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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 123)

sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 April 2011 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
great update yaar...loved it

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anushkajain Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2011 at 12:10am | IP Logged
di what a superb part that wasClapStar
just loved it Star
riddhima is so lucky to have such a understanding family
continue soonSmile

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rtjks Goldie

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Posted: 28 April 2011 at 5:17am | IP Logged
Nice part.

Continue soon.

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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 April 2011 at 8:27am | IP Logged
Awww Ani was so cute.. I feel bad seeing him searching for his mama.. But Arman, akshu and akka doing a good job ...
I really admire Arman.. Such a nice and understanding husband he is.. He is not only encouraging ridhima to study  but also taking care of kids..

Wish everybody gets such a nice husband...
Thnx di for this wonderful update..

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 April 2011 at 9:20am | IP Logged
nice part
continue soon

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 6:45am | IP Logged

Part 186

Riddhima napped for about an hour and started preparing for the next paper. She would take a break every two hours and then she would call home. She heard the little one in the background but didn't talk to him. Whenever she heard his baby talks, she felt like hugging and kissing him. How she missed him! What she didn't know was that child was yearning for her even more. Ever so often he would go and stand at the base of the staircase saying "mama payi".


In the evening when they were playing hide and seek, he went to hide in his parent's room and seeing his mama's photo on the side table took it in his hand and kissed it. Armaan who came searching for him stood stunned seeing it. To distract him, Armaan went from the back and yelled "bow" in his ears sending the child into fits of laughter, the photo forgotten. Then both of them sneaked to search anna and finding him raced to reach the starting point, first. They were exhausted with all the running and laughing when Riddhima called.


Hearing Armaan huffing and puffing she asked "itna haanf kyon rahe ho? as if you've run a marathon." "We are having real fun here." Armaan said to tease her. The little one chose that moment to laugh out loudly seeing his bro's monkey like antics. "I can hear it." She said in a sad voice.


A: tum sab ko bahut miss kar rahi ho na?"


R: Lekin lagta hai tum log mere bagair bahut enjoy kar rahe ho.


A: Aisey mat kaho Riddhima, we miss you even more, but each one is putting on an act, so that the other won't know about it. But the reward for all this will be when you'll have the degree, Riddhima Armaan Mallik M.D.


Then after talking for a few more minutes she cut the call.


On Tuesday evening when Armaan came from the hospital the little one ran to the door as usual but he didn't hug his dad's legs as he usually did. He peeped outside and seeing no one there asked his dad "mama?" Lifting him up in his arms Armaan said, "chalo drive par chalte hain." The little one shook his head and pursing his lips said "Ani mama paash". Hugging him tight Armaan said "mama jaldi aajayegi". Then from the car seat he removed a remote control helicopter "dekho dad Ani ke liye kya laaye hain."


Armaan walked in with Ani in one arm and the toy in the other. He called out to Akshat and both of them inserted the battery etc and got the toy ready. Putting Ani's finger on the button Armaan pressed it and the toy moved upwards. Ani excitedly clapped his hands. Armaan was glad that he had managed to distract him. He wanted it to be flown again and again and his anna obliged on condition that he said it's name.


Ak: heli cop ter bol, phir main usey udaoonga


Ani: edi koter


Both would laugh at that and fly the toy. After a few tries the helicopter flew towards the staircase. Ani stopped his clapping and pointing to the helicopter said "koter mama paash" and tears welled up in his eyes. Tears welled up in his dad's eyes too while his brother tried to distract him by bringing the toy close to him. "My God! How much he misses his mother" Armaan thought to himself.



When she was leaving for her next exam on Wednesday, Archana had asked her what she was planning to do during the four days leave, since the next exam was only on Monday. Would she like to do some shopping? "I've some plan but it's not definite." Riddhima confided. "Promise me you won't breathe a word to anyone." Whe Archana nodded she said, "There is an express bus to Munnar leaving in the evening from Chennai. I tried for a ticket in it. I thought I would go and see the kids for three days and return on Sunday. But it's fully booked. They asked me to come and see if there are any last minute cancellations. So I can only tell you in the evening."


