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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 133)

-LoVe.KaSh- IF-Stunnerz

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very nice update...:D

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ssh57 Goldie

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Part 189

When she just sat hugging him without saying a word, he asked "kya hua? Kuch to bolo."  Moving a little away from him, holding his face between her palms and looking lovingly into his eyes, she said "I've no words. There couldn't have been a better way to unwind myself after the exams. And as I always say, you'll never cease to surprise me. Talking of surprises,you never saw what I got you" she said,  and pulled her bag to remove the packet.


When she showed the buttons to him he asked "you bought these studs for me? what am I going to do with them?"


R: Stupid these are buttons for the kurta.


A: Are these real diamonds?


R: Of course they are.


A: Riddhima, are you mad? Why did you waste money on these?


R: you bought me a diamond bracelet, that's not expensive and that's not madness. But if I buy anything fo you, it's waste of money na?


A: Arrey you wear jewellery regularly. How often do I wear kurtas?


Then seeing her disappointed face he said "theek hai, now on, I'll start wearing it often, at least to show off the pretty buttons that my darling wife has got me." Then kissing her very sweetly he said "they are very beautiful, thank you very much." She purposely did not respond to him pretending to be still angry with him. Then she got up, took her night clothes and went into the washroom to change.


"Oh God! How could I be so stupid!" he cursed himself. "She had brought it so lovingly, and I like a fool spoiled everything." While in the washroom, Riddhima was thinking she would tease him some more. So coming out of the bath she went and lay on the bed, her face away from him. He thought of going and buttering her up, but then decided to shower first and verify the truth of the advertisements of the new chocolate flavoured deo which he had purchased today. Would Riddhima really lick him like the girls in the ad did? Of course she would, she loved anything with chocolate flavour, he was sure.


She was eagerly waiting for him to come and maskafy her, but was terribly disappointed when she heard the washroom door click shut. Her plan had backfired. Of course! He must have understood that her anger was only naatak, not real. In her anger and disappointment, she couldn't even sleep.


Suddenly she felt something wet on her neck. When she opened her eyes and turned around, he was leaning over her with his trade mark dimpled smile and letting the water from his hair, drip down her neck. She tried to scowl at him, but his wet, bare body was doing things to her senses. Even if she tried to avert her eyes, she couldn't. Drawing a line on her cheek with his fingertip, he bent closer and asked "ab tak naaraz ho mujse?" When she stammered and said "h.h.ha'an", he smiled yet again and leaned in to kiss her.


She suddenly moved away from him and scrunching her nose asked "are you eating some chocolate? Or did you drop any chocolate syrup on yourself ?" he didn't notice her expression, so proudly said "no it's my new deo. You love chocolate flavour na?" she got up with a jerk and said "yuck Armaan. I like to eat chocolates and chocolate flavoured icecreams, but chocolate flavoured deo? It's unimaginable. Please go and shower first. I can't stand it."


"Sh** yaar, everything seems to be going wrong today." He grumbled to himself. But how could he go wrong with the chocolate flavour? Anyways her wish was his command so he went to the washroom once again to scrub the smell off himself, mumbling, "by the time I'm done, she will surely be asleep."  But when he came out, she was nowhere to be seen. He put on his night clothes and went to the children's room, thinking she might be there, but she wasn't. The other three were fast asleep though.


He came back to their room wondering if she might have walked out in anger, but he knew she wouldn't do so in he nightie. When he entered back in their room, he heard some movement in the balcony. When he went to see what it was, she was sitting on the floor, her head tilted back against the wall and gazing at the sky. He slid down beside her and asked, "Yahan kyon baiti ho?" Without taking her eyes off, but with a serene smile she said "See the sky looks so beautiful with the stars twinkling so brightly." Armaan followed her gaze and had to admit that the stars seemed extra bright in the clear sky away from the pollution of the city.

She was literally shivering and pulling her nightie closer. Armaan went in and got a bedsheet to cover. He had thought of packing a shawl but thought she might question the need for a shawl in the Chennai heat. So refrained from doing so, lest his surprize should be out. He wrapped the sheet around both of them and sat star gazing with her. But tiredness overtook him and in a few minute his eyes shut and his head drooped on her shoulder.


Seeing that he was sleeping in an awkward position, she pulled his head on her lap. Automatically his head turned towards her and he snuggled against her stomach. Her gaze shifted from the stars to his face. She passed her hand through his hair and he smiled in his sleep. He loved it when she did that. He always said that it gave a very soothing feeling. She caressed his face thinking he looks just like my babies, when he's asleep. The efforts he takes to keep his whole family happy. How he takes care of each and everyone's need, mindless about his own. "If God helps me and destiny favours me, I'll make you the happiest man, Dr. Armaan Mallik," she vowed to herself.


When she felt her legs stiffen, she pulled her knees up, alongwith him, she hugged him in such a way that his head rested on her shoulder. She wrapped the sheet tightly around both their bodies and conveniently rested her cheek on his head.


The bright light disturbed her sleep and she blinked open her eyes. His face being hidden in her neck didn't face the light, so he was still asleep. She was stiff all over and wanted to stretch her legs. She did so very gently, taking care not to disturb him. But he lost the coziness and slowly opened his eyes. He seemed disoriented for a while. Seeing him look like a confused baby, she bent down and gently kissed his lips and they spontaneously responded, his arms going around her neck.     Sensing that she was in an inconvenient position, he let go of her and sat up.


A: did we sleep out here in the balcony the whole night?


