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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 77)

ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 7:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by anshara

hey m anshara i was a silent reader
ur ff is amazing luv every part of it
update soon n do pm me the next part plz

Welcome to QSS Anshara and thanks for the nice comment. better late than never. sure i'll pm you when i post the next part. love, shardha

ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 7:47pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by ashi89

armaaan ka jo character aapne create kiya hai its just awesome...asli dmg se v kahi guna achha hai ye....n wat an understanding between AR...its magical...keep dis ff...!!!

Yeh wahi DMG wala Armaan hai lekin jaise aag mein thapkar sona aur nikhartha hai, in this ff Armaan has gone through a very terrible time in his life and that's was responsible for his transformation to such a gem of a person. The same is the reason for the wonderful understanding between AR. As they say once bitten twice shy. The separation they went through was enough for a lifetime, so now they think only from the other;s POV.

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 March 2011 at 7:28am | IP Logged

simply amazing part di...........

loved it sooo much...........

AR r really angels................

hw they treat that person who hurt thm like this..................

loved this update..................

thnx for the pm........................

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-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 7:30am | IP Logged
Thats an amazing part !! Armaan needed Riddhima with him and she understood his needs so well :| just like he does for everyone ! 
I love the understanding and concern that is a part of their relation ,they really have come a long wayy ! 
It was nice to see Riddhima forgiving Kartik,life always comes a full circle !

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anushkajain Goldie

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 8:59am | IP Logged
hey di plzzzzzzzz update soonSmile

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 26 March 2011 at 10:30am | IP Logged

Part 172


R: By the way how did you know and when did you come to know, that I was your daughter?


K: At the Christmas party, when Padma said there had been no baby, I pretended to believe her, but I knew it was a lie. Lying on the bed, the whole time at MSHC, I had nothing better to do. So I got thinking where the child could be. The more and more I saw you, the more my doubt increased that you were my daughter. You didn't have any of Shashank or Smriti's features. But I couldn't see much of Padma's or my features either in you. You resemble Prema a little, though she is plumper than you. So I was quite confused.


Then one day when I asked you about your elder sister, and you said that she was just a year older than you. I thought both Shashank and Smriti were concentrating on their career then. They had waited quite some time to start a family. They surely wouldn't have planned another child so soon. But even then I couldn't be absolutely sure. All along I was hoping it was you, as I'd liked you very much. But today when you were about to say it openly, it was too overwhelming. I still feel I don't deserve to hear it.


Having spoken so much, he seemed to be tired. He wanted to have some water. Armaan fed him a few spoonfulls. Slowly his eyes shut and he fell asleep.


R: Armaan why don't you go to the hotel and get some sleep? I'll stay here.


A: I checked out of that lodge this morning. I'll go and see if I can find something better. If papa is coming today evening, we'll need someplace for tonight at least.


R: Armaan, if we are going back to Munnar, in whose care can we leave appa? He doesn't seem to be in a condition to be taken back to Munnar.


A: From the morning I've also been thinking about that only. Let's see what papa says. I'll go and see about some hotel. He's asleep, you also lie down on the sofa. I'll be back soon.


Armaan left and Riddhima lay down on the sofa. Soon she drifted off to sleep. She was woken up by some noise around her. She found two people peering at her and blabbering away in Tamil. She sat up asking "Who are you all? Whom do you want?" Kartik also opened his eyes hearing all the commotion and called out Athai, Kannan. Both of them turned towards him and started talking to him at the same time.


"What's happening here?" That question silenced both of them and they turned around to see who it was. Armaan walked towards them and said "this is a hospital. Not your house. Your voices can be heard right upto the entrance of the hospital. What was all the commotion about?" he asked seeing that both of them had quietened down.


Kannan, pointing to Riddhima, asked "who is this lady? Athai says she bears a stark resemblance to her anni (bhabhi), our mother. For a minute she thought it was her ghost which had come to take care of her son."


