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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 97)

anushkajain Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
its sadCry kartik is dead
ani was soo cute n adorable
loved it
continue soon

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Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 10:51pm | IP Logged
it was an emotional part dii
loved ani antics was missing him
atlast padma 4give him n kartik is set free

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Gloriosaa Senior Member

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 8:41am | IP Logged
awsome part..its so cute, little ani now start to care his mother like his dad n brother.. so adorable that all malik male doted on ridhhima.. cont. soon..........

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 7:28am | IP Logged

Part 178

S: He's no more.


Riddhima looked up shocked and started shaking Kartik, "appa, appa" and then fell over him and started crying. Armaan let her cry for a few minutes. Then he put his arm around her and said "appa wouldn't have liked you to cry like this. You saw how he was suffering since the last few days. And yesterday you yourself phoned maa and asked her to forgive him, so that he would be relieved. You should be happy you could at least spend the last few days with him."


Then he slowly picked her up and took her in his arms, consoling her and trying to quieten her.


S: Armaan, we should call the hospital staff to come and check.


Armaan nodded his head and leaned forward to ring the bell. A nurse came and when they told her what had happened, she went and called the head sister. The old sister came and checked and declared what they already knew, he was no more. Then looking at Shashank and Padma said  "perhaps his life was clinging on just to see you both. He had been dragging since the last two days."


Then turning to Riddhima she consoled her saying "someday or the other everyone has to go. But he was so lucky. He had his family taking care of him till the very end. How many have this good fortune these days, with the children all living abroad? So many of them arrive too late and then cry "if only we have come early and fed them at least a spoon of water before they died." That way you are so lucky. The last few meals that he had, were cooked and fed by you. Now you pray for his soul to rest in peace." She went saying she had to inform Dr. Balu and complete the other paper work.


Armaan called Kannan to tell them the bad news. When he asked "where are you uncle?" he said they were in the bus and would be reaching the hospital soon. He also said that they had hurriedly finished the Pongal pooja, early in the morning and were coming over with the Prasad. Armaan thought it would be better to give the news after they reached the ward.


The hospital people got all the paper work done. By then Dr. Balu also arrived to complete the formalities. While Armaan and Shashank went to meet him, Kannan, paati and Prema arrived. They were very sad at the turn of events. Seeing Riddhima sobbing bitterly in Padma's arms, paati came forward and put her arms on her shoulder. Riddhima turned to hug her and a fresh bout of tears followed. Then turning towards Padma she asked "is this your mother?" Prema, who came and sat next to them, interpreted despite crying. Kannan sat next to his brother's body shedding tears.



Riddhima nodded. Paati put her hand on Padma's saying "we were unlucky not to have you as our daughter-in-law. Anyway no use crying over spilt milk. Whatever is written in our fate, cannot be changed. At least he was relieved of the torture he was going through since two days." Padma felt guilty hearing that. She wished good sense had prevailed on her earlier and she had followed her daughter's footsteps, because after forgiving him she felt a load off her chest.


Prema: We had made pongal and brought for Peripa, as he likes it very much. We thought we'd make him taste at least a bit of it, but……...


She broke down. Soon Shashank and Armaan returned having settled everything. They had spoken to Dr. Balu about Kartik's wish to donate his organs. Only his eyes would be of use, he had said. Accordingly he asked the nurse to keep putting some drops into the eyes to prevent any infection. The head was kept raised and the netralaya people had been informed. They had promised that their team would reach the hospital in 15 minutes.


Soon the body was shifted to the OT. Now only the cremation arrangements had to be made. When they spoke to Kannan about it, he expressed his desire to have the funeral in their hometown. So an ambulance was arranged for.


Luckily for Armaan, from Kochi Shafi had a passenger to Coimbatore. On reaching there he had called Armaan to ask him if he was needed. Armaan immediately asked him to come to the hospital.


The body was put into the ambulance and Armaan travelled in it. While all the ladies, along with Dr. Shashank and Kannan went in Shafi's van. They had to first go to the hotel and pick akka and the kids as they would directly proceed to Munnar after the funeral.


