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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 58)

GuDiYa... Goldie

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awesomeeeeeeeeeee part

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ssh57 Goldie

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Part 166

Armaan just put the papers down with disgust. Riddhima also stood up and walked into the washroom. Hearing her throw up, Armaan rushed there. When she came out, he took out his hanky and wiped her wet face. Then holding her by her shoulder, brought her to the seat and made her sit down. When he asked "are you ok?" she only nodded. "I don't want to read any more of that crap. Keep it away from me" she said pointing to the bunch of papers on the table. "I can't believe a mother can behave like that."


"You've just entered the field of psychiatry, sweetheart. By and by you'll come across worse psychos, then this will be nothing, in comparison. Anyways I'll handle this, don't worry. But you need to make yourself stronger and look on it as an observer, not putting yourself in the victim's place." He continued without removing his arm from around her shoulder. Only the tone was more like a senior doctor, explaining to his intern.


R: yes, you are right. I need to learn how to dissociate myself from the patient and be only his doctor. The patients should be back from their group session, I need to check on them. I'll make a move now.


Seeing that she was somewhat composed now, he said "ok,carry on."


When she left, he picked up the reports which he had dumped in his drawer earlier, and proceeded to Dr. Mohan's cabin.


Dr. M: The prognosis is really bad Armaan. He needs the immediate attention of a Hepatologist. We'll have to call his family and discuss this with them. I think it's not advisable to delay it any further. The earlier the better.


A: Sir, he has no family besides his brother. I doubt if he'll take the responsibility. But,………… I'm his family too.


Armaan had to reveal to Dr. Mohan that Kartik was Riddhima's biological father, as he knew Kannan and Valli wouldn't care about him. He would have to take the initiative and proceed with his treatment. All said and done, the people most dearest to him, carried some of his genes. So he owed him that much.


A: Sir I'll talk to Dr. Shashank and see if I can shift him to Mumbai.


Dr. M: Have you told Mr. Kartik about his condition. Talk to him first.


A: Yes sir, I'll do that.


When Armaan entered Kartik's ward, he was asleep. So he went back to his cabin and continued to read the diary.


"Though I was scared at first, I soon began enjoying her attentions and wanted to please her. I spent all my spare time with her. My grades started dropping and I was taken to task by my father. But I didn't mind it. One night, before my prelim exams, I was sitting up late trying to concentrate on my studies, when I heard some noise outside. I went outside and saw someone leave the gate. I couldn't recognize him. Who could it be at this hour? What was he doing here? Were the questions running in my head. Suddenly, I heard her voice, "what are you doing outside at this hour?" I just walked in without answering her and went to bed with a thousand unanswered questions running in my head.


One day, we were given a half day leave from school, because a Trustee had died. Kannan went with his friends to play cricket. I came home saying I had to study for the exams. I straightaway went into the kitchen. She wasn't there. I was searching for her around the house when I heard some sound from the upstairs room. When I went up, the door was latched, but I could hear her giggling. I tried to push open the door, but it wouldn't open. "Who is it?" she called out. Hearing my voice she said, "go and have your lunch, I'm cleaning this place, I'll be down soon."


I didn't believe her but went down all the same. I hid behind the stairs to see who came down, as I was sure there was someone else with her. After sometime I saw a man literally run down the stairs and rush out. I didn't recognize him. When she came down I questioned her about him. She said I was imagining things and if I dared talk all this nonsense to anyone she would have to tell my father about my misbehavior with her. I was dumbstruck. I couldn't talk it over with anyone nor get over it. It was then I felt she was actually a witch. I just hated the sight of her now.


I couldn't concentrate on my studies. I want to get away as far as possible from her. Seeing my poor performance in the prelimnary exam, my father thrashed me with the belt. She stood watching him but didn't stop him. When he questioned her about what I did the whole day long, "He doesn't obey me and sits daydreaming" she replied nonchalantly. The very next day he sent me off to my athai's house (as we had prep holidays), asking her to keep a strict eye on me. That was a blessing in disguise.


Initially I couldn't concentrate on my studies and kept thinking only about her. But as they say 'out of sight, out of mind.' With my athai's kind words and encouragement, I was able to get back to my books, just in time to save my future. I didn't go home even during the board exams. Perhaps that's why I fared quite well. Then with athai's support I managed to convince appa that I deserved a break and went to spend the vacation at my mama's house in Mumbai. Even after amma's death he had been in contact with us.


Armaan was brought back to the present by the knock on the door. When he called out for the person to come in, it was a nurse who had come to inform him that Mr. Kartik was awake. Armaan put the papers away and went to meet him. Sitting next to him Armaan could visualize the young teenager being abused. No wonder he had turned to be such a womanizer. It was his revenge against the one who had not only abused him, but then dropped him for someone else.


Seeing him quiet, Kartik prompted him "You read the diary I suppose. Too shocking eh?" Armaan didn't want to get into that right now. So he said "I've come to discuss your reports of the CT scan and biopsy with you, Kartik."


K: Oh! Don't hesitate doctor. I'm prepared for the worst. How much time do I have still?


A: You need to consult a liver surgeon right away. I thought Sanjeevani would be an ideal place for that. Even if there's a need for immediate surgery, it will be taken care of, there.


K: No doctor, I don't want to go anywhere. If I have to die, let me die here. I've come to like this place. Don't worry about the payment either I've enough savings to pay you for a couple of months. I don't suppose I'll last much beyond that.


This was one man, who was willing to face his death head on. But the Hippocrates oath, which he had taken at the time of his graduation, didn't permit him to let his patients give up his life without trying their best to save it. So he began to coax him to agree to the treatment.


