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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 129)

Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 May 2011 at 1:18am | IP Logged
Awesome part
continue soon

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Lovely part. So malik family went with Ridhima this time. I guess it was much needed . Everybody will be happy by this.. I really loved the way Arman explain everything to akshu. I saw it generally when the second child comes or he/she is very small then parents start to neglect the elder one though unintentionally . They have a thought that the small one needs all the attention and the elder one suddenly become big boy/gal. Glad that AR didn't held him for the small accident though Akshu was really nice to blame himself.
Love the malik family always. the perfect family. Clap

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rtjks Goldie

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Nice part.

Update soon...

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-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 05 May 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged
An amazing part again "as usual" LOL
I have always adored the way Armaan and Riddhima are bringing up their children , its amazing and really something to learn from.I guess these are your own values that you incorporate in your ff and thats something that I bow down to. 
The way Armaan consoled his elder darling was touching. Love the moments between the family.
Riddhima is one hardworking woman and success awaits her ahead, what with the support of such a gem .
I cant help but state how selfless Armaan is when it comes to the family and I hope when all is cleared related to the exams ,Armaan gets his due pampering too, I feel he deserves it the most also because he never asks for it and probably never will.
Hoping to know whats ahead in the story now !

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m-g19 Goldie

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http://' border="">

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-LoVe.KaSh- IF-Stunnerz

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nice update:D

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ssh57 Goldie

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Part 188

She nuzzled against his neck and kissed him. "Hey I'm still the examiner. I haven't given you the grades yet. So better behave yourself," he warned. "If the examiner is a male, he'll surely give additional marks for this behaviour. So all the more better" she retorted. "I'm a very strict man and don't like this hanky panky. I'm definitely cutting your marks" he jested. She pushed him on the bed, falling on top of him said, "by the time I'm done with you won't be in a position to do anything, whoever you may be." In a matter of few minutes, he had completely changed her mood. That had been his intention and he had succeeded.


The next morning, the complete Mallik gang went to drop her off at the exam centre, as none of her friends would be there. Geeta's presentation was 2 hours after hers. They met Rakesh though, and the two men exchanged some pleasantaries. Rakesh and Riddhima wished each other 'Best of luck' and parted. Each of the Malliks gave her a hug before she entered the hall to give her confidence. "Remember last night," the oldest Mallik said, and then lowering his voice "I mean the mock presentation" and winking at her continued, "then you'll do very well." That bit of joking took away her nervousness and made her glare at him. She then turned and walked into the room confidently.


As she would be done in an hour, the trio scouted the nearby Mall and returned in time to pick her up. There was no need to ask how it went. The smile and glow on her face said it all. She ran out and hugged them all together. She was able to speak only after a minute. As she came out of the hug, the little one promptly jumped into her arms. Holding him in one arm and putting her other arms around Akshat's shoulder, she said "pata hai Armaan, the external said it was the best case and the best presentation in this batch. And when I told him that I was an intern at MSHC and had actually handled this case, he was even more impressed.


"I'm not surprised. I always knew you were the best" he said with the biggest smile. A gentleman who had come out of the room immediately after Riddhima, and had been standing at the far end talking on his cell phone, turned around then, and seeing them called out "Armaan". Both of them turned towards the voice and Armaan walked forward and shook hands with that gentleman.


A: What a surprise to see you here Dr. Sengupta.


"I was thinking something was familiar with MSHC and the name Mallik. But her face wasn't familiar. I should have guessed, she was Dr. Armaan Mallik's wife." The examiner said with a hearty laugh. "So now I know how she could fare so well. She has an excellent guide." For a moment Armaan was foxed, then it struck him. "Oh! You were her external examiner? Of course her presentation on adolescent drug abuse was you field of specialization. But sir, you are wrong about one thing. However good the guide maybe, if the student is not hard working, nothing can be achieved. The efforts were totally hers. It would be unfair if I took credit for any of it. I've only given her moral support. That's it."


Turning to Riddhima Dr. Sengupta said "dekha chela guru se aagey nikal gaya hai," with his usual hearty laugh. Riddhima couldn't believe that the person who was looking so treacherous inside the room, could be so jovial.


A: nahi sir, woh kabhi nahi ho sakta, chela chela hi rahega aur guru guru hi rahenge.


