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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 9:26pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by nanditasingh

Edited ..


Dadi Maa..

Mothers have a big heart & their love can never be measured or categorized its universal... their love shelters one & all be it their own ward or one who walks into that shelter ....She is more of the grand parent, mom & family to Geet  than her own Darji, or parents could ever be called to be ...

Dadi maa's wrinkled face begins to glow in maternal love the moment she sees her kids smiling & happy ..thats all she wants from life now.


Now that Arjun knows he has fallen for Annie he is making every attempt to stay away from her, he does not  want her to get hurt , something he never thought of when he started this game...but this time Annie having seen his concern & dilemma is in no mood to let him suppress his emotions.


Being from Groom's side they sure want their Maan Sir to enjoy every bit of it..i love the way they get friendly but maintain the limits & don't cross it & Maan trusts & respects their concern for Geet & Khuranas


Now thats a cutieepie  sis-in-law Maan to get in her. All he needs to do is get her a bar of chocolate & she will return him back the 'jhootis' at their wedding..i so wish we get some such moments ....


God bless his soul.....Maan is sure to kill him i wont bother to curse him more now

MAAN & Maan ki GEET

Happy Couple make their way into the crowd ... and surrounded by all too they find moments that is only 'theirs'
Love the way Maan's eyes never move from her....
& neither do  Dadi, Annie or Camera misses seeing/capturing it

'Moti Geet' & 'Akdoo Maan' nice names ...... we need to make a list now ....

Bachelors Party , now i wonder what did Annie show Geet on TV again, as if last time wasn't enough she ends up listening to Annie & forces Maan for the Boys Nite Out

Loved the way Maan says NO to the party , well that was expected & NEEDED its unlike Maan to agree & rejoice about it .....

Besides Geet's safety its his own inhibitions too that guide him to say no loves that

He tries to explain but as always jab HP Express in full speed stopping her ...but
Now his lady knows its not School Boys Pajama Party but a Hot Dancers Party..sure she is going to gatecrash like she did when Pari was around

 Loved Maan's teasing her ..... & also the new ringtone..
ofcourse the 'Gundagardi' of Geet

As for SKJ...all i can say is Maan is more HOTTER than all girls there put together ...
so i fear for the girls .....

now li'l of my fav part here.... since i've no much time right now to write it all u all ......bye

Congrats Nandita for making the HOF, hope you saw my wishes yesterday that I made in Dew's previous post (SKJ), you deserve to be there. Loved it that so of my friends made it.

Great analysis of all the characters. Loved what you said about Pinky all Maan has to do is give her a bar of chocolate and the sweetheart will return the jhootis.
I too loved the way Maan's eyes followed Geet everywhere, but then it always does, but to see it was captured on camera and Daadi & NE noticing & pulling his legs was too cute.
Oh that naughty Maan calling Geet moti, he's such a lovable badmash and Geet calling him aakdu was too cute. Also loved the Gundagardi part, these two are really something.
Loved how both of them are so comfortable with each other even in front of other now, show how far they have journeyed in their love.
Still can't get over the ring tone, Geet sort of staking her claim over Maan and announcing to everyone that he's mine.
I agree our Maan is hotter than all the girls put together and I want to see his naughty side today, though not very happy with him looking into that girls eyes and dancing......

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 9:27pm | IP Logged
Hi good moning to all crazies . Are yo saw the new promo . It's heartbreaking . Please teel something about the promo . Hima what's your prediction about the promo . Is baby's life in danger .

