima: yea…accha ek kam karte hai…how about we meet somewhere?

Kripa: sounds like a plan to me….I'm sure you've heard of the famous jogger's park?

Riddhima: yea…

Kripa: alright…lets meet there in half an hour?

Riddhima: Okay sounds good.

The two hang up and get ready to come and meet each other at jogger's park. But they had to do that very quietly since everyone was asleep. Riddhima helped a tied up anjali to get in the car while kripa tiptoed into her dad's room to get his car keys and quietly went out of the house and into the car.


Kripa: Anjali all u have to do is promise not to yell, scream, hit  or punch and she will let u free. Is that so hard?

Anjali: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Kripa: What??

Anjali: hmm….uuhhhhhhhhhhhh

Kripa: Tum kya keh rahi ho meri samajh mein kuch nahi aa raha.

Riddhima: SHUT UP BOTH OF U!!! (smacking kripa in the head) Duffer…uske mooh per tape lagi hai to tujhe kaise samaj mein aayega ke who kya keh rahi hai?

Kripa: Oh yeah..true.

Riddhima(turning to anjali): Okay sweetie all u have to do is promise and I will let u go….kaho deal???

Kripa(eyeing riddhima): Now who is the duffer? Kaha se bolegi apne pairon se?

Riddhima: yeah yeah whatever…..(turning back to anjali) just give me your hand if you agree.

Anjali gave both of them the dirtiest stare ever and reluctantly put her tied up hand in riddhima's hand.

Riddhima: Good girl…chalo ab untie kar ti hoon tumhe…waise to tell you the truth na…I missed ur bak bak so much today.

Kripa laughed while riddhima untied anjali who was getting furious by the minute. Finally all the tape and ropes were out and she could move. And the first thing she did was pick up the piece of wood that was next to her and ran behind riddhima…who as soon as she untied anjali ran for her life because she knew that anjali was furious.

Anjali: How dare you tie me up??

Riddhima: Anjaliiiiiiiiiii you promised!!!

Anjali: I never said I promise…and you are dead!!

While the two were running around the whole park, kripa found a good seat on the swings and watched the show…sometimes cheering for riddhima and sometimes cheering for anjali. Soon enough the two sisters got tired and came to sit next to kripa.

Kripa: are you two done?

Riddhima: I am!  I don't know about Anjali!

Anjali: whatever Ridzie Di! I'll get you for it!

Kripa: how do you girls like it here so far?

Riddhima: I love it here!  It was great seeing family after so long!  It was kind of emotional…

Anjali: yea…perfect bollywood movie meeting…you know...tears and all…

Riddhima: well…there was something non-bollywood like about the whole airport thing?

Kripa: let me guess….Anjali!

Anjali: Me??...what did I do?

Riddhima: oh no….you didn't do anything……you weren't the one who lost her bag. Never mind!

Anjali (turning red): what??  How was I supposed to know Kripa had my bag?  Speaking of which…did you bring it along?

Kripa: Its in the car…if I didn't bring it along, you would replay the whole airport scene here in the park with me being in the security guard's place.

Anjali: Whatever!

The girls sat around on the swings and talked about nothing yet everything.  Looking back at their days in London and discussing the possibilities of the future in India.  When Kripa started yawning, Riddhima started dozing off, and Anjali started snoring, they decided to head back home as it was quite late at night, or morning rather.

Kripa (nudging anjali) Anju utho…come on hun wake up lets get going…varna hum teeno yahin so jaayenge.

Riddhima also woke up hearing kripa's voice.

Riddhima: Oh god I am so tired…aur dair bhi ho gayi hai….come on let's get going.

Soon enough the two woke anjali up and the three went to kripa's car to get anjali's bag and soon parted ways. Riddhima told kripa to call her and let her know once she gets home since she is alone and its late.

Half an hour later kripa got to her house and parked the car. She decided to come through
the backyard and in through the kitchen door. She slowly tiptoed into the house not wanting to wake up her parents. Little did she know that there were others who were trying to do the same thing.

She closed the door gently and felt her way around since it was dark and she didn't want to turn on the lights. She found the fridge and decided to get some water. As she reached for the handle she realized the handle on the fridge was warm and soft like skin.

Armaan froze feeling something covering his hand.  He started getting scared when the "something" started crawling up his arm.

Kripa moved her hand up until she felt muscles fit into her palms.  She let out a scream thinking there was a stranger in the kitchen while Armaan screamed hearing a scream causing Kavya to scream along.




