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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 55)

jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 5:37am | IP Logged
nice part

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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
awesome update
loved it loadz 
cant wait 4 da next part
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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ssh57 Goldie

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Part 165

As they stopped outside their house Armaan cut off the engine and before Riddhima could open the door, he pulled her hand. When she turned around he pulled her other hand also in his. Holding both her hands and looking into her eyes he pleaded, "Please cheer up. Otherwise maa will guess that something is wrong. She's calm about all this, because she trusts me to resolve everything amicably. I want you also to do the same. Will you?" Riddhima could see the pleading in his eyes and nodded. He kissed her hands before letting them go.


As usual the little one came bounding to the door, hearing their car. That was sufficient to cheer up mama's mood. She picked him and when he started biting her cheeks and nose, in the name of kissing, she also pretended to bite him saying "mama ko bahut bhook lagi hai. Chalo Ani ko hi kha leti hoon." His morning moodiness seemed to have vanished and he was gurgling with laughter, as he was feeling tickled. The picture in front of his eyes was very soothing to Armaan's eyes and he felt assured that if anyone could distract Riddhima, it was the kids. She would forget the whole world, when they were in her arms.


Ani had been getting naughtier and disobedient by the day. At meal times, he insisted on sitting on top of the dining table, not on anyone's lap. That way he could pull everything. If he was not allowed to do things his way, he would wail so loudly, bringing the whole house down. So the last time they went shopping, his parents had got him this dining chair harness.



In the last few days, he had understood that it was a trap for him. So when Riddhima went to place him on it, he lifted both his legs and refused to sit on it shaking his head and shouting "nai, nai" The more she insisted the more adamant he became.


A: theek hai Riddhima, usey neeche chod do, main baittha hoon us chair mein.


Then touching it and caressing it he added "Wow it's so beautiful. Kissi ke paash aisey cushions nahi hai, sirf mere liye hai. Awesssomme." At once the little on walked to that chair, put his head on the seat and hugging the chair said "Ani kushshi. Dad no" Riddhima picked him up, placed him on the chair and tied the belt saying "haan Armaan, yeh to Ani ki kursi hai, tumhari nahi. Sirf Ani baitthega ispar." Now that he had got himself into the chair he had no choice but quietly eat what his athai was feeding him.


When Armaan went to his cabin on returning from lunch, he saw Kartik's pathological reports' file on his desk. Riddhima went on her rounds to see if all her patients had had their lunch, and their medicines. Mrs. Menon, who had started as a social drinker had turned to alcohol when she lost her husband. Nothing her daughters said could keep her away from it. So ultimately they had to bring her here. She was having severe reactions to the drugs and was unable to retain any food. So Riddhima asked the nurse to start IV fluids. Then she proceeded to Armaan's cabin as both of them were to meet Kartik, in the afternoon.


Seeing him engrossed in the file she asked "Whose reports are those?" "Kartik's" Armaan replied without looking up.


R: Are they bad?


A: Very.


But he didn't elaborate on it.


R: show me the reports.


He didn't want her to see the reports yet. So he said "we'll have to get some more investigations done."


R: Theek hai we will. Kya kya tests karvaye hain woh to dekhoon.


A: Haan dekhlo, lekin pehle zara Stella se pata karvalo if he's awake. If he is, we'll go and talk to him.


When she got up, he too got up with the file and when she moved out, he quickly removed some papers and dumped them into his draw and then followed her out. The previous week's tests itself had revealed cirrhosis of the liver, so he had asked for a liver scan and biopsy. The prognosis was 'Hepatocellular carcinoma.' He didn't want to reveal this to Riddhima as yet.


As Stella told them that Kartik was awake, they straight away headed to his ward. On the way Riddhima stretched out her hand for the file and he readily handed it to her. From her expressions he knew that she understood the gravity of this case. She had suspected as much seeing his extended abdomen. Even with the special low salt diet prescribed by the hospital's dietician, he was not improving.


When they entered the ward Kartik sat up and invited them to take seats. Before he began, he looked at Riddhima and seeing the files in her hand asked, so doctors what do my reports say? Is it too late for repentance?


When they looked at one another not knowing what to say, he continued "I know the end is near. I've known it for quite some time. But now I feel I should get the forgiveness of all those, whom I've wronged, before Yama comes for me. Do I have the time for that at least?


A: once you realize your mistake and want to set it right, that itself is a form of repentance. Whether those people forgive you or not, God will forgive you.


Laughingly Kartik said, "So indirectly you are saying that I don't have the time." "after that drama at Prema's wedding I was ashamed of myself. So I readily got myself admitted here. Not that I wanted to get cured or live long. I have nothing to live for. There were certain things in my life which I had never shared with anyone. I didn't believe in justifying myself to anyone. But somehow I wanted to pour all that out of my heart, before I die. As if only then I could die peacefully. So I started writing a diary. I didn't write exactly in order of the year and date it happened, but as it came into my mind.


