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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 63)

ammy_ka_ashu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 12:55pm | IP Logged

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 4:02pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it loadz
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 12:43am | IP Logged
nice part... while reading this i could clearly remember the golden days of DMG. The new year's eve, the confession....
Hope Arman comes back soon..

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ssh57 Goldie

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Part 168

It was almost 10 by the time they reached the hospital because they had missed the way at some point and had to take a round about route. Seeing the ambulance the ward boys of that hospital came with a stretcher, but Armaan told them a wheelchair would be fine. While they helped Kartik onto the wheelchair, he proceeded to the reception to enquire about Dr. Balasubramanian. They said he hadn't come as yet.


Though he had made Kartik eat his breakfast in the ambulance, he hadn't felt like eating in there but now he was famished. When they went into the waiting room, he saw many patients waiting for the same doctor. He spoke to nurse in charge and told her he had come from Munnar and been referred by Dr. Shashank of Mumbai. Then he asked her if he could leave Kartik there and go to the canteen to have a quick snack and she agreed to take care of his father till he returned. He didn't correct her thinking he was his father-in-law if not his father. So what difference did it make?


When he came back from the canteen, the nurse informed him that the doctor was held up in an emergency operation in another hospital. She told the patients who were waiting that they may have to wait for atleast 2-3 hours, or else they could come the next morning. Armaan asked for a bed for Kartik as he couldn't remain seated for long. (He had sent the ambulance back as it would be needed at the hospital.) He was told that there was only one vacant bed, the special room, quite expensive too. Kartik said that he was fine on the wheelchair itself but Armaan took the room.


As he moved his wheelchair to the room Kartik said "Please beta, don't take so much care of me. I don't deserve it."


A: You want to call me beta but don't want me to behave like one, how can that be?


K: I told you na let me die in Munnar, but you wouldn't listen. You spent so much time and money to bring me here and even then it's of no use. Let's go back, no need to wait.


A: no uncle it's not Armaan's nature to give up anything so easily. Having come here, I won't return without the doctor's opinion. You should also fight for your life. Don't give up so easily. You still have to find your child, remember?


K: I think I already have.


Armaan was a bit startled, had he guessed about Riddhima. "What…what do you mean you have," "Yes he's standing here right in front of me. I wonder how many would do as much for even their own father? Before I go and meet Him, perhaps God wants me to realize what I gave up, when I abandoned her and the baby. That's why he has sent me to you, to see what it would have been like, if I had a son. So that I'll go to Him, filled with repentence for my selfish actions."


A: If that's his will, so be it. The person who dies, with the image of his whole family imprinted in his eyes, before he shuts them for the last time, is the luckiest person.


K: You are very right. When one dies, the people around shouldn't be heaving a sigh of relief. There should be at least a few among them, who'll shed a tear or two for him. Otherwise it means that his whole life was a waste. I'm glad I met such a kind hearted person like you. When I die please shed some tears for me, though I've done nothing to deserve it.


"Come off it uncle. I'm not letting you die so soon. Ok take some rest, while I make some important phone calls," Armaan said helping him lie down on the bed. He move to the far end of the room, opened the window and first called his sweetheart to enquire about her day. (Unlike Sanjeevani, in MSHC interns were allowed to use their mobiles while on duty.) He explained the situation to her and she got irritated because it meant delay in his return. She banged the phone with "Mujhe ab jaana hai, I'll call you later." He understood from her tone that she was angry, but he very well knew she would cool down after a few minutes and call him back.


He then called Kannan and asked him come to the hospital in the afternoon. His next call was to the garment businessman who had been his patient a few years back. He had taken to alcohol after his business suffered great loss. It was Armaan who had introduced him to a garment manufacturer in Mumbai, and he had managed to salvage his business, after his de-addiction. He was therefore very grateful to Armaan. Hearing from Dr. Mallik, after so many years, was indeed a pleasant surprise for him. Armaan first enquired about his health and business and then told him about Kannan's looms. He sought his help to find a suitable buyer for it.


The business man felt this was the right opportunity to pay back Dr. Mallik for all his help. The chain of good deeds should be continued without a break. He opted to buy them himself. When he learnt that Armaan was in Coimbatore, he wouldn't let him go without dinner at his place that evening. So it was agreed that Kannan and Armaan would join him for dinner that night, over which the business deal would also be concluded.


He went near Kartik and saw that he had fallen asleep. His cell rang just then. His guess was right, it was indeed his better half. The first thing she said even before he said hello was "Sorry I hung up like that. You must already be tired with the journey and waiting, and on top of that I also lost my head." He just kept listening with a broad smile, not saying a thing. Very softly she asked "Naraaz ho mujse, baat nahi karoge. Sorry to kaha na? Sweetheart please kuch to bolo." "I love you" he whispered. "I love you too." She reciprocated "and I already miss you. Kab tak lautoge?"


Armaan didn't mention his dinner plans, only that he couldn't say anything definite till he met Dr. Balasubramanian. Then he also lay down on the sofa. The ac and sofa were additional benefit of the high room rent. He woke up hearing the knock on the door. It was the nurse who had come to inform him that the doctor had finally arrived and would meet them in 10 minutes. Kartik had also woken up hearing the knock. The nap had really refreshed both of them. After freshening up they went to meet the doctor.


