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FIVE things i HATE about YOU. A Cute SaJan OS.. <3

CandYlicious_S IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 May 2010
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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 1:36pm | IP Logged
Okay guys.. This OS is just a random one.. I dunno if you guys will like it or not but it is CUTE in its own way.. LOL  Hope you like it.. Embarrassed

Ufff....  these Husbands.. Angry I tell you di.. Cant they just grow up..? Ermm  Seriously i wonder how did Samrat manage to live all by himself all his life.. Ermm   I mean... He cant even spend a single day without messing up the whole house..!! Urggggh!'

'Just relax Gunjan.. All husbands are the same actually.. LOL  Your Husband is'nt the ONLY one who  loves to mess around and leaves everything to his dear wife to take care of..  ErmmChill yaar.. I came here to have some gup shup with you and here  you are.. Boiling with anger... LOL Just Chill! '

Kia di..? What chill...? You see na..? Just look at the shape of our house.. It looks as if its a Garbage area or something.. Se this towel.. This packet of chips. And this rotten pizza... Ermm
' She said while picking those items from the floor and sofas'

Gunjan was out  of city for four days because she had to attend an important seminar related to studet;s welfare.. Embarrassed  So she had to leave her poor husband home alone for four days... Ouch  LOLShe herself was missing him badly and so she decided to surprise him by arriving at the third say.. Embarrassed But she was not aware of this fact that her husband Samrat Shergill cant even spend two days properly and with mannerism without her... Ermm  Poor soul.. Ermm '

And now that Gunjan planned to surprise him and entered her house with Nupur she got to see the most SHOCKING sight in front of her.. LOL  Each and every corner of their house was messed up very nicely by her sweet husband... LOL Now only a miracle can save him from his ANNOYED wifey.' Evil Smile Approve

'Gunjan come here.. Acha come na.. Ermm Hmm... You know what.. I have an excellent technique through which you can vent out all your anger in just 5 min.. Wink  All you have to do is tell me any 5 things which you HATE about Samrat the most..' And trust me... You will feel good after that..Wink'

Gunjan took a deep breathe and closed her eyes.. 'It is'nt THAT difficult.. I can name out a 1000 HABITS that i dont like in Samrat.. Five is like a piece of cake. ' Cool  She said to herself..

 First of all.. I just DONT like the time he takes when he has to wake up early n the morning .. Ermm  I keep shouting at him that 'Samrat wake up! You are getting late but he just keep demanding fir the Morning kiss.. Blushing LOL Well i admit that he looks absolutely adorable while he does that and i feel like pulling his cheeks..  Blushing  Day Dreaming  But.. Shocked  OMG! What m i dong..? Okay lets leave this one.. LOL Ermm'

He takes soo much time in combing his hairs. Ermm  Almost half of his time gets consumed in his hairstyles.. Stern SmileAs if there is some DATE waiting for him in his office.. AngryHumph! LOL I simply dont like that he dresses up sooo much for some other people.. Ermm  He is simply mine.. Blushing  Wink And i love when he dresses himself for me and makes me feel that he is Only mine.. Day Dreaming  well i dont think that its HIS fault that he has to dress up for his office.. After all he has a reputation to take care of and he cant put it on stake and ..... ' Shocked  'WHAT ON EARTH AM I DOING! Ermm  Am i supposed to defend him or accuse him.. Ermm Fine...  Lets move to the third one..


I dont like that he is calling me almost after every  hour in his office.. I mean.. Just think of it di.. Ermm  He is the boss of Shergill enterprises and he wastes half of his time in having convos with me .. LOL Blushing  He should be Responsible and mature na,..? Ermm  But its not HIS problem actually.. Embarrassed  He has spent half of his life without any love and affection and only NOW he has this opportunity to share his EVERY moment with someone special.. Blushing Aww.. he has every right to be happy di.. Heart

'Gunjan tu.. ! Nupur said disbelievingly .. LOL 

'Oh Sorry di.. I just got a bit distracted..' Gunjan corrected herself..