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drdee142 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sptrno

Hi my lovely craziesHeartHug

A big hug to you my dearHug
MAANEET so happpppppppy so v all MAANEETIANS sooooooooo happy-finally Dreamy and Lovely MAANEET experiencing the bliss.....the happiness they deserved and which only belonged to themDay DreamingDancingParty
Big smileDay Dreaming Yeah so happy too

Loved MAANEET-Daadi scene it was so sweet of dadi to say that Maan's smile is only bcuz of Geet awwwwwwwwww so sweeeeeet and how true.........v all know daadi that Maan is the reason for Geet's happiness, peace and  life and Geet the reason for Maan's happiness, peace and life.........woh bane hi hai ek duje ke liyeSmileHeart...........Now that Geet had healed Maan's pain and guilt with her sweet words and touch now Maan has got a new life where he wants to live enjoy every moment with his MishtiDay Dreaming..........awwww just like how  MAANEET 's love for each other gets deeper every passing day my love for them gets deeper every passing dayHeart

So who all danced with MAANEET at their sangeet?!DancingDancing

Oh Spee I so wanted to but my husband was sitting next to me so I had sit down like an innocent girl and watch all the excitement without getting excited, but I'll watch the repeat again this afternoon all aloneLOL
MAANEET ke Mahi ve-

MAANEET looking so dreamyyyyyyyyy yaar.....Maan Prince Charming in White and Geet cute Princess in red hai mein marjaawanDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

I loved how both were dancing dil kholke without any inhibitions Maan's naughtiness along with Geet's sharmana........MAANEET'S hug soooo dreamyyyyyy.........was it just my dream or was it actually shown in the episode girls?!...........i'm so lost in MAANEET paradiseDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Yeah yesterday me too was lost in Maaneet world that's why I did stay long on GF was feeling so warm and fuzzy and so wanted to go to sleep feeling good so I could get good dreamsLOLLOLWink
MAANEET were breathtaking!!!........the song sequence was out of this world...........especially when they were alone lost in each other's arms unhe na kudh na kisi aur ka hosh the way they always want to be with each other and how they just keep looking at each other even if others take them away for sometimeDay DreamingHeart

Also loved how Dadi and Anni hugged Geet and made her feel that she has a family awwwwwwwwww how sweet of dadi CrySmileand Maan's smile seeing such a cute and touchy scene.....then Maan also comes and hugs his MishtiSmileDay Dreaming

Next day morning loved how three ladies were busy enjoying all the pics and Maan pretending to read newspaper but all the time his attention was at teen deviyonLOL......

Geet then realizes inhe itna akad hai so she only goes and sits next to him soooooooo sweet of her to go and show pics to Maan.........But Maan was in taang khichayi mood so he said tum moti ho gayi ho Geet's expressions were pricelessROFL.........then the way she twists his neckLOL bechara ko kuch hogaya toh Geet rani tumhara kya hoga hum sab crazies ka kya hoga?!LOLWink............sambalkar toh so sure bhichare shaadhi ke baad gaya kaam seROFLROFL........Geet saying aap akadu hai LOLbut Geet u know right woh sirf akadu dikhata hai but he has a golden heart which now belongs to u and even usWinkLOLEmbarrassed

Oh yeah definitely belongs to us.......hum crazies or Maneetians ka uspe toh haq bilkul banta hainWinkEmbarrassed
Then Romeo, Adi Sir and Pandeji coming to ask Maan's permission for bachelor's party........loved how Romeo was so scared to ask Maan and also how Pandeji calls Bachelor's party as shaadi ka rasam LOL.....cud not stop laugh hearing Pandeji's wordsLOL.....he made BP's as traditional rasam like sangeet, mehandi and allLOLROFL...........
Oh yeah forgot about that, the brahmachari thought BP was another one of the shaadi rasams, pata nahin what he'll do looking at the hot girls thereLOL

Maan ufffff he said no to Bachelor's party yaar.......i the guess the first guy on this planet to have said no to Bachelor's party to which Geet comes and forces Maan to go...............i guess Geet is the first girl on this planet to force her would-be to go to Bachelor's dono ka dimaag pata nahi yaar that's y v all call them uniqueLOLLOLLOLROFLROFL

