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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 87)

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Part 175


Kannan and athai offered to stay with Kartik in the afternoon, asking the Malliks to take a break. When Shashank went near Kartik to bid his friend goodbye and asked him to take care, Kartik held on to his hands and broke down with emotion. "Shashank, thanks to you I have a family today. There's no way I can repay you. I can only pray that you are blessed with good health and happiness till the end of your life. Tell Padma she's done the right thing by not forgiving me. I owe her a million thanks for keeping our child alive and it's only because of that, I have my son-in-law and grandsons." '      


Reaching the hotel the Malliks and akka went into their room. Shashank went to rest in his room. He asked Akshat to accompany him, but he wanted to spend some time with his parents. Akka put Ani to sleep and lay down beside his cot, on the floor. Though Armaan and Riddhima asked her to lie down on the cot, she refused to do so. For the night, there would be no problem as Shashank's room would be vacant. Akshat sat between his parents, hugging his mama.


In a very disappointed tone he said, "Main aap logon ka gift yahan nahi laaya. Socha tha ghar jaakar aap ko surprise doonga. Lekin ab to aap Sunday ko hi aaoge." Riddhima pulled him on to her lap and kissing him said "Shona, zindagi mein hamesha hum chahte hai waisa nahi hota. We have to compromise on some things. You made a gift for us, that is the most important thing. Let's just think our anniversary was not today it's going to be on Sunday. Then everything is ok na?"


Armaan came closer to them and embracing them said, "waise hum logon ki shaadi to kahin saal pehle hi ho gayi thi. But no one knew about it. So the date doesn't matter. But tell me, tumne hamare liye kya gift banaya hai?" "Agar bata doonga to surprise kaise rahega?" Akshat asked, replaying Armaan's dialogue back  to him. Armaan hugged him tight and kissed him. Then slowly his lips wandered to Riddhima's shoulder behind Akshat's head. Riddhima gave him a warning glare. But it didn't have the desired effect. He went on to bite her earlobes, and 'pat' came Riddhima's slap on his arm.


Hearing Akshat giggle, Armaan the nautanki baaz tried to win his sympathy by complaining "Dekha aaj hamari anniversary ke din tumhari mama mujhe maar rahi hai."


AK: to aap kyon aisey kar rahe the?


A: main? maine kya kiya?


Ak: Mujhe pata hai, aap mama ko kiss kar rahe the. Mama ne aapko mana kiya hoga, aap nahi mane honge, isliye mama ne aap ko mara hoga. Hai na mama?


Both his parents went red with embarrassment. "Chalo tum thodi der ke liye so jao." Riddhima changed the subject, lying down on the bed and pulling him down beside her. Soon the boy was asleep.


Suddenly Armaan said in a serious tone, "I'm in double mind. Should I stay with you or go with this boy. I sometimes feel we take undue advantage of his understanding nature."


R: I'm telling you from the beginning, I'll manage, you go.


But when he asked "Can you manage both chotu and appa, both?" she got thinking. Then coming to  naughty mood once again he said "Of course, I feel bad to give up our 'Suhaag Raat' for it, but,"  "Armaan, what nonsense are you talking?" she shouted at him.


A: arrey aaj hamari shadi hui hai, to suhaag raat has to follow that na?


 Indicating with her eyes towards akka, sleeping on the floor, and Akshat between them, she said "Tum sach much bahut besharam ''"


A: Hey, hey, hold it. You are calling me shameless and what when you scratch and bite me like a jungle billi? Even last night'.


Before he could say anything further, Riddhima put her palm against his mouth to shut him up. He loved teasing her and making her squirm. But he knew his limits. So he kissed her palm and pulled it to his cheek. When she shyly looked at him, he silently invited her to kiss his lips. She just glared at him and pulling her hand away, lay down on the bed turning to the other side. Feeling his palm on her waist she slapped it hard, thinking sometimes he just took things too far.


She was shocked to hear Akshat scream "Aaahhh" and turned around. Armaan was rolling over with laughter, while the little boy was wiping the back of his hand wondering why his mama had slapped him. "Sorry Shona" Riddhima apologized as she kissed the spot and at the same time gave 4-5 tight slaps on Armaan's arm. Akshat was confused as to why his dad was so happy about his mama slapping him and laughing so much.


