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Pavitra Rishta

Written Update : 10th Jan2011

Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged
Dharmesh's house
Dharmesh is very happy to know that Vaishali is pregnant .he tells his wife that she has given him the greatest joy of life by making him a daddy .He asks Vasiahli that she can ask him for anything  and he will give it to her .
Vaishali gets emotional and tells him that he has given her everyhting and now all she wants is him.That he  should give her a promise that he will always be with her  and  never leave her .
Dharmesh is alarmed to hear her say this but he keeps his act of showing excitement and says that he will always be there with his wife and will never let her be alone .
Deshmukh house
It is Savita's birthday and she is feeling down .The reason for her feeling  down is that in previous birthdays Manav used to wake up in the morning and  wish his mother happy birthday .To her it seems now that she has no importance any more and no one remembers her birthday .
She is sweeping the floor and feeling depressed when Damodar walks in the house .He is hiding something  .Savita wants to se it and she grabs the bag from his hand. It is a cake .....
Savita: So you remembered ( starts crying ) .
Damodar : I wantd to surprise you .How could I forget .Today , God made the biggest mistake by bringing you here in the world and the second mistake was when I married you .Today I celebrate both these mistakes .
Savita starts crying .
Damodar realizes that she is missing her son but savita is being stubborn and says that she doesn't love Manav and will not let him in even if he comes .
Manav's house
Manav is getting ready to go to work in the morning .He is worried because he is late .
Archana: Why didn't you tell me to to wake you up early .
Manav : I did get up early but you were  sleeping  and  looking so lovely that I just could not stop looking at you and then I got late  ..
Archana brings him tea
Manav : Now that I am late and will be told off by Yasir bhai anyway, I might as well look at you for some more time .
Archana : Now where did you learn to say all these lovely things  these days .She is straightening his shirt looking  very happy to hear all  this romantic talk ..
Manav : I am  trying to learn .. ..Oh Archana look there.
Archu looks in the other direction and Manav quickly kisses her cheeck  and leaves for work with a big smile ..
Shopping Centre
Savita is  doing window shopping when she bumps in Vaishali .Thy both have a big argument about who bumped into whome .Savita tells Vaishali to pick up her bags but Vaishali refuses .savita says bad thinsg to Vasiahali and Dharmesh and tht makes Vaishali very angry and after arguing for  some time , she leaves ...
Manav's house
Manav walks in his house looking depressed .
Archana: When did you come Manav ? Is something wrong , you look depressed .
Manav: It is Aie's birthday today and this is her first birthday hen I am not with  her .I am really missing her .
Archana : Why don't you go and wish her happy birthday .
 Manav : I don't have a face to show her after the way I spoke with her last time .She must be so hurt .And even if I go , she will start bad mouthing yo u again and I cannot tolerate that .
Archana: I don't think you should worry too much about her being angry .Once she will see you she will be so happy .What you should do is that you should go alone and wish her happy birthday .If I go it will make her angry so you go alone .
Manav : No Archana , I am not going without you .
Archana : Please try and understand .Every relation  has it's  own place in our lives and their own importance .You have to give her that importance .You should go and see her , it will make her feel so happy .
Manav : I don't care what you  say , I am not going without you and that is final  ...
Archana: Fine , I will come with you but on one condition .I will wait for you outside the house and you will go in and wish her .So come on , let's go ....She looks very happy .
Outside Deshmukh house .
Archana waits outside and Manav goes in the house .
Damodar who was practising is happy to see Manav .Savita is putting Sachu to sleep , she also comes  out .
Manav : I was just passing by .
Savita starts crying ....: You cannot even lie , can you ?I am your mother and can read your face .
manav : Please Aie , I am sorry .I should not have spoken to yo uthe way I did .Please forgive me .Both son and mother hug .Manav takes her aashirwaad .
Savita : how much will you make me cry ? I was waiting  for yo uall day .You are looking so weak , that chudail doesn't feed you ?
Manav : She doesn't cook as well as you do .That  is why I am looking weak .
Savita : Yo u  are lying , you only like to eat what she makes that is why  you have left us ..she is crying .
You don't care about us anymore .
manav : I care Aie , that is why I am  here .
Savita : You are lying .This is one thing you have learned well from her , how to lie .Forget it , I don't want to talk about her and spoil my mood .I will get you somethign to eat .
Manav : No Aie , I have to go ...I have to do many things and Archana is waiting for me outside the house .
Savita: Why is she there ?
Manav : She is the one who bought me here . I know you hate her but  she is also my responsibility , how can I just leave her like this .
Savita: Well then just go and don't waste your time on faaltu people like us .
Manav : Aie , I know you hate her but please forgive her and believe me everything  will be all right then ...Just accept her and forgive her ..
savita starts  crying  ..: I cannot  forgive anyone ...she leaves the room .
Madhuri wants to know wh yDharmesh is taking so long to decide .
Dharmesh tells her that this is an aimportant decision and if they get emotional they get trapped in an unwanted situation .Madhuri says that she doesn't care as all she cares about is Varun's life .
She gives Dharmesh more time to think but wants him to come on a decision quickly as Varun's life is at risk here .She gets in an auto and leaves.
Dharmesh turns and finds a furious looking Archana looking at him .He tries to walk away but she follows him
Archana : How much will you hide your face .Your reality will be out in the open soon.She calls him besharam .
Dharmesh : What bakwaas are yo usaying .You are calling me Besharam when you eloped on your wedding day .
Archana : Yes I eloped.Because I did not wanted to cheat anyone .I was always in love with one man and it was for him that I eloped and even today I am loyal to that love .I am not like yo uto cheat someone .And even if you are not admitting it makes no difference .That  guilt on your face is telling everything  .
Dharmesh  is very arrogant and rude to her but she tells him that she knows everything  about him and she knows about Madhuri and Varun and there are hospital records with his  signatures to prove that he is Varun's father ....
Archana  in tears demands to know why he did this to her little sister .She says that Vaishu loves him  so much and for a disgusting man like him  Vaishu is ready to break up with anyone ....but this is what he did to her .
Dharmesh is speechless.Archana  cannot believe that Dharmesh has now become so bold that now he has bought his first wife i nthe same city where Vaishu lives .
She is crying a lot
Archana  ; I am burning inside .How could you do this to my sister .Look at what you have done to so many lives .Madhuri  , Vaishu and  Varun ..he has no idea what kind of father he has .
Dharmesh : Yes , I am giving dhokas .I am cheating ..So ,what can you do ?
You are no one , no one comes in my way .Don't even think of crossing my path ..
Archana : You wil never change .Do what you want , but  I also have to do what I want ...You love humiliating others  , now I will make sure that you get humiliated .I wil ltell vaishu everything ..
She leaves and Dharmesh runs after her , threatening her and then he starts  kicking th door in frustration .
On the roadside
Archu  decided that she will not  go and directly tell Vaishali as her sister will not believe her .She decides that first she will first go and tell her parents and then they will try and convince vaishu along with her ...
She finds her parents outside the house .She goes and tells them s that she has somethign important to say to them , a truth about Vaishu and Dharmesh ...
Precap :
 Dharmesh is still very arrogant and he is telling Archana to think well before taking any action as Madhuri is first  legal  wife and that makes her sister , Vaishali his illegitimate wife .His tone is threatening ...