Geet now trying to send Maan at any cost.......she tells him meine engligh picture mein dekhi hai u know Maan's expressions were like what WinkLOL(in mind he might be thinking yeh kudi toh mujse bhi do kadam aage hai isse muje bachke rehana hoga.......meri izzat koh bachana hogaLOLROFLWink) so she tells him aap kuch kabhi nahi karte......btw does this mean even she finally admitted munda kuch nahi karta?!WinkLOLEmbarrassedROFL...............was she referring to wat v were discussing today evening?WinkLOL......................Anni also adding mirch masala aapko himmat nahi dar gaye and then Dadi also saying aap ko darr hai ki kahi app peeke chad gaye toh aapka asliyat sabke saamne na aa jaaye?LOL..............btw when dadi said Maan's asliyat did she mean that all this naughtiness and his neeyat is kharab when drunk?WinkEmbarrassed.................this means woh jitna shareef dikhta hai utna hai nahi even dadi know that?LOL........awesome dadi yaarLOL................Maan saying uksao mat to Geet and others................but finally they all made him say Maan ko uksaya matlab kal hum sab ko woh milega jo hum chahte hai?!WinkLOLEmbarrassed....................

Tumhare moonh mein ghee shakhar....hope so SpeeWinkEmbarrassed
Geet Maan hamesha tumare saat rehana chahta hai aur tum use bej rahi ho yaar aise mat karo agar hum crazies tumhari jagah hote toh hum aisa kabhi nahi karte.............tumbhi na Geet tumhe hum sab se classes lene ki zaroorat haiLOLWink
Oh for sure we'll have a special consultation with Geet before the shaadi, Spee you can start the first lesson (Tum usse kya sikhaongi??LOLLOL)

Also girls loved Maan's ringtone set by Geet 'I love u Maan'Day DreamingHeart........the way Maan was looking at Geet while listening to this ringtone and then coming towards Geet he killed us right?!Wink........and then how he was teasing Geet how gore gore hot hot girls wud be thereLOL..............u know Geet's innocent and happy face earlier thinking it will be only boy's party turned red in anger and jealousyLOL.............Geet then tells Maan then i will call u every 5 mins to which Maan says pata nahi mein utanguya ya nahi Geet ka chehra dekhane layak thatLOL..................bechara Maan Geet ki chehre se itna darr gaya so said meri itni mizhal madam................he now called Geet MADAMROFL....................and also in outhouse he said muje tumhari gunda gardi pasand aaa rahi sweet and naughty.............all these signs ki shaadi ke baad Maan Sherni tumhari aisi dhulai karegi tumne sapne mein bhi socha nahi hogaLOL...............i guess Maan se achcha joru ka ghulam saari duniya mein nahi hogaLOLLOLLOLROFLROFLROFL

Maan in black and white shirts was also looking tooooooooo hot and sexyWink
Like I said earlier fantabulously bodyliciousEmbarrassed

Also loved how Maan called Pinky and organized girls' party................outhouse decorated in sweeeeet of Maan...............Geet ki khushi aur safety ke liye munda kya kya nahi kar raha hai................u know i just cud not believe he is the same Maan Singh Khurana dusht dhanav i mean him and pink colour girls?..................pehle hi Maan Geet ke liye bodyguard tailor watchman postman cook driver aur ab even room decorator.........multi purporse guyLOL....................Maan should thank Geet bcuz he is getting to know his hidden talents bcuz of herROFLLOL

Also loved how Maan kept on saying bye so many times to Geet....munda kudi se ek pal ke liye bhi door nahi reha sweet and naughty mundaWinkDay Dreaming
Maan seeing Brij' back and doubting him-positive sign so now MSK will try to find out who this new guys is.....
Yeah for sure

U know when Brij was saying mein kuch nahi kar paa raha hu.......i loved his helplessness and how his blood was boiling.......i wanted to tell him that MSK aur hum sab MAANEETIANS ke hote hue tum Geet ko kuch bhi nahi kar paaoge.............iss baar MSK tumhe aisi jagah bejega ki wapas aane ka raasta tumhe kabhi nahi milegaLOL

Marjaani-the positive thing i felt was Arjun says in his life only he has  one relationship-relationship with himself...........does this mean no NT?...........this means even if the whole truth abt NT is not out he might not hurt Geet Maan or Khuranas as he he already feels they r not as bad as NT said

Precap-sizzling hot SKJ MAANEET..............kal hamare tv screens on fireWink

Birthday wishes for Drashti-

Drashti cute bubbly sweet girl Smile..........a perfect combination of superb acting, dancing, comic element and sooooo gorgeous..........u were rocking as Muskaan and now as Geet u have just stolen our heartsHeart.................u r out of this world..... have no words to praise u angel who was born on 10th r the best!!!

