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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 120)

jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 April 2011 at 11:39pm | IP Logged
nice part

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anshara Senior Member

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 2:36am | IP Logged
superb part di
cont soon
thanks 4 da pm

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spicyheart IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 5:01am | IP Logged
great part
thank god ani is fine
best of luck to ridz
continue soon

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noseasync IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 6:54am | IP Logged
great part!

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Ayesha_t Senior Member

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 9:03am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ssh57

Originally posted by Ayesha4

Hi di,

Part - 183

I dont know wat to say abt the part. I literally shuddered reading the word 'convulsion'  I should have been used to it by now but I guess I ll never be. My brother faced it in his chilhood and it changed everyone's life in our family.
It's very hard to see our most lovable ani in such a vulnerable state I cant explain how I felt, I just hope everything will be fine as before. I want the naughty ani back asap n want him to trouble everyone in the house by his mischiefs as before.

Will read part-184 later n comment

My brother as well as my sister had this problem as kids. but once they were 4 - 5 years old it stopped and now they are hale and hearty.

Thats good to here.
My brother is an autistic child his mental age is way less than physical age it will remain the same for whole of his life, now  we are with him all the time but the future is really scary. I guess this is  god's most difficult test for us.

Happy to see that ani is better now. Hope he ll be completely fit in the next part, but still im scared, how ll he manage without his mumma for 2 weeksShocked .

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Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 1:53pm | IP Logged
OMG Di ! U write sooo amzingly.. I love the way u always take care of small small things.The way u described Ani's crankiness and his actions were superb.. i was like speechless as it all seemed to be so taking place infront of me .. *Super like* to ur updates. (I wish IF had this tab too!)

Cnt Soon. Thanks for the pm.


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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 26 April 2011 at 8:01pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by coolvini4u

OMG Di ! U write sooo amzingly.. I love the way u always take care of small small things.The way u described Ani's crankiness and his actions were superb.. i was like speechless as it all seemed to be so taking place infront of me .. *Super like* to ur updates. (I wish IF had this tab too!)

Cnt Soon. Thanks for the pm.


Hi vini, that's a very chweet compliment. when i write i too see it happening in front of my eyes and describe it as best as i can. Am glad you like that. Love, shardha

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 27 April 2011 at 9:14am | IP Logged

Part 185

The day for Riddhima to leave for Chennai arrived. She was going alone. It was Sunday. She had to leave in the afternoon. She forbade them from coming to Kochi to see her off, because it would be all the more difficult for her to bid them goodbye at the airport. It was easier doing so at home.


Armaan had warned that no one should cry when Riddhima was leaving. He had even managed to keep chotu in a good mood by promising him a long drive. "Mama nikalne ke baad hum log gumma jayenge aur garden bhi. Ok? Yeh hamara secret hai." He had whispered in his ears, and the little one had smiled happily hearing the word 'gumma' and 'garden'. But what was more joyous was that, his dad had  whispered and that meant it was something special.


Riddhima took kaka's and akka's blessings. They blessed that she would fare very well in the exams and pass out topping the merit list. She hugged Akshat and couldn't stop the tears trickling from her eyes. "Best of luck mama, I know you'll do very well. Main aapke liye pray karoonga." Kissing him she once again requested him "Ani ka khayal rakhna. I know you'll be well behaved and help all the elders, but he's too small to understand. For the next two weeks, please try not to let him cry."


Ak: Mama aap bilkul chinta mat kariye, I'll take care of him.


Then picking up the little one she showered him with kisses and she was returned double of that. Armaan was afraid if he started clinging to her, she might not be able to leave in peace. So he picked up the car keys and jingled it to make the little one turn around to see him. The next minute Ani jumped into his dad's arms. Armaan handed him and the car keys to akka, asking her to take him and Akshat to the car.


He wanted a moment with his sweetheart, so he dragged her into their room. When she hugged him, no words were required between them. Riddhima's eyes were undoubtedly pouring but surprisingly Armaan's were too. Last night when she had wept he had consoled her saying it was a question of just 2 weeks. He had made her promise no rona dhona while leaving. And here he was ...


Feeling the wetness on her shoulder, she moved a little away from him and he quickly wiped his tears. He was not the person who normally exhibit his tears. But try as he might, the tears wouldn't stop. "Take care" he whispered in a choked voice. "Don't worry about the kids, concentrate on your exams." "I don't need to worry about the kids when they are with you," was her reply, "but I'm worried about you. I've rarely seen you shed tears like this." Putting her palms on his cheek, she wiped the tears with her thumb. She could see that he was making an effort to control, but they continued to flow.


