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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 73)

spicyheart IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 4:12am | IP Logged
loved the part
ani was sooo cutee
do continue soon
feel bad for karthik

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 7:01am | IP Logged
hey diiiii
awesome part
liked it
cont soon
thnx 4 the pm

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 11:18am | IP Logged
nice part.... Loved AR' conversation (though it was small). I don't know but i had a feeling that for some reason Arman won't be able to go back to munnar in time for anniversary. I hope Ridhima manages to come here..

Feel really bad for Karthik. Don't know when he will know about Ridhima.. I think he must have guessed it ..

Continue soon.....

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Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 11:22am | IP Logged
Hey di  !

that was really eventful update. Wonder how did he fall ? Hope he'll be fine.
Ani's incident was sooo cute . No doubt Armaan was choked with emotions hearing about it.

cnt soon.. thanks for d pm..


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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 23 March 2011 at 11:23pm | IP Logged

Part 171

Coming out of Dr. B's cabin, Armaan first conveyed all that the doctor had said, to Kannan. He didn't seem very much surprised hearing that his brother only had a few more days. He just walked away from there, calling someone on his mobile.


Armaan once again called Riddhima to give her the sad news, but she was not reachable. He called the hospital but was told she hadn't come. Surprised, he called home. Akshat picked up the phone. That was another surprise. When he asked "Tum abhi tak school nahi gaye?" Akshat reminded him that they had open house in his school today. "I'm so sorry beta mere dhyaan se nikal gaya tha." he apologised. He always made it a point to attend all meetings, open house etc. at his school. So that's where Riddhima must have gone, he thought.


A: tum mama ke saath kyon nahi gaye?


Ak: maine to kaha tha par mama maani hi nahi.


She must have planned to go to the hospital directly from there, hence she must have not taken him along, Armaan thought. Akshat enquired about how he was and whether the job he had gone for was over. When Armaan told him it might take a few more days, he was totally upset. "Aap ek din ka bolkar gaye the, ab keh rahe ho aur din lagenge. Aur ab mama bhi" he stopped abruptly and said "main nani ko phone deta hoon."


Armaan thought it best to tell Padma about Kartik's condition. And when he did, he was shocked to see her reaction. She said "Armaan why you people are doing so much for that man is just beyond me. To tell you honestly, I feel no pity for him at all. He's only paying for his past crimes. Just because one woman treated him badly, it doesn't mean that all the women, who happened to come into his life, should pay the price for it. I can't forgive him, ever."


A: Par maa he's dying.


P: beta I won't stop you from doing whatever you want to do for him, and I'll take care of the kids here, you don't worry.


Then she abruptly cut the call saying "take care beta." Armaan could understand her hatred for Kartik. He then thought he should call Dr. Shashank and inform him of the developments. But he was busy on another call, so he thought he would call him again later. By then, Kartik was wheeled out of the OT to his ward. Armaan followed them and sat beside him. Kannan said he needed to go home, so he left.


Armaan didn't know what to do. He felt very bad for Kartik. But he couldn't stay on here. Neither could he leave him alone. Kannan, he knew wouldn't take the responsibility. And tomorrow was a very important day, and he owed it to Riddhima. The kids were also missing him. He couldn't take the risk of shifting Kartik to Munnar because this was the right place for him. If there was an emergency, this is where he would get immediate attention. His head was muddled with question and he wasn't able to find a satisfactory solution.


He was brought out of his thinking by the ring of his cell. It was Dr. Shashank. When Armaan began telling him about Kartik, he said "Padma ne mujhe sab kuch bata diya. I'm coming over there. Should be there by evening. We'll discuss everything then, I've a very busy schedule now"  and cut the call. Armaan was somewhat relieved. Papa would understand if he wanted to go to Munnar and he would also help in finding a someone to take Kartik's responsibility.


He once again called Riddhima, thinking it's over an hour now, she must have finished at Akshat's school. The call went through but there was a lot of disturbance in the line and Riddhima said, "I'll call you later, Armaan." The sister came to check Kartik and seemed disappointed that he wasn't conscious as yet. Armaan tried calling him but he was totally out.


Another hour passed, still no call from Riddhima. He saw Kartik make some movement and went near him. He slowly opened his eyes and stared at Armaan for sometime. Armaan rang for the nurse. She came checked the patients, pressure, reflexes etc. Kartik asked for water. The nurse fed him a spoonful and also told Armaan that's just how much he could be given at a time. She then left with a satisfied nod.