Hearing all the screams Surya and Gayatri came down to the kitchen. They turned on the lights and were shocked at the sight they saw. Somehow Kavya had ended up on the floor and was getting beaten up by Armaan who was trying to protect himself but at the same time was avoiding the things that were being thrown at him from Kripa.

Part 8



Ignoring Surya and Gayatri, the three continued to throw things at each other. Well it was mostly kavya who was getting attacked. 




Kavya: MOMMM!! HELPPP!!!!

Finally Armaan realizes what his mom said and stops for a second but before he can react a basket from Kripa knocks him on the floor and the next thing he knew she was sitting him beating him up like no tomorrow.



Realizing that he wasn't getting beaten up anymore Kavya took the chance and got up to go to his mom but knowing his luck ends up tripping because of Armaan kicking his feet in the air to get Kripa off him. Kavya falls straight on Kripa who gets sandwiched between her two brothers.

Suryabhan: Gayatri I'm going to bed feel free to deal with them.

Gayatri gives all of them a dirty look and walks away with her husband. While the other three are trying their best to get up.

Kavya: Stop moving!! I can't get up!

Kripa: Yeah can't really go anywhere! I have a 300 pound buffalo on me!

Kavya: Stop calling me a buffalo! That's Armaan!


Kavya: Yeah well who told you to throw your legs in the air!

Kripa: Bhaiya just shut up and get up!!

Kavya: No say it nicely or else im not moving!

Just to make it worse he gives both of them a tight hug causing Armaan and kripa to scream on the top of their lungs.


Finally Kavya gets up and tries to help kripa up but before he can do that Armaan throws kripa off to the side and gets up taking deep breaths.

Armaan: Starting….tomorrow…you both…are going…on a major diet!!!




They both give Armaan a deadly look while Armaan just stares right back. Finally realization dawns on kavya and he looks at kripa.


Armaan: Yeah how did you….when did you….woahh!!! WELCOME HOME KIDDO!!!!!

Before kripa could reply she was caught in a huge bear hug in between both her brothers. But of course this time she didn't mind because she had missed them as much as they did.

Kavya: When did you come? You didn't even tell us. And when we called you earlier you were in London so how did you get here so fast?

Kripa: Uff bhai that's because I was already here when you called I wanted to surprise you guys but when I got here you guys were already gone to the tournament.

Armaan: Well you could have told us we would have came back. (Kripa nods at him) Oh rightt…that's why you didn't tell us.

Kripa: Exactly…and well now im home.

Kavya: Yeah but only to be gone again soon.

Kripa: Yeah about that….

Armaan: What do you mean?

Kripa: Well I've decided to continue my education here in fact with you guys in your college.

Armaan and Kavya look at her like she has three heads.

Armaan: You are lying right?

Kavya: Yeah I mean come on there is no way YOU would leave London to study here.

Kripa: Yeah well what can I say I am just so nice. I realized how miserable you guys were without me so I decided to be generous and come back to you guys.

Armaan: Miserable? Said who??

Kavya: Seriously! We were doing great here without you.

Kripa: Acha? Toh mujhe din mein sau baar phone kaun karta tha?

Armaan and kripa both look at kavya.

Kavya: Yeah well whatever anyways…great to have you back home sis.

Kripa hugging both of them: And I am happy to be back home too.

Armaan finally sees the time that its really late and tells the other two that they should go to bed because they have all the time in the world to catch up with each other now that kripa is back. But before they can leave Gayatri walks back out.

Gayatri: Arre tum log abhi tak yahin khare ho? Its really late go to bed.

Kavya: Yeah mom we were just about to go.

Gayatri: Wait a minute…what were you guys doing here this late anyways. Were you guys coming back home this late? Kripa did you go somewhere?

All three give an "uh oh" look to each other and decide to go.

Kripa: Oh wow look at time Im so tired..k mom goodnite love you im off to bed. 

Kavya: Yeah same here so tired…bye mom.

Armaan: (pretends to yawn) WOW what a long day! Good nite mom!

All the three walk away leaving Gayatri alone in the kitchen.

Gayatri: Arre Suno!! UFF in teeno ka kuch nai ho sakta!

She too goes back to her room to bed

While in the khanna mansion. 

"oh my god Anjali! Be Quiet!" Riddhima hissed at Anjali when Anjali knocked over something in the dark.

"its not my fault! I can't see!" Anjali retorted.

The two girls tip-toed around the living room and climbed up the staircase. When they heard Dilip Coughing, they slipped into the nearest room.

Anjali(whispering): is awake! Now what?

Riddhima: um..i think we should stay here for a bit...about half an hour or so?

