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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 18)

meow23 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 8:57pm | IP Logged
luvly prt....

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Alu- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 9:18pm | IP Logged
aww it was cute

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-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 01 February 2011 at 9:36pm | IP Logged
Really cutee part <3 thanks for the update 

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saniashzadi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 5:22am | IP Logged

hey dear...

really nice update....

update nxt part soon



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GuDiYa... Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 6:37am | IP Logged
awesomeeee di Big smile

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
Nice part di. The last was too cute.. Arman is such a baby complaining about RidhimaLOL I hope Anjali doesn't say anything to ridhima which will hurt her. Missed Ani in this part... Adat hogayee hai uski...

Continue soon.. thnx for the PM

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 04 February 2011 at 10:12pm | IP Logged

Part 154

"Aww" he screamt and opened his eyes when he felt a bite on his cheek. And he saw his angel right before his eyes. He pinched himself to make sure that he wasn't dreaming. She laughingly questioned him "so who kept you awake last night? I wasn't here." Then she burst out laughing seeing his confused state. He turned around looking for the kids whom he had held in either arms as he fell asleep. "Tum kab aayi? Bachche kahan hai? Sab log aaye hain kya?" he tried getting up from the bed as he fired one question after another. She put her finger on his chest, pushing him back on the bed, fell over him.


"Ridh.. dhima" he stammered. But her lips sealed his. Then he was far from capable of any talk though a thousand questions ran in his head. When they finally came out of the liplock, holding his face between her palms she answered his earlier questions, one by one. "Main yahn ek ghante pehle pahunchi. Di wanted to go to Kovalam beach. So we cut short the Trivandrum trip and returned.  They have all gone to Kovalam and I returned here. Maa also wanted to come with me, but I told her I would send Shafi to pick her from Kochi, the day after tomorrow. Are all your questions answered now?"


A: Why didn't you go to Kovalam with them? Didn't they mind your returning here without spending enough time with them?


R: However much I tried, I couldn't hide from them the fact that I missed you and kids. Maa lied to them that Akka had called up saying that Ani was missing me a lot and crying for me. So they didn't mind my returning.


A: I'm sure Anjie must have commented on that too.


She didn't reply to that, but from her expression he understood that, what he said was correct. Suddenly he looked at the clock. It showed 12.40. Realizing that she had come all alone in the middle of the night, he questioned, "Lekin tum is waqt akele kaise aayi?"


R:Maine Shafi ko  call kiya tha, he came and picked me.


A: Riddhima are you mad, couldn't you have at least called me? And Shafi also didn't care to tell me.


R: I had made him promise that he wouldn't inform you. I wanted to surprise you, but looks like you aren't very happy to have me back.


A: You know that's not true. We three were like lost souls without you. Yesterday, even kaka and akka were saying that the house feels so empty without you, though all others were there. They said Ani kept going to all the rooms, calling out "mama, mama" and searching for you.


Her eyes became watery hearing that. "I think he missed my feeding the most. Just now he was so happy and satisfied when I fed him. I think I'll continue his night and early morning feed for some more days. Dr. Sheila said the weaning has to be with the baby's willingness and at his pace. Even when I join MSHC I can continue those two feeds na?"

A: Ya, provided you are not on night shift.


R: oh I forgot that.


A: That can be managed too. I can bring him over to you, if need be, don't worry.


R: You know Akshat talks like a grand old man, but heart of hearts he too missed me terribly. When I took him to his room and made him sleep, he was talking non-stop about how happy he was to see me back. He wouldn't leave my hand, lest I disappeared again. I managed to pull it away, only when he was fast asleep.


"Oh! So I have become your last priority now. You spent time with the kids first. Now they take precedence over me, is it?" he moaned. She just smiled seeing his cute pout and leaning over she whispered "I only wanted to ensure that they didn't disturb us. I wanted my sweetheart to myself for sometime. Is that wrong?" Then putting her arms around his neck, she said "I missed you soooo much." Once again she leaned to kiss him but now he took over. Her sweet words had thrilled him no end. He didn't believe in telling her how much he missed her, but in showing it.


Both of them tried to outdo each other in showing how much they had missed the other. And slept peacefully after a passionate love making session. They woke up only when the daylight pierced their eyes. Riddhima was the first to open her eyes. Seeing the bright light she looked at the clock and was shocked to see it showing 7.20. She immediately shook Armaan awake. "Armaan it's 7.20. Utho, you'll be late for the hospital." He open his eyes and before he could react she was into the washroom.


By the time she came out, Armaan went to wake Akshat. Akshat was saying "dad pata hai maine kya sapna dekha?" but Armaan silenced him saying "betu late ho jaoge, pehle school ke liye tayyar ho phir baat karenge" and sent him into the bath. Then he rushed back to his room to get himself ready. "Armaan jao get ready main Akshat ko dekhti hoon," she said as she came out of the room drying her hair. Seeing him standing with the closet open, she pushed him towards the washroom saying "main tumhare kapde nikaaldoongi, go shower." Leaving Armaan's clothes on the bed she went to see what Akshat was doing. Hearing the water running in the washroom she banged on the door caling out "Akshat jaldi karo beta, varna late ho  jaoge."


The next second, the washroom door flew open and Akshat ran out all wet and dripping, holding a towel around his waist. "mama aap sach much aa gayi ho? I thought I had dreamt of you last night," he said coming and hugging her. She smiled at him and started wiping his face and dripping hair with one end of the towel, while he tightly held on to the other end covering his naked self. As she wiped him she asked "kal raat ko itni der baat ki tujse, aur tum mere haath pakad kar soye the, phir bhi tumhe woh dream laga?" Then handing him his underwear she said "jaldi se tayyar hokar, breakfast ke liye aa jaana."