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what a rude thing to say Dharmesh is so heartless hope Vaishu finds out soon

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momsx3mystifyreA HUGE FANswtbabynycsweetieMillerrr88Tanyaz

naava IF-Dazzler

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thanks tanya!!

i can't believe the precap!!!!!!!  i thought Dharmesh never married Madhuri....omg...what a mess now...or is he lying about that too????????   Why would Madhuri allow him to take a second wife...that doesn't make any sense!!  I suppose she wasn't up to his status?  Dead
and he threatened Archu???  what an icky man that Dharmesh think once we all thought he was shy and awkward.  yikes....Shocked

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KBCFan Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 10:57am | IP Logged
thanks for the update

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Tanyaz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 10:58am | IP Logged
This Dharmesh is a real rotten egg....Dead

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pallai Senior Member

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 10:59am | IP Logged
thanks for the update tanya..
i am shocked that he was already married i just thought he had fathered a child with her...
but this is going too far... 
anyways i hope this time archu handles the situation better like how she made manju confess she shld make dharmesh confess on his own so that she stays aways from the mess.

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bharadwaj_k Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:33am | IP Logged
Dharmesh is such a big Hypocrite.....

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Ms.S.K. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 11:45am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update. Beshram Dharmesh. Now I want Jaywant to cheat him off money so that Dharmesh is out on the street begging, but this to happen only after Satish ends his partnership with Dharmesh. CV's take this into consideration for future.

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