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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 94)

shinseen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 April 2011 at 1:52pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by zephyrr

I am extremely sorry for being absent on this thread for so long.. I just read all the parts that i had missed and i feel sad.. :( seeing someone die is not a nice feeling and it reminds me of someone dear to me that I lost a year ago.. but I am glad that Riddhima forgives her father inspite of the injustice he did to her and her mom.. Armaan's past was tackled for the first time.. and it was really sad.. It was nice to see Armaan come back to his human form from the elevated perfect status that we had imposed upon him.. Karthik's condition just makes you realize that after all, all of us are human beings and our bodies are going to give up some day.. but i am sure only Padma's forgiveness will ease him into a calm end.. it will also ensure Padma and the rest of them peace of mind.. I hope to see a happy Mallik family with all the past issues resolved soon.. i dont like the looming tension much.. :(
You write awesome and i dont need to tell you that.. thanks for all the PMs.. and again, i am sorry for my long absence.. life just took over.. :)
update read kerne ke bad kuch deer mein suchti rayhi aur pher yeh commend parha tu easa laga jesy koie mind reader hai..............
sach the same feelings
no daude you are really really a very berilliant writter
thanks for all
dua mein yaad rakhein

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 4:24am | IP Logged
Hi friends,
i'm soooooooooo happpppy to see such a massive response to a part which I felt was too much rona dhona for everyone's liking. but me being me didn't want to cut down on the wisdom parts either. so it was very encouraging when you all expressed you liking for it so effusively. actually i wanted to reply to each one of you individually, but right now I'm too busy with the paper corrections. Professional hazard you see.LOLLOLLOLLOL For the same reason my next update may also come a little late. but i'm sure you all will forgive me for it as you always do. that's the best thing about you guys. once again thank you verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry much for your lovely comments. HugHug love shardha

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 7:54am | IP Logged
Hey surprised???LOLLOLLOL
Well I managed to write a part.

Part 177

For a few minutes there was silence. Even Armaan didn't expect Riddhima to ask her mother that. Then Riddhima went on to explain Kartik's condition to her mother. How he was dragging each breath, but not giving up. Armaan knew it was not for him to interfere. It was a matter between mother and daughter. After what seemed like an eternity Padma said "theek hai hum aate hain." A smiled appeared on Riddhima's face through her tears. "Thanks maa" was the only thing she could utter.


Hugging her with one arm and letting her rest her head on his shoulder, he took the phone from her. At the other end also the phone had switched hands and the scene was similar one. But while Riddhima was smiling, Padma was weeping on Shashank's shoulder. Armaan spoke to papa and told him to get ready for the trip and assured him that he would get in touch with Shafi and arrange for him to pick them up.


Looking up at him she asked "Armaan, maine theek kiya na?" He smiled at her saying, "haan bilkul theek kiya." As they walked back to the ward, he called Shafi. Unfortunately he was in Kochi. But he promised to send someone reliable to pick them from Munnar and bring them to Coimbatore.


Prema was still sitting holding on to her uncle's hand. Her mother was consoling her. "In this condition it's not good for you to cry so much." Hearing that Riddhima went up to her and said "congratulations." They hadn't been formally introduced but this wasn't the place or time for it. The girl hugged her and said "akka, thankyou for forgiving peripa. Appa told me everything. You and athaan (jijajee) have done so much for him. You've fulfilled your whole life's duty in these few days and you are really lucky to have such an understanding husband" she said turning to look at her husband who was talking to Armaan.


R: I'm sure in a few years from now he'll understand you better. You need two hands to clap. You also need to be understanding. Did you tell appa the good news?


Then holding her appa's hand she asked "did you hear that appa? You are going to have another grandchild soon."


Seeing the ward so crowded and no change whatsoever in Kartik's condition, all of them felt there was no point in everyone waiting. Kannan asked Paandi to take athai, Prema, her husband and Valli home, while he waited. He also asked the Malliks to go and take some rest and return after dinner. After that he would leave. At first Riddhima refused to budge, but she couldn't refuse when paati insisted.


Prema and Riddhima came out of the ward talking about Kartik's condition. Prema asked Riddhima also to come home with them, but Riddhima told her that her parents would be arriving that night so she would have to be back then. So it would be better she goes to the hotel. Valli hadn't spoken a word to any of them till then. She said something to her daughter who interpreted it to Riddhima.


Prema: My mother says you are also the daughter of the house. You are welcome to come anytime you feel like. She can't converse with you all because of the language barrier.


