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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 24)

felicitysmoak. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 11:22am | IP Logged

awesome update

loved it

i just love akshu

cant wait 4 da next part

con soon

thanks 4 da pm

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 10:05pm | IP Logged

Part 156

The days flew by. As was their usual practice, the Malliks went to Kochi for the pre-christmas shopping, to shop for Christmas gifts for MSHC patients, AR's anniversary and Akshat's birthday. They stayed the weekend at Kochi to take Padma around. They visited places which they hadn't visited during their earlier trips. They went by boat to Willingdom Island, the naval headquarters

and then to Mattancherry. There they visited a beautiful Jain temple.

and the dutch palace



Padma was surprised to see Armaan buy gifts for all the kids at MSHC kid center. He explained to her that right from the year that he joined MSHC, he had been buying gifts for them. And now it had become a sacred ritual for him, because that was where he had met his Akshu, for the first time. He had gone on to narrate the whole thing about how shocked he had been to see that the boy whom he thought to be Riddhima's and Abhi's son, had his typical eyes. He had felt as if he was looking into the mirror, as he did while wearing his lenses. He had had no doubts then, that he was his son.


Padma could very well understand how he must have felt then - deprived, cheated, forlorn. She patted his shoulder but he beamed his dimpled smile at her saying "I'm fine maa. All's well that ends well. Now I have my family with me and that's all that matters."


As usual they headed for the food court with all the shopping done. Armaan went to put the shopping bags in the car. Meanwhile Riddhima went to place their orders for food asking each one what they wanted. It was pizza for Armaan and Akshat, dosa for Padma and Riddhima and idli for chotu.


They were waiting for their order when Armaan came and joined them. Padma remarked "I always thought women were shopoholics but here the equation is reverse. You keep picking things and Riddhima keeps putting them back. But even then you've shopped a lot."


A: Maa, this is our annual shopping session. And the same thing has been happening every year. She keeps grumbling not to buy so many clothes for the kids, they'll soon outgrow them, she has no place in her closet for any more clothes, she still has so many clothes which she hasn't worn even once, so on and so forth. But I end up buying whatever I want to.


Riddhima had returned with the idli and dosa plates in her hand while Akshat carried the pizzas. Hearing him, she butted in saying "Haan, haan, main aisey hi kehti hoon. Lekin kuch galat to nahi kehti na? You know maa, he'll shop for everyone but himself."


A: Achcha, if that's so how come my wardrobe is overfloing now? To tell you honestly maa, before marriage I had 10 shirts and 3-4 pants in my wardrobe. Now I have over 40 shirts and about 15 pairs of pants. Aur yeh keh rahi hai, I don't shop for myself.


Padma just shook her and said, "Theek hai, theek hai, woh sab chodo, bachchon ko bhook lagi hogi. Khate hain." Padma admired Armaan for the way he managed the naughty baby and fed him the idli, though he had stained his dad's shirt with his sauce covered palms. (He had tried to snatch his bhai's plate.) He didn't lose his temper nor created a scene about it. He took it casually as if it was an everyday happening.


By then Riddhima had finished her dosa. She held out her hand for the baby saying "Armaan main usey khilati hoon, tum apna pizza khalo. Warna it'll become cold." "No I'll finish feeding him, otherwise woh tumhare bhi kapde kharab kar dega." he replied. Riddhima picked up some tissues and wiped the little one's hand clean. She even wetted one tissue and cleaned his hand thoroughly. Then she pulled him onto her lap and started feeding him, passing Armaan's pizza to him. But the little went to reach out for water and ended up spilling the whole glass on his bhai's lap.


Akshat started yelling and shouting at Ani, who seemed totally amused by it. Armaan consoled him saying, as a compensation, he'd buy a new set of clothes for him. Riddhima interrupted saying he could wear one of the new ones which they had already bought. But as they were leaving the food court, with Akshat hiding himself  behind Ani's stroller, Armaan went and picked up the set displayed in the shop window. Akshat had seen it only when they stepped out and had said, had he seen it earlier, he would have chosen that. Armaan had wanted to get that one too, but Riddhima had pulled him away. Now he had a valid excuse to buy it and please his betu as well.