4) I dont like when  that he snores during night,Sleepy keeping both his  hands over my waist like i am his pillow or something.' Blushing  Blushing Ermm  he himself sleeps soo peacefully throughout the whole night , and poor me....... Ouch  I am forced to stare at him all night waiting for him to stop snoring like a polar bear or something.. Ermm  ROFL But yeah.. He looks absolutely adorable when he sleeps like that.. Blushing Day Dreaming  I keep staring at him all night and i dont even know when i get i dozed off while doing so..  Day Dreaming  LOL  All because of him. Angry  Why is he shooooo cute,.? Blushing Question

OMG! Gunjan what are you doing...? Shocked Shocked  You are not supposed to praise ur hubby in front of your sis. Ermm  You have to point his 5 BAD and Annoying habits! Ermm Now this is your last chance' Evil Smile

5) Di i am sure that ths tme... I wont get distracted.. Approve Because this is the BIGGEST annoying thing about Samrat. Approve  The way he keeps the whole house dirty in my absence... Angry  Ouch  Each and every thing is mis placed and God knows what he does with the fridge.. Ermm  Stuffing each and every thing in that poor fridge.. Even if that food s rotting like anything.. Ermm  His clothes, hs shoes.. Urgghh! He is too messy di.. Ouch I dunno how he managed to live alone throughout his life.. Ouch  How did he manage to live all by himself! Ouch With no one there to take care of him.. OuchOuch  I cant even imagine how LONELY my Samrat was di... Ouch I am soo glad to be a part of his lfe and manage his messy lifestyle.. Embarrassed I sometimes wonder that how can he live without me..? Ouch He sooo wants my companionship, my support and my love to make his jorney of life more happier and smooth.. Embarrassed

Nupur was just smiling at her sis who was smiling to herself too.. Embarrassed So finally Nupur was right! Gunjan DID feel good after this small blame game.. Embarrassed LOL Because NOW she realized that even though she tried her BEST to point any BAD Habits of her husband that annoys her..   She  just can never ever HATE them.. Embarrassed Infact.. That makes her love even more because he has submitted himself ALL to his wife.. Blushing Embarrassed He was Gunjan's.. He belonged to her.. Embarrassed  And being his REASON of life.. it was her duty to take care of him just like he did.. Embarrassed  And pamper him throughout her life.. EmbarrassedLOL


It was night time.. Embarrassed And it was about time for Samrat to arrive from his office.. He clicked the door open and closed it.. It was all dark inside.. And he remembered that obviously.. His beauutiful wife ain't here to lighten the darkness of his life.. Ouch She was in panchgani.. Ouch He  sighed and moved forward only to discover two hands encircling his waist and hugging him soo tightly.. Embarrassed

'I missed you Samrat..! Cry
  said Gunjan almost in a chocking voice.. Ouch

'Chashmish,...! Shocked  Is that you..? OMG! You surprised me love.. I am sooo happy.. I missed you soo much !! Heart  Heart  But wait wait! Look at me! Why are you crying...?' He lit the lights on.. And cupped her face which was all teary eyed.. Ouch

'Samrat... I dunno... I simply cant live without you..Ouch  I thought that i can manage to live without  you atleast for four days.. But its just too impossible for me. Thats why i arrived after three days instead of four.. I cant spend a single day without shouting at you.. Getting annoyed at you because of your carelessness.. LOL Loving you like as if  you are a gift from heaven  landed JUST for me.. Day DreamingYour cute and adorable acts which makes me laugh as well as adore them.. Blushing Day Dreaming  How can anybody HATE you...? You are MADE to be loved ONLY! Day Dreaming Day Dreaming Day Dreaming

He just let her speak.. Most of the times it was just him who spoke more and was expressive.. But after such a long time.. Gunjan opened her heart infront of him... Embarrassed He felt that there was no need for her to tell him these things because he already knew he inside and out.. Embarrassed But yeah.. Listening from her own mouth was definitely like music to his ears.. Embarrassed Awww.... MY ADORABLE AND CUTE WIFE! Blushing  Blushing

