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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 65)

Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 2:48am | IP Logged
nice update di..
so finally Armaan knows the whole truth .. Kartik is nothing but a victim of harsh circumstances.. hope he survives !
thanks for d pm..


Parthniti_manan Senior Member

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 3:44am | IP Logged
hey loved ur ff continue soon!
priyanka11 Groupbie

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 3:48am | IP Logged
Awesome! Continue soon!!
ssh57 Goldie

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Part 170

They had kept the taxi waiting as Kannan had told him that getting a taxi from that place, was difficult. Kannan asked to be dropped on the way, as he had some work to attend to. He promised to meet Armaan at 8, at the hospital. Armaan pulled out his cell to call Riddhima. It was half past four. She won't be so busy now, he thought.


"Haan bolo. Armaan" her voice felt like a cool breeze to his ears. He narrated what he learnt from Kartik's athai and also Kannan's refusal. When he said "I don't know what to do now. Of course, I'll ask Dr. B to find out for a suitable donor, but you know how much time all this will take. And now that I know, what he has gone through as a teenager, I feel sorry for him. I mean I don't forgive him for what he did to maa and you," he added quickly.


R: You don't have to be so defensive Armaan. I understand. As doctors we can't just wait and watch our patients die. I'm sure something will turn up soon. Let's pray.


A: How are the boys? How's maa?


R: All are ok but everyone's missing you. You know what chotu did? When he didn't see you around he started searching for you in every room, including the bathroom, calling out "dad". I just kept quiet and watched him, as I got ready for the hospital. Not finding you, he came and asked me "dad?" I told him "aaj dad jaldi chale gaye hai." Immediately he went to the front door and started banging it. When akka opened the door, he's pointing to the car and saying "Dad, caaa?" Even when I told him that you had gone by Shafi uncle's car, he didn't seem to believe. He pointed to the terrace and asked akka to take him up, to look for you.


Not hearing anything from his end, she asked Armaan are you there? He only said "Hmm" but Riddhima knew he felt choked with emotion. "You are missing them too, I know. Especially at such a stressful time, the kids would have been your best stress busters. But I'm confident that my Armaan will handle things perfectly. He knows that the kids and me, are always with him, in his heart, even though we may be physically far away from him." That had given him time, to get a hold over his emotions.


A: Thank you sweetheart, what would I do without you?


R: You won't have to. I'll always be with you.


A: That's all I need. Love you.


R:Love you too. Talk to Dr. B. I'm sure he'll be able to help. Are planning to keep the dinner appointment?


A: Yes I'm. The money will come in handy for Kartik uncle's treatment.


Riddhima noted the change from Kartik to uncle, but didn't make any comments. She wished him good luck and hung up. She then called her papa to discuss something very important with him.


When Armaan returned to Kartik's ward he was still asleep. Seeing him enter the sister said "he's been sleeping from the time you left." The journey must have been very strenuous for him, he thought to himself. But everything would be worthwhile, only if he could get a donor. He sat looking at him. Did his skin look a little more yellow, he wondered.


After sometime he went to the canteen and got himself some coffee. The nurse came to check Kartik and that woke him up. She asked him to have some soup but he refused. Then she offered him some fruits. He said he had no appetite. But she insisted "You have to eat something to stay healthy. I can understand because of the severe jaundice you feel nauseous and no appetite, but your body needs strength to fight the disease, so please eat." Armaan also joined her in coaxing him to eat. Finally he had half an orange and a few bits of apple. She offered him a little chilled milk assuring him that it would keep down the nausea.


After the nurse left Kartik suddenly turned to Armaan and said "tell me something about your life. I've told you everything about mine." Armaan never liked talking about his past, so he chose to speak about his present. He told him about Akshat and Ani, showed him their pictures, in his cell phone. He regaled him with anecdotes of Ani's naughtiness and had him laughing heartily.


His next question shocked Armaan. "When and where did you meet my daughter?" Armaan stuttered and was thinking how to answer it, when Kartik laughed at his confusion. "isn't your wife like a daughter to me? Come on tell me where you met her and how you 'pataoed' her? That's what you call it in you Bumbaiya hindi na?" Armaan smiled with relief and told him about their doing their internship together, in Sanjeevani. "You are a very brave person to have carried on with her, right under her parents' nose." He teased Armaan.


