Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

RKA 10/1--Kismat se tum humko mile ho

pavs IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:03am | IP Logged
Heyyyy back to post my pointers..have caught up finally on the last couple of weeks epis n am not impressedSleepy,,,nyways as far as todays episode, pretty decently executed sans the same boring track elongated and stretched to the limit.Confused
1)Yeeeee finally dada-dadi have smelt the coffee and realzied that arjun is not the bad boy that  he projects himself to be. The only thing left is now to ahve a long convo and understand that aag dono taraf barabar ki laagi haiWink..Arjun's love is not unrequitted and the grandparents are the only sane people in the family who will understand Arohi's is a fab actress and the chemistry between kartar singh n dj is pretty cute..loved the scene where they both are thinking on the same lines and are desperate to talk it out.
2)Arohi, my dear Arohi are you plain daft or is crying your hobby??She has simply lost the essence of her character- the bubbly, talkative sweet girl... How is it credible that her grandparents are seeing through arjun's facade and she cannot? Is this the love kmh 2 harping about.? Its very repetitive to see her questioning arjun n herself in her mind and the next second cuss and reject him..there is no consistency between her thoughts and her actionsDead
3)The Arjun-Aro convo was sadCry and pretty poignant. Kudos to Karan for brilliant acting in that scene. Kritika was good too. Cvs should now try sth different becoz this track has been dragged now for too long.
keep the adda rolling guys

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged

*nudge* Hello all Smile

Epi rating: 6.5/10


1)      "Mann toh kertay hey in ansoon k saath oosay bhi dho daaloo"  CryGood acting & dialogues Star

2)     Daada g's & DJ's self talk Thumbs Up Both the actors were superb Star

3)     Dj taking Chickoo's class

4)     Aro being upfront & Arjun turning away to hide his tears Broken Heart KK was good here Clap


1)     The intensity was missing during Arjun-chickoo's convo. KK needs to put more effort

2)     Camera going gol gol around Aro Wacko and then focusing on their nostrils during eyelock Stern Smile

3)     Aro's behaviour.. questioning Arjun is getting annoying now Confused

Quote of the day: "Sometimes we must get hurt In order to grow... We must fail In order to know ... Sometimes our vision clears only after our eyes are washed away with tears..." - unknown

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secretkeeper IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:56am | IP Logged
Pavs: Hug On the dot like always StarStarStarStarStarStarStar

"Grandparents are the only sane people in the family who will understand Arohi's dilemma...."

"How is it credible that her grandparents are seeing through arjun's facade and she cannot? "

"Cvs should now try sth different becoz this track has been dragged now for too long."

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BheegiBasanti IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
Dear Adda-ians,

I finally managed to catch up with the episodes from last week that I missed and it was quite alright! Will be back later with my views on today!

Let me start by saying I am still struggling with the basic premise of this story!
Now...all good fables
Need a solid premise
Whether it be a deep enmity
Or a destiny created love story!

Here in this "Purani Jodi Ki Nayi Love Story"
We have two dueling families
With more characters than your average kahani
But in the midst of this age-old family enmity
Blossomed the love of Arjun and Aarohi

Last week saw Aarohi continue to be angry
While Chiku humiliated Arjun at every opportunity
Into the story came in Arjun's daadi
Who is DJ's old friend trustworthy
And hinted at the dark Ahluwalia ' Singhania history!
Cookie and Coffee remained annoying
While Gauri continued her scheming
Chiku is caught in a club dancing
But Arjun takes the blame
To keep Aarohi's heart from breaking!

Finally, cliched and poorly written as it might be
I think this show still has potential to light up the screen
But a show cannot run purely on the lead actors chemistry
It needs story, characterization and consistency
And execution and rock-solid cinematography!
Arjun - Aarohi
Why Arjun loves Aarohi
Is still utterly befuddling to me
Their words to each other remain just that
When the depth behind it remains a mystery!
The last episode I had watched prior to my catch-up was the one on Dec 30 which ended with Chiku dropping his handkerchief for Arjun to pick up! I am going to delve in to this little scene to explain why, even after all these weeks, I feel little emotional connection with the Aarohi - Arjun love story! The fault lies equally in shoddy screenplay work and crappy execution! So, Thursday ended with Aarohi being shown ostensibly looking shocked seeing the guy she loves being denigrated by the one she is going to marry. Now, when such a cliched love track could be shown, why could the writers not embrace that completely and show Aarohi at least mildly react in Friday's episode...say by starting to step forward to pick it up...or start to react to Chiku before stopping herself. Aarohi's episode closing reaction on Thursday was subconscious and Friday's continuation scene finished way to quickly for Aarohi to have been able to control that subconscious reaction and look more "fake happy" like was shown instead. The devil is in the details writers...not just in one scene or episode but every scene in every episode!