Armaan looked towards Kartik. He was weak and wouldn't be able to answer all their questions, so he just nodded. Armaan walked towards Riddhima and putting his arms around her said, "She's my wife Riddhima." And when they looked at each other puzzled he went on "and Mr. Kartik's daughter." Both of them gasped aloud. Kannan was the first to recover. When he looked towards Kartik he nodded in assent.


Athai moved towards Riddhima and holding her chin kept looking at her face as tear welled up in her eyes and spoke in Tamil. Though Riddhima could understand every word she knew she was comparing her to her bhabhi. Then slowly moving her fingers down her chin she kissed her own fingers, again saying something in Tamil.


Riddhima bent down to touch her feet, but before she could, the lady pulled her close and hugged her. Feeling some tear drops falling on her shoulder, Riddhima came out of the hug and shaking her head, wiped away her tears. She made her sit on Kartik's bed. The old lady held Kartik's hand and questioned him in tamil, "why he hadn't told her anything about having a daughter?" Kartik couldn't answer.


In the meanwhile, Armaan narrated to Kannan about Riddhima's parents being in love, but being separated from one another due to some unforeseen cicumstances and Kartik not knowing about her existence till today. He didn't tell them how Kartik had abandoned them, because, he didn't see any point in creating more animosity between the brothers. Kannan in turn translated the same to Athai. Kartik now held Athai's hands and asking to bend down whispered something in her ears. Talking itself seemed to be a strenuous task for him. Athai nodded her head as she wiped the tears flowing non-stop down her cheeks. Then she sat brushing her nephew's hair as he slept.


Kannan told Armaan that his athai had an errand boy who did all odd jobs for her. She wanted him to come here and stay with Kartik. He also told him that Kartik wanted Armaan to go and take some rest as he had been with him for two days without a break. Both Armaan and Riddhima said they were fine and would remain here till the night. They would decide what to do after Dr. Shashank. While Kannan spoke to the errand boy, Armaan went to the canteen and ordered for coffee for all.


Riddhima peeled a sweetlime and asked Athai to feed it to her nephew. Athai pulled Riddhima on the bed on the opposite side and indicated that she should also do so. Kartik had no chance to refuse with two ladies attending to him. In between, Kartik was telling something to Athai. As they kept looking at her, she knew it was something about her. She could only understand a few words like doctor, appa, periya aspitri (big hospital). Though they coulldn't communicate with each other, a sort of bond was made between the two ladies, with the person responsible for it drifting in and out of sleep.


When Dr. Shashank arrived, Armaan and Riddhima went forward to touch his feet. He hugged both of them and looking at his daughter asked "tum theek ho?" When she nodded he looked at Armaan to confirm, and he too nodded. Kartik was awake the, as the nurse had just finished her usual check up. Kissing Riddhima's forehead Dr. Shashank said "to err is human and to forgive Divine." Then he proceeded towards Kartik, whose eyes were brimming with tears. Holding his friends hands, he said "Thanks Shashank, for being such a loyal friend, to a scoundrel like me. It's your upbringing which has made her come here and offer a part of her liver to a person, who refused to even give her his name, and abandoned her, even before she was born." He couldn't talk further.


S: I didn't do you any favour Kartik, the pleasure of bringing up such an obedient, caring and brilliant daughter was all mine.


Then walking up to Armaan and putting his arm around his shoulder he continued, "and instead of rewarding her for all that, I punished her by separating her from her love, this gem of a person that she had chosen. Did she tell you about it?"


K: Yes, she did, but didn't say anything about you having separated them. She said it was destiny that had separated them and then brought them together too. But I have to agree she's chosen a real diamond for a husband. In these times and days, when sons don't care for their own father, where would you find a person who instead of punishing me, or just letting me die the death of an orphan that I deserve, brought me here for a liver transplant?


A: if both of you have finished singing our praises can we get to the matter at hand?   


S: Yes, I met Dr. Balu before coming here. He says shifting Kartik anywhere is out of question. So the question now is who can stay here?