He wiped her tears and said quietly
.'I thought that when you will arrive then i will be ONLY getting cushions and brick brackets from you for the way i have spoiled our whole house.. LOL  But you always surprise me Mrs.Shergill.. Blushing Cool LOL  I am loving this sort of welcome.. Cool Only the icing on the cake would be my welcome kiss.. Evil Smile Blushing Are'nt you going to give me that too..? ' Blushing Blushing

Gunjan hit him playfully on his chest while hugging him and he creased her hair.. Smiling.. Embarrassed 

'You are too much Samrat..! Ermm  Blushing LOL But I still LOVE you for that! Heart '

'Gunjan.. I know why you yell at me.. Its Because YOU care.. Blushing Day Dreaming Embarrassed The one who actually cares for you has got that full right to express their anger and disappointment like you do.. Embarrassed And i have no complaints about it. Embarrassed Because my love for you INCREASES because of this.. Embarrassed

'Aww.. Samrat...
' and she kissed him softly on his lips telling him that she is probably the happiest person on this planet to have a husband like SAMRAT in her life... Embarrassed He is the one in a million... Embarrassed  And the BIGGEST thing that she hates about him is that she cant HATE HIM! Embarrassed He was made to love ONLY and he was all HERS..! Blushing Day DreamingDay Dreaming

Do press the LIKE button if you liked it.. Embarrassed  I know i am a pathetic writer...   LOL But just wanted to pen this idea of mine this time.. LOL so here it is.. Hope u liked it and hope i didnt bore you.. LOL 

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-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 4:04pm | IP Logged

yeh me firstSmile

omg sumi this was amazingHug
loved it so much
and omg the part i loved the most was her list
i could imagine her saying each one of thoes things
starting of with anger then slowly melting away and finally ending of blushin really hard
lols loved all his bad habbits snoringROFL asking for morning kissEvil Smile
the amount of time he takes to get ready (well he does look good afterwordsDay Dreaming)
and the end talk was amazing sajan heart to heart cute talk loved it
it was just the cherry on topEmbarrassed
really awsome os

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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 4:46pm | IP Logged
Seriously the title of the PM scared me Stern Smile
Well anyways awesome OS.Blushing Day Dreaming
See MY samrat is so perfect Cool
I can imagine Gunjan.....Thats really adoring!
She can never hate him Day Dreaming
And Samrat is understanding!
I love this OS.
Thanks for the pm and do write more Hug

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mohit_rockstar Senior Member

Joined: 06 August 2010
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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 7:07pm | IP Logged
yaar plz dont say u r a pathetic writer...
i dont know abt others bt pakka this ll b 1 thing 1 hate ABT U..LOL
jokes apart...u r an awesum writer and every1 in d forum knows that..Wink
srsly yaar i loved this os of urs..everyday i hope that i wish u or aashi and some others also write an os and tpday in the mrng i gt a surprise..Dancing
it wass rilyy cutee and nice..
i loved each n evry bit of it..Heart


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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 7:21pm | IP Logged
tht was soooooooooooo cuteeeeeeee

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SwaNia_2 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 April 2010
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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 7:49pm | IP Logged
Awww Sumera........that was so cute.........a completely new way of showing how inseperable and madly in love Sajan are...........very well written.Clap


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DiyaS IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 8:44pm | IP Logged
Very cute! Thumbs Up

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rosecutie Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
Lovely awesome Mindblowing os SumBig smile
I enjoyed reading ur osDay DreamingIts simply sweet and cuteBlushing
and the title surprised me first but when i read it it was SuperbClap
Listing out 5 things u hate abt a person whom u love is difficult to say but Gunjan tried LOLSnoring is one habit which most wives get irritatedROFL
U r an awesome writerThumbs Up
The last two lines of this os is really lyk an icing on the cakeStar
Thanks for the pm

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