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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 41)

ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 7:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by hopefully

Originally posted by ssh57

Originally posted by hopefully

hey  Sharda!!
armaan's instinct to reveal everything to ridhima was very thotful and also avoided many unnecessary complications.. i guess shashank would be there sooner,thus adding to the tension. lets see whats in store!!
and in the previous part,the line--  Armaan thought how the little one came bounding to the door even before they got out of the car.  gave me remembrance of my own childhood where  i wouldnt let enter my dad in unless he took me for a "round"..LOLLOL


That's exactly what my daughter also would do. hence I included it here.
this ff  is so much real!!SmileSmileSmile

Thanks for the compliment dear. I use a lot of real life instances in this ff.

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ammy_ka_ashu IF-Dazzler

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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saniashzadi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 22 February 2011 at 9:37am | IP Logged

hey dear

really nice update...finally armaan revealed the secret to ridz and tht is the wisest thing to do...good goin armaan fr looking at both preceptive b4 reaching on some decision....hope ridz and padma dont get emotional when ever they meet karthik and destroy armaanz plan...

looking fr akshantz birth day party hope everything goes smooth and this party brng Mallik family more close...

update nxt part soon



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GuDiYa... Goldie

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Posted: 23 February 2011 at 4:56am | IP Logged
awesomeee part Big smile

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ssh57 Goldie

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posting error, scroll below

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ssh57 Goldie

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Part 161

Akshat's birthday dawned chilly and cold. As usual his mama and dad woke him up at midnight. He had cut the cake and fed his mama, dad, nani, dadu and athai. His little bro was fast asleep though.Then he had touched each one's feet and taken their blessings. They blessed that he should always be happy, that he should excel in his studies, etc., but no one had given him any presents. Maybe they would give him at the party in the evening, he thought to himself.


The cake was extra special because it had been baked by his nani. He had requested her to bake a cake for his birthday when she had told him that she used to bake cakes for his mama's as well as his maasi's birthdays, and more recently for Anshul's. He was very happy that she had kept her promise, inspite of being unwell.


Yes for the last few days, his nani had not been ok. He had seen her wipe her tears, when she thought no one was looking at her. And when he questioned her, she would say she wasn't keeping too well, hence her eyes were watering. He had even told his mama that nani wasn't keeping well, but she didn't give her any medicine. She only kept saying dad would take care of everything and he shouldn't worry. Mama, dad and nani were talking about somebody every now and then, but he didn't understand who it was.


It was a good thing that he had woken up early in his excitement about his birthday, because there were several phone calls for him. The first call was from his nanu, followed by Anshul, mausa and maasi. His dad left the cordless phone in his room, as he knew there would be numerous calls for him. He had just come out of his bath when Abhi uncle called. He spoke to him at length enquiring about his school, his football practice etc. He usually called him at least once a month and spoke to him more than he did with his parents. Next Nikki aunty wished him and even Akshita gurgled into the phone, which Nikki aunty interpreted, as her way of wishing him. He blew her a kiss and cut off the call.


He had hardly put the phone down and was buttoning his shirt, when it started ringing again. This time it was the Grewal family. All of them were asking only one thing. What special theme had his dad planned for him? He could only say he had no idea.


All of hem had finished their breakfast. His mama and dad were getting ready to leave for the hospital and he, to leave for school. But there seemed to be no arrangements in progress for his birthday party. He wondered if everyone had forgotten about it, but he was the last one to remind them about it. Just then his mama brought a box of chocolates and asked him to distribute it to his classmates. Oh! So they did remember! Then kissing him and wishing him to have a nice day his parents asked him to come out and see them off to the hospital.


It was an unusal request, but he obliged. When he waved to them from the door, his dad beckoned him to come to the car and asked "Birthday gift nahi chahiye kya?" He only smiled and nodded. His mama indicated something behind him with her eyes. When he turned around, what he saw took away his breath and he squealed with joy. He ran towards it and touch it affectionately. Itwas this bicycle.

