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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 83)

ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 9:15am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Shravya1

Originally posted by ssh57

Originally posted by Shravya1

Hi Di!!
Remember me? Sorry, I've been away for so long, busy in professional and personal life.
OMG!  u r in the 4th thread?? Wow, Congrats!! I did get to read a few parts and I can tell it's going really great!!
Your writing is simply amazing!! Please keep writing. Thank you.
Shravya Smile

Hi Shravya,
Welcome back. are you on vacation now? if possible do comment on the parts you read. Love, shardha
Hi Di!!
No, my finals are starting this week. I will be back soon.
Hope u r doing great!


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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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very nice part. Hope Arman can take care of  Ridhima when the end will come for Karthik. I mean it's really sad reading that. Whoever and how ever the person is , seeing him dying in front of you always leaves you in tear. And here the question is about the father whom ridhima was searching for years.

Hope AR will stand with each other like always.

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AR_FAN Senior Member

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
the part was really nice
loved Armaan naughtiness wid Riddhima
Ending was quite interesting i think karthik end is very near
u r right death is very emotional thing cant b written in sentence
though sometimes i feel it get boring bt then think that it is very imp from the story pt of view
great worm shardha
keep it going
continue soon waiting eagerly for the upcoming part

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 6:54am | IP Logged
sorry guys,
my computer has crashed. so it may take a few more days to update. Love, ssh57

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AR_FAN Senior Member

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Posted: 05 April 2011 at 7:29am | IP Logged
its ok
will wait

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shinseen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 April 2011 at 7:40am | IP Logged
oh no mein jab bhi online ati huon app nahi hutin
hardluck :):):)
anyway you VM is too good
yeh gana khmushi mein sune ka hai........ love it
app koi vm banao aur us mein jaan naho namumkin
jab jab bhi koi vm dekhti hu tu ek alag hi kahani boun leti huon
is vm mein soft music k sath lyrics bhi kafi khubsoraat hein jo eiditing ki waja se aur ba maeyne hogaye hain...... soooo beautiful,
loveyou takecare
always remember me

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To compensate for the late update I've made this part extra long, but it's quite a depressing part. I felt the story demanded it. I hope you guys don't find it too dragging. this also happens to be the 200th part including 24 parts of QSS I.

Part 176

Riddhima knew she had make her Armaan open up, otherwise he would have a restless night. She was also aware that the next few days were not going to be easy. So she switched on the bedside lamp and supporting herself on her elbow, looked deeply at him. He had opened his eyes when she switched on the light. She put her free hand on his cheek. "Kya hua?" he asked wondering why she had switched on the light again. "tum batao kya hua? Is it something to do with your parents?" he was clearly shocked. Sitting up straight he asked 'tumhe kaisey pata?"


Riddhima also sat up and leaning against him said "jaise tumhe hamesha pata chal jata hai. Just like you read my mind, I can also read yours. You solve all my problems, you cheer me up when I'm down but when you are depressed, you shut me out. Moving a little away from him  and putting her hand on his cheek, she asked very tenderly "is that fair? Don't I have the right to help you?" Seeing the tears glistening in her eyes, his eyes also welled up.


He hugged her tight and burst out crying like a small baby. She didn't stop him. He had locked up his sorrows long enough, let him wash it all out, she thought. For the first time, he spoke to her about his parents' accident which had left him an orphan. "I got a phone call that their car was in an accident and that I should rush to the hospital. It took me three hours to reach there, from Kasauli. And by then they had breathed their last. I was asked to identify them and that was the most horrible experience I had to go through. I can't forget that sight. I was all alone. I hadn't even taken bi along with me." She didn't interrupt him but only kept brushing his hair.


A: But can you believe it, I ran away from there. I didn't wait till the funeral. Isn't it a son's duty to perform the last rites of his parents? I didn't love them enough to even do that for them. Even after their death they must have been ashamed of their son.


