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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 49)

spicyheart IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 6:07am | IP Logged
gr8 part
loved it as usual!!
i just love the way u write
continue soon

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GuDiYa... Goldie

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 7:43am | IP Logged
awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee part

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 11:19am | IP Logged
heyyy dear,
nice part
continue soon


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saniashzadi Goldie

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 11:28am | IP Logged

awesome update...

loved evry bit of it...

update nxt part soon



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felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 11:43am | IP Logged
awesom update
 loved it loadz
 cant wait 4 da next part 
con soon 
thanks 4 da pm

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
As Always Arman is there to handle all situation for his family. In this story which i like most is how Arman and Ridhima are so different in nature but bonded so strongly.
This make them a perfect couple.

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ssh57 Goldie

Joined: 21 January 2009
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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 10:25pm | IP Logged

Part 164

A: Riddhima, he abandoned maa when she was carrying you. So he relinquished all his rights over you. Why do rack your head unnecessarily. Let's cross the bridge when we come to it.


Then coming close to her and putting his arms around her shoulder he said "Riddhima, I can understand what you must be going through. You've always harboured so much hatred for this man, who was responsible in bringing you into this world and not being man enough to accept you. You've even wished to give quite a few hard slaps across his face and make him grovel for your forgiveness. But now, all of a sudden you are face to face with that very person, and he doesn't seem to be the same bad man you imagined him to be. You are confused as to which is the real him. But Riddhima we can't come to any conclusion without finding out more details. Right now I've to rush to the OPD. You also get back to you duty. We'll talk about this later and see how to get the truth out of him." Both of them walked out of the cabin to their respective duties, but the whole morning she couldn't concentrate on her work.


She was in the general ward checking some patient's chart. The patient was prescribed some new injection. She brought the medicine and took out the required dose in the syringe and went to inject it to the patient. The patient was fast asleep. Just as she was about to inject it Dia came and held her hand. Riddhima "kya kar rahi ho? Yeh meri patient hai and I've already given her her medications." Only then Riddhima realized that she had walked to the wrong bed. "Thank you, Dia" she said as she realized the gravity of the mistake she was about to commit. Seeing her upset Dia just hugged her saying "It's ok dear. Ho jaata hai kabhi kabhi. You take a break. Do, main injection laga deti hoon. Mrs.Menon ka hai na?" Riddhima nodded and left.


She was ashamed of herself. What if Dia hadn't come in just then? When Dia came to the interns' room 5 minutes later, she found her sitting all by herself and weeping bitterly. Putting her arms around her she consoled her, "Come on Riddhima, kuch galat to hua nahi na?" In between her sobs Riddhima blurted "agar tum nahi aati to zaroor ho jaata. How could I be so careless? It could have had severe repercussions. I can't forgive myself. I'm not fit to be a doctor if I let my personal issues make me forget my patients," she went on and on.


Varun was hearing all this from the door, though the girls didn't see him. He had never seen Riddhima so upset about anything. He could see that though Dia was holding her, she was trembling. He was wondering whether he should go and tell Armaan about it, when Armaan himself came up to him, seeing him standing outside the interns' room, hesitating to enter. He had just finished the OPD and was walking back to his cabin. When he came and stood beside him, Varun got all flustered. Armaan was about to question him when his eyes fell on the weeping Riddhima inside.


Immediately he rushed in, stood in front of her and hugged her by the head. She too immediately put her arms tightly around his waist. Rubbing her back gently, he consoled her saying, "Calm down Riddhima. Stop crying first." Then he noticed the coffee flask still there. He indicated with his eyes to Dia to pour out a cup. When she got up to follow his instructions, he sat down beside his sweetheart and gently wiped her tears, but they continued to flow endlessly. When Dia handed him the coffee cup he held it to her lips saying "thoda sa coffee peelo. You'll feel better." When she shook her head, he took one sip and held the cup to her lips saying "dekho maine usey aur bhi meetha kar diya. Ab to peelo."


Varun who  had followed Armaan looked at Dia, flabbergasted that he could joke even at such a tense moment. But that really paid off. Though she hit him on his shoulder, she was smiling through her tears and then hid her face against his shoulder. Dia and Varun also started smiling. "Chalo mere cabin mein chalte hain" he whispered in her ears and she nodded. Then she got up and hugged Dia saying "Thank you once again Dia."


D: kitne baar wahi kahogi? wouldn't you have done the same for me?


Armaan held the coffee cup in one hand and had his other arm around Riddhima's shoulder as they walked to his cabin.


"Riddhima kya hua, you are not well?" Stella's voice came from behind them. She was surprised to see Armaan holding his wife so closely in the hospital. Though it was almost a month since Riddhima joined MSHC as an intern, they both always behaved like just two doctors. Anyone seeing them would never guess they were husband and wife. They were at his cabin door now. Armaan opened the door and gently pushed Riddhima inside before turning around to answer Stella. "Just a slight headache" he said holding aloft the coffee cup. He didn't want her to see Riddhima's swollen eyes and keep guessing the reasons.