The priest was already waiting when they reached their house. Valli had informed him and made the arrangements there. When the priest asked who would light the funeral pyre, Kannan called Armaan aside and said "I would willingly do the ceremonies for my brother, but I think it would give his soul more peace if you did it." Armaan willingly accepted to do the last rites of his father-in-law.


According to astrology, a person can perform the last rites for someone, only at the designated time in his life. Armaan felt what he had missed doing for his parents could be compensated now. Some rituals were done in the house and whatever ritual was to be done by a daughter was done by both Riddhima and Prema and those to be done by grandchildren was done by Akshat and Ani. All the people who had come, were saying what a lucky man Kartik was. Though all his life he had been lonely, he left the world with his children and grandchildren doing the needful, to send him straight to heaven.


As is customary among tamilians, only the men went to the grave yard. When the priest asked Armaan to light the pyre he couldn't help the rush of emotions and tears poured down his eyes. He was sorry that Kartik didn't live longer to enjoy their love and pampering.


After the men returned home, all the family members had a bath. Some neighbours had brought some hot coffee and idlis, as the whole family hadn't had any lunch and it was already evening. Thankfully akka and both the kids had had their lunch when they got the news, as they were the last to be informed. Ani didn't like to see everyone around crying especially his mama, so he was a bit cranky. But now seeing a big vessel of idlis placed in the middle of the room, he came running towards it, before anyone realized and picked one in each hand. That brought a smile to everyone's face even in the sad atmosphere.


Akka explained that he was too fond of idli and couldn't resist if he saw them. Paati was mighty pleased with her great grandson's taste being similar to his grandfather's as Kartik was also very fond of idlis, according to her. "Yes, that's absolutely correct, peripa would willingly eat idli at any time of the day." With that her eyes welled up with tears. With each one coaxing the other, all of them partook of the idli, sambhar and chutney.


When Armaan and Riddhima expressed their desire to make a move to Munnar, paati stopped them saying the ashes had to be immersed in water the next day. Even though they didn't do any other ceremony in keeping with Kartik's wishes, that had to be done. They couldn't refuse and had to agree to stay there overnight.


But Padma wasn't comfortable to stay there. So Shafi took the Guptas to the town to book them into a hotel there. As Ani was sleepy, Prema suggested that they go upstairs to Peripa's quarters, as there was too much noise downstairs. Seeing Prema pick the keys and move towards the staircase, Kannan said to Armaan that he wanted to discuss something important with him and suggested that they too go upstairs. So the whole Munnar gang went upstairs.


The other relatives were just waiting for them to move. They all pounced on Valli and her mother asking them who these north Indians were and why that person had lit the pyre. They didn't hide the fact that Riddhima was Kartik's daughter but said that Shashank and Padma were her adopted parents as they didn't want to embarrass Padma. There was a volley of questions of how, when and where Kartik found them etc.


In the meantime upstairs, akka put Ani to sleep in his cot and lay beside him on the floor, while Akshat cuddled in his mama's lap. Prema introduced herself to him saying she was his chitti (maasi). When he looked towards his mama for confirmation, she nodded her head. Prema started asking Akshat about his school etc. and he very eagerly told her a lot of things including the football match that his school had recently won. They both were happily chitchatting as if they'd known each other for long.


In the other end of the room, the men were talking. Suddenly Kannan called out to Riddhima. When she went over he said "put some sense into your husband's head. He refuses to accept the cheque for the hospital bill he cleared. It's definitely not a small amount and anna would never accept any money from anybody."


R: we are not anybody. We are his children. How can we accept money for what we did for our father?


Then Kannan removed a document from an envelope saying "before going to MSHC, anna made a will. He has left all his property to Prema. But in that he has clearly stated that all the hospital bills, funeral expenses etc. should be cleared from his money and the remaining to be given to Prema."


A: that's ok. At that time he didn't know he had a daughter or that he was going to meet her. So he wrote that. I'm sure had he been alive, he wouldn't have any objection to us paying the bill.