Riddhima hugged paati, Prema and then Valli and said "I'll surely come aunty."


As soon as they returned to the hotel Armaan ordered for some dosas and coffee for all of them. The little one was thrilled to be with his mama after spending so many days away from her. He was clinging on to her so tightly as if he was afraid someone would prise him away from her. When the snacks arrived akka said she didn't want anything except coffee and came to take him, so that Riddhima could eat in peace. But even before she called him he shook his head at her and hid his face in his mama's shoulder.


Riddhima could understand how much the baby had missed her. She also hugged him close and started feeding him some dosa. As she was feeling very emotional, tears were running down her cheeks. Ani wiped them with his tiny hands and shaking his head 'nai, nai." At that Riddhima literally burst out crying and was also smiling at the same time. So he started giving her his pa. Riddhima crushed him to herself, seeing the demonstration of his love for her.


He wriggled out of her hold and tried to pick up the dosa. Thinking that he was hungry, Riddhima pulled his hand away and picked a morsel to feed him. When she took her hand near his mouth, he pushed her hand towards her own mouth saying "mama mum mum". Riddhima couldn't believe it. She smothered him with kisses and then put the morsel in her own mouth. The little one started clapping, as if he had achieved a great feat.


Armaan was watching the duo with a smile on his face. His chotu was also growing up and keeping up the Mallik tradition of doting on the only female in their family. As she fed the next morsel to her chotu, she looked at Armaan with a wide smile saying "cho chweet na?" When he smiled and nodded, she beckoned him with her eyes to come close. He did her bidding, and she started feeding three hungry mouths in turn. They didn't notice that akka had quietly left to the other room with her coffee.


Armaan was glad that Ani had revived his mama's depressed mood. The hot cup of coffee was rejuvenating. Taking the oppurtunity the little one also refused to drink the milk ordered for him and asked for the coffee. Akka came to take Ani so that the couple could rest for a while. But he was not ready to go with her. If he was seer his athai was sava seer. She mixed a little coffee in the milk and fooled him that it was coffee and offered it as a bribe. At once he jumped into her arms.


Riddhima seemed to be at peace with herself having asked Padma over. Shashank had called to say that Shafi had sent a taxi for them and they were leaving from Munnar.They called Kannan and were informed that there was no change in Kartik's condition. They just lay down to rest their backs but soon sleep caught up with their tired bodies.


When Armaan opened his eyes, the room was in total darkness. At first he was a little disoriented and then seeing the time on his cell he was surprised to see that it was half past eight. After freshening up, he quietly went outside, so as to not wake her up and called to find where the Guptas were. They were held up in the heavy weekend traffic, especially because it was Pongal (sankrant) tomorrow. The driver told them that he would take at least another three hours to reach Coimbatore.


He went to check on akka and found that they were awake and that akka had just given the little one a bath. She hadn't let him sleep much as otherwise he wouldn't sleep in the night. He volunteered to dress him up and then took him to wake his mama, as they had to relieve Kannan. The minute Armaan put him on the bed, he climbed on to his mama and pulled her eyelids to make her open her eyes. When Armaan stopped him from doing so, he screamt so loudly, that Riddhima woke up.


He gave her a big smile and kissed her. She also started cuddling him. Then seeing the time she asked "woh log ab tak nahi aaye?" when Armaan told her that they were held up, she said "then let's not wait for them. Let's go."


A: yes you get ready I'll see what akka needs to eat and then we'll leave.


The little fellow understood that his parents were going somewhere. So pointing to his nice clothes he said "ani yeddy. Ani bye bye." Riddhima widened her eyes at his smart grasping and said "don't tell me he's started understanding English also."


A: he's a shrewd fellow. He must have picked the word ready and guessed.


Riddhima kissed him soundly and handed him to his dad. Taking him from her Armaan said,"haan chalo bye bye chalte hain," and then to Riddhima "I'll just go and see if akka needs any khana." "Ani idi" came the spontaneous rejoinder. Both of them burst laughing. "tumse kisne poocha?" asked Armaan while his mama said "saara din sirf  idli chahiye. Roti sabzi nahi khayega?" he shook his head from side to side saying "ani idi" Riddhima once again hugged him and kissing him said "jao idli khalo aur athai ke saath good boy rehna. Ok?" he nodded saying "ani goboy". Riddhima playfully spanked him on his butt saying "haan pata hai bahut good boy hai."


A: What about you? Do you want anything?