Then she went to attend to her eldest baby. He was standing in front of the dressing table, having just finished combing his hair. His shirt hung loosely over him. Before he could button it up, she slid her had from behind caressing his bare torso. He held her roving hand and pulled her in front of him. Then holding her by her waist asked "kya irada hai sweetheart? Mujhe kuch nek nahi lag raha hai." She moved closer to him and placing her cheek on his chest said "sach mein irada kuch nek nahi hai." Then she pulled away a little and looking into his eyes asked "can you take the day off today?"


He was quite surprised by her sudden question and asked "Kyon?".


R:I want to spend a day with you. Tomorrow mama will come and from Monday I'll be joining MSHC. I'll also become busy.


He held her face in his palms and seeing her earnest request his face fell. "I'm sorry sweetheart. Aaj ek important meeting hai. Otherwise I would have taken an off. But I'll do one thing, I won't come home for lunch, I'll come directly at 3. The four of us can spend the evening together and then we'll go out for dinner. Just the two of us. Is that fine?" She put her arms around his neck and kissing his lips said "perfect" But he wasn't satisfied with the tiny peck, so he pulled her and kissed her soundly. And right on time the little one woke up and with a loud cry too.


Both of them burst laughing. He had indeed done a great favour on them, by having slept till so late and not disturbing them earlier.She went to pick up the little one and Armaan started getting ready. Coming in her arms, he gurgled with laughter and started excitedly licking her face saying "mama mama mama". She showered him with kisses, and then hugging him tight asked "shona ne mama ko miss kiya? mama ne bhi tumhe bahut miss kiya shona" As Armaan buttoned his cuff buttons he looked at the duo through the mirror. The last member of the Mallik family came in just then declaring "Main tayyar hogaya hoon and aap sab logon ka wait kar raha hoon breakfast ke liye."


R: ok, ok chalo bahut late ho gaya hai. Sab log nashta karne chalo.


The entire family sat at the table, the little one as usual pulling everything and grabbing things from everyone's plate, while the others hurriedly gulped down the alu paratha. Armaan left kissing each one of them and Akshat followed shortly after kissing his mama and his kid brother.


During the meeting Dr. Mohan noticed Armaan was even more chirpy than his usual self. He seemed to be inwardly excited about something. So after the meeting when they were all dispersing he called out to him and asked "Armaan, anything special today?" Armaan looked surprised at him and replied "Special? What's special?"


Dr.M: No, you seem quite excited about something. That's why I asked.


Rajan joined them then and hearing Dr. Mohan's words added "Maybe he's excited because his wife is away on a trip with her parents."  Armaan just glared at him and refuted him saying "For you kind information Dr. Rajan, she came back last night." "Oh! So that's what the excitement is about!" Sheena said as she joined the trio.


A: Come on guys, what's with you all? Didn't you find anyone else to pull legs this morning, that you are all targeting me?


All of them started laughing and then dispersed. As Armaan went into his cabin he thought to himself  he really felt light headed today. Just two days away from Riddhima and he was behaving like a lovestruck teenager. He tapped his head and said to himself  "Come out of it Armaan, your son will be a teenager soon."


Anjie called Riddhima to say that they had reached Kovalam and it was indeed verrrry beautiful! Riddhima had made a mistake in returning to Munnar and not going  there with them. "It's ok di, I'm here only na, we'll go some other time." But in her heart of hearts she thought "the sight of the three joyous faces, on seeing me back, was worth far more than hundreds of Kovalam beaches." She had decided she's not going anywhere without them, ever again. They were the centre of her universe and she couldn't move out of their gravitational pull. She was at her happiest when she kept orbiting around them. Let people think that she was enslaved by them, she was spoiling them or she was pampering them. She didn't care.


She was sad that Armaan wasn't coming home for lunch, but he made up for that, by calling her up every now and then. She played with Ani the whole morning, caught up with her course matter, when he had his nap and was eagerly waiting for Armaan when it was three and he arrived promptly too. Kaka and akka had gone for a nap, so hearing him she ran to open the door and was next to him before he even locked the car.


  "I missed my lunch today as I had to complete my work by 3. Is there any lunch left? Bahut bhook lagi hai" he said as they walked in with her carrying his bag and his arms around her waist. "Tum change karlo, main khana lekar aati hoon" she replied. She went into the kitchen heated up some pulav and khadi and roasted 2 papads. He was rocking Ani in his arms when she entered with the plate. He hadn't even changed. When she was about to question him, he motioned to her to keep sient and gently laid the baby in his cot. He covered him and kept patting him for a few more minutes, to make sure he was fast asleep. She sat on the bed patiently waiting for him. Then with his eyes he excused himself and went into the washroom.


Coming and sitting next to her, he opened his mouth when she held out the plate to him. She shook her head and smiled at him. Then picked up a spoonful of the pulav, dipped it in the khadi and took it towards his mouth. He held her hand and turned the spoon towards her mouth. "Armaan main kha chuki hoon" she protested but he inserted the tip of the spoon into her mouth. When she took in a little bit of the rice, he pulled out the spoon and ate the remaining. "mmmmm yummy!" he said, pulling her onto his lap and opening his mouth for more. She hit him playfully and fed him the whole thing.


When she tried to move out of his lap having handed him the glass of water, he pulled the plate from her hand and placed it on the side table, along with the empty glass. Then sliding down on the bed, pulled her also along.


R: Armaan at least go and rinse your mouth.


He simply shook his head and started nibbling her earlobes and kissing her neck. That was enough to pull her down like the quicksand.

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Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome part
so that was real riddhima not his dream riddhima
dii kuch twist karoo na plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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