 Drashti Happy Birthday Dear!!!!!HeartPartyHug.........Hope ur life is filled with happiness, joy, love, sweet surprises, health, success and may all ur dreams come trueSmile.............

With lots of love and best wishes,

Spandana (sptrno) 


HOF members-Congratz to all the my lovely MAANEETIANS/GEETIANS for being in HOF.........Hima, Nandita, Aash, Kirti, Drdee, Sanjh  and everyone........hope i haven't missed anyonePartyClapHug

Me not in HOF darling but thanks anyway dearSmile

Hi you replies in purple dear

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Originally posted by aarthirajendran

OK me still in Maaneet land just came here to give ma pep abt the show... me dead...

Me too was totally in Maaneet land yesterday

show starting sweet ends sweet....

Maaneet holding hands and again finally maan with smile in his face wow tat ws so cute...
That was the best part for me seeing Maan's smile back

dadi praising Geet for thesmilw on Maan's face telling that she is the reason always been and will always be... me remebring abt the first time ever Maan smiled i think june  epi... tat was bcoz of Geet.

Maan keeps his promise and then dancing for his lady love .... me again dead...

family union and hug was cute and Maan admiring them from kodak moment...
Yeah it wasSmile

New day  starts with pulling the leg of Mr. MAAN SINGH KHURANA by the lovely ladies of his life...tat was cute... and

office staffs announces bachlors party as a wedding ritual ( i think tats wat theysaid wen they came ...sorry dnt hear properly stupid ph...)

Geet wants the party to happen and maan not willing to leave Geet alone...again leg pulling ...annie uses the magic words 'U R SCARED rite' and tats enof for our sher to get into his MSK mood... geet telling she has seen the party in english movie ....

Annie arjun scene sorry i skipped ....

Maan missing Brij again but dbting with brij's trade mark symbol....
waiting for the day of face off....

OMG OMG OMG Maan's new ringtone love u CV'S we never ever expected this....HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart
That was a total surprise for me too....

Maan teasing sesion of Geet u knw tat there will be hot hot girls...Geet getting into wify mode...tat was soooo cooolll and Maan decorated a room for Geet tat too pink in color and with a teddy ....
I missed the teddy....will check it when I see the repeat this afternoon

love it waitng for tmrws SKJ....HOT HOT DANCE BY MAAN and Geet joining him...


Maan telling Geet is being fat and Geet dnt give up easily tells him to show his neck for stiffness...
Geet calling Maan names I'm used to but that badmash Maan calling Geet moti....he really a lovable crook

Maan brij face off on the way...
Can't wait for that

maan calling pinky and asking all the girls also to come for the bachlors party... so tat geet wud also come....Maan can;t even stay a second from ti sooo much
Sorry Aarthi not letting me like your post too so HeartHeartHeartHeart, I think I exhausted my quota of likes for everyone......not letting me do so for most posts, my replies in purple dearSmile

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ixxu IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by sumona_mona28

Hi good moning to all crazies . Are yo saw the new promo . It's heartbreaking . Please teel something about the promo . Hima what's your prediction about the promo . Is baby's life in danger .

dont think anything will happen to baby or Geet.. thats just CV's trying to scare us... especially in light of the promise that Maan made to Geet (at her insistence) to save baby if the ever had to choose betweem Geet and baby...