Soon the whole party was awake. They ordered for coffee for the adults and milk for the boys, from the room service. They called Shashank also over.


A: papa main bhi aap ke saath chalta hoon. We'll take Ani and akka also with us.


S: nahi Armaan. You stay here only. Akshat will be fine with us.


A: nahi papa'.


Shashank took out his cell phone and showed him a message without Riddhima's knowledge. It was from Dr. Balu regarding Kartik's latest blood reports showing critical levels. Armaan understood why papa had shown him the message. This report meant Kartik didn't have long and he didn't want Riddhima to be alone at that time.


A: theek hai papa agar aap kehte hain to main rukh jaata hoon.


Both Akshat and Riddhima were surprised by his sudden change of plans. "Why did dad have to obey nanu always" Akshat thought to himself. Finally at 4.30 grandfather and grandson left with Shafi. Akshat's clinging before leaving, brought tears to Riddhima's eyes. But she hardened herself telling that her duty as a daughter was as important as that of a mother.


It was was 7 pm by the time they returned from the temple. As usual the poojari had given kumkum which Armaan put on her maang. And flowers which he put on her hair. Athai was surprised that they knew the south Indian customs so well. They told her they were familiar of all that thanks to akka. They were even more surprised to know that akka wasn't Armaan's real sister, the way this couple respected her. Of course seeing her they had wondered how she had South Indian features while Armaan looked a total North Inadian. They were very happy to know that she was in fact a Tamilian and got talking with her in Tamil.


Armaan was doing masti with his chotu while Riddhima was tired waerin the heavy saree through out the day and covering the blouse with the pallu on top of that. When they went to drop akka and Ani at the hotel, she went and changed into a comfortable suit. Then both of them went to see appa, while Kannan and his athai left for home. Paandi told them that Kartik had been asleep the whole afternoon and evening. In between the nurse had come and fed him some soup, but he didn't take much.


When Riddhima sat next to him and held his hand, he opened his eyes a little and smiled at her. Even that seemed a great effort for him. Armaan put a small bit of the prasad they had brought from the temple telling him what it was. Then he applied the udi they had brought from the temple. He just lisped 'thanks' and drifted off to sleep again.


Riddhima looked at Armaan, worried. To distract her he said "why don't you go and make some khichdi for him?" she nodded and left. Armaan took the oppurtunity to explain to Paandi about Kartik's critical condition. He took him to the far end of the room and spoke to him in whisper, so as not to disturb the patient.


Armaan instructed him to keep a watch for symptoms like incontinence, gurgling sounds coming from his or her chest, breathlessness, etc. If he noticed any of these, he should immediately call the nurse and also call him up, whatever time of the night it may be. He then gave his and Riddhima's number and asked him to save it in his cell.


When Riddhima came back with the khichdi and tried to feed kartik, he refused to even open his mouth, shaking his head. The elderly sister who had followed Riddhima to the ward, indicated not to force feed him. Then taking Riddhima by her arm, took her outside and made her sit on a bench there. Armaan had also followed them.


Sister: I didn't want to talk about the patient in his presence.Though he may seem asleep, he may be able to hear. Earlier, when I came to feed him the soup, he had complained of stomach pain, so doctor asked me to put him on morphine. If he's better tomorrow we'll try giving him a paracentesis and remove some of the liquid collected in the abdomen. That may ease the pain, a little.


Riddhima guiltily asked her "maybe we shouldn't have taken him out this afternoon. That may have caused the pain and also tired him out."


Sister: don't blame yourself for it. It is quite common in his condition. On the contrary he was in a very cheerful mood when he came back. There was a satisfied glow on his face. At this stage, keeping him happy and fulfilling his wishes is as important as relieving his physical pain.


Riddhima felt happy hearing that.


Sister: there's no point in your waiting here now. I'll keep constant watch on him, don't worry. Go take rest and come back refreshed in the morning. Spend time with him when he's awake and alert.