A: If I remember correctly, I thought you wanted to find your child. Wouldn't it give you so much more peace if you could close your eyes seeing her and maybe her children too?


Kartik laughed as he said "You seem to be sure it's a daughter."


A: no, no I meant her or him.


K: even if I do meet her, do you think she'll forgive me for abandoning her? No doctor, I'd rather die without knowing her, than seeing the hatred for me, in her eyes.


A: Ok just tell me wouldn't that child be about my age now? Then think of me as that son, and just for my sake, let's get a consultation with a hepatologist.


Tears welled up in his eyes as he leaned forward and hugged Armaan. "It's extremely kind of you to say that. No one has ever cared whether I lived or died. No one's ever stopped me from drinking, except Prema of course. She used to always ask me "why do you drink peripa?" Several times I promised to give up but when the pain shot through my stomach, only alcohol would help me bear it. So I would go back to it. All the others, I'm sure, hoped I would drink myself to death soon. Maybe if someone had stopped me earlier, I wouldn't have got addicted to it in the first place. And if I hadn't driven her away from my life, I wouldn't have ever needed this satan, in the first place. She was the only good thing that ever happened to me. Perhaps that's why I didn't realize how precious she was and puhed her away."


Armaan couldn't believe what he was hearing. He tried to console him saying "Sir, there's no use looking back and regretting our actions. We should look to the future and rectify the errors of the past, today."


K: you are so right beta. May I call you that?


A: Of course sir.


K: and could you make it uncle, instead of sir.


A: uncle it is. So tell me uncle when can we leave for Mumbai?


K: Please beta I don't want to go to Mumbai. It holds very sad memories for me and I wouldn't be able to face Shashank either. Couldn't we get it done at Coimbatore?


A: I'll try to find out. I hope you won't mind if I discuss about that with Dr. Shashank?


K: No, only I can't face him or talk to him. You may, that is if he's prepared to even look into my case.


A: He's a doctor first and foremost. He may get upset, but it won't affect his professionalism. That, I can assure you.


Then looking at his watch he said "I'll take your leave now, I'll be back with some news for you in the morning."


K: Bye beta, and say bye to Dr. Riddhima also from me. She just hates me doesn't she?


A: No it's not like that…


K: It's ok, I'm used to people hating me.


Armaan was beginning to like this man. But what he had heard of him and what he saw now didn't match anywhere. "People do change," he thought to himself, but it all could also be an act, so he couldn't trust him totally. He would have to verify the truth. But how?


Riddhima was talking to maa on her phone as she waited for him. She had so far kept her promise and there would be no talk of Kartik at home. Seeing him she called out, "Armaan where were you? See the time. Come on let's head home." 


A: Just give me a minute, I'll lock up everything and come.


After coming home in the evening, Riddhima would first have a cup of coffee, while Akshat literally bit off her ears, with all details about his day. Armaan would in the meantime take chotu for his drive. Then Riddhima would go for her beauty bath, relaxing in the warm water for at 10 -15 minutes, to soothe her frayed nerves.


Whereas for Armaan, evening was the busiest time, with both his sons vying for his attention. He would barely have changed his clothes, when Akshat would start repeating the day's happening to him. The little one would be standing near his feet, waiting to be picked up. And once he was picked up, he would start biting him and pulling his hair. He wouldn't even let his dad turn towards his anna. The elder one on the other hand would be complaining "Dad aap meri baat sun hi nahi rahe ho. You never have time for me. Aap hamesha Ani ke saath hi khelte rehte ho."


Armaan's immediate solution would be "chalo teeno milkar chupa chupi khelte hain." If it was Ani's turn to hide, he would come out of his hiding place within a few seconds and get spied by his anna. If anna was hiding, the smart chap would look at his nani for 'ishara' with her eyes and immediately run to that spot. There would be some cribbing from Akshat that he was cheating, someone was telling him the spot. There would be some physical accidents with both of them dashing against each other and the warbler falling and hurting himself. But dad was there to set everything right.


Things would come to an semblance of order, when their mama came asking Akshat to show his books and athai took Ani away, to feed him dinner. Padma liked watching this routine 'hungama'. She couldn't help admiring her son-in-law. Who else would have the patience to keep two boys engaged and happy, after having dealt with so many psychic cases all through the day?

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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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great update yaar

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lil_desi_goddes IF-Rockerz

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superb update!

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meow23 IF-Rockerz

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u noe i'm begining to like kathik.. he seems 2 b a very knowledeable person..
i hope all is well in d end..
luvd d lst hungama prt..
hw cn shanky manage 2 stay alone in mubai n padma out here...
mayb he shld cum dwn to relax 4 sumtym
thnx 4 dpm

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-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

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"Armaan " thats what the ff spells out.He is the man ,the best doctor ,husband ,father and human .Who wouldnt want an Armaan in his/her life .I think Kartik has improved and if he hasnt its going to be a shock for Armaan ,even if he is strong ,because he seems to be drawn to his life's story .I miss those family moments though ,even though they are mentioned ,the  moments rather then the narration written by you is such a pleasure to read.

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sjain IF-Addictz

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oh WOW..another engaging update...njoyed it alottt...karthik's past is too torturous.....I felt sad about it..but arm is just so perfect in handling every situation...I hope things get solved soon...Again I missed ani and akshat in this update...

update soonn

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Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey Di !

That was really nice part... I really think Kartik is not faking now. .. He has been through really bad n harsh times... Wonder how ll Shashank react to it .. he doesnt even know anythng about it !

Hope things finally fall into place for all..

cnt soon.. thanks for d pm..


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