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Originally posted by dewdropred

OMG .... I thought maan saw brij & yelled too loud ... & my mom who was sitting next to me got scared yaar ... seriously girls me no kidding with u all...LOLLOLLOL

she asked me what happened are you ok .... I said I m fine ... maan saw brij ...
my mom are u crazy or whatAngryAngryAngryAngry ... for that u were shrieking .... I got scared bcoz of your shout ....LOLLOLLOL
I forgot to comment on this......ROFL ROFLROFLROFLROFL naughty girl mom ko darathi hain, yeh Maan bhi na humse kya kya karata hainLOLWink

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Originally posted by maneet1985

hey my dear fellow crazies!!!!!
after such a blasting epsiode where are u guys dear!!!
wht a episode.. still maan keep ur eyes open!!7
we love that u have ur eyes everytime for ur queen geet!!! but there is some one roaming aroungd ur house check that cameras u have placed atleast once guys!!!!
me in red Wink
Too lost in Maaneet land yesterday.......Wink
Originally posted by neeraj268

simply loved ," tumhari gundagardi mujhe pasand aa rahi hai".Wink..... the way maan looked at geet i thought something is going to happen but nahi , entered our 3 musketeers n maan's desire remained a desire only.

yes.... aaj kal maan bahut intimidate ho rahe he.. geet se,.,didnt u see she was looking at him and he was suddenly lost for words...ROFL
geet has become.. a wife Mrs Maan Singh Khurana!!!!
Oh so true.....she is already the wifey
maan looked more like GC today while dancingDancing. i hv always wondered how GC so nicely portrays maan's character, being so different from maan in real life. today was different, he looked very close to GC. still loved the dance. especially the part wid geet Day Dreaming
Maan was awesome in dance.. Geet looked really like a doll!!!! so beautiful.. i loved the way dadi and annie cam towards geet singing as though they are as her family!! so cute and beautifully taken!!!! loved itTongueDay Dreaming
Yeah that was really a touching momentSmile
whatz wid brijjy yaarAngry.... moving like hulk in whole house n no one sees him..Confused..........thats strange.............he looks a little mad.Ouch...........he himself wanted geet to be married to maan at one now what is his problem..........aaram se baith na yaarLOLLOLLOL
brij is roaming around here and there before he was standing in the ifrst floor watching all these.. why doesnt someone see him!!!!
u are right he is like a hulkROFL( still no ones sees him)
what the hell is he doin!!!
maan will take his queen with hima nd or make her come to him as he usually does!!! maan looking hot goinna for BCConfused
Don't worry Maan has noticed him, he'll will definitely connect the dots soon especially as he has seen Brij's mannerisms, our munda Maan will surely get the picture and then Brij tumhari khair nahinAngry
me also happy to see him happy...tum ko khush dekh kar mein bahut khush hua...........Big smile
 hey me in red!!!
Hi dear, my replies in purple Smile

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Originally posted by sumona_mona28

Me still on Maaneet's land . Today my internet line is very slow . Its hard to work . Todays episode was awesome .

First I am happy because Maan is happy and he is smiling .I loved
Mahi vi dance Full dance esquence was mindblowing . Maan ka nazar Geet se hath nahi . Abhi tak main episode me khoya hua hu . Next morning Daadi Anne and Geet  mil ke Maan ka tang kichna so sweet . Then the bachelor party  Phir se Geet Maan ko  khod se dur veja bachelor party  ke liye .But Maan Geet ko ekela nahi chora . Maan arrange a girls party for Geet .  Geet ka chehara dekhne ka layek tha jab Maan ne bola party pe gori gori ladkiya hogi .  I lovedMaan's expresion . Maan ne mujhe kya bana dia . Loved the ring tone . Now the plan about brij . Brij is too good . Brij ka khooni chehara oh11 my God I am scared . Maan Brij ko peche se dekha . Hope tomorrow will  Maan Brij , face off  .I can't understand nderstand Anne , Arjn. What happened with them .Adi , romeo , Pandeji are fabulas . Today I like Romeo more . Last  skj . Don't mind specially I don't like Maan itne karib se kissi ar ladki ke sath dance kare . I know sayanthani and Gc are both good dancer but i don't like Maan with another girl . Lets see . waiting for tomorrow .
Can't like your post too my dear it, doesn't let me so HeartHeartHeartHeart I agree loved the episode and more so because of Maan's smile. Oh Sumona I feel the same way my dear, just don't like the idea of Maan dancing so closely with another girl, especially uske aakhon mein dekhke......didn't like it at all......but still can't wait to see the hot hot Maan's dance and how he manao's GeetWink

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