Soon it was dinner time and the nurse brought some rice and vegetables for Kartik and insisted that he finish it. A few minutes before eight Kannan arrived there. The brothers barely exchanged a few words and Kartik said he was sleepy. Armaan rang for the nurse, so that she could give the medication and not disturb him later. Soon Kartik fell asleep. Armaan informed the nurse that he was going out and that she should keep a watch.


Dinner was quite a family affair. Thetywere Gujaratis settled in Coimbatore for over 2 generations. So they were fluent in Tamil and a dialect of Hindi. Armaan had their sons, two teenage boys, bending over with laughter with all his silly jokes. After dinner the gents moved to a small office room in the house, to discuss business. It was decided that the following Sunday the businessman would meet Kannan at Tiruppur and finalize the price after inspecting the looms.


It was almost 11 when they departed from there. When Armaan asked Kannan where he needed to be dropped, he couldn't come up with anything specific. They decided to have a look at Kartik and then decide. But when they reached the hospital, it was all locked up. They tried knocking but nobody opened. They had no option but to check into a lodge, nearby. After scouting 2-3 they settled for a somewhat decent one and booked into two rooms.


Armaan was not able to get sleep so he decided to take a shower. But that too didn't help. He knew he couldn't sleep till he had whispered some sweet nothings to his wifey. She had asked him to call her after dinner, but as it was quite late he hadn't. She must be asleep he thought. But taking a chance he sent her a sms asking "are u awake?" The reply was a call from her.


R: Armaan what took you so long? I've been waiting for your call since so long.


Armaan told about the dinner and the business deal. Then asked "why aren't you asleep yet?" "I was waiting for your call na?" came her reply and then she whispered "and because I was missing you." Armaan heard some melodious music in the background and asked "what are you listening to?"


R: I heard this song recently and just loved it the first time itself. So I downloaded it. And today it seems to reflect my feelings exactly. So I've been playing it over and over again. I've heard it at least 10 times in the past hour and was carried to a nostalgic world of ours. Our internship, mainly. You also listen.


She put her cell to the speaker so that he could hear it.


Tu hi hai meri saanse, tu hi mera jahan,

Yaad aa rahe hai woh pal, yaad aa raha hai woh samaan,

Aa phir pyaar se bharde mera yeh jahaan.

Tu hi hai meri saanse, tu hi mera jahan,

Le chal tu sung mujhe, tere bin jeena nahi ab yahan.


Sung tere main jiyoon, sung tere hi marna chahoon.

Har kadam mein to saath main tera banke teri humsafar,

Aankhen bichaye hoon khadi raahon pe teri,

Har pal rahoon yeh aarzoo bahon mein teri rahoon.


Kaisey kahoon tere bina, jaisey saza hai tanha jeena,

Aa bhi ja sanam, hai tujhe kasam, ab na juda rehna.

Hai tu hi aasmaan mera,tu hi zameen bhi,

Hai tu hi pyaar bhi mera, tu aashiqui bhi,

Hai tu hi zindagi meri.

Armaan had tears in his eyes by the time the song was over. But to get her into a happy mood he said, "come on Riddhima why are you getting so emotional? I'll be there with you tomorrow. Come on give me a sweet kiss and go to sleep. You've been up since five this morning, to drop me at the hospital. And you've got to wake up early tomorrow too. Since I'm not there, you'll have to deal with both, chotu and betu, in the morning."


R: you must also be very tired. You also go to sleep and you had better dream only about me.


With that she gave him a smacking kiss, which he reciprocated. All through the night he was tossing and turning, and it was past seven, when he woke up next morning and that too hearing Kannan knock on the door. He asked him to wait and was ready in 10 minutes. Kannan had had his breakfast but Armaan just had a cup of coffee and they left for the hospital. 


When they reached Kartik's ward, it was abuzz with activity. The nurses were running forth and back. When Armaan enquired, they told him that Kartik had fallen down, but no one was able to give a proper answer as to what had exactly happened. Or perhaps they were trying to cover up some mistake on their part.


