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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 29)

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Part 157

Seeing Armaan alone she asked "where's maa? She seems upset about something. Any idea kyon upset hai woh? She didn't even eat properly."


"Main dekhta hoon" he said picking up his empty plate. He kept looking out for Padma as he dropped his plate and proceeded to wash his hands. He spotted them behind a pillar, almost out of anybody's view. He too would have missed them had Padma's pallu not been flying. He was in two minds whether he should interrupt them.


Just then he heard the loud chorus of 'Jingle Bells,' and saw the crowd move towards the entrance to welcome Santaclaus. He decided to go and have a look as to how maa was faring, as she didn't look very happy about meeting this person. As he went near he heard Padma say "which child?"


K: oh! So I was right. There was no baby. It was all a lie to trap me. But my going away was good for you too, you should agree. You managed to trap an even bigger fish, the Shashank Gupta himself!


Having said that he guffawed heartily. Had it not been for all the carol singing going on around, everyone would have heard him. But seeing Armaan in front of him with his piercing looks, his laugh died down.


K: your mom-in-law and me are old friends Dr. Mallik.


"old being the operative word" Armaan retorted. But thick skinned that he was, Kartik ignored that and asked Padma "Was it friendship that we shared Padma?" Armaan could see Padma was at her wits end. Putting an arm around her shoulder he smiled a sacharine smile at Kartik saying "excuse us sir, we need to get back. I'll see you tomorrow during my rounds." The last part sounded more or less like a threat or warning.


Then, as they both made their way towards the crowd, he asked her, "maa, do you want me to drop you home?" She shook her head saying "I want you to make sure, Kartik doesn't talk to Riddhima again." The quiver in her voice said all that she didn't or couldn't put into words. Holding her hands and looking around to make sure no one was hearing them, he asked "maa is he Riddhima's father?" She just put down her eyes and nodded. He understood that she didn't want Riddhima to know about it. This was not the time to question whether it was right or wrong on her part to do so. He pulled her along to where the others had gathered, saying "aap tension mat lo, I'll take care."


As he tried to spot Riddhima and Akshat in the crowd that had gathered around Santa, he saw Kartik pushing through the crowd, trying to get close to Riddhima. He quickly moved towards them and leaving Padma with them, he went and stood beside Kartik. "You don't know me very well, but I know your kind very well." He whispered between his teeth to Kartik, such that no one would know he was talking. Kartik turned towards him with an innocent look but Armaan's glare was sufficient to push him away to the outskirts of the crowd.


With all the noise around, the little one had woken up and had begun making his displeasure known to everyone. When the Santa approached him he got scared. He buried his face in his mama's neck and clutched his mama tightly. "Buddhu darr mat, yeh Santaclaus hai. Yeh bacchon se bahut pyaar karte hai aur gifts dete hai. Yeh dekh tujhe bhi gift de rahe hain," his intelligent anna explained to him. But when he didn't turn around still, he said "mama yeh animals kitne cute lag rahe hai na?" Hearing the word 'animals' the little one immediately turned around, snatched the gift the Santa was holding out to him and again turned to hide his face. All of them started laughing at that.


The kids had all got their gifts and started dispersing happily chattering about it. It was vinyl animals, for the preschool kids, a doctor's kit for the next age group and Badminton racquet and shuttlecocks for the older kids.


The Malliks also made their way out bidding all their friends goodnight. Walking towards his car Armaan thought to himself "what's with these christmas parties? They seem to bring about a major turning in my life. Two years back it gave me back the most precious things of my life, my Riddhima and my betu and now my father-in-law? Is this for better or for worse?"


Ani was pulling at the plastic packet, to get the toys out and was angry with his mama for not helping him. She was saying "Ghar jaakar kholte hain." But who could wait so long. So he began chewing the cover when it was pulled away by his nani. So he gave out a shrill cry and started hitting his mama and pulling her hair. "phat" he got a spank on his butt. Athai took him from her, explaining that he had got up in the middle of his sleep and that's why he was so cranky.


At last they reached home. Riddhima took the little one and went to her room.


A: Main Akshat ko sulakar aata hoon.


He went to Akshat and said "tum change karke brush karlo, main thodi der mein aata hoon." He then went upstairs to Padma's room. Though the door was slightly ajar, he knocked and asked "maa, main ander aa sakta hoon?" Padma opened the door wider and said "aao beta." Armaan could make out that she had been crying. He made her sit on the cot and sat opposite her on a chiar. Then holding her hands said "maa, I can understand that you are upset meeting him after so many years and that too when and where you least expected him. You seem to be frightened of him. What did he say to scare you?"


P: Armaan I don't trust that man. I'm scared he'll create problem if he comes to know that Riddhima is his daughter.


A: Maa, papa has legally adopted Riddhima. He can't claim her as his daughter now. And even if he tries to, what is he going to gain?


P: I'm not able to spell my fear clearly. But my intuition says he'll create problems. I don't want Riddhima to go through anymore problems in her life.


A: you think I'll let anyone cause problems for her, even though it may be her father?


P: Armaan please don't let her know that fact. I've a feeling things won't remain the same if she knows about it. Please get him out of MSHC.


Seeing the pain and tears in her eyes, he couldn't do anything but just hug her and promise her he'd sort out everything making sure no one's life is disrupted. So when he asked "You trust me na maa?" she promptly replied, "I can't tell you how much, especially where Riddhima's welfare is concerned." "Then just delete the last few hours from your memory and leave everything to me. Sleep well. I'll send akka to sleep here in case you need anything at night," he said as he got up to leave.