On the positive side, this love story, baseless as it seems to me, is building up to a story crescendo! Aarohi's escalating anger and tears seems to be nearing a boiling point. I particularly liked the confrontation between Arjun and Aarohi in Wednesday's episode! It had a good mix of dialog, passion, argument, jealousy, anger and tears...all in a couple of small sequences. Well done writers!

I must also add that I also like the small touches in the screenplay that showcase this love. Right now it seems to be mainly seen in Arjun's characterization while Aarohi's is showing another extreme facet of her emotions...anger! For e.g. on Tuesday, Arjun's happy emotions were on display as he drove Chiku back from Aarohi's place while looking at the ring mistakenly gifted to him by her Mamaji!

Ahluwalia - Singhania

With the entry of Arjun's Daadi and her hints to Rashi about the history of the family enmity makes me feel that the writers are taking another inspiration for this story track...Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak! That movie being one of my all time favorites, I do not want to speculate even on how this track will pan out!


The majority of the other characters were quite annoying to me in last week's episodes...this includes the new Mamaji in the Ahluwalia family! While the comedic scenes were quite ok, I find Aarohi's angry act sketch very over-the-top.

I Loved:
  • All the scenes with Mohan Kapur in the screenplay last week...such a pleasure to watch!
  • Arjun's character's confidence in his love and Aarohi's for him.
  • The camera work...seems more inspired by the Blair Witch Project than any Oscar winning cinematography!
  • Editing was shoddy...for e.g. what was with KrK (Kritika) having the coat on in some scenes in the car on Tuesday and not in others? Bloopers anybody?

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 12:23pm | IP Logged

Guys in the lounge I got lots of posts today for this episode and I guess to paste most of them here:

I am not going to the same order I had in the lounge and I am starting with the lightest one as paste:
I jus watched the ep again ;)
Small things I missed:
 - Chikoo's facial expression - outstanding.Clap
New name for chikoo: chiks - he is really like a chickROFL
Gauri - as adarsh bahu ROFLROFLROFLROFL- serving everyone i duno wat - was she spying or was she actually the adarsh bahuROFLROFL
Karan's expression - hayiiiiHeart  ClapClap
Everyone in the main side - ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
I actually noticed to see Shefali Sanchit and Simmi who were also present in the lounge when Lovedeep cuts the call.
Shefali - was shown as disturbed too - love it ClapClap
Others are more for the happiness of Arohi ClapClapClap
Like all the posts here
I am actually thinking the story is going to be on the hand of elders: kartar dj and biji - u remembered when Dj said to biji, they have seen the worst storm togetherStarStarStarStarStar
This sums how for me it is going - they said that history repeat itself and this time the elders are not going to be against - they will be the shield of Arjuhi - they will have to face the wrath of other members in the family but they will support Arohi and Arjun.
Did anyone notice the background score was good today and actually the theme Ah ah ah is another version of the KMH1 hmm hmm hmm theme. Just listen to the strt
I got this scene from KMH1 tht i remembered with the hmm theme,it is Arjun and Arohi in Karan's office - btw among my fav scene tooHeart
with the aaah aaaah one:
Thank u Ekta, I really love this bg in kmh1 and this time u used it differently, just changed the way the tune flows - from the first one who was the theme of their feelings of Arjuhi in their love and her u used it to show the torn feeling of Arohi!
Love ittt and today I love all the background music-back with the dholak theme.too good.