Riddhima came out of the exam center chatting with her friends. She was glad that the second paper had also gone well. Suddenly she heard someone call out "Riddhima cheychi" (sister/bhabhi). She found the voice familiar and turned around to see Shafi standing in front of her.




He told her that Armaan had sent him to pick her. Her excitement knew no bounds. He asked her if she wanted to go to Archana's home to pick anything. First she said "no" then she remembered that Archana would be waiting for her and she didn't want the lunch, that would have been prepared for her, to go waste either. So she went to Archana's house, told her about her paper and also that Shafi had come for her. Archana was very happy for her and she left immediately after lunch.


She called Armaan and thanked him for sending Shafi and at the same time confided that she was also trying to come, but by bus. There was joy in both their voices. Since it was afternoon time the traffic wasn't very heavy. When Shafi asked her if she wanted to halt for some coffee she shook her head. He could understand that she was eager to be with her family as soon as possible. He knew the family so well so he could imagine how much they must be missing each other.


It was past 11 when they reached home. She had asked him to have dinner enroute or some snacks if he wanted, but he had just had a cup of tea and continued non-stop. She saw the house in darkness and thought all of them must be asleep. Even when she had called Armaan an hour ago, his phone was switched off. Normally he never did so. So she was worried why he had switched it off.


As usual it was kaka who opened the door. She eagerly looked inside but no one was to be seen. She ran to their room and switched on the light, because the previous day Akshat had told that they had both slept with dad. But there was no one in the room. Thinking they might be in the children's room, she rushed there. Once again she was disappointed.


She turned around calling out to kaka, and was greeted by a loud "bhow" in the darkness. When she moved back in fright, she felt two tiny hands on her neck and a pair of arms around her waist. She hugged them tightly kissing the little one on his cheek and the elder one on his head. Then reaching out to slap Armaan's arm she shouted "you are such a tease." The two boys giggled hearing their mother shout at dad. At first Armaan moved back to escape from her slaps but seeing her pout, he moved forward, hugged all three of them together and kissed her forehead. She also kissed his cheek. "Welcome sweetheart" he said making her blush.


Kaka came there calling his bahu to come and have dinner.


R: Nahi kaka meri bhook mar gayi hai.


K: Nahi beta thoda sa dal chawal to kha lo. Maine khana garam bhi kar liya hai.


Armaan made her sit on Akshat's cot and went and got some dal chawal in a plate. She sat on the cot with Ani on one lap and Akshat leaning on the other. When she turned to talk to him the little one put his tiny palms on her cheek and called out "mama, mama". When she turned around and asked "kya?" he just giggled and kissed her. As she cuddled and played with the kids, Armaan fed her the food. Finally she made the kids sleep and sat admiring themwith a smile on their lips. "Aaj sone ka irada bhi hai ya yoonhi apne bachchon thaakte rehna hai?" he asked.


"I really missed them very much" she said as she got up and walked with them to their room. "Matlab mujhe miss nahi kiya?" he asked and her reply was "Bilkul bhi nahi." When he pouted sadly she said, "I just had to close my eyes and think about you and you'd be there with me. Then why should I miss you?" He sat down on the cot pulling her on his lap and kissed her deeply. "But I missed this very much" he declared. They lay talking about this her papers, the amswers she had written etc. When she started yawning, he said "you've had a long journey, get some rest." He lay down on the bed and pulled her on top of him. In a few minutes, both of them were in their dreamland.


Riddhima woke up suddenly perspiring and scared. Only when she sat up she realized that it was a dream. She dreamt that she was presenting her case and the external examiner was drilling her and she was not able to reply satisfactorily. Feeling her movements, Armaan also woke up and enquired why she was awake. When she told him about her dream, he nonsensed it and started getting naughty with her, to distract her. One thing led to another and Mr. and Mrs. Mallik came out of their distraction only when the children banged on the door.