Kartik held Armaan's hand and asked "What time are we leaving for Munnar?" Armaan didn't know what to reply but thought it better to tell him the truth. We won't be able to go back today. But before he could say anything else Kartik said "No you must get back to Munnar tonight. I'll never be able to forgive myself if I kept you away from Riddhima on your anniversary." "How do you know its our anniversary tomorrow?" Armaan questioned him. "In the ambulance, you thought I was asleep and was making some arrangements. I eavesdropped," he admitted shamelessly. "you can't stay here with me forever, can you?" Armaan didn't have the heart to tell him that 'forever' wouldn't be for much longer. "You've your job, your family. You carry on. I'll ask the hospital authorities to find someone to attend to me. The nurses are also there. I'll be ok." Kartik assured him. Before Armaan could reply, he asked for a few more sips of water and his eyes drooped shut.


Once again Armaan began to rack his brain. Kartik was so weak and he had voluntarily taken on his responsibility. He couldn't just leave him and walk away now. After sometime the door opened again. He thought it must be the nurse coming to check Kartik again. But when he looked up he was stunned. He stood still as she walked up to him. And when she put her palms against his cheeks he just hugged her tight. And her arms automatically went around his neck. Nuzzling against her hair, he felt at ease. Neither of them spoke for a few minutes.


After a minutes he moved her a little away from himself and asked "How did you know I needed you?"


"Hearing your voice this morning was enough to make me rush out of Munnar." She said, and then indicating towards Kartik asked "How is he now?"


Armaan, held her hand and pulled her down beside him on the sofa. Armaan narrated all that Dr. B had said. Seeing him sad she said "Don't worry, aaj papa aayenge to kuch na kuch solution find karenge."


A: Tumhe pata hai ke papa aaj aa rahe hai?


R: Haan maine hi unse baat ki thi, isliye to aa rahe hain.


He didn't understand what she meant, but realizing her hadn't enquired about her  he said "Arrey maine tumsa poocha bhi nahi ke tum yahan kaisey aayi. Shafi ke saath aayi ho kya? And what about the kids? Aur aaj Akshat ke school mein open house bhi than na?"


She just put her hand on her waist and kept staring at him. He noticed it and asked "What?"


R: You always say I bombard you with questions, and what were you doing right now? OK let me answer you one by one. Haan Shafi ke saath aayi, kids ko maa aur akka sambhaal lenge, aur aaj subah Akshat ke school hokar hi aayi hoon. Armaan, bahut bhook lagi, please lunch karne chale?


Armaan looked towards Kartik fast asleep. He then rang for the nurse and asked her about Kartik's lunch. She said she would feed him some soup after sometime. Then he asked "Will it be ok if we have a bite and come? We won't be long."


Nurse: No problem sir, Anyway uncle is sleeping only.


A: Please stay in this room only till I come back. Please.


N: don't worry sir, you go.


Riddhima knew he was worried about Kartik and wouldn't be relaxed if they went out. So she said, "let's do one thing. I'll wait here, you go and get something to eat."


Hearing Riddhima, the nurse quietly slipped away.


A: No Riddhima, tum thaki hogi aur bhook bhi lagi hai. Let's go to the canteen and eat proper khana.


R: No Armaan, you'll be on tenterhooks all the time and so you won't even eat well. At least here, you'll be able to keep a watch on him. I know you don't want a repeat incident of what happened this morning.


Armaan hugged her once again saying "you are the most understanding wife."


R: How do you know? How many wives have you had?


"Riddhima" he yelled glaring at her.


R: Theek hai, theek hai, you can't even take a little joke. Ab jaakar khana to le aao varna main bhook se mar hi jaoongi.


He just shook his head and headed towards the canteen. Riddhima pulled a chair and sat next to Kartik. She didn't feel anything except pity for him. She kept staring at him but couldn't feel any pull or bonding towards him. Love didn't come automatically for anyone, it had to built brick by brick using the cement of trust, care and sacrifice. Like her bond with her papa that had become stronger and stronger, over the years. But even that bond hadn't stood the test of time. Armaan was right everything was just plain destiny. Or else why did this man have to turn up all of a sudden out of nowhere and that too in Munnar? Maybe destiny was giving him a last chance to seek forgiveness of those whom he had punished for no fault of theirs.


She thought over. His departure from her life had only given her a better life. With her papa she never lacked anything, be it any material thing, or be it love, education, guidance, advice, he was there for everything. In a way his having abandoned her was a blessing in disguise. Otherwise what kind of a life would she have had with this man, she couldn't say.


Armaan was surprised to see her sitting with uncle. Seeing him enter, she got up and walked towards the sofa. There was soup, salad, biryani, raitha and some wafers. The mixed vegetable soup was hot and yummy. Just what she needed. As they had their lunch they got talking.


R: Armaan I wanted to discuss something very important with you. What is your take on my donating my liver for Mr. Kartik's transplant?


 She still couldn't bring herself to call him her father.


A: I don't have any objections in principle, but I wouldn't want you to go through the pain of a surgery. Anyways I doubt if it's even possible now. We'll have to talk to Dr. B. But there's one thing which you can do right now and which might help him a lot.