Then he ran back to his parents and jumping onto his dad, clung to him, with his arms around his neck. And his dad wrapped him in his arms.He kissed his dad on both the cheeks saying "Thanks a million dad!" The leaning over and kissing his mama he said "love you, you both are the best parents." Just like Riddhima he was a very emotional person, so soon tears were trickling down his cheeks. Then sliding down from his dad's arms, he said "Aap kitne achche ho, meri har wish poori karte ho."


Armaan wiped the tears from his cheeks saying "hey betu, you are a big boy now and boys rote nahi hain." Akshat quickly replied, "Nahi dad main ro nahi raha hoon. Main to bahut khush hoon ke aapne itna fantastic gift diya hain hi mujhe." Then he moved and hugged his mama. He now reached upto her shoulder. Then looking up at her he said "mama main sach much bahut bada ho gaya hoon na? Yeh dekho" he put his hand on his head and showed he had reached above her shoulder. She pulled his cheeks and said "tum jitne bhi lambe ho jao, lekin hameesha mera shona beta hi rahoge." Then kissing him said "bye beta, have a wonderful day. Yaad se hoodie pehenke jaana." She reminded him as it was quite chilly outside.


Ak: Mama, kya main school ko aaj cycle par ja sakta hoon?


He could cycle well, thanks to his dad's training. He used to hire cycles from the rental shop, and practise with his dad's help. Seeing Riddhima hesitate, Armaan said "haan, lekin dadu ko saath le jaana."


After waving them off, he ran in and started packing his bag. Nani came in with his lunch box which had homemade pizza in it. Wow! It was fun having nani over, he thought. Then putting on his favourite hoodie that went well with his new clothes, he left for school on his new bicycle, with kaka escorting him.


As soon as he entered the school, all his friends crowded around him admiring his new cycle, which was a beauty. After wishing him a Happy Birthday, they started questioning him about the preparations in progress for the party in the evening. He was unable to answer them as he had not seen anything put up. Instead he told them about the special cake that his nani had baked for him. They too didn't tell him that his dad had already sent them Ben 10 invites through Tania and asked them to keep everyhting a surprise for Akshat.


He had thought that his dad would take an off today to do everything, but he had left for work, as usual. He hoped there would be something special for the party that evening or else they would all tease him no end saying "Ani's birthday was much grander." Tania's "Hi Akshat," and her handshake saying "Happy birthday and many more happy returns of the day!" brought back the smile to his face. But her face didn't seem too happy.


Before he could enquire, she took out a packet from her bag and handing it to him with a smile said "Here's your gift." Akshat looked up surprised and asked "why are giving it to me now? You'll be coming in the evening na?" He could see the tears welling up in her eyes though she tried her level best to hide it. "Jason is running fever. He's been crying a lot since dada left. And he won't stay with our grandparents. So mama won't be able to bring me over to your house."


By then the bell rang and the teacher came to the class. Akshat couldn't bear to see his friend sad. But before he could say anything, the teacher asked him to come and stand in front of the class, so tha they could sing the happy birthday song for him, after the prayers were over. He offered chocolates to his teacher and then to the whole class. He was waiting for the break to sort out things with Tania.


As soon as the recess bell rang, he went to Tania and explained that Shafi uncle would pick her up with the other children and drop her back. But she wasn't sure whether her mother would agree to it. He consoled her saying that he would get his mama to talk to hers, and then she would surely agree. That brought a smile to her face, and she nodded happily.


But when he got back to his place, the smile on his face vanished. His tiffin box had been vandalized and the lovely homemade pizza had been gobbled up. There was only a teeny weeny bit left for him. But a lot of other stuffs were being offered to him, by his friends. At first he was angry, but then he thought the pizza was small price for the sweet smile on his best friends face.           


