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Kool's Commentary : Jan 10 PR

koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Kools reporting from base :  Archu and Batatawada have a showdownn in PR
It all began with Batatawada showing immense joy at the news that he was gonna be a Dad for the second time . Of course he pretended it was the FIRST time he was gonna be a Dad ..we all know how good he is at pretending FIRST TIMES .{ Rememember SR nite ?Big smile Batatawada had given all male virgins a complex with his fab acting there , hadnt he . The chubby little devil .} In fact Batatawada went so overboard with the acting that he even tried to lift Vaishu up . Of course he cudn't , with all that weight [ Now the man to lift females efortlessly and look so casual while doing it and devilishly handsome is TDH an open necked chrome yellow shirt Big smileBig smile Can u imagine guys...........just imagine him lifting Holy Archu and walking off in the bedroom and kicking the door shut with his foot behind him as his hands r full Big smileBig smile} he sat down on the floor on his knees and gave Vaishu all false promises .
Tell me what u want o queen and u shall have it said Batatawada ,  quite forgetting himself in the role of the maganimous first time to be Dad .
I only want your SAATH said  lovely brown eyed Vaishu , looking totally in love with that dimpled mass of flab .
Batatawada looked a little worried at THAT . He wondered if she coyly meant AHEM . One never knew with these females . They said one thing and expected another and then expected men to decipher their unspoken feelings correctly . And Batatawada was frankly tired of wearing orange silk shorts every night and running in the bedroom .He much preferred opening his laptop and calculating his PROFITS .
Meanwhile Bhags and Holy Archu had a typical morning like a ten year married couple . Bhagwan was seen tucking in his shirt hurriedly while holy Archu was preparing chai in her mustard caftan . Yasir Bhai has called me Early wailed Bhagwan and Holy Archu asked him why he didn't get up early then . Coz I watched u while u were asleep ! Said Bhagwan , in an attempt to be romantic .
Ok now .............seriously creatives , u need to take a grip . If this is the most you can go in the field of romance as it is supposed to be a PAVITRA serial , ur gonna get low TRPS . Read my commentary and take some pointers if ur brains r creaking ..............for instance
How about showing Manav tucking in his shirt after getting up from bed a dishevelled bed and clothes strewn about , and then that tucking in indicates SOMETHING like AHEM has just taken place
How about showing Manav kissing Archna on the LIPS and NOT pecking on the cheeks like a BROTHER while leaving for work so early in the marraige .............omg , they r supposed to be like MAGNETS at this stage of conjugal bliss u twit cvs ! And if the lip to lip kissing scene isnt possible due to actors refusing to act it , can't u guys DENOTE it ? By simply showing Manavs back ? Ha ? Buddus ? And just Archnas hands trying to push him away in a futile way ? See .doesnt serial remain PAVITRA then ? Hum kaha bol rahe hai sab dikhao , all we r saying is INDICATE it na ? And while we r at it how about throwing in a cute CHHODIYE NA MANAV Please Let me GO Na ? Ha ?AngryAngryAngryAngry Dumbos ! Kya . are we watching a Bro Sis relationship ? Where once married the pair suddenly gets bro sis feelings ? AngryAngryAngry ufff !
Savita had a birthday . Her useless husband actually got a cake for her instead of deiphering Bappa's leelas and Manav came to visit her with Archnas approval and blessing .Not that Archna is to be blamed in this mind u ........infact she made the most striking dialogue of the century today .........that certain relationships r INDIVIDUAL . So u see guys I dont blame Holy Archu a bit today . But Manav I blame . There r reasons .........
1] She is his mom and he shud have got up and gone early morning to visit her to wish her  first thing in the morning instead of Yasir Bhai or watching Archnas FACE