Gently putting him a little away from herself and wiping his tears she asked "Armaan, why are you blaming yourself unnecessarily? You were a young boy and their accident came as a shock to you. You didn't have anyone to console you or be by your side at the time of crisis. So you panicked and ran away. Why do you say it was because you didn't love them? I'm sure your parents must be watching you from heaven even today and must be very proud of you. The way you go out of your way to help to help one and all."


Then holding his face between her palms she kissed him soundly on his lips. He responded  with equal fervor. When they came out of the kiss he looked at her intently. Then pulling her into a rib crashing hug said "I can't believe that a person who used to cry at losing a patient, can be so calm and collected knowing that a person so close to her is about to leave this world."


R: I also feel very helpless and sad, but yesterday when I was making khichdi for appa, I heard that elderly sister talking to a lady whose husband is on the deathbed. You know what she said?


Making herself comfortable in his arms she narrated the incident.




 Sister: I  have seen a lot of deaths in my long career and even then each one saddens me. I can understand how difficult it must be for you to be losing your dearest one. But you should also understand how painful it is for your husband to be lingering on.


Preparing for death is a twofold process. One is the body systems shutting down one by one and the other is the soul preparing to leave the body. When a person's body is ready and wanting to stop, but the person is still unresolved or unreconciled over some important issue or with some significant relationship, he may tend to linger, in order to finish whatever needs finishing, even though he may be uncomfortable or debilitated. So when a person is ready to die, the people closest to him should be able to let go. Saying good-bye is your final gift of love to your loved one, for it achieves closure and makes the final release possible.


Lady: Everytime I go near him I'm not able to control my tears and that pains him. I try to hide it from him but'


Sister: Tears are a normal and natural part of saying good-bye. Tears do not need to be hidden from your loved one or apologized for. Tears express your love and help you to let go. Just take his hand in yours and say everything you need to say. It may be as simple as saying, I love you. It may include recounting favorite memories, places, and activities you shared. It may include saying, I 'm sorry for whatever I contributed to any tension or difficulties in our relationship. It may also include saying, Thank you for...whatever.


Lady: but he's asleep most of the time. When do I speak to him?


Sister: Even if he's asleep, speak to him as you normally would, even though there may be no response. Never assume the person cannot hear; hearing is the last of the senses to be lost.


 Flashback ends.


R: It was then that I decided to stay on with appa. Appa has had a lonely journey through life. I want to erase the past from his memory and let him leave this world with fond memories of his family."


A: I'm really proud of you Riddhima. It's very difficult to forgive someone who has hurt you so deeply. But you've forgiven appa so easily and that too whole heartedly. You know I was so bitter and negative after losing you. When I joined post grad course, there was one professor there, whom I admired a lot. He used to always quote this '


Don't write your name in the sand, waves will wash it away,

Don't' write your name in the sky, winds will blow it away,

Write your name in the hearts in the hearts of people you come in touch with,

That's where it will stay.


I was very much inspired by the kind way he spoke to the patients and their desperate families. I decided to follow his footsteps when I joined MSHC. He's the one who made this Armaan.


Then as if suddenly remembering something he said, "today is such an important day in our lives. I ought to be pampering you with gifts and here I am, getting all senti and making you also cry. You know I had made so many plans for this day but '..."


R: That's life Armaan. Things don't always go as per our plans. But you've given me the best gift today.


He looked at her perplexed because he hadn't given her any gift whatsoever.


R: you let me crack the shell you had created around yourself and come closer to you. That's the greatest gift you could give me.


They hugged each other and remained like that for some time. After a few minutes she moved a little away and said, "let's get some sleep. No more rona dhona. We'll just do all we can to keep appa happy and comfortable." Armaan nodded in assent and then winking at her asked "but right now how about making your husband happy?"