Armaan dropped his sweetheart and the other two at the hospital and went to collect the flex board figures he had ordered for and then the Ben 10 cake. He had taken the day off, but didn't tell Akshat about it. He got the the paper plates, tissues, cups etc of the same theme from the cake shop itself. That done he went to Mc Donalds to place an order for aloo tikka burgers and finger chips. His next halt was at Pizza Hut, to order for mini pizzas. He had wanted to order for icecreams too, but Riddhima had firmly put her foot down saying that the climate was too cold these days, so children might catch a cold if they had icecream.


At the hospital, Riddhima was given charge of Kartik's case, in Armaan's absence. Riddhima's hair was blowing all over her face today. The new shampoo seems to have made it extra soft, she thought to herself. She borrowed a hairpin from one of the nurses and knotted her hair into a loose bun at the nape of her neck.


When she entered Kartik's ward and started checking his pressure, he kept staring at her without blinking his eyes. She got very irritated and felt ashamed that he was trying to flirt with his own daughter, though of course he wasn't aware of it. She had always harboured a hatred for the man who had taken advantage of her maa's innocence and left her with an illegitimate child. But now she really abhorred him.  She felt like giving him a tight slap across his face. "At least think of your age," she thought to herself.

K: You know you remind me of someone.


 In the last two days, she knew Armaan was trying to befriend Mr. Kartik, so that he could get him to confide in him. So she didn't want to offend him. Giving him an artificial smile, she said "Oh do I?" And then sarcastically added "May be I remind you of your mother." Then mumbled to herself, "I wish I were. I would have put you across my knee and spanked you black and blue such that you wouldn't be able to rest on your back, ever again, let alone take anyone else along to bed."


"Yes, exactly!" he shouted and jolted her back to the present. "What?" she asked him without making any effort to hide her irritation, "Oh! So you find me old enough to be your mother now?"


K: Of course not, I didn't mean that. If I had got married at the right age, I would have had a daughter as old as you now.


He had been about to say had I been married to Padma, but he wasn't sure what Padma had told about him to Riddhima. He didn't want to create trouble between stepmother and stepdaughter. Armaan had told him that Padma and Dr. Shashank had got married only 9-10 years ago. While Riddhima wondered if it was regret, that she had heard in his voice.


"I meant you bear some resemblenc to my mother." He continued. Somehow I never noticed it before. But today with you hair in a bun, your eyes, your cheek bones and your," he halted for a moment before continuing "lips remind me of her." Hearing the last part Riddhima was just about to blast him when he said in a soft voice, "I don't remember much else about her, as I was just 5 years old when she expired."  That immediately softened her up and she said "Mr. Kartik, Kabhi Kisi Ko Mukamal Jahan Nahi Milta. Kisi Ko Zameen, To Kisi Ko Asman Nahi Milta." Then realizing that he may not have understood it she started to interpret it saying, "I mean," when he interrupted her and said, "I understand urdu Dr. Riddhima. But what I don't understand is aap ko kis baat ki kami hai. You have a famous father, a doting husband, I can understand this from the way he talks about you and the kids." I wish I could tell you, she thought to herself, but said "I wasn't talking about myself." Then changing the topic she went on to say, "You have been bearing the withdrawal sysmptoms quite well. I know it can be extremely painful."


"I've borne much more pain than this doctor," he said with a faraway look in his eyes. And before she could ask him anything more, he said in a sad voice, "I was about to spoil the life of the very child, who had taken so much care of me. The only person who showered me with real love, after so many years'That motivated me to give up this satan. And after coming here and seeing the other patients who are almost done with their treatment, I'm doubly motivated. I want' to become a good man, doctor, at least a man who is not a disgrace to his family."




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-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

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Lovely part <3 loved it 
I like how Armaans always doing so much for his family.And the trust they all have in him proves how much they love him back !
But the last few [arts have been very less of Armaan Riddhima together I miss them LOL Sorry but am so used to the Mallik family scenes !

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Nice part di... Getting a cycle on b'day remind me my own one. Big smile And also sharing lunch with frnds in school was really fun...

Hope Karthik is not playing with ridhima's feelings ... He is genuinely sorry for his behavior.  

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