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
love today's episode.
My take on Arohi only:
I love you ArohiHeart
I know she is hurting Arjun but the episode starts after precap with Arohi washing her face, that was so so intense for me, I felt like she needed a tight hug from a friend who she can pour all her heart with and get some light to how it is going.
I love today's episode because the theme was just so real, I have known a friend who has been in such situation, she trusted the man more than herself and what she got in return (the man was not Arjun's character) was the man backstabbed her with one of her good friend's itself. She almost went mental and believe me if one's character is not strong that jhadka would have been suicidal. I love my friends a lot and I know I was there for her. I know I was the listener and let her pour her heart out and get her back to all the crazy things between friends.
It is the same feeling I felt for Arohi today. Today we have seen how  much shattered Arohi is. The way she admitted the selfless love she had for Arjun because in the bathroom scene, we have seen that Arohi knows he lied and she was hurt that his lie hurts her to the extent that she wonders why did she fall for such a complicated relationship? Why? She knew she was the 'happy go lucky type' but then WHY all the cheerful nature of herself has become remorseful that all what she can remember is only the 'jhadka.'
No friends, Arohi is not misunderstanding Arjun, the audience knows she is but herself, she is not. She fell in love with a stranger who was using her? that's a shock in itself. The audience knows that Arjun really loves her but Arohi's reasoning is justified too. Then it comes with the stigma that RPS hit on her and she got another shock Why Arjun, why you did not say this is not true?
She completely lost herself, and she started finding sooth in the love of her family, she tried to say to DJ but DJ was not so much of a help because in DJ's mind, it is just a mere infactuation.
The one who knows Arohi really loves Arjun in the family was Gauri, her best friend.  Oh Gauri, the same friend that Arohi is very caring anfd protective towards. Happened to be that this friend had a crush on Arjun and Arohi knew in Arjun's side that Arjun respected Gauri's feelings. Ofcourse this does not make a meaning now because her best friend, whom she thought to be equally caring and protective to her like she was; told her Arjun is a playboy.
She was already torn and such a words on the guy who she loves turned her to be ''kora kaagaz.''
And for that,I will have the title song of Kora Kaagaz for Arohi here:

The lyrics is in the clip and this is for my dearest Arohi.
I will once more say, I love you, Arohi,Heart
Now Arohi knows her family loves her a lot, they know they will always think the best for her. As the sweet innocent childlike image she has, she readily accepted to DJ that she will not mention what DJ thought to be infactuation to anybody. She thought that Arjun told Gauri and she knows Gauri is her best friend.
Friends, even in her spiteful nature, Gauri, really did not tell other members too and on that note, she proved to be a friend even if it worked on her side.
Arohi knows for her family sake she has to be happy and she assembled herself, with the continuous mind vs heart conflict and agreed to whatever her family decision will be. She agreed to move on like her family wanted and at the same point of time, Arjun came again.
Her conflict on seeing Arjun grew stronger. In her mind, after hurting me so much, what has he come to see, has he come to see that I am living or has he come to see I am living a dead body.
Each time she comes to see Arjun, she let her heart rules in those eye lock scenes but then quickly her mind come in the real sense and reminded her she has lost herself to the extent she does not want to hurt again.
And then today, she could not bear it, O Arohi, you realised that 'just say it. Say it this time.' She realised even with time she will feel lighter to tell to the person who has created so impact on her what is actually through.
Friends, it was as intense for me, as in KMH1 when Arohi said 'I love you.' I felt the same intensity of these hurtful words that I have to place my hand to my heartbeat and keep it warm. Ekta, you did it again to meClap
She said it, she confessed what was in her heart and mind to this important person and she was just so strong character here, for that again, I will say 'I love you, Arohi'Heart She was so strong even if it hurts she poured everything to that person. It was tearful to her too that she could not let tears flowed down, the same tears she never wanted to show that man to know what is the influence he had on her,today, she let it go.
On a conclusive note on Arohi's part,for me it was a self surrender again, she had to let the tears and words awashed away all the pain she is feeling for her now to see the rays of light. These tears are going to wash all her misunderstandings.
There will be another flow of tears but not for the pain she felt,it would be more for the recognition of the selfless love of Arjun to her.
Entirely on Kritz performance today,I am giving for a flawless,I was how instantly dry eyes filled with tears,did it really edit or was it one shot, on her acting and give 10 out of 10.