Closing the door behind him and locking it he went and sat on the chair next to Riddhima, not his usual chair. Then pulling her onto his lap, he held the coffee to her mouth. She took a sip and said "rehne do. Thandi ho chuki hai." He put the cup on the table. Lifting her chin with his bent index finger, made her look at him and just raised his eyebrows in enquiry. Her guilt wouldn't let her look into his eyes. Fiddling with his shirt buttons, she narrated the incident and was sobbing by the time she finished with it. He just pulled her close and let her cry for sometime.


He could understand the chaos that must be going on in her mind. He was reminded of the time she had come to know about her adoption. Then she had lashed out at everybody including him, for no fault of his. But that had helped her get over her emotions. But now being a mature person, she knew no one was responsible for her predicament except fate. She had wondered so many times in the past, what would her father be like? Did she have any of his physical resemblance? Did she inherit any of his habits, likes or dislikes? But today when was seeing him face to face and talking to him, she didn't know whether she ought to be happy or sad that she had found her biological father.


R: I thought I have faced all the problems I was destined to and now that you had come back into my life, it will be smooth sailing. But no! Once again life has brought me at crossroads, and I don't know which way to go.


A: Riddhima I can very well understand the agony you are going through. And I promise I'll get everything sorted out very soon. Till then please don't torture yourself with questions. Just give me 2- days time, main sab doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani kar doonga. You trust me na? Then leave everything to me and remain calm.


When she nodded quietly against his chest, he kissed her forehead and put his chin over her head. After a few minutes she came out of the hug saying, "I need to go and check on my patients." Armaan nodded and said "But first wash your face well." While she went into the washroom to wash he took out some ice pieces from the mini fridge kept in the corner of his cabin and tied it in his hanky. When she came out wiping her face, he beckoned to her to come and sit. When she looked enquiringly at him he pushed her into the seat saying "close your eyes" and started fomenting her eyelids with it, to reduce their swelling.


A: its already 12, you finish checking your patients, phir hum ghar chalte hain.


She nodded and got up from the seat and hugged him once again saying "love you." "I love you too sweeetheart," was his rejoinder.


Once she left, he set thinking what he should do now? Very confidently he had assured her that he would get everything sorted out in two days time, but how? Where does he begin? Suddenly an idea struck him. Why not go and meet Prema? Maybe she could throw some light on this man's character. But how to contact her? Would Kartik have her number? He couldn't ask him outright, he might not like it. He decided to check his cell without his knowledge. After all, the cell was in hospital custody and he was only trying to help him, he debated with himself.


He went to the reception and asked Robert uncle for the keys to the lockers where the patient's personal belongings were stored. If anyone else had asked for the keys, uncle wouldn't have given him. But he knew Dr. Armaan for the past 5 years and was sure his top priority was always 'the patient's welfare'. So if he wanted the keys, he must have good reason to do so. Therefore he handed over the keys with the request, "Armaan, please return the keys only to me, not anybody else."


"Sure" Armaan said accepting the keys. He went and opened the locker. The lockers were numbered according to the bed number and so were the keys. He found his clothes, a bunch of keys, some papers neatly filed and the cell phone. He was going through the numbers, when Riddhima walked in. After looking for him everywhere she had gone to the reception and was looking around when uncle beckoned her and whispered to her where Armaan was.


Seeing him fidgeting with a mobile, she asked "Yahan kya kar rahe'" But before she could complete her question, he motioned her to remain silent and continued his search. To his disappointment there was no number stored in Prema's name. Seeing his disappointed face, she asked "kiska number dhoond rahe ho?" He explained to her what he was looking for.


R: Maybe she has a pet name.


She tried to recollect all the endearments akka used for her and the kids and listed them.


R: look for Thangam, Rajati, Kannu, Chellam,


Armaan kept shaking his head after each. Suddenly there was an 'Eureka'ish look on his face. There's a 'papa' here. Papa means child in tamil. Shall we try calling this number? When she nodded, he called the number but it was cut before the third ring each time. Cursing their bad luck, they decided to forget about it and go home for lunch. Just on an impulse Riddhima took the phone from Armaaan and noted the number in her cell. They put everything back in, locked up the locker and went home for lunch, after handing the keys to Robert uncle.


As they drove home, Riddhima tried the number she had copied from Kartik's cell. A girl's voice hullowed and when Riddhima said "hello, Prema?" she asked "aamam, yaar edu" (meaning - yes,who is it?). Riddhima understood that, and replied, "I'm Dr. Riddhima from MSHC." At once the girl's agitated voice enquired, "Is something wrong with Peripa?" (bade papa).


R: No, he's ok. We wanted to ask you about him so that we can understand his case better and help him. Can you please come to Munnar for a day?


P: I would like to, but I can't. My in-laws won't like it and neither would my husband. But if it's absolutely necessary I can bluff them somehow and get away.


R: No, no please don't do anything like that. Will it be ok if we come to Kochi to meet you?


P: Actually, they don't want anything to do with Peripa. Is it possible for you to come to Tiruppur next week? I'll be going over for Pongal and plan to stay over for a week. We can meet there and talk.


R: Ok I'll get back to you. Thanks for the co-operation.


As Riddhima had put the call on loudspeaker once Prema started talking, Armaan knew what she had said and was now thinking how to get everything worked out. Pongal was still 10 days away he didn't want to wait for so long.


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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 10:48pm | IP Logged
nice paart yaar
loved it

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