Armaan extended his hand forward and introduced himself, "Dr. Armaan Mallik, son-in-law of Dr. Shashank Gupta."


Dr. B: Actually I do not Dr. Gupta personally, but my colleague told me about him yesterday and then I spoke to him. So this is our patient, and referring to the file for his name, he said "Mr. Kartik".


He studied the file thoroughly and then turning towards Kartik "well Dr. Mallik must have told you about the results of these tests." Then looked meaningfully at Armaan.


K: yes he told me I have liver cancer and I also know that my days are counted.


Dr. B: Did Dr. Mallik tell you so?


K: no, no I just know it. I told him I have nothing to live for, and that he should let me die in peace. But he brought me here. I know this is a wasted journey.


The doctor knew what Kartik was saying was quite true, but as doctors they had to try every possible means to save his life. So he said to Armaan "Let's get an AFP done." Turning to Kartik he said "it's a blood test which will throw some light on the condition of the tumor. The nurse will draw some blood for that. Then turning to Armaan he said "I'm sorry but since its already past 1, we may get the result only tomorrow morning."


A: That's ok. I've already booked a bed for Kartik here.


Dr. B.: I can make some arrangement for you in the doctor's hostel if you wish.


A: No don't bother, I'll manage.


The doctor rang for the nurse and handing over the file to her, asked her to take Kartik for the test. After Kartik had left the room he looked at Armaan and said "I hope you know that this is an advanced stage of Hepatocellular carcinoma. This test is also just to confirm what we already know. He seems to be prepared for the worst."


A: Yes, he's quite calm about everything. What about liver transplant? Will it serve the purpose?


B: we can try, depending on the AFB results. We should first get a matching donor. Does he have any blood relatives who may be willing?


When Armaan shook his head negatively, he said "even if we do find a matching donor, there's no guarantee he will stand the surgery.


A: I know. Ok let's wait for the reports. I'll take leave of you now. I know many patients are waiting to meet you. Good day.


B: Yes, I'll see at nine tomorrow.


A: Oh! there's one problem about keeping Kartik here overnight. His diet.


B: why is it a problem. You show the diet prescription to our dietician, they should be able to provide the needful.


A: Doctor I need to go out for a few hours, will it be ok?


B: Dr. Maiilik Mr. Kartik is our patient, now that he's admitted here. The nurse will give him the medicines on time and also keep tab of his fluid intake, don't worry.


Armaan went looking for Kartik. The nurse had taken him back to his ward. Armaan requested her to get the food they had brought from Munnar, heated. And asked to meet the hospital dietician. He had given Kartik his meal and was talking to the dietician when Kannan arrived there. Kartik was shocked to see him. He started off in Tamil asking his brother how he came to know that he was here. And whether he had come to see if he was dead or alive?


Armaan returned while Kannan was standing there thinking what would be the best answer.

A: uncle, I called Kannan here. After all he's your brother. He has the right to know about you.


K: I'm sure he's not in the least interested. You are just wasting his time. Anyway Kannan you can tell Valli, that I'll leave you all in peace soon. I've liver cancer and am nearing my end. I won't be a nuisance to anyone anymore. I told Dr. Mallik not to waste his time and resources bringing me here. But he wouldn't listen.


A: I've called Kannan for another reason too. I want him to meet an aquaitance of mine, who may be interested in buying your looms.


Kartik's face broke into a smile at that and he said "If you could do that, I will be indebted to you forever." Then with a loud laugh he continued, "but the 'forever' may be a very short one. Armaan admonished him. "Uncle you have an unfinished job remember? Come on finish your lunch and go to sleep so that me and your brother can attend to some other job. The nurse came to give his medicines. Armaan informed her that he would be away for a few hours and left with Kartik.


Once outside Armaan said "First and foremost I want to meet your mother-in-law."


K: it's quite a long way from here. It will take us at least an hour by bus.


A: No let's take a taxi.


Luckily there were quite a few taxis waiting outside the hospital, and one of them agreed to take them to their destination. Seeing a box in Armaan's hand Kannan enquired what it was. Armaan explained that it was the prathas kaka had packed for him. He thought they would save time if they ate that while travelling, instead of halting enroute for lunch.


Around 3 o'clock they reached a village and a typical village house. Seeing the taxi a number of windows and doors opened and faces peeped to see who had come to their village in a cab. Armaan followed Kannan into the house after leaving their footwear outside the house.


"Athai, I've brought a guest to your house," Kannan called out.


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Armaan is so good!
Sabke lie kitna kuch karta hai!
Gr8 part
thnx 4 pm
cont soon

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blessed4 IF-Dazzler

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gr8 part as usual so refreshing to see ur update everyday AGAIN.......continue like this . I LOVE ITBig smile

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kweetrockstar IF-Rockerz

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hey di
beautiful part
Armaan is just such a rockstar
love him sooooooooooooo much
thanks for the pm
waiting for the next part


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