As soon Armaan opened the door, both of them dashed to the bed hugging their mama and kissing her. Armaan went towards the washroom smiling to himself. It was so nice to the kids so happy. When he came out of the shower, he saw them all rolling on the bed, tickling one another and giggling. He envied them and wished he also could join them. Seeing him getting ready Riddhima called, "Armaan tum bhi aao na yahan."


A: Tum logon jaisa lucky nahin hoon main. Mujhe chutti nahi hai, I have to go to the hospital.


R: Oh main to bhool hi gayi thi. Chalo bachcho, freshen up aur breakfast karne chalo dad ke saath.


A: Jaldi karo or I'll be late.


Ani clung on to his mama like a baby monkey clinging to its mother. He normally didn't like sandwich but today since his mama was feeding him he even ate that happily. When Armaan was about to leave Akshat asked "dad kya ek din chutti nahi le sakte? Kitne dinon se hum kahin saath ghoomne nahi gaye." Armaan hugged him saying "sorry betu. Tum bilkul sahi keh rahe ho, hum Saturday kahin chalengey ok?" and left as they all stood at the doorstep waving out to him.


Ani wouldn't let Riddhima read a word. Even though his brother tried to get him to play he would drag his mama also along. It was only when he had his mid morning nap she was able to study for sometime. When Armaan came home for lunch he was very disappointed that chotu didn't come running to the door as usual. When kaka opened the door the TV was in full blast. The boys were watching some cartoon and Riddhima was engrossed in her book with Ani on her lap. Seeing him Akshat said "Ani dad aa gaye." Riddhima put down the book and asked Akshat to switch off the TV.


"Kyon chotu, mama aathey hi dad ko bhool gaya?" Armaan asked jokingly but Riddhima could see the hurt in his eyes and so did Akshat. So when they went and sat at the dining table, he climbed on his dad's lap and kissed him, hoping to make his bro jealous. But he was totally fida on his mama. He wouldn't let her out of his sight even for a few minutes.


In the afternoon after their nap, the brothers played with the helicopter, while Riddhima sat with her book in front of them, reading. She called Lakshmi who had her case presentation that day. Lakshmi was almost in tears, the external examiner had started questioning her at every step, making her extremely nervous. "Then I fumbled and got totally confused," she said and that made Riddhima totally nervous.


When Armaan came home in the evening, he at once sensed something was wrong, though she smiled and spoke to him, telling about their afternoon activities. When she stopped he asked "itni tensed kyon ho? "Aisa kuch nahi hai," she tried evading not wanting to trouble him any further. With a sad smile he said "I thought only chotu didn't need me anymore, but I was probably mistaken. His mama also doesn't want to share her problems with me. Fine!" he got up to leave from there when she caught his arm and said "Whom else will I share my problems with, if not you?" Then standing up she hugged him saying "I didn't want to trouble you right now as you've just come back tired from the hospital. I called Lakshmi in the afternoon." Then she went on to tell him about their conversation and ended saying "Looks like my early morning nightmare is going to come true."


Holding her by her arms, he said "Riddhima, as she isn't working, she presented a case that she knew about. Not one she had actually handled. But you are going to present a case that you've actually resolved. So whatever the examiner asks you, you don't have to imagine and answer. You only have to recollect and answer. I'm sure you can very well do that."





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Norz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 7:06am | IP Logged

awsome diii

ani was really missing her mamma oooh poor bbay
but gald armaan made arangements 4 her

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-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 30 April 2011 at 7:09am | IP Logged
Such a cute part, I love the way the family bonds and does so much to make the others happy, goes to show how much love they have for each other.And something to learn. 
In all this time away from each other , one can see Riddhima's pain but she can be distracted by her studies and chotu's pain because he is too young and needs mama, but he can be cajoled and distracted by luring him with his favourite stuff, in all of it Armaans the one who probably gets affected the most but yet stands by each of them keeping it all in him.
He is a man who deserves more pampering and attention from the family. 

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