A: I wish I could come with you. I know how tensed you get during exams. Anjie had told me that you were always a bundle of nerves, the day before the exams. So she couldn't exhibit her nervousness to you. Instead had to show how cool she was.


R: That was a long time ago Armaan, now I'm a big girl. This time I'm not nervous but I too wish you were there beside me.


A: Dr. Sheila doesn't approve of taking Ani to Chennai na? She feels the difference in the temperatures of Chennai and Munnar might affect him adversely. He's just picking back his health, so we shouldn't take a chance. You see, the days will just fly away and you'll do superbly. I'm waiting to see my Riddhima's name at the top of the merit list.


She hugged him tight saying "I hope I fulfill your dreams. But you have to promise me one thing." Pulling her as close as possible he asked "kya?" "That you'll take good care of my Armaan till I return," she replied against his chest. He chuckled at that and replied, "I promise." Then pulling her chin up he kissed her deeply saying "bye, best of luck. Tumne to hum logon ko Kochi aane se bhi mana kar diya."


R: It's easier to bid goodbye here in privacy of our home. It would be very difficult at the airport amidst so many people. Moreover it would be an unnecessary strain for Ani.


By then the kids were honking continuously. So they walked out together. She got into Shafi's taxi, while everyone stood waving out to her. Then Armaan and the kids went for their long drive.Riddhima called several times before reaching the airport and from the airport too. By the time they returned from their drive, chotu was asleep. These days he slept quite a lot. Perhaps because of the weakness after the viral fever.


She reached Chennai safely that evening. Kartik and Archana had come to pick her and insisted that she stay with them. She could very well guess how they got her flight details. Even when she had called Armaan immediately after landing in Chennai, he hadn't mentioned anything about them picking her up.


Archana hugged her and Kartik said "hi how are you?"


R: I'm good.


Archana: So all set for the exams?


R: Sort of.


AR: Is your exam schedule very hectic?


R: the first paper is tomorrow and the next one on Wednesday. Next Monday I have case presentation and again 2 papers on Wednesday and Friday. By the way, when did you and Armaan plan about my staying with you people? Why didn't either of you tell me about it?


Ar: I thought Armaan would have told you.


R: yes, he should have. I wonder why he didn't? He said he'd booked me at some hotel and there'd be someone to pick me at the airport.


Ar: So here we are.


R: he shouldn't have really troubled you people. Both of you are working...


Ar: tell me openly if you don't want to stay with us, we'll drop at an hotel. No need of finding excuses.


R: No Archana, please don't mistake me, it's not like that. Armaan tends to treat me like a baby. As if I can't take care of myself.


"Armaan only called to ask us if any house was available for rent in our colony, so that we could keep an eye on you and help if you needed anything. She's the one who insisted that you come and stay with us." Kartik said looking towards his wife. "And of course that was the right thing to do" he added, before she could say anything.


Ar: Come on don't think so much about it. What are friends for?


They headed to their home. The maid had left the food ready for them. Riddhima hadn't called Armaan after meeting Kartik and Archana. While the two ladies were catching up with what's happening in each other's life, during the drive, Armaan had called Kartik to find how Riddhima had reacted and had been warned to be prepared for the worst.


On reaching home Archana showed Riddhima to her room and immediately after she had freshened up they had their dinner. They didn't linger much even then so that she could do her last minute preparations for the next day's exam. Archana  confirmed Riddhima's exam timings etc and instructed the maid to take care of her food, etc.


After dinner Riddhima returned to her room and called Armaan. Even before she said anything he said, "I only asked them to find a room for you in their colony. But the minute they knew you were to be alone, they insisted you stay with them. I told Archana you won't like it, but she said "send her here. Don't tell her anything. I'll tackle her." Hearing his sincere explanation, her anger seemed to vanish.


She enquired about the kids and was told that akka was khilawing the little one his dinner outside and they were eating inside. She then spoke to Akshat asking about their drive and he about her flight. When she asked him whether Ani was searching for her, he said "haan doond raha tha". But then seeing his dad indicating not to tell her he said "lekin humney kaha ke mama upar padayi kar rahi hai to chup ho gaya."


Riddhima believed it because, for the last few days that's what Armaan had asked her to do, so that she also wouldn't get disturbed and Ani would also learn to stay away from her. She remembered how the little one used to clap his hands and run to her, when she came down for dinner. Today he'll be disappointed she thought to herself and that brought tears to her eyes.