"Sir was our lecturer for 'adolescent addictions' at the Government College when I did my PG," he explained to Riddhima who was standing dumbstruck, staring at both of them. She nodded and smiled at him, still nervous to say anything to her examiner.


A: How are you sir? still with Government College?


S: yes, yes, still very much there. Just have a couple of years more to retire.


Turning to Riddhima he said "I didn't tell him then, but your husband was one of my most favourite students. Very sincere in his work unlike the others who were only interested chasing pretty girls." Then with another loud laughter he said "But Armaan I should say you landed yourself with a very pretty wife inspite of that." That made Armaan and Riddhima chuckle. "But jokes apart, your wife has a brilliant future," he added. "She's even more sincere than you in her work I think. I could see it in her presentation." Then turning towards the kids he asked suspiciously "your kids? When did you pass out? and when did you marry?" he asked ruffling Akshat's hair.


Armaan said "Sir, I was married even before I joined Govt. College." He didn't want to explain the whole story to him.


S: No wonder you kept off girls. You didn't need to, when you had such a pretty one at home. But….


Thankfully the peon came to call him before he could ask any more questions. Both of them bent down to touch his feet and take his blessings and Akshat followed. Seeing that the little one also wriggled out of his mama's arms because whatever his anna did, he had to copy. Dr. Sengupta was very much impressed and blessed them both. "may you have a wonderful career and a bright future." Then he kissed both the kids and said "God bless you." Then nodding towards the parents he smiled "looks like you've given your kids the right values. Good job. I need to go now the next candidate is waiting." The Malliks bid him goodbye and left.


They were the most happiest people then. They straight headed to the same Mall, to the food court and did pet pooja first. Then Armaan dragged her into a jewellery store there and asked her to select a bracelet. "Armaan what is the need for this now? It's not like I have topped the merit list. I just gave a good presentation."


A: Your gift for topping will come after the results. This is the anniversary gift which I couldn't give you. Come on hurry up you still have two more exams to study for if you remember.


R: You select. All are very nice.


Just then the salesman showed one with a diamond flower and and a few emerald leaves. Armaan immediately selected that. "Armaan tum pagal ho gaye ho? You know how expensive that might be?"


A: It's ok, I haven't purchase any jewellery for you in a long time.


The little one was beginning to get restless. As she was looking in the showcase, Riddhima's eyes fell on some kurti buttons with tiny diamonds. "Woh zara dikhana" she asked the salesman. "Riddhima chalo, chotu is fidgeting" Armaan said.


R: Do one thing, saamne Reebok ki sale lagi hai. You all go and select some good shoes for Akshat for his football and something for chotu also. I'll come soon.


She wanted them out of the way while she chose something for Armaan. Finally she selected kurta buttons studded with tiny diamonds. When she asked them to pack it and walked towards the payment counter the man took the bill and when she extended her credit card said "just a minute maam." He spoke to someone on the phone. Just then Riddhima got a call on her cell. It was Armaan asking her to come to the Reebok shop.


R: Lekin maine abhi yahan payment nahin kiya hai.


A: it's ok I've told them that I'll be there in a few minutes.


When she spoke to the shopkeeper he accepted to wait. In the opposite shop, they had selected a very nice sports shoes for Akshat and also one for the little hero. Armaan asked her to use her card for the shoes while he went to collect the jewellery. He didn't want Riddhima to know that her bracelet cost over one lakh rupees. Otherwise she would start firing him again.


The next few days flew by with Riddhima studying and Armaan entertaining the kids with akka's help. Thankfully the hotel had a shady children's area where they spent a lot of time. At last Riddhima's exams were over. Archana had invited them for lunch on Friday and the Malliks were to leave for Munnar directly after that. As usual Shafi had come to pick them.


All of them had a good nap enroute. When Riddhima opened her eyes it was quite dark outside and she was literally lying on Armaan's lap. Akka was in the front seat of the omni van, next to Shafi. Chotu was aleep in his crib, place between the two seats and Akshat was stretched out on the seat in front of them. She realized Armaan had woken her up and hence her eyes had opened. After so many sleepless nights, she had slept fitfully.


Suddenly the van halted in front of an old gate and Shafi honked. A young lad came running and opened the gate and van entered in.


Recognizing the lad as Paandi, "We've come to paati's house?" Riddhima asked with surprise. Armaan nodded with a smile and said "It was more or less on our way, so I thought we should meet her."