When Riddhima looked at him questioningly he said "you could forgive for the past and let him know that you have. Maybe it will ease his conscience."


R: Actually I was also thinking the same, a few minutes back. Maybe that's what I should do.


They had the rest of their meals discussing about Akshat's academic progress, which was fine. His teacher's appreciation of his co-operation and helping nature. And the little one's ever-increasing naughtiness. Riddhima narrated how he had pulled down the rice dabba and dal dabba from the kitchen cabinet, when all of them were busy in some work and kaka had gone to the market. The dabbas fell down with a such a thud that it had scared him and he had started wailing loudly. Instead of scolding him for his mischief, they had all fussed around him, ensuring he wasn't hurt and each one blaming herself for not keeping watch on him. The large quantity of rice and dal which lay mixed on the floor, being quietly collected by kaka on his return.


If anything could cheer Armaan even in this somber situation it was his chotu's antics. He laughed heartily and Riddhima was happy to see it. Soon the nurse arrived with a bowl of soup for the patient and woke him up. He just shook his head saying he didn't want it. But she reminded him "didn't I tell you, you have to eat even if you don't have an appetite, for the sake of your health?" Riddhima went up to her and taking the bowl from her and said "I'll make him have it." Kartik's eyes opened wide in surprise seeing her there. He didn't realize that Armaan had made him sit up in the meanwhile.


K: Riddhima? I mean Dr. Riddhima, when did you come?


She held a spoon of soup to his mouth and said "each spoon of soup you take I'll answer one question." Armaan smiled to himself thinking she was dealing with him as she would with Akshat. When he drank the first spoonful she said "Half an hour ago. But you are very unfair. You call my husband beta and me Dr. Riddhima, when in fact I'm your" before she could complete Kartik closed her mouth with his hand and asked her not to proceed by shaking his head. There were tears in his eyes.


All this while she had continued feeding him a couple of spoons. Then he held her hand and she dropped the spoon into the bowl. Now tears were streaming down his face. Holding her hand against his forehead he bent his head down and wept. Armaan sat next to him and consoled him, "Uncle, please don't cry. She's forgiven you." Then looked at Riddhima as if asking her to confirm it. "Yes," she halted for a few seconds wondering what to address him as and then continued "I have forgotten the past, appa." She knew, that's how Tamilians addressed their father. His head shot up hearing that word and a fresh bout of tears flowed out.


K: Don't ever forgive me. Don't be so kind to me. I don't deserve it. I've been such a jerk. I don't deserve to be forgiven. Don't even pity me because my end is near.


A: Uncle please,


R: Actually I was just thinking I didn't suffer in any way because of you disowning me. On the contrary I had the good fortune of being brought up as the daughter of Dr. Shashank Gupta. What could have been better than that? I tell you he's the best papa any girl could wish for. Any if we have met today after so many years, destiny must have a reason to bring us face to face.


He had let go of her hand by now and stopped crying too. She once again started feeding him, as she continued talking to him. "Armaan has great faith in destiny and I have also come to believe the truth of what he says." She went on to tell him about their separation and meeting after seven years, and their marriage. "No one could believe that the arrogant, ill tempered brute, who showered the choicest gaalis on his dutiful wife, day in and day out, would be convinced by a chit of a girl and himself request his wife to marry the man she loved. It was nothing but destiny which worked the miracle, in the guise of our friends Muskaan and Rahul. If destiny has brought us face to face today after so many years, it won't be without a purpose. Otherwise it would have just let you die quietly in some remote village of Tamilnadu, without my even having an inkling.


Just as you've wronged me and maa, I wronged Armaan by keeping him away from his first born. But he forgave me so easily. So I know what it is to be forgiven. It feels a load off your chest. I want to do the same for you. Yes, I honestly don't hold any grudge whatsoever against you. And if Dr. B says a transplant operation is possible, I'll willingly donate my liver for you." While she was talking to him she had finished feeding him the soup and put down the bowl on the table and Armaan had wiped his face with a tissue.


Holding both their right hands in his he said, "such an angel cannot be a product of my genes, it must that Goddess who bore the brunt of my blunder, who's responsible for it. And of course the wonderful upbringing by a perfect father, not to forget the things you've learnt living with this gem of a person. Maybe I had done someone, some good some day that the Almighty gave me a chance to see this day."

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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 12:08am | IP Logged
great part yaar
good that riddhima forgaved him.

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desivi Groupbie

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 12:14am | IP Logged
That was an awesome piece. how do u manage to write this kind of extra ordinary feelings.

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 March 2011 at 12:19am | IP Logged
awesome part di.. See Ridhima came to meet him ..Smile.. The Love /bond between these two is very very unique... They both complement each other  and such an ideal for every couple..
It's nice that ridhima had forgiven him for the past. And yes she was so right saying that if he had not left her she could n't have a better life . and more over how she would have met Her life (Arman ) .

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