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Du_Nish Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 12:29pm | IP Logged
On this take, I will like to talk on the overall episode:
I actually love what they shown, it is supposed to be the first time that DJ and Kartar want to say something but they don't know how to start.
DJ here now realised Arohi is deeply in love to Arjun. Last time I explained it with the jhadka she got when Arohi split wine on Arjun's face. She got it right now, this is not the infactuation of dear Arohi, Arohi is deeply in love with Arjun and she knows that she has to intervene, DJ knows she will need this time to give green fire to Arohi to break the promise sh did to her. DJ realised that Chikoo lied and Chikoo is definitely not the  man for Arohi.
With the same thoughts of DJ, it was matched with Kartar who knows that Arjun loves Arohi a lot. When he was looking at the sweet innocent Arohi, he understood that his poti is not alright. He also knows that he has to intervene now because it is genuine love from Arjun's side.
They were left to say it to ach other when it was interrupted on the call from lovedeep bua. We got to see the intense 'ek dum bewacoof teji and arohi's dad' who waved along in the lie of Arjun but then they know Arohi is hurt but they still think Arjun as a criminal and Arjun is taking revenge..but one question to Arjun and Teji - come on chachu, what revenge is Arjun taking from Arohi, does it makes sense?
Still it was a good scene to see the reaction of Dadu who knows that Arjun is a redeemed man and he has not done anything wrong to Arohi, they are in love, that's all. Yet Dadu knows it will be difficult to convince the other male in the family so he was in a way torn too. He knows definitely he has to talk to DJ.
While the male showed concerned by trying to give a 'tit for tat' answer to Arjun, the female actually showed their care to Arohi in a more warm ways. Lovedeep is again concerned to get back Arohi's smile back. She organised shopping for her and I actually love Arohi's mom who is also really sweet but then always think on what is needy rather than funLOL Then admired how DJ knows she has to talk to Arohi with her wits said it is only her who will go with Arohi and Kartar joined it too knowing that's the best time he can talk to DJ. This was a really good scene.
We got a line of comedy with lovedeep chikoo phone conversation and still we got to see that the selfish self interested personality of Chikoo.
The episode started also with 'back in action' Arjun with fiery eyes who were really burning with fire for Chikoo to hurt Arohi and I love the scene as it showed Chikoo's negative character is shown by the abuse of power of money and Arjun holds himself of not hitting Chikoo because of the promise he had to Arjun. I love to see Arjun as Arjun again and it was so good.Heart
In the shopping mall, we got to see th angry DJ to Chikoo, I feel DJ will force Chikoo to break this relationship. Then we got to see Arohi and Arjun and this time after so long the kismat track from Arjun's feeling to Arohi. It was really intense and out of the expected,the unexpected confession came,it was too powerful for me that made my own eyes blurred,empathising with Arohi and then to Arjun. The audience knows Arjun is true to Arohi and this moment, this confession shows what Arjun wants to achieve, Arjun who wanted to win Arohi back her love and heart,had least idea that this way is hurting Arohi to the extent that his presence is bringing uneasiness to her. The tears in Arjun's eyes blurred my eyes because at this  moment, Arjun realise how much pain he gave to Arohi. Arjun realised the leaving of his home to be a good man for Arohi is not enough to Arohi, because she is shattered completely. Arjun realised like this song I am going to attach. A song that I really did not want to attach because that the song played all the time in KavyaAnjali but I am left of no choice, Arjun drop of tears were on this realisation:
Arjun understood that in this struggle to win his love he will need to go far from her nowHeart and this is the moment for Arohi to realise what she learned in the dhabba, the auntyji told both of them, that one's importance and how much one loves someone is felt when the person is not here with you.
It was a really so good episode that really create the emotion that they wanted to give: I was with heartwarming,with mind sighing ouch and eyes blurredApprove and today the camera angle was much better. The precap for tommorrow looks promising. I am giving an overall 8/10 for today's episode.

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sumz3 Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 1:39pm | IP Logged
Hello Adda folks Big smile
@Pavs ...good take ... lots of important pointers for CVs ... especially "Cvs should now try sth different becoz this track has been dragged now for too long." LOL
@Mehrsberry ... good pointers Thumbs Up will reply to rest when I get home and watch the epi.
@Jaya ... awesome yaar! Clap now this is the analysis I was waiting for! Much needed for the KMH2 CVs, directors and KMH2 team.
will post take and responses this evening after I watch.

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