"Nahi Armaan uski koi zaroorat nahi hai." She assured him but he requested "Please maa, for my peace of mind. I would have asked you to sleep with Riddhima, but she'll wonder why."


P: ok, ok, no problem. And thank you for being the son I've always wished for.


A: What's this maa, aap beta bhi kehti ho aur thank you bhi.


P: Kyon beta hai to thank you nahi bol sakte?  We shouldn't take any relationship for granted. 'Thank you' and 'sorry' have to be said whenever due, whoever that person might be.


"I've heard these exact words from my wife's mouth, now I know where she learnt it from." He chuckled and left bidding her good night.


Akshat had already fallen asleep when he went to his room, but smiled in his sleep when he kissed him. Armaan went to his room and saw the little one fast asleep in his cot but couldn't resist picking him up and cuddling him for sometime. He sat on the bed hugging him to his chest when Riddhima came out of the washroom and seeing him said "Armaan bahut mushkil se soya hai. Don't wake him up." So he obediently went and laid him in his cot, after kissing him.


Riddhima was in bed when he came out of the washroom. As he went and laid beside her she automatically cuddled up to him and put her head on his chest. Kissing her cheek he wondered "How am I going to keep Riddhima away from Mr. Kartik?" But he was too tired to find a solution for it now. So he put it off to the next day, when his mind was more alert state. Shutting it out of his mind for the time being, he gave his sweetheart a sweet kiss and she responded too, though drowsily.


All of them woke up late the next morning as it was Sunday. The main discussion on the breakfast table was the lovely party at MSHC. But that was followed by discussion about Akshat's birthday party the following week. His parents gave him an option. Since his birthday fell on a weekday they could have a small family celebration on that day, followed by a grand one, inviting all his friends, on Saturday. Otherwise they could have one party for all on his birthday itself.


Akshat's first answer was "Hum 3rd ko hi sab ko bula lete hain. Birthday ke baad celebrate krneka kya maza?" His dad made him understand that it being midweek, it would be inconvenient for all his friends' parents to drop and pick them. His friends would also have to go home and do their homework late at night. But seeing his disappointed face, he himself came up with an idea.


A: Theek hai ask your friends to complete their homework and be ready by 7. I'll ask Shafi uncle to pick them from their house. Again after the party, he'll drop them home too. Only get their addresses written correctly.


Akshat immediately got up from his seat, went and hugged his dad and giving a nice kiss declared "Thank you dad, you are the best! I love you veerrrrrrry much." Armaan hugged him with one hand and kissing him back said "I love you too." Padma couldn't take her eyes off the pair. Tear welled up in her eyes thinking what a wonderful father he was. In a way she and Shashank were responsible for keeping them apart for seven long years. How much love this little boy had missed out on, she couldn't help blaming herself for it.


After breakfast father and son had a game of  cricket. Riddhima had made an appointment at the beauty parlour. She asked her maa to accompany her, but she refused saying she had a headache, as she wasn't used to keeping late nights. Before leaving Riddhima requested akka to massage her mother's head with oil. But when akka offered to do so when the little one was napping, Padma said she had taken medicine so she was feeling better. Then she went to watch the cricket match. As usual after sometime the game had to be stopped as they had lost the ball yet again.


Seeing Padma there, Armaan guessed Padma wanted to talk to him. So he sent Akshat away, asking him to go and have bath and then do his homework. He went up to Padma and asked "Aap mujse kuch kehna chahti hai?"


P: Haan Armaan. I want to talk about Kartik. Armaan I'm very much worried.


They walked in as they spoke and as if by mutual consent, they went upstairs to Padma's room.


They sat opposite each other and Padma began. "from what he told me yesterday I understand that he came back from the gulf a few years back. He didn't marry though he had many affairs. Can you believe he actually boasted about it. I really wonder whether I was blind to fall for him. But the main thing is, he came back and invested most of his savings in his brother's business. That business went into heavy loss. And that's when he took to drinking. Now his family finds his habit a nuisance and have sent him here. So at present he is broke. I'm afraid he may adopt some means to extract money from us. Hence I don't want him to know about Riddhima under any condition. Please Armaan I hope you understand."


A: Yes maa, I understand your point, but I'll have to confide this matter to Riddhima. I can't send Kartik out of MSHC without his complete cure. That's the hospital's policy.


P: But what if his family doesn't pay?


A: I'll have to find out about that. But I feel we should tell Riddhima.


P: Armaan I too don't want to lie to Riddhima. But you know her nature. She's so sensitive, if she knows the truth she may get carried away by pity for her long lost father. She may want to look after him till he dies. You know once she makes up her mind about something it's veryndifficult to make her change it. And if we insist that she don't bother about him, she'll be more adamant in wanting to look after him. So please send him away from from Munnar before it is too late. Send him to some other hospital convincing him that it's the better one. Na rahegi baans na bhajegi baansuri."

Wish you all a VERY HAPPY


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hey dear...

really awesome update...

nd Happy Valentines Day to u ...



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crazy_4_karan IF-Dazzler

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very well written part... the suspense is building up really well... wat will be Riddhima's reaction..?? hmmm continue soon eagerly waiting for the next update... :)

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Happy Valentines Day to u

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Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome part diii
kartik is such a ba****d
i thought after soooooooo many years he may apologized to padma
hope riddhima doesnt fall in his trap
happy valentines to u tooo

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Wish u the same..
Great part...
Hope arman sends that man far away..
Thanks 4 the pm
Continue soon

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great update!

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