'Pat' came the reply with a slap on his arm. "dirty mind, tumhe ungli deti hoon to tum haath hi pakad lete ho. Ab chup chaap so jao." "Mind to tumhara dirty hai. I just wanted to lie on your lap and sleep." He said making an innocent face. She shook her head and switching off the lamp, sat properly pulling him onto her lap and set about running her hands through his hair, which pleased him no end.


After a few minutes he lifted his head and pulling her down beside him on the bed said, "come you also need your sleep." Finally they fell asleep in their favourite position, with her cheek on his chest and her head cocooned under his chin.


The next two days Kartik was in and out of sleep. Riddhima never left his side throughout the day. As instructed by the sister, she kept talking to him about how her life had been full of joy and the happy childhood she had with her di, because she wanted him to get rid of his guilt. She would talk about her wonderful kids and her 'out-of-the-world'  husband who kept her like a queen. At times she felt, she saw a lopsided smile cross his face.


Paandi would go home in the morning and come back in the evening. Armaan would shuttle between the hospital and hotel because Ani wouldn't stay confined to the room, the whole day long. In the afternoon he forced Riddhima to have a nap while he sat with appa. In the evening, he would bring Ani to the hospital for sometime. When Kartik was awake he would take him to meet his thatha, otherwise it gave Ani some time with his mama.


On Friday evening, Armaan had half a mind to surprise his betu, by going for his match and returning immediately after it, though Riddhima felt it would be too tiring. Kartik didn't open his eyes even once since afternoon. His breathing pattern sounded different. That made Armaan change his mind. He knew the worst would come anytime now and at that time his Riddhima, who was putting a brave, smiling face all along for the sake of her appa, would need him.


Riddhima didn't want to go to the hotel that night. He went to the hotel, waited till the little one had his dinner and fell asleep. Then entrusting him to akka's care, went back to the hospital. He saw Paandi resting on one of the benches in the waiting room. When he got up seeing him, Armaan asked him to lie down and said he would call him, if he needed him.


He went into the ward, pulled her to the sofa and made her sit down. She at once hugged him tight and shed tears without making a sound, lest Kartik should know. He consoled her by rubbing her back and kissing her head. Then seperating from the hug he offered her some water. When she taken a few sips, he opened the packet of snacks. He had picked up idlis for their dinner from the hotel restaurant.


He was expecting her to refuse but when she opened her mouth without a protest he realized she must be hungry. She had just had a cup of coffee after lunch. That had also been some packed parota and kurma which she hadn't liked very much. In the evening when he had ordered for idlis and coffee for akka and Ani, akka had forced him to eat some, hence he wasn't so hungry. Nevertheless, he also ate along with her as he knew she wouldn't eat otherwise. Even as she ate her head was resting against his shoulder as if she needed his support.


After dinner Armaan forced her to lie down on the sofa, while he went and sat next to Kartik. She was suddenly woken up from her nap by some strange sounds. She saw the nurse injecting something. She went to Armaan and questioned him "kya hua appa ko? Why didn't you wake me up?"


Nurse: it nothing serious. It's only because of lack of water in the body. I've injected  some fluid, the sound will soon reduce.


Thereafter both of them sat with him. It was almost dawn. But his breathing didn't seem to ease up. After some time Riddhima asked Armaan to go and find the nurse again. Luckily the senior sister was back on duty. She came and saw him and then turning to them she said "he may not live through the day, make yourself strong. If you need to call any relatives or friends to see him, please do." Seeing the tears pouring from Riddhima's eyes, she patted her back saying "He's suffering and in pain. He needs to be free from it."


After sister left Armaan hugged her let her cry for some time. Then she herself stopped crying and said "inform paati and Kannan uncle and also Prema if possible." She in the meantime called her father. He consoled her and asked her to be brave. Then he told her that Akshat was all excited and getting ready for the match though it was only at 8 o'clock. She spoke to her Shona and wished him luck just in case she didn't get a chance to do so later.