Riddhima thanked the sister. "Trust in Him." She advised Riddhima raising her eyes upwards. "Whatever He does, will always be for the best." Riddhima nodded  and moved into her appa's ward. Armaan called Paandi out, to introduce him to sister. "We've kept Paandi here to keep watch on him, I've asked him to report to you if appa has any problem. I know you'll take good care, but if there's any complication please don't hesitate to call us. He has our number and so do the hospital records." Armaan told her.


Saying "Don't worry, conserve all your physical and emotional strength in the next few days." The sister moved away. Was she hinting something? He wondered. Then giving Paandi some money, Armaan asked him to go and have dinner, while he went in to join Riddhima. She was sitting there holding her appa's hand in one hand, and brushing his head with the other, as if he was a small boy. Armaan also sat beside her and said "appa, I also decided to stay back and your younger grandson is also here. I'll bring him to meet you tomorrow. We'll have some fun together."


When Paandi returned having had his dinner, Armaan took leave of him. He hugged him and thanked him for helping them out. Paandi seemed surprised by his behaviour, but didn't say anything. He just nodded indicated with actions that he would take care.


Armaan and Riddhima headed back to their hotel. on the way they got a call from Munnar, to inform they had reached safe and sound. Riddhima spoke to her papa, maa and her Shona. She encouraged him to practice well for the match.

AK: nanu mujhe roz practice ke liye le jaayenge aur practice dekhenge bhi. taaki baad mein mujhe guide kar sakey. Pata hai football unka favourite game hai.

Riddhima thanked her father for making her Shona happy. Then she bid them all goodbye and cut the call. On reaching the hotel, they decided to order something light from the room service. Asking Riddhima to order, Armaan went to shower. Riddhima went to ask akka what she wanted. She saw her chotu already asleep. Even then she picked him up, held him in her arms for a few minutes. Then she kissed him and put him back to his bed. Akka said her stomach was upset, so she wanted only some lassi.


When she came back to the room, she saw Armaan sitting with his laptop open in front of him and distractedly drying his hair with a towel. She picked the phone and ordered for the food. Then she informed him that she was going for her shower and he merely nodded. Seeing him still engrossed in the laptop when she came out, she went near and taking the towel from his hand started drying his hair. He at once closed the page and proceeded to shut down the computer. Then pulling the towel from her hand he said "it's dry enough" and proceeded to hang the towel in the bathroom.


Riddhima wondered what the matter was. Normally, finding no one around, he would have pulled her on his lap and started koochikooing with her. Just then there was a knock on the door. When Armaan called "come in", a waiter wheeled in their food. They had only ordered for two sandwiches and three glasses of lassi. When she picked one glass and said she was going to give it to akka, he said he would take it and also have a look at chotu. He was back in five minutes but Riddhima was still trying to decipher what was bothering him.


He seemed preoccupied with something even as he ate the sandwich. When she asked him what it was, he merely smiled at her saying "kuch nahi". Soon after dinner, he went and lay down on the bed. She also went and lay down beside him. When she kissed him on his cheek wishing him goodnight, he too wished her kissing her on her forehead.


She didn't like her Armaan like this, so she thought of changing his mood. She unbuttoned his shirt and kissed him on his chest. He leaned over and put off the lamp saying "so jao, we've had a long day." She couldn't believe she'd just heard that. Where was the Armaan who wanted to celebrate 'suhaag raat' tonight? She was really scared now.



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Hey dear
first of all yeah I'm first hehe
it was just AWESOME I loved it and have as always no words to describe how good it was
I loved the family scene and Armaan's masti infront of his son
I wonder what happened suddenly
con. soon and tnx for the pm
love miss93

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OMG Armaan seems so sad :( maybe he just knows whats coming and sad because of that !! 
Armaans always been with everyone when they need him but when he is scared he hides himself only to save his loved ones from it .Thats Armaan ! But Riddhima will surely get it out of him !! 
A really touching part 

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awesomeeee part

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lil_desi_goddes IF-Rockerz

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great update!

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blessed4 IF-Dazzler

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It was AWESUM Clap

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spicyheart IF-Dazzler

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osam part
loved it
wats wrong with armaan?
continue soon

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awesome update di
loved it
what happened 2 armaan
hope he opens up soon
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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