It was Christmas party at MSHC. Everyone was having a gala time. Armaan was introducing his maa to everyone when Dr. Mohan arrived with his wife. Everyone was greeting them, but one person had his eyes fixed on Padma. "Could this be her?" he asked himself. "If it is it's one hell of a small world, I should say." Armaan turned around, feeling someone staring at them, and found Dr. Mohan approaching towards him. He introduced Padma to him saying "Sir, my maa. Aur maa, yeh hai Dr. Mohan, Mrs. Mohan."


Dr. M: It's a pleasure to meet you Mrs. Gupta, the woman behind the very successful Dr. Shashank Gupta."


Someone hissed hearing that, but when Armaan turned around he couldn't spot anybody.


P: No, no, I can't take the full credit for it. On the contrary it's totally his dedication to his profession. I had only a minor role to play, in that.


Then both the ladies got talking and were soon joined by Riddhima. "Armaan let's leave them free to bicker about our profession being our first wife etc. while we men move to the bar."


A: Sir I don't want to drink, I've to drive back.


M: Oh come on let Riddhima drive tonight, I need company.


Armaan had a small peg to please Dr. Mohan and when he saw Rajan arrive there, he slowly slipped away on the pretext of looking out for Akshat. Akshat was enjoying himself a lot at this party because it was a reunion of sorts with all the doctors' and nurses' kids, whom he had befriended at the kid center.


When one of the older boys enquired about his other father, he answered him that he was his uncle now and was doing fine, without the least embarrassment. Armaan was watching this and his heart bloated with pride hearing his son's cool reply. This showed that he had overcome all his earlier insecurities and had grown into a confident child now.


He let him be with his friends and moved towards the patients. As he walked to each and everyone conveying the season's greetings, he came across a new face. When he stared at him for a few seconds, the man stretched out his hand saying "I'm a new patient here. The name's Kartik."


A: Hello, I'm Dr. Armaan Mallik.


K: Mallik? Are you not Dr. Shashank Gupta's son?


A: Of course, I am his son and that too in law.


When Kartik didn't seem to understand, he smiled at his puzzled face and said "Dr. Shashank is my father-in-law, my wife's father. I hope I'm clear now." Just then Riddhima came looking for him and seeing him talking to her patient said "Hello Mr. Kartik, so you've met my husband?"


K: Your husband? But I didn't think you were married.


Armaan immediately put his arms around her waist very possessively saying, "she's very much married and we are the proud parents of two boys too." Then turning towards Riddhima asked "So sweetheart shall we hit the dance floor?" As they moved from there Riddhima smiled at Armaan's possessive behaviour and said "Don't tell me you thought he was flirting with me. He's an old man Armaan, he's nearing 60."


A: whatever, but I didn't like the way he was staring at you.


After they both left from there Kartik went in search of the person he was most surprised to see here. Destiny had its way of making you meet the most unexpected person, at most unexpected place and that too with an extraordinary timing. "Padma" he called out to her, in a barely audible tone. In the din of the music she wasn't sure whether she had heard right. Who would call her by her first name here, she wondered. But at the same time the voice seemed oddly familiar. She turned around and kept staring at the person who had called out to her.


As usual everyone complimented Armaan and Riddhima for their wonderful chemistry and cheered them as they danced to the fast numbers that the band was playing. After a couple of dances Riddhima noticed Akshat hovering at the periphery. When she turned towards him, he beckoned to her and said "mama bhook lagi hai," when she came close. Soon Armaan also joined them and they went for dinner taking kaka and akka along. Akka had already fed Ani and he had slept off, as she strolled with him outside. Dia volunteered to keep an eye on him while they ate, as she also wanted to get some fresh air. Riddhima and Armaan exchanged knowing glances seeing Varun following her closely behind.