That day I had written down about my life with her and wonders of wonders I see her standing right in front of me. Unbelievable isn't it? God knew that the mountain couldn't go to Muhammad, hence he has sent Muhammad to the mountain, to Munnar," and continued laughing at his own joke. He started coughing. His throat was getting parched but he wasn't allowed to drink water as he pleased. The fluid intake had to be measured. So taking a small sip of water he continued.


"You probably think I'm talking in riddles. May be this will clarify things to you." he said handing a few sheets of paper to Armaan. They were papers from the hospital stationery, which patients were provided if they wanted to write letters etc. "I never thought I would share this with anyone but somehow when I see you both I feel a pull towards you. I want to talk to you, tell you everything about myself. I can't explain the feeling."


Seeing Armaan flip through it he said, "I'm not done with the writing yet, there's lot more left." Riddhima was tongue tied all the while. She didn't know what to believe or what to do. Looking at her, Kartik said, "But if you don't want to read it, it's ok I'll understand."


A: if you want us to read it, we surely will. I think you've spoken a lot and you must be tired. Take some rest. Remember we are here to listen to, to help you and to get you back to normal. Your being so co-operative and motivated, is of great help to us. I've seen patients writhing in pain during the de-addiction phase, but you've been very brave. We appreciate it and will do our best for you.


Even when Armaan was talking Kartik was all the time looking at Riddhima. That made her realize that she should put her personal turmoil aside and reassure him, as he was her patient too. So she smiled at him saying, "This is a specialty health care center where each patient is special to us. Our endeavour is therefore to do what's best for them. Rest assured."


Though they left the ward with a smile to Kartik, once outside both were thoughtful. As if by mutual consent they went to Armaan's cabin, and seating themselves comfortably started reading the papers together. The pages were numbered serially. It began -


 I was just a motherless little boy who thought no one any harm. Living contendedly, with a father who was always sad. When he came back from work, he only kept staring at his dead wife's photo beseeching her to come back. It was as if we never existed for him. My little brother, who was a tiny wailing baby. He never seemed to have his fill, how much ever milk he had. And an old paati (grandmother), who kept questioning God why he was punishing her thus. Though she was kind hearted, her weak and worn out body didn't help. In addition to us she had to take care of the house and thatha (grandfather). I never had any friends though.


Everything was going on like monotonous clockwork for a few years. Then thatha died, and paati followed, a few months later. Food had to be cooked, vessels cleaned clothes washed. A number of servants came and went, but no one stayed. Till one fine day my father got remarried. I was a 15 year old boy then. My father was around 40 and she was 25. She was quite pretty and had a smiling face which was a rare sight in our house. But what I didn't know then was that she was a witch, in the name of stepmother. (Even thinking about her makes my goose flesh stand up.)


For a month or so things went on smoothly. I spoke to her only for necessities and that too in monosyllables. Then we had summer vacation. Kannan used to be out playing with his friends all the time. I used to be in the house reading books. There was one room in the first floor of our house, the rest was open terrace. That was my favourite room away from any noise or disturbance.


One afternoon as I lay sprawled in the upstairs room reading some Hardy Boys book, (those were my favourites). She came up with a plate of food for me. She said she had called out many times but I hadn't come down. I sat up immediately and she came and sat beside me. She tried to feed me the food and I just wouldn't have it. I asked her to just leave it and go. But she didn't. I hurriedly finished the food, just to get rid of her. She waited till I had washed my hand and rinsed my mouth in a corner of the terrace. I thought she would leave then, but she followed me back into the room.


She sat beside me with her arms around my shoulder, asking me whether I liked her. I felt very awkward because I have never been so close to any woman and I was basically a loner. So I just walked out from there.


In the days that followed, the more I tried to keep away from her, the more she tried getting closer to me. I stayed away from my favourite room too and waited for the vacation to be over so that I could get back to school.


One afternoon, seeing that she wasn't around, I went up to my room. I was happy to be back there and lay down with my book, when I heard the door being shut and locked. I looked up to see, it was her. Suddenly she started undressing in front of me. When I got up and tried to run away, she pushed me back on the floor and started kissing me. I can't even write what she did after that.


The first page ended there.

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nice one dear

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Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey DI ! Hug

OMG! that was actually some thing unexpected .. Finally, the diary will help them know wat exactly he is ..! and his first entry made me shocked ..i just cudn't believe it ..
That mst be such a terrible thing for him..

waiting to read more of it ! cnt soon.
thanks for d pm.. .


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anushkajain Goldie

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the part was very good ClapStar
ani's part was cute loved itTongueBig smile
i just hate kartik,s step momm how could she steep to such a low level......this states why he doesn't have respect 4 any woman.........bcoz this very incident must have left a deep scar in his mind n heart
i just sometimes feel sad 4 kartik
continue soonSmile

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Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome part dii
my ani is bakkkkkkkkkkkkkk lol love his antics
now i got it
poor kartik had a terriable childhood
contd soon

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Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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sorry double post LOLBig smile

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