When she shook her head and headed towards the washroom, he left with the little one, closing the door behind him. Asking akka's preference Armaan ordered food from the room service. Riddhima joined them in a few minutes and once the food had arrived, they both quietly slipped away before the little one noticed. They noticed people burning bonfire at places, even right in front of the hospital. They were burning tyres, papers, plastic all rubbish and thrash. On enquiry with a ward boy, they were told that the day before Pongal was called 'bhogi' and it was customary to burn old things on that day.


As soon the Malliks reached the ward, Kannan prepared to leave. There was no change in Kartik's condition. Dr. Balu had also visited him, but unable to say what was keeping him alive.


Riddhima sat holding her appa's hands and felt it quite cold. She beckoned Armaan and asked him to touch and see. He checked the pulse and saw it was quite weak. When he said so to Riddhima, her eyes filled with tears. To hide her nervousness she sat talking irrelevant things to her appa. Armaan sat next to her his arms around her shoulder. When she stopped talking, he put his hand on appa's arm and said "appa, don't worry about your daughter. I'll take good care of her. I'll make sure all her demands are met, all her dreams fulfilled."


It was almost twelve when Shashank called to say that they were in Coimbatore. The hospital doors would be open only at 6 in the morning. So Armaan asked them to go to the hotel and stay the night in their room. Akshat who was already asleep could be left with akka. He asked them to come to the hospital in the morning, after breakfast.


He then forcefully made Riddhima catch with some sleep. The nurse would come from time to time to inject some fluid. As Armaan sat looking at Kartik he thought, had Riddhima not come into his life, he would have also ended up like his father-in-law, with no one to care for him.


It was half past eight, Riddhima and Armaan had freshened up and Armaan had literally thrust some sandwich pieces into her mouth along with some coffee, when the Guptas entered. Riddhima first went and hugged her mother and then her father. Then Armaan touched their feet and took their blessings. She took her mother by her arm and led her to her appa. She made her sit on the chair beside the bed and she herself sat on the bed.


Holding her appa's hand she said "appa see who's here? My mother has come. She's forgiven you. Did you hear what I said?" then turning to her maa she said, "maa aap hi batao na." Padma turned and looked at Shashank he came and stood behind her with his hand on her shoulder. Leaning over he tapped Kartik on his shoulder and said "Kartik this is Shashank. Padma wants to tell you something."


P: seeing you after such a long time and at the most unexpected place, broughtback many unpleasant memories of the past. Hence I kept away from you. But our wonderful daughter, who has forgiven you so whole heartedly inspired me also to do so. I forgive you Kartik. I don't have any grudge whatsoever against you.


Riddhima thought she felt a sort of vibration go through her appa's hand. Or was it her imagination? Padma meanwhile continued. "It was my fate. But I've forgotten all that now, I'm happy now with Shashank at my side. Our children and grand children bring us immense joy. So I don't hold anything against you. On the contrary I have to thank you for giving me such a wonderful daughter." She leaned hugging Riddhima "who is an epitome of love." Once again Riddhima felt a shiver.


Riddhima leaned forward and touching her fahter's cheek affectionately asked "appa did you hear what maa said? She's forgiven you. Aren't you happy?" Kartik opened his eyes a wee bit, and seeing his lips move Riddhima leaned forward to try and hear what he was trying to say. He turned his head towards her with a jerk and put his cheek against hers. She felt his cheeks cold against hers.


It was only after a minute everyone noticed that his breathing had stopped. Shashank at once stepped forward to check the pulse. There was none.

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spicyheart IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 8:18am | IP Logged
osam osam part
loved ani
he is sooo cute
feel sad tht karthik died now :(
continue soon

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-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 8:21am | IP Logged
Awww that was a reallyy sad part but so beautifully written ,I loved the bit with Ani ,I had been missing him !
Alls well that ends well.Kartik deserved to be free of all the guilt and he died with dignity .
Armaan and Riddhima have been going through a rough phase from a lot of time.Now with the rough days having passed hoping to see the Mallik family together soon,the have all been apart for a while now.

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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 8:29am | IP Logged
loved ani so much
good that padma forgave kartik and he is at peace now

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miss93 Goldie

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 8:55am | IP Logged


First of all I loved the suprise
And about the update it was just awesome and so emotional.
Finally kartik died peacefully and is now free from all the pain. 
Tnx for the pm
Take care
Love miss93

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meow23 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 9:06am | IP Logged
luvly prt.. ani is nautanki baaz.. picked up d "impt" words soonn. cmng bak 2 karthik.. its sad he is no more.. bt luvd d way padma told him..
thnx 4 d pm

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