Armaan knew that Kartik's condition was very delicate. Such patients bruised very easily and their clotting was very poor. He immediately contacted Dr. B. and was told that he's on his way. Till then the nurses wouldn't allow him inside. Soon Kartik was moved to the OT. When Dr. B arrived he said he would have a look at Kartik and then talk to Armaan. Both Armaan and Kannan waited restlessly outside the OT.


He wanted to talk to someone, and the first person who came to his mind was of course, Riddhima. But he knew she would be struggling with the two boys and getting herself ready for work so he kept to himself, checking his watch every five minutes. Time seemed to stand still and his tension was mounting by the minute. But as if she an intuition about predicament she called him just then.


"Kya hua Armaan? subah se phone kyon nahi kiya? Lagta hai Coimbatore jaakar tum hum logon ko bhool gaye." She piled accusations at him. But at that moment even that seemed like music to his ears. He couldn't control anymore. So he burst out. "Riddhima I made a blunder leaving uncle alone last night, in these nurses' care." She could gauge from his voice that something was terribly wrong. Otherwise he wouldn't burst forth like that without saying good morning or enquiring about the kids. So very gently she asked him "Kya hua Armaan?"


A: Riddhima they say uncle fell, but they won't say how. I'm scared he'll bleed to death. I shouldn't have gone, leaving him alone. What was the need for me to verify whether what he had written about his life was true? He's my patient first and foremost, why did I have to let personal issues intervene? He begged me to let him be in Munnar but I dragged him here.


R: hold it Armaan. Did you call Dr. B?


A: yes, he's with him right now, in the OT.


R: Be calm, don't blame yourself. Que Sera, Sera. You did what you thought was best for him. Man proposes but God disposes. Let's wait for His will to be done.


Her talk had somewhat calmed him. But her next questioned surprised him. "tum ne ab tak nashta kyon nahi kiya?"


A: tumhe kaise pata?


R: if you had had something in your stomach, you'd have been more calm and collected. You wouldn't have panicked. Then by emotionally blackmailing him, she made him promise that he would go right away to the canteen and have a bite. He couldn't break his promise, so that's what he did, asking Kannan to wait there. Though the sandwich seemed to choke him, he gulped it down because he knew what she had said was very correct. He came back with two cups of coffee for the two of them. It was after an hour or so before he was called into Dr. B's cabin. By then, he had called Riddhima twice.


Dr. B: I'm very sorry to tell you, his end is very near. I think the ammonia build up in the blood, has gone pass the blood brain barrier, into the brain. It is causing confusion and disorientation. He might have got up suddenly and because of that he had a fall. As you know in such case if there is hemorrhaging, it's very difficult to control. The patient may even bleed to death. Thankfully, we were able to stop the bleeding. Actually I had planned to perform a paracentesis on him, this morning, to remove this excess fluid. That would have made him more comfortable and he would have found it easier to breathe and eat. But because of this fall, I'm not able to do that. We'll have to wait some more.


A: How much time does he have doctor? Actually I was planning to take him back to Munnar today.


B: That's out of question now. I don't think he'll be able to stand that journey, at least not for another week, that is if he lives through it.


A: You mean he has less than a week?


B: I can't say anything for sure because in such cases complications come one after another. Suddenly there might be a blockage in the veins, the ducts may get blocked, resulting in abdominal hemorrhaging. Then nothing can be done. There can be other complications also, but most of them can be managed with palliative  care, along with pain management. That will make whatever time remains, as comfortable as possible. You know Dr. Mallik, our liver is one of the most 'patient' of all our organs. It bears a lot of abuse, very silently. So by the time we find that it's suffering, it's often too late and beyond repair.



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anushkajain Goldie

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awesome part di Clap
the way u describe ani's act was amazing soo cuteStar
feel sad 4 kartikCry
our armaan is such a gem of a person
loved it Big smile
continue soonSmile

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Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome n sad part dii
hope kartil comes to know riddhima is his daughter
n another request plzzz bring good imes bakBig smile

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awesome part....loved it...
thanx for d pm
continue soon..

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Awsome part...jst loved it

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