Anjali: are you insane? I'm sleepy!

Riddhima: okay then..we'll sleep here...and we'll go back to our room in the morning!

Anjali: whatever....

Anjali looked around the room until she spoted a shape that resembled that of a bed...

Anjali: Left side is so mine!

Anjali crawled to the left side of the bed and slipped under the covers making as minimal noise as possible. Riddhima did the same. Within 5 minutes, Riddhima could hear Anjali snoring away. Riddhima sighed and lay there, waiting for sleep to embrace her.

Before sleep, however, she felt something else embracing her. An arm slid across her waist. She tried to nudge it off thinking it was anjali.

Riddhima: Anjali Move!

Riddhima attempted again to move the arm off of her.

"ugh...two more minutes mom!!", a deep masculine voice moaned.

Riddhima let out an ear piercing scream and tried to wiggle out of the grip.

Anjali: what the hell ridzie!

Riddhima felt the person next to her move and try to put a hand over her mouth.


Anjali: AHHHH

The man with them started screaming as well. Riddhima and Anjali trapped the man under the blanket and started beating him while the man screamed for help. Anjali climbed onto the blaket plus man pile and started punching with both her hands while Riddhima slapped away.

The door opened, lights turned on, and Naina rushed in with a belan in her hand and joined the girls in beating whoever it was. Dilip almost joined them with a danda until he really looked at the room. It was Angad's Room. Dilip tried stopping them but his voice was drowned in all the screams from all three ladies and the screams of mercy and help from poor Angad who was being beaten. Dilip went and pulled Naina off of their son. Riddhima and Anjali got distracted for a few seconds as they looked at their mother and father. Angad took advantage of this situation, grabbed whoever the heck was sitting on him, pinned her neck under one of his arms and grabbed the other woman's hands and held them at her back in an unbreakable grip.

As Naina saw who was under the blanket, she gasped and put both her hands on her mouth, letting the belan fall.

Riddhima and Anjali: Dad!!! Help!!!

Angad froze and his eyes widened as his brain registered that. Dad?!!? What the heck? Sensing his movements stop, Anjali jerked out of his grip and turned out with a punch charged and ready to hit his face. As soon as she turned, she froze as well.

"Bhai?!" she exclaimed, covering her mouth with her hands. Riddhima pulled her hands out of his grip and turned around to face him. Her jaw dropped to her knees.

Dilip: uh oh..naina...lets run! We have to cover our ears, lets go!

Dilip pulled his unwilling wife out of the room, shut the door and rushed to his bedroom. Just as he closed his bedroom door, screams of excitement and happiness rang from the room next to theirs.

Angad groaned as he got crushed under Anjali and Riddhima. They were squealing as if they were sitting on Edward Cullen instead of Angad Khanna. Angad finally managed to sit up and gather both of them into a huge hug. Soon enough, he felt something wet on his shoulder. He sighed as he pulled Riddhima away. Anjali looked at Riddhima and clenched her teeth.

Anjali:*sniff*....are...going to...*sniff*...make me cry.....

Angad: Anjie..i think she already did that.

Seeing Riddhima sob, anjali started sobbing as well. Scared, Angad looked at both of them, his face puckered. Anjali saw his eyes tearing up.

"Oh God! No Please! No!!!" Anjali wiped her tears quickly as did Riddhima.

But, it was too late. Angad's one sniffle turned into a sob, then another sob, then a louder sob, until he was sobbing hysterically. Both Anjali and Riddhima rushed to the side tables on both sides and grabbed a tissue box. Angad pulled on out from each box and wiped his tears only so more could flow out of his eyes. Then, he took two more tissue and blew his nose.

"I missed you two so much!"

"I can't believe you two are here!"

"I am not a rapist!"

"Oh I missed you!"

"Ow...what the heck did you hit me hurt!"

"why are you in my room? And calling me a rapist?"

"oh man, I missed you soooo much!"

Angad spoke the same things over and over as he continued to cry like a baby crying upon losing his toys. After a good hour, and going through two entire tissue boxes, his sobs stifled.

"Gee we're starting to wonder if you're happy to see us or sad" Anjali started at angad in utter disbelief.

Angad: of course im happy! These were tears of happiness

Dilip(walking in): and pain...i'm sure the ladies did some major damage.

Angad: yes!!   I was trying to protect my manhood if you know what i mean.

Dilip: ha ha ha ha...clean up the mess.

Dilip turned around and left while Anjali and Riddhima hugged angad tightly again. They fell asleep, content, after years of separation in comfort of each other's a pile of tissues

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