What father and son hadn't mentioned to her was that, after his nap, Ani had gone and stood at the base of the steps calling out "mama, mama,". He couldn't climb up the stairs as Armaan had a small gate fixed at the base of it because chotu was fond of trying to climb and had fallen one or two times. When Armaan picked him up and said mama was doing padayi, he said "mama payi nai. Ani paash". Tears had welled up Armaan's eyes but he had changed the baby's mood by playing hide and seek along with him and Akshat. What was more saddening was every now and then when Ani went searching for them, he would look up longing from the foot of the stairs, as if hoping his mama would come down any minute.


Akka had taken him outside showing hm his favourite 'bow bow' and feeding both of them simultaneously. She would throw bits of food and the puppy would jump to catch it. This amused the baby and he gurgled with laughter. After dinner he didn't want to come inside. Akka coaxed him saying "let us go and tell dad and anna how the puppy was eating." Coming to the dining table akka asked him to imitate the puppy. He jumped and showed how the puppy caught the food in it's mouth and then again gurgled with laughter.


Armaan dialled Riddhima's number and asked him "phirse batao bowbow kaise kha raha tha." He repeated the action and laughter followed. Riddhima was glad to hear that the baby was happy. That was Armaan's exact intent. When akka took Ani inside, to wash him up, Armaan asked her "are you convinced now, that Ani is ok?" though she gave only a monosyllable reply "yes", Armaan could hear the relief in her voice. "ok now concentrate on your exams, don't think about anything else," he said and cut off the line.


As was her usual habit Riddhima carefully packed all the stuff she needed for the exam in her bag and went to bed by 10 o' clock. She believed a good 8 hour sleep was necessary for a proper frame of mind  to write the paper.


She woke up at 6 the next morning. Spoke to Armaan before the kids could wake up. Talking to him had a soothing effect on her and he was glad to hear her so calm and collected. Then she showered, dressed and went to see Archana. They al had breakfast together and then Kartik and Archan left for the clinic wishing her luck. They said they would send the car back for her though she assured them that she could manage by rickshaw. Her exam was only at 10 but she decided to leave at 9, so that she could be there early even if there was traffic. Till then she just sat flipping through the book. It was then that Akshat called to wish her luck."maine ganpathi bappa se aapke liye pray bhi kar liya. Dekhna paper bahut easy hoga," he assured her.


She thought how during her medical college days she would be sitting with the book till the last minute. But today she didn't feel the need to do so. This cool attitude was mainly Armaan's idea. He said 12 hours before the exams you should put away the book and relax. And it really seemed to be working.


She reached the center well in advance and was very happy to see her friends. When they started discussing what they had read and what they hadn't, Riddhima dissuaded them from doing so saying, "you are not going to be able to read what you haven't in this last minute, so why unnecessarily talk about it and get panicky? If you keep cool at least you'l be able to recollect what you have studied, properly." Seeing her so calm and collected her friends were really impressed.


As they walked to their respective rooms after wishing each other good luck, Lakshmi remarked to Geeta, "she's looking so confident. I really admire her. With 2 kids and the internship, it musn't have been easy preparing for the exam."


G: Don't forget she has a very understanding and helpful husband.


L: whatever help he gives, he couldn't have studied for her. She's basically very sincere about everything she does.


"Hello Riddhima, how are you?" Riddhima turned around to see Rakesh. "I'm good. How are you?" she enquired. He was in the seat behind her. After talking for a few minutes he said "at least if we had some objective questions I could have copied from you but..." "in your dreams" she said sternly. "I don't believe in copying and neither will I let anyone do it." That shut him up.


Riddhima was quite satisfied with her paper though many of her friends weren't. She understood how much her discussions with Dr. Mohan and Armaan had helped her to respond to the questions from different angles.


When she reached home, seeing her glowing face Archana immediately concluded that she had done well. So without questioning her much, she made her have her lunch and send her packing to have a nap. But Riddhima had avery important job to be done before that. She had to call her darling husband.


Hearing the first word "Hello Armaan", he understood that she had fared wonderfully. Her voice was so excited. "Tell me about the fantastic paper" he said.  


R: how do you know it was fantastic?


A: I can hear it in your voice.


She giggled and went on to tell him about the questions and what she had answered etc. and got his confirmation that whatever she had written was more than what was expected of them. Then she eenquired about the house and kids and told how much she was missing them. But Armaan got a feeling that she was actually enjoying being a student all over again. Today he was glad that he had made her take up the post-graduation course.



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