But Padma was nowhere to be seen. "Main maa ko dekhta hoon, tum log shuru karo." Armaan said and went looking for his mom-in-law. Not finding her inside, he went outside thinking she must have stepped out for a breath of fresh air. But he was very much shocked to see her talking to the new patient and that too flicking away the tears from her eyes. But the minute she spotted him, she moved quickly towards him saying "It was tooo stiffling inside."


Without saying a word Armaan simply put his arm around her. She was Riddhima's mother and her eyes were as expressive, if not more. He knew something was the matter. But when he felt he body shiver under his arms, he stopped in his tracks and looked at her enquiringly. She looked up to see why he had halted and that was her undoing.


Looking into his kind eyes which were welcoming her to confide her problems, tears came gushing down. He took her to the nearest seat and made her sit. Then holding both her hands between his, he asked very gently "maa, koi problem?" Her tears continued to flow but she couldn't utter a word. He stood up saying 'main aap ke liye paani le aata hoon." But she shook her head and wiping her tears said "Ab main theek hoon, andar chalte hain. Riddhima hamara intezaar karti hogi." When he didn't budge from there, she tightened her hold on his hand and asked "main apne problems tumhe nahi bataoongi to kisse bataoongi? Par baad mein. Ab chale?"


As soon as they entered, Riddhima came to them and asked "Arrey kahan reh gaye the tum dono? We are almost done. Chalo tum log bhi kha lo." Then seeing her mother's face she asked "maa, aapki tabiyat to theek hai na?" Padma just nodded and went to get her dinner. When Riddhima looked questioningly at Armaan, he just shrugged his shoulders and followed maa.


When Padma and Armaan returned with the food, Riddhima had gone to get dessert for Akshat and herself. Padma whispered to Armaan "Please usey kuch mat batana." And he merely nodded. Riddhima came and sat next to her mother and started "maa pata hai, my patient Mr.Kartik was papa's college mate in Junior college. He even knows Smriti mom." Padma became white as a ghost hearing her words, but only Armaan noticed it. He thought he should change the topic and put maa at ease but then thought if it was something disturbing her so much, she would definitely want to know how much Riddhima knows about it. So he just prodded her further asking "aur kya bataya unhone?"


Padma was shocked by his question. Only a few seconds ago she had requested him not to reveal anything to Riddhima, and here he was unearthing everything.


R: It seems he went on to become a civil engineer but kept in touch with papa for many years after that. He said he had even attended papa's wedding to Smriti mom and was enquiring about their daughter, I mean Anjali di. Bus then all of a sudden he excused himself and went away and that's when I saw you both coming.


When she and Akshat got up to dispose their plates, Armaan looked at Padma and said, "I just wanted you to know, how much she knew. Otherwise you'd worry about that." Oh God! how she had misjudged this angel for a few minutes. She didn't have words, her throat choked and tears welled up in her eyes. He squeezed her left hand with his and indicated with his eyes that Riddhima was returning. Immediately she flicked away the tears from her eyes and got up before Riddhima arrived.


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meow23 IF-Rockerz

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karthik is ridhimma's biological dad kya?. if yes luvd dis twist.....

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sjain IF-Addictz

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 11:17pm | IP Logged
another wonderful part....

I luved it ..u introduced ridzy's dad's angle in toe story thats quite interesting ...WOW..I always wanted this in original DMG story ...and now m luking forward how u handle this in story ahead...

update ssonnn

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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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great updates yaar
loved it

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qt4ever Goldie

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Posted: 09 February 2011 at 11:55pm | IP Logged
Gr8 part
i think kartik is ridz's dad?

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anumeha_rajat IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 February 2011 at 12:44am | IP Logged
amazing part di...
sooo cute bickering b/w AR....loved it...
i guess he is ridz dad...nice twist...
thnx for the pm...

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Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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wowowowowo awesome part diii
thanxs 4 taking up my suggestion
now bring morre twist n masala hehehehehe

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