2] Telling Archna I will go only if u come if u dont I dont go too was SHAMEFUL . As Archna very rightly pointed out , certain relationships r individual . They r not dependent on other factors like ur marraige , ur age , court cases , wealth ........nope . Mom is MOM .Period . Wife and she are getting along etc shudn't matter when u decide to wish her on her birthday . When u came in the world wife was not there . Only She was there .So why shud a wife who comes years later [ 31 years in this case] be the deciding factor for giving her birthday wishes ? For that matter why shud the fact whether they r getting along be a factor ?Some things r independent of all this . Fine , we get it .......I and Archna come as a package is the message ur trying to give , but dont OVERDO it Manav beta . U miff us when u act this way . I wud have preferred seeing u going on ur own in the morning first thing to wish her .
3] Not just that , he didnt even show interest in waiting for more than two minutes on his mom's birthday in her house when she so evidently showed pleasure at seeing him . To top it he tactlessly told her Im here coz of Archna . Why had Manav gone there then HURT Savita on her bday ?
Felt sorry for Savita . I repeat ......although moms have done no big favour by bringing us in the world and they did it for themselves is the IN THOUGHT PROCESS today , one must never forget that the Favour Remains on a SPIRITUAL LEVEL .
On the bright side , Manav apologised for his Wife Mom comparison talk that day . But then again , he didnt show any interest in little SAchu .....I am peeved with CVS for these discrepancies .
Vaishu bumped in Savita at the mall and showed arrogance . Savita too showed attitude . Vaishu told Savita she had no time to listen to her faaltu bakbak and that her pati DHARMU was GREAT . I think Savita is the one who will uncover Dharmu's reality ...........that too publicly . Not Archu .Todays episode gave us tell tale clues .
Holy Archu caught Batatawada redhanded with Kudi Punjaban ........she went off in a rickshaw and he turned to see Holy Archu waiting to pounce on him with folded hands and tapping foot .
U shameless Bad Man ! said Holy Archu . Two Timer !
Dont have time to listen to ur BAKWAS said Batatawada , trying to run to his fine black car .
Oh is it , is it ?asked Holy Archu , running like a fire breathing dragon behind him . I talk Bakwas is it and what ur doing is HOLY is it ?
Its ur deeds that r BAKWAS she declared bitterly , badly wanting to slap his chubby , unrepentant face .
What did I do and who did I two time asked Batawada feigning amnesia .
Ur two timing my sister when ur married to Madhuri and have a son called Varun in PUNe ! screamed Holy Archu .
Hah ! But u have no proof ! said Batatawada shamelessly when it got down to this ugly level .
Oh u think so ? What about the hospital case papers u signed as Varuns Father ? What if I procure THOSE Hah ?
Batatawada 's jaw dropped open . He hated this saali , she had been trouble since day one . He wondered if he shud tell TDH to hire a supari on this interfering female .The problem was , TDH had the hots for her and wudn't listen . Batatawada was in a fix . Why did'nt TDH have the hots for that nice looking Vandu for instance , he wondered . or VARSHA . Why this infernal , pious female .
Holy Archu then pointed her classic finger at him and told him not so brainily that she was gonna make him BEIZZAT in PUBLIC .
My comments : Of course Dharmu is gonna beat her at this as he has been WARNED . Archna never was ahead in the grey cells department . We see him in the pre cap telling her that Madhuri is LEGAL PATNI and if truth comes out Vaishu will be UNWEDDED ILLEGAL MOM [ like Shravani] .Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile And we see Holy Archu shocked . Of course Holy Archu will think the best solution for her preg sister will be to stay put in the matrimony for the sake of jhoota legal status and BACHCHA"S FUTURE .
Kools signing off for the day , all contrary comments welcome .Enjoy guys . Enjoy the bigamy of the Fertile Batawada as it lasts .