R: Does she know we are coming?


A: yes I called her to make sure that she was at home. Otherwise we might land here and she would be in Tiruppur.


Before the van door could open, paati was climbing down the stairs and coming to welcome them. Grand mother and grand daughter got into a rib crashing hug. But the little hero couldn't bear to see it. He leaned from his dad's arms pulling his mama away and calling out to her. Coming out of the hug Riddhima took him from Armaan. When Armaan and Akshat bent to touch her feet, she pulled them both up saying "your place is her in my heart not at my foot." Though she said it in Tamil, because she spoke with elaborate actions like a typical tamilian, they could understand.


She had prepared a special dinner for them with payasam (kheer). She told them to go outside near the well and wash up while she laid the food. When they came back they were surprised to see a complete meal served on banana leaves, set in a line on the floor. "maine unse do ghante pehle hi baat ki thi. Phir unhone itni saari cheezein kaisey bana li? " Armaan asked akka intending that she should interpret for them. (Having lived with the Malliks for two years now, akka had picked up a lot of Hindi.) Akka told them that, according to paati, this was no big deal. She only regretted that she couldn't make vada because there wasn't enough time to soak and grind the dal. And of course Paandi had also helped her a lot.


Chotu wanted to eat by himself,  dropping more than eating. And in a few minutes the leaf was torn, the water spilt. Akka just picked him up and took him out. She told them she would eat later, after feed the baby his food. Though Ani tried throwing tantrums, his athai managed to pacify him.


As the sat under the moonlight in the backyard, after dinner, they couldn't converse much but the hugging and smiles made up for it. After spending sometime with paati, they decided to continue their journey. They invited paati to Munnar, and Armaan asked akka to tell her that the next time he came to Coimbatore, he would take her along to Munnar. They left after taking paati's blessings. Paati offered Riddhima, paan supari, coconut and a blouse piece. It was a  custom to do so when any married woman came to the house. She thrust some cash in the children's hands and said that it was her blessings when Armaan asked her not to.


Paati stood on the steps waving out to them and asking them to visit her again. As soon as the van moved the little one was fast asleep in his dad's arms. But when he tried to put him in his cot he started sniggering. So his dad continued to hold him in his arms. On the opposite seat, Akshat was sleeping with is head on his mama's lap. Two hours later they pulled up outside a brightly lit building. Riddhima looked around confused seeing the unfamiliar place.


R: why are we halting here?


A: climb down and you'll know.


Riddhima tried waking Akshat but he was still drowsy.


A: Let him be there, I'll pick him. You get down and take Ani.


When she got down and took Ani from him, she noticed that they were at Sterling Resort. Armaan put Akshat over his shoulder while Shafi picked up their luggage.


R: Armaan, why have we come here?


"Andar chalo, I'll tell you," he said leading them towards the reception. "Armaan Mallik" he said to the person at the counter. He checked the register and calling one of the boys told him to take them to the second floor. The boy took the luggage from Shafi and led them to the lift. Armaan gave Shafi some cash when he took leave of them. He asked him to come by 9 in the morning.


The rooms alloted to them was a family suite. It had a living room and 2 bedrooms. Armaan took Akshat into one of the rooms and Riddhima followed with Ani. He asked the boy to place Ani's cot in that room. He put Akshat on one bed and Riddhima put Ani on the other. Armaan told the boy which bags to be put in this room and which in the other. Armaan gave him a hefty tip so the boy left with a smile.


Akka took out the children's night clothes. Riddhima's head was bursting with curiosity but she thought she would ask him in the privacy of their room. She changed Ani clothes, while Armaan coaxed Akshat and got him to change his. Placing Ani in his cot Armaan asked akka to sleep on the bed which was nearer to Ani's cot. Settling them for the night, they went to the other room.


It was very beautiful, with a master bed and pretty drapes, beyond which was the balcony. It was too dark to see anything outside though. Armaan sat on the bed and pulled her down beside him. She looked at him waiting for his explanation. "Remember maa and papa had given us a holiday package gift? It was this one. But it was only for the two of us so I added to it, to accommodate the kids also. We won't get holidays again for quite sometime, so I thought this would be the best oppurtunity. Can you guess where we are?" when she pursed her lips he said "We are in ooty." "wow" was the only word she uttered before she jumped on to his lap to hug him.

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Originally posted by m-g19

http://' border="">

me too!

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