Armaan had to go and check on Ani, but he didn't want to leave Riddhima alone. So he requested the senior sister to wait with Riddhima for 10 minutes while he went and brought akka and Ani to the hospital. He asked Paandi also to stay in the room in case Riddhima needed anything.


It was lunchtime, still Kartik was in the same condition, breathing irregularly. Dr. Balu had visited him two hours ago and told Armaan he may breathe his last, in an hour or it may even take a day. Nothing can be predicted. Kannan and his athai had arrived. They held Kartik's hand and made their farewell speech to him. Even Valli had come with them but remained far away from the bed, just watching everyone. Kannan said he had spoken to Prema's in-laws also and Prema would be arriving as soon as possible with her husband.


Riddhima had had nothing but coffee since morning. Armaan had tried coaxing her to have some breakfast but hadn't succeeded. Riddhima's cell rang. She moved outside to take the call and Armaan followed her. It was a call from home. As soon as she said "hello" her Shona's voice came blaring "mama hum match jeet gaye. Can you believe it? We won the trophy." She didn't whether to be happy for her son or be sad for her father. Her emotions were in a turmoil. Seeing that she was silent, he asked "mama aap khush nahi ho?"


Feigning enthusiasm she immediately she said "Shona main to bahut bahut khush hoon. Heartiest congratulations. Main jaanti thi tum log hi jeetoge." But she couldn't stifle her cries anymore. Armaan pulled the phone out of her hand as she covered her mouth with her hanky. Hugging her close with his free hand and letting her cry on his shoulder, he spoke to his betu. Congratulating him and promising him a wonderful gift. Then Dr. Shashank came on the line to enquire about Kartik's state and Armaan told him that there was no change whatsoever.


At lunch time akka tried forcing Riddhima to eat something saying, she might fall ill and that's the last thing they needed now. But she remained unconvinced. Finally paati said she was feeling giddy and needed some food. She asked Riddhima to accompany her to the canteen. She ordered for some lemon rice and forced Riddhima also eat a few morsels of it, as they ate they got talking about Kartik's state.


Paati said "looks like he's waiting for someone. Maybe it's Prema. He loved her like his own daughter you know." Going back to the ward Riddhima forced all the others including Armaan to go and eat. Ani had been fed and was asleep. She sat beside her appa holding the sleeping baby in her arms and drawing some comfort from that.


After an hour Prema and her husband arrived. She came and sat next to her uncle. Riddhima moved to make way for her. Holding his hand she wept seeing his pathetic state. Her husband consoled her but she kept asking "Why is he suffering like this? Why doesn't God take him away?" the same question was going on in everyone's mind.


Paati: I think he's waiting for you. Call out to him and see if he wakes up. Maybe he'll rest in peace hearing your voice.


Prema once again sat next to him and called out to him. She spoke to him, beseeching him to open his eyes and just see her once. He opened his eyes slightly and blinked his eyes. Tears were trickling from the side of his eyes. After a minute or so, he once again shut his eyes. The wheezing continued. All of them were wondering what's stopping him from breathing his last. They couldn't bear to see him thus.


Riddhima signalled to Armaan to come outside.  She took him to one corner and said "Armaan do you think appa is waiting for maa's forgiveness and hence hanging on?" That got Armaan also thinking. "Yes, could be. Why didn't we think of it before? Anyways what can we do about it if maa doesn't want to?" Riddhima pulled out her phone and dialed the house number. She called maa on the line when kaka picked it.

R: Maa aap mere liye kya kar sakti ho?


P: Matlab?


R: Main aap se kuch maangoon to kya aap bina sawaal kiye mujhe woh dogi?


P: Riddhima why are you talking in puzzles. I can't understand what you mean. What do you want?


R: First promise me you'll give me what I ask.


P: ok if it's something in my hands, I will.


R: It is.


P: Ok, I promise


R: please forgive my father.




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Awesome update di
loved it 
cant wait 4 da next part
con  soon
thanks 4 da pm

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