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-SONU- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:20am | IP Logged
wow kool di gr8 to see ur commentary again,completely agree with ur romance theory.
All in all a gr8 commentary as always

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Spartacus IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:25am | IP Logged
ROFLBatatavada, is an acer shooter, always some how manages to get the best chicks of PREvil Smile
I wonder who is the real hero of the show, Manav boy ya BatatavadaD'oh

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gaayika Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged
Hi Kools Di

Kashi asa ....

Fab commentary . 

Archu cud have used some brains and not warned him  that she was going to tell Vaishu everything ...See Satish always uses his brains.  Somehow this will turn up as a plot she is hatching to frame Dharmu   vaishu will say ...  U cannot bear to see me happy so u are building these lies  ...she will add.

I repeat , if archu takes up a job , her mind will not bhatkao to take up more problems on herself ...

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pallai Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:48am | IP Logged
great commentary kools..

i am really disappointed with the way Cv choose to do justice with dharmesh.. he was just a little selfish normal business man and then they show a son suddenly.. i was giving him the benefit of the doubt that it was a wild mistake or a one night stand thing.. but now i am shocked that he was already married too!!
watever in the end its vaishu who is gonna be hurt the most.... but maana padega.. inspite of being a little over weight .. batatawada has managed to keep himself fertile....LOL

i totally agree with u on manav-archu romance... its so kiddish and i am getting tired of it.. for them gng too far is feeding each other food... i mean cmon... why cant these 2 behave more like a normal newly wed who have the whole house to themselves Embarrassed

even ajit-vandu marriage had more spice... seriously they both should stop mothering each other and get up and give us some action....

i quite liked your point about manav gng to meet his mom.. ya he shld have.. after all said and done she is his mommy and he shld have gone alone and not forced archu to tag along..
better he wld have taken a box of pedas and spent time with his parents and had lunch at his mom's one day if archu had eaten alone am sure she wldnt have mind it.

he shld have spent today with his aai , baba and nephew sachu... they deserved it.

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nikitagmc IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 12:01pm | IP Logged
Hi Kools

Enjoyed your commentary!!!

Completely agree with your points about Manav. I too was shocked that Manav chose to romance in the morning and talk about Yasir Bhai than go and wish his Mom. He could have gone alone, there was no problem. While I was reading the update I was like--- ARE THESE CREATIVES MAD??? For the sake of romance and highlighting Manav's support for Archu, they are really going against Manav's character of a good son. And after this, they don't even show the romance properly. I'm still waiting for a 'chhodiye na' scene, I have been eagerly waiting for these since God knows when. But I have to admit the kissing on cheek is cute too.

At the same time, I'm happy that Manav apologised. Again I'm sad Manav didn't even ASK about Sachu!! CV's ---- what the hell???!!!!!!???

I think the CV's wanted us to assume it in this manner--- Manav wanted to visit his Aai and kept thinking about it the whole day, but felt awkward cos he had behaved badly with her.

Damodar is seriously useless. I don't like this character at all. Gets cakes on b'days but does nothing to help whole year round. Huh!!!

Plus I found the cake thing a bit strange. Do conservative and traditional lower middle class families celebrate b'day of elder people (Savita must be in her mid 50's ) in this manner? Children I understand, but oldies??? I mean, we have ourselves never cut cakes on my grandparents b'day. *confused*

I don't understand why they are not moving Manav's track forward and showing Dharmesh's track so much. I'm bugged.

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 12:12pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Akashspartan

ROFLBatatavada, is an acer shooter, always some how manages to get the best chicks of PREvil Smile
I wonder who is the real hero of the show, Manav boy ya BatatavadaD'oh
It is Batatavada .LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL He has ALL chikni females running after him . Madhuri begging for a night with him , Vaishu telling him nevvver to leave her , Holy Archu running after him on roads angrily but nevertheless AFTER him . Most lucky man in PR .

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koolsadhu1000 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 12:14pm | IP Logged
Plus I found the cake thing a bit strange. Do conservative and traditional lower middle class families celebrate b'day of elder people (Savita must be in her mid 50's ) in this manner? Children I understand, but oldies??? I mean, we have ourselves never cut cakes on my grandparents b'day. *confused*
Ur dead right niks ...........Lower middle claas and THAT age group dont bring cakes like this .nowdays kids bring it for parents sometimes .People of Savitas age generally go to temples ......initiative to celebrate their bdays is by their KIDS

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