K: Had he been alive, I'm sure he'd have even changed the will too, leaving, if not everything, a major share to his own daughter. Do you have any legal proof that he was your father? Maybe we can still try and alter the will.


R: Definitely not. That's very kind of you uncle, but I don't want his property. That property belongs to Prema only. He acknowledged me as his daughter. That's more than enough for us. I only want one photo of his.


K: I can give you only the group one taken at Prema's wedding. You can look through his cupboard and take whatever you want. None of us have ever gone through his things.


He himself took them to the cupboard and threw it open. There were plenty of clothes - Pants, shirts, suits, ties and even a number of bottles of perfumes and after shave lotions.


K: he was very fond of dressing. These are all things which he brought from abroad.


They found an old worn out photo album. It had black and white pictures of his schooldays, college days etc.and another one with some coloured ones taken at some parties, which were probably taken abroad. As she turned the pages, Riddhima felt one flap had two photographs. When she removed the top one she saw below it a picture of a young girl in nurse's uniform. On examining it closely Riddhima shrieked "Armaan have a look" when the others looked questioningly at her she said "it's a picture of maa." And then couldn't control her tears.


Armaan who had come close to have a look, nodded and put his arms around her shoulder. Kannan took the album from her and after flipping through it said, "he had so many lady friends but of their photos are here. She must have been really special to him.


It was Monday evening when they returned to Munnar. That morning the male members of the family had gone to the graveyard, collected the bones and taken it to be immersed in the Bhavani river. They left in the afternoon after lunch amidst a lot of crying and hugging. Paati made AR promise that they would visit the family from time t time and keep in touch. They also promised to come to Munnar when possible. Even Prema and her husband invited them to their house in Kochi.


Shashank and Padma wanted to leave the following day itself to Mumbai as their trip was already delayed. But Armaan told them to wait for a few days. Firstly because he couldn't get tickets for them by a direct flight for the next day. Secondly, because the Coimbatore trip must have been tiring and hectic for them. They would again have to travel by road upto Kochi. Finally they were booked on Thursday's flight.


The next morning Armaan and Riddhima had to report back to MSHC. There was quite a chaos with the little one throwing tantrums. Of late even akka wasn't able to control or fool him. On the other side Riddhima could see that Akshat was also missing her help in getting him ready for school. As the little one got more and more demanding, she wanted to ensure she didn't neglect her understanding first born. So with the little one in her arms, she got Akshat ready for school and even fed both of them breakfast simultaneously. After that she had very little time to get herself ready and Ani just wouldn't let go of her. Armaan was the only one who could manipulate him. He took him on a small drive and promised a longer one in the afternoon if he remained a good boy with athai.


Padma seemed very quiet after returning from Coimbatore. Riddhima could understand that it would have kindled a lot of memories of the past. She wanted to get her to talk about it. So that evening, after returning from work, she asked Armaan  to take the kids and papa for a drive, while she took her mother to the terrace to have a chat with her.



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Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 7:47am | IP Logged
m first to comment after ages .. PartyDancing

Diii Hug

It was such a senti part.. but still what endeared was the fact Armaan did all that wat a son would do in real sense. He is really a gem of a person. and everytime i know him more, m just left wondering if such people actually exist ..he's like an epitome of perfection.. The imperfections of his, if at all, are not so evident as they easily hide beneath his perfection.

M sure now since they are back, their kids will crave for their attention like anything as its been so long they have been busy with kartik's case. I love Ani's love for idli coz i love them too .. heheh.. !!

Cnt soon. Thanks for d pm .


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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 8:27am | IP Logged
hey diiii
awesome part
liked it
thnx for the pm

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miss93 Goldie

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged


awesome part:))
I love the way Riddhima handle her both sons even when she is in pain bacause her father's death.
tnx for the pm
taka care
love miss93

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spicyheart IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 April 2011 at 8:57am | IP Logged
great part
continue soon
i dunno wat else to say
m totally speechles

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