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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 81)

skippy02 Senior Member

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 6:10pm | IP Logged
Great parts!! Like how you are portraying the story...

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 9:39pm | IP Logged

Part 173

R: Maa, Armaan bachchon ko bahut miss kar raha hai, isliye unhe yahan bula liya.


P: Why make the children travel up and down unnecessarily? Anyways he's going to back here tomorrow night na?


R: Please maa don't be angry. Usey achcha nahi laga hoga, ke kal ke din hamare saath hamare bachche na ho. Isliye aisa kiya hoga. Aap samajne ki koshish kijiye na.


P: Haan, tujhe to apne pati ki koi galti dikhthi hi nahi. Theek hai, do as you please. Then don't tell me if the little one falls sick. Goodnight.


R: goodnight maa.


Armaan came out of the shower and seeing her sullen mood, went next to her and asked "Kya hua? Missing the kids?" she didn't want to tell him what maa had said. So she just smiled at him and nodded. Pushing her on the bed and moving himself over her, he declared in a husky tone, "I'll make sure you forget about them and everything else, tonight." He just had a towel draped around his waist. His cool body, still slightly wet from the shower, and his cologne, were mesmerizing her. Automatically her arms went around his neck pulling him closer, to kiss him. But in the nick of the moment he turned his cheek towards her, just to tease her.


When she looked at him irritatedly, he quizzed her, "Do you remember what was happening at this time, exactly two years ago?" she thought for a moment and then replied, "Yes, you kept phoning me every now and then only to say "I love you, I miss you, can I come over for a few minutes? etc. Neither did you sleep nor did you let me sleep, till 2 in the morning." If only you had not imposed the curfew and allowed me to hold you in my arms, as I had, the night before that, both of us could have had sound sleep. You played spoilsport, then why are you blaming me?"


R: Ok, tonight you can hold me in my arms and we can both sleep soundly.


Seeing his shocked expression, she started giggling because she knew that was the last thing he expected her to say. "Hey, kya bhuka, pyasa maarne ka irada hai?" he burst out. "No way! That was two years ago, today you have to compensate for it, with interest," he said, joining his lips to hers. They were jerked back to the present by the ringing of the room phone. Armaan stretched his hand and picked it up to hear Shashank's voice at the other end.


S: Hello Armaan, I'm feeling too tired to go to the restaurant for dinner, I thought I would order something light, from the room service, is that ok?


For once FIL was doing them a favour. Armaan felt like doing the victory dance, but he had more urgent work at hand. So he very politely said, "theek hai papa, no problem. We'll also do the same. Good night." With that he switched off his phone and hers too. He didn't want any further disturbance. Ignoring Riddhima's question "papa kya keh rahe the?" he sealed her lips with his. That was just the beginning.


Whenever they went through any emotional turbulence they always found solace in their love making. And tonight was no different. That moment, they forgot Kartik, his terminal illness, their kids and everything else on the earth. They even forgot their dinner. It was only the two of them, man and woman.


"Shit" Armaan cursed hearing his alarm go off. He had planned to wake up at twelve and wish her, though he didn't have any gift for her today. But they had slept fitfully. Slowly stretching herself she pulled his cheeks and asked "Armaan, subah subah Bhagwan ka naam lete hain. Why were you cursing? Kya hua?"


A: I had thought if nothing else, at least I'd congratulate you at midnight, but forgot to change the alarm and slept through.


R: Is there any rule that you have to wish only at midnight? The wish should be sincere and from the heart, that's all. Whenever I turn around I just want to find you beside me, with your arms wide open for me.


Then kissing him sweetly she said "Hope I have many many more wonderful years with you as my best friend, my companion in happiness and sorrow and my awesome lover." With that she blushed and hid her face in his chest. Smiling at her coyness he lifted her face with his fingers and said "Riddhima the last two years have been the happiest ones in my life. I wish our love keeps growing and getting stronger with each passing year."


They lay cuddling each other for some more time. And then decided to get dressed as papa might knock anytime. Riddhima rubbished his idea of both of them showering together to save time, as she knew that would only cause more delay. So she took her towel and rushed into the washroom and locked the door from within.


He picked up their cell phones to switch them on. He had forgotten to do so last night before falling asleep. As if on queue, Riddhima's cell rang. Seeing that it was from home, he eagerly picked it. Maa congratulated him and told him that Shafi had just left with the kids. When he told her that Riddhima was in her bath, she said she would call again. He then called Paandi to find out if everything was ok with Kartik and was told that he hadn't woken up since last night. But the nurse was with him right now.


It was after nine when they entered Kartik's ward, having had their breakfast. He was also sponged by the nurse and fed some cornflakes and fruits. He smiled at them. Riddhima went and sat beside him. He beckoned Armaan also to come near and holding both their hands wished them heartiest congratulations. They touched his feet to take his blessings just as they had touched Shashank's feet when he had come to their room, in the morning, to congratulate them.


A: Appa, I have a surprise for you, which should be here in two three hours.


K: Achcha? I too have a surprise for you which I think should be here much before that.


He smiled seeing their surprised expression. The next hour passed in Shashank narrating to Kartik some anecdotes from Riddhima's childhood. They laughed over some, shed tears over some and just remained dumbstruck at times. Kartik's face reflected the joy he felt on getting closer to his daughter. Then he asked Riddhima something she didn't want to answer but he gave her his promise and she couldn't refuse.


K: What were your feelings whenever you thought of you father. I mean the man who had fathered you but had not been a father to you.


Riddhima hesitated but then uttered the truth. "I hated him, I detested him and hoped one day I'd come face to face with him, just to ask him one question -What was my fault that he disowned me? His next question was "did she think of him often?"


R: No not at all, because for the first 23 years of my life I didn't even know that you existed.