R: I guess so.


Stretching himself, he slowly stood. When she did the same she stumbled as her legs had become numb. He picked her up and carried her inside, laying her down on the bed. Then he started massaging her leg to get the blood circulating again. "You should have woken me up na? he admonished her. She folded and stretched out her legs a couple of times and said "I'm fine now, Armaan." When he started getting naughty lying down beside her, she said "Armaan kya kar rahe ho? The children may walk in any time."


A: par maa aur papa ko bura nahi lagega?


R: unhe kyon bura lagega?


A: They must have spent so much for this room and we didn't even utilize it.


R: matlab?


A: we've not made use of this beautiful room and this comfy bed.


R: Armaan! Tum to...


A: Maine kuch galat kaha kya? They were so thoughtful in gifting us 2 days alone by ourselves. That couldn't be fulfilled , at least let's make best use of this room.


Not giving her any chance to reply he captured her lips in an intoxicating kiss. Then there was no escaping from his charm. Finally it was past eight when they got ready and went to the children's room. Both of them were still asleep but akka was all set. So both of them started waking up the boys. Riddhima the younger one and Armaan the elder one. Of course Armaan's job was easier and he already had Akshat in the washroom, while Riddhima was still buttering up the little one, lest he became cranky on being woken up.


While Akshat was having his bath, Armaan said aloud, making sure that the little one heard it. "Riddhima Akshat tayyar ho gaya hai to hum usey lekar gumma jaate hain. Ani so raha hai, akka uski dekhbaal karegi." Immediately the little one's eyes flew open saying "Ani gumma". Riddhima picked him up saying "to phir chalo jaldi jaldi tayyar ho jao. Nahi to dad humey chod kar chale jaayenge."


In twenty minutes they were at the restaurant for breakfast and then proceeded to the famous botanical gardens.


Shafi: actually you should have come here next week. There will be a flower show here. Tourists from all over the world come for it.


A:actually I wanted to, but the hotels were all booked and I thought we could save one way trip if we come on our way back from Chennai.


The Botanical garden was truly breathtaking. The variety and arrangement of the flowering plants was incomparable.



There was also a flower decked aeroplane exhibited in the garden.


They returned to their room and as it was too late for lunch, just ordered some snacks. After all of them took a nap as they were really tired walk around the huge garden. In the evening the went to the lake for boating. Ani was as usual thrilled about going in the water. The colouful boats made a very pretty picture. They took a pedal boat and each of them took turn in pedalling.

It started getting chilly soon, so they had to come back to the warmth of their room. They straightaway headed to the restaurant and after having a nice warm dinner, hit the bed. Their legs were aching as if they had been trekking.


The next morning they all got up very late as they had decided the previous night itself, that rest was more important than sight seeing. Later in the morning they went to the highest point in Ooty, Doddabetta which also happens to be the highest point in south India. There was an observation post there,



from which they could view the whole of Ooty.

Then they visited the pykara falls.

They were told the toy train journey was something they shouldn't miss at all. So they decided they would take that, to travel back to Coimbatore. The toy train would leave Ooty by 3 pm and reach Mettupalayam, a place near Coimbatore, in four hours. So immediately after lunch they had to pack up and leave. Shafi dropped them at the station and took the road to meet them at Mettupalayam.


The view was amazing, more or less like Pothamedu and Erivakulam in Munnar. As the train moved very slowly, Armaan got off the train and waved bye bye to Ani. Immediately he started shouting, "dad, dad" and beckoning him saying "aao, aao". Then purposely he took Akshat also out at the next station. Then he just wouldn't stay in his mama's lap. He starting shouting at the top of his voice, "Ani bye bye,". Putting Akshat back, Armaan took him out, but then the train moved. He purposely said "mama ko bye karo". Now Ani was in a fix. He started shouting, "Ani mama paash". He wanted to have the cake and eat it too.


They had a thoroughly enjoyable four hours in the toy train. When they reached Mettupalayam, Shafi was waiting for them. They had some refreshments and set of for Munnar. The kids dozed off and left Mr. and Mrs. Mallik to have a chat.


R: Armaan thanks for the wonderful surprise. It was much needed after the tense days we've been through. First appa's ill health and death, and then these exams.


A: yes, and we also need to get set for the hectic time ahead. Don't even think of any vacation for another six months. Dr. Mohan might just give us both the pink slip, even if we say the word leave.


They laughed heartily at that. Hugging his arm, Riddhima said "we'll prove ourselves indispensible for MSHC." Then she called her parents to thank them for their thoughtful gift and to tell them what a wonderful time they had.

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Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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awesome part dii
ooty is sooo beautful
ani n his nautanki
armaan n his ROMANCE Wink

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Get This from

                                           Get This from

                  Get This from

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vidu87 IF-Dazzler

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beautiful update di

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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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loved it so much dear
that was os cute

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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It was lovely... Gosh Arman loves Ridhima so much. Even after having a nice bath just she didn't like he went to have another bath.. So much patience he has always... Thnx Di .you give so much details about each place the Malik Family goes/visit. 
I have literally noted down many of them for my own reference Big smile
I love the relationship Shafi shared with Malik's family. He always on his toes to take them anywhere , anytime.
How can i not say about our Little hero. He is super cute...

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-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

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Beautiful update to day the least, AHH love the AR moments. They have matured so much now ! Ani is a totaly nautanki LOL ,wants everyone around !!
I love his moments with the family , and especially the way Armaan manipulates him .
Waiting to read more of these moments between the family.

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