Kartik beckoned to Shashank and said "I know my end is near, but no one has time nor is free, to wait here till that. And it's meaningless just waiting for someone to die." Pointing to the boy who had come earlier in response to Athai's call, he said "this boy, Paandi, will be here with me day in and day out. The nurse's are there to keep watch. If anything happens to me, they'll inform one of you. Let me make one thing clear to all of you. Once I'm gone, if any of my organs can be useful for someone, please donate them and then just cremate me. I don't want any of you to do any other ceremonies whatsoever, for my soul to rest in peace. It will rest in peace only if nothing is done. But I have just one request for Armaan and Riddhima, can you visit me once tomorrow morning before you leave?"


All of them stood spellbound hearing his words. He was breathless having spoken so much, though he spoke only in whispers. When he looked expectantly at Riddhima and Armaan, they walked to his bed and holding his hand said "Sure appa." Slowly the crowd moved out of the room. Athai left along with Kannan telling Riddhima in tamil, that she would meet her the next morning. Riddhima also understood and said "seri paati" (ok grandma). She had picked up that much tamil in the last two years from akka. Hearing her call her paati, athai beamed with joy and hugged her.


Kartik was asleep once again. Leaving Paandi in the ward, the trio headed to the canteen to discuss the further course of action.


S: Tomorrow we'll leave for Munnar, and on next Tuesday me and Padma will leave for Mumbai, as per our original plan.


Armaan agreed, but Riddhima interrupted him saying, "papa, Armaan, mujhe lagta hai mujhe is weekend tak yahan rehna chahiye." Before Armaan could reply Shashank said "tum yahan rehkar kya karne waali ho. Balu has ruled out all possibilities of a transplant. Waisey bhi Ani doesn't stay without you." 


The fact was, Padma and Shashank had decided to gift Armaan and Riddhima a weekend getaway at some resort, for their anniversary. Just the two of them. They had thought they would take care of the kids with akka and kaka's help. Shashank didn't want that plan to fall through, because he felt this couple, who always put everybody's needs before their own, deserved some quality time together.


R: papa, all said and done, he's my father. He is in the last stage of his life. He's been a loner all along, at least on his deathbed, there should be someone in the name of family, near him. If Armaan is there, Ani will have no problem. So you both go back tomorrow. Let's wait till this weekend and see how he fares. Then we'll decide on our next course of action.


"Yes, that's better," Armaan also agreed with her. Then there was nothing Shashank could say. They decided to retire to the hotel for the night, after feeding Kartik something. Riddhima went and spoke to the sister and she agreed to let her make some khichdi for Kartik.


As usual Kartik refused food, saying he wasn't hungry. His face and eyes were getting more and more yellow. Even Armaan was worried seeing his condition worsening. When she said that she had made it with her own hands, Kartik joked "maybe there won't be another time. So let me taste my duaghter's cooking for the first and last time."  


R: no appa it won't be the last time. I'm going to be here with you for a few more days, till Sunday. So I'll cook for you till then.


K: No Riddhima, you can't do that. Your job and your children are waiting for you.


R: It's ok, it's a question of 4-5 days only. No problem. You know Armaan can take better care of the kids.


After dinner and medicines, Kartik was asleep. Armaan instructed the boy to keep good watch over him. And they left to the hotel, that Armaan had booked earlier. While Riddhima went for her shower, Armaan called home. Akshat was very upset hearing that they wouldn't be returning home that night. He was literally in tears. Armaan felt very sorry for him and said he could come to Coimbatore the next day with Shafi uncle who would be coming to pick him and nana. Then he thought it would be nice if Kartik could get to see his grandsons one last time. But when he said so to maa, she refused to come. So he instructed akka to bring Ani and come the next morning with Shafi.


By then Riddhima had come out of the shower and Armaan handed the phone to her. When Padma spoke to her, she wasn't very happy with Armaan's arrangement. She felt he was unnecessarily making the children travel to and fro.





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Awesome update di

Loved it loadz

cant wait 4 da next part

Con soon

Thanks 4 da pm

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Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome n emotional paty diii
i dont want kartik to die y i dont kknowLOL
ooooooooh shanky n padma have plan a surprise 4 them all gone in drain but riddhima is right he is her father after alll...........

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