She told him how she had come to know the truth just by chance. There was a knock on the door, and Kannan and athai entered. It looked like they had shopped a lot. They had quite a few bags in their hands. Athai hugged both of them on either side, as they touched her feet. Next they bent down to touch Kannan's feet. He seemed taken aback but their action, as he least expected it. Seeing him stand still Riddhima coaxed him, "Bless us uncle." His eyes filled with tears as he said, "till today I haven't seen a more affectionate or loving couple like you. May God fulfill all your dreams and aspirations."


By that time athai was sitting on the sofa and opening their shopping bags. Riddhima saw two trays laid out. On one were two big garlands of red roses. In the other there was paan, supari, haldi and kumkum. (betel leaf, betel nut, turmeric and vermillion.) On that same tray she placed 3 boxes and a ball of fragrant jasmine flowers strung together. She tried to stand up holding the tray but couldn't balance it in her hand. So Armaan moved forward to help her.


In the meanwhile Kannan helped Kartik to sit up. Athai indicated to Armaan to give the tray to Kartik. Taking the tray in his hand Kartik said "Armaan, Riddhima, I want a favour from both of you. Here are a set of traditional Tamilian wedding clothes. I want you both to wear it, please. Before I close my eys forever I want to see how my daughter must have looked as a bride." He held out the tray to both of them. They had no choice but to accept it.


In one box was a pretty Kancheepuram silk saree, in maroon colour with gold border. The other one had a dhoti. The third box had a shirt.


K: We've only guessed the size. If there's any problem we can get it exchanged.


Athai said something in Tamil and they were able to understand, that she wanted them to change. But Riddhima said she couldn't do so here. When Kartik pleaded, they couldn't refuse. So they decided to go to the hotel for her to change. But before they could do so, the Munnar gang arrived there. Ani just jumped into his dad's arms saying "dad, dad", licking him, kissing him all at once. Akshat touched his nanaji's feet and then clung to his mama's arms eyeing all the strangers there. Then the little one dived towards his mama calling out to her "mama, mama" and kissed her also like wise. Armaan hugged his elder son and enquired about his football practice.

The others just watched the family reunion silently. Then Armaan took the kids near Kartik and said this is also your nana. "Thatha" Kartik corrected him and beckoned to Akshat, who hesitatingly sat on the bed. The little one clung to his dad, so Armaan sat on the bed with him in his lap. Then turning to Kartik he asked "How's my surprise?" Kartik held the children's hands and kissing them in turn, place them on his either cheeks. The little one immediately pulled his hand away, but Akshat let it be.


With emotions choking his voice Kartik said "Super surprise. I think what you said about having the picture of one whole family in one's eyes, before shutting it for the last time, will come true for me. I can't thank you enough for this thoughtful gesture Armaan, you are one of a kind. A rare gem to be treasured.


A: Come on appa, I just thought on such an important day, the whole family should be together.


Kartik called Riddhima also to his bedside and said "from the way the children greeted you both, I can see what wonderful parents you both are. If there is rebirth, in my next birth I want to be born a child to you both. I want to know how it feels to be loved so much by one's parents."


Both Armaan and Riddhima were very much moved hearing that. And they expressed it by getting into their usual family hug, but including Kartik in it this time. When they came out of the hug, each one was wiping the other's tears.


Athai once again coaxed Riddhima to go and change. So the Mallik family trooped out to go to their hotel, while Shashank went to the canteen to make some important calls. On reaching the hotel, Armaan kept the children entertained in the play area while Riddhima went up to the room to change. She wondered what blouse to wear as she had brought only one synthetic saree with her. Anyway she draped the saree, though it wouldn't fall very well and covered her blouse with the pallu, as it was in no way matching.


Both Armaan and Akshat complmented her on the pretty saree. When they reached back at the hospital, Kannan took charge of draping the dhoti for Armaan, over his jeans and also made him change into the new shirt which fitted perfectly. He then asked them to go near Kartik's bed. By then Shashank also returned. Kartik said "I haven't done any good deed in my whole life, but I want to do one today. Kanyadaan is supposed to be the greatest of all daan. I want to do that today.


He held Riddhima's right hand and placing it on Armaan's right hand said to Armaan, "I know you are the only person who can give my daughter all the happiness she deserves. Please take good care of her." Then turning towards Riddhima he said "even if I had searched the whole world I couldn't have found such a wonderful life partner for you. Take utmost care of him." The bond was sealed with the tears flowing down his face. They both hugged him without saying anything. Then athai handed over the garlands to both of them and asked them to garland each other.


The little one was watching all this from a distance from akka's arms. He wanted to go to his parents, so he was creating a ruckus. Then Athai took out a small box from her bag and holding it towards Armaan asked him to put it around Riddhima's neck. It was an old fashioned gold chain. When Armaan hesitated and looked towards kartik, he said "This is my mother's chain. She and Athai were more friends than sisters-in-law. It seems, the day Athai's marriage was fixed, amma was overjoyed. So she had removed had just removed this chain and put it around Athais's neck. Athai has preserved it as a memory of her best friend and affectionate sis-in-law. Now she wants Riddhima to have it. She feels she is the rightful owner for it." Then both of them took the blessings of all the elders while Kannan captured everything on his camera.

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lil_desi_goddes IF-Rockerz

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brilliant update!

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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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amazing update

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 March 2011 at 12:11am | IP Logged
Awesome one ... So they got mrd again Big smileI really hope Padma to be present here also but i can understand her. It's not easy to forgive  and forget so easily.

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Suvarna.... Goldie

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Wow ... such a sweet thing. Karthik is not a bad person, circumstances made him bad. Guess, a right person would act right even when circumstances are not in favour. And that would differentiate him from mediocre men.

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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anshara Senior Member

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wow awesome update di
so sweet nd lovely

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