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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 12)

shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 5:34am | IP Logged
Nice part... Loved Ani n Akshu as usual...
Hope this holiday thing will not create any issue between AR.

Waiting for 10days to complete soon

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GuDiYa... Goldie

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 6:41am | IP Logged
loved it Big smile

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vj2102 Goldie

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Posted: 22 January 2011 at 8:38am | IP Logged
finally caught up...

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anushkajain Goldie

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Posted: 26 January 2011 at 5:00am | IP Logged
di sorry 4 commenting late Smile
awesome part ClapStar
loved it Big smile
continue soon eagerly waiting 4 it Smile

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged

Part 152

Armaan went after her, but she had latched the door. She wouldn't open it even though he kept knocking and calling out her name. All of them had become quiet after AR's argument. All but Anjie, she had to say something.


An: Remember maa Anshul was hardly four months old when I went for the Delhi conference, though it was only for two days. But I went without making any fuss na?


P: That's the difference between you two. You are very practical and Riddhima is very emotional. For you, your career is your first priority, but for her, it's her family.


An: Aap ka kya matlab hai? I don't love or care about my family?


P: Anjali maine aisey kab kaha. I'm just saying you both have diverse natures and are hence not comparable.


An: But she is so selfish. She cares only about Armaan and her kids. You are her biological mom, not mine, but don't I take more care of you than her. Aapne suna nahi usne kya kaha?  You are not her family member, you are her extended family.


Bua: Panchon ungliyaan ek jaisa nahi hote beta, par hare ka apna importance hota hai.


Here Armaan was standing all alone on one side of the deck, thinking how to patao his sweetheart, when Akshat came and showed him a drawing he had made of the scenery around them. Armaan admired it as usual but Akshat could detect some sadness in his voice. "Kya baat hai dad, aap sad kyon ho?" he asked. "Aisa kuch nahi hai betu, Main theek hoon." Armaan tried to convince him but Akshat wasn't put off easily. "maasi ne aapko kuch kaha?" he went on. Armaan was taken aback by his question, "Of course not" he emphasized.


Ak: Dad aap hi ne kaha tha na ki main aapka bete se zyada aapka dost hoon, phir apne friend se baat chupani nahi chahiye. Bataiye na?


Hearing his words Armaan was deeply moved. He knelt down beside him and hugged him. Seeing his dad's condition Akshat asked outright "Aapka mama ke saath jhagda hua hai kya?" Now Armaan couldn't evade his questions. So he went on to explain "Tumhari mama mujse naraaz hai. Usney cabin ka darwaaza bund kar rakha hai. Pata nahi chal raha hai ke usey kaise manaoon."


AK: Woh aapse naraaz kyon hai?


Armaan explained the matter to Akshat. After hearing everything he kissed his dad's cheek and said "Aap fikar mat karo. Main unhe mana loonga."


Saying that he ran towards his mama's cabin knocking and calling out to her. He also called out that he wanted to show her a picture which he had drawn and coloured. She couldn't remain locked up forever, so she opened the door. He immediately barged in and placed his drawing on the bed. "Mama dekho, kaisa laga aapko yeh painting? Seeing her face, he knew she had been crying. He climbed onto the bed and when she came near to see the the picture he put his arms around her neck and asked "aap ro rahi thi?" "Nahi to" her denial came very quickly. "To yeh kya hai?" he asked wiping a tear from her cheek which she had missed while wiping her face in a haste, before opening the door, for him.


Ak: Mujhe pata hai, aapka dad ke saath jhagda hua hai na?


"naam mat lo tumhare dad ka" she retorted angrily. "Please mama aisey kyon keh rahi ho? Pata hai woh kitne sad hain?"


R: Galati to unki hai .


Ak: Achcha mama jab main bada ho jaoonga, aur agar  apse door rahunga to kya aap mujse milna nahi chahegi?


"Of course, milna chahoongi," she said wondering why he had jumped to that topic suddenly.


AK: aur agar maine kaha ke mujhe apne family ke saath him time spend karna hai, aap ke saath time spend nahi kar paoonga, to aapko bura nahi lagta?


Riddhima was stunned by his words and just kept staring at him. My God was this her baby who was pouring such words of wisdom? She couldn't believe her ears. Hugging him tight she said "Bahut bahut bura lagta." And then the dams of her eyes were opened. Feeling the wetness, he moved back a little and said "Yehi soch kar dad ne aapki trip plan ki. Ab to aap jaane se mana nahi karogi na?" When she shook her head, he asked "ab bhi dad se naraaz ho?"  "Unhone hi tumhe bheja na, mujhe pata ne ke liye?" she questioned him, pretending to be angry.

Ak: Nahi mama, bilkul nahi, maine hi unko sad dekhkar kaha ke main aap se baat karoonga. Please unhe maaf kardo na?"


 "haan Riddhima, please mujhe maaf kar do," she heard his voice and turned around. She saw him standing at the door, with a dejected look. She beckoned him with her eyes. When he came close she pulled him down on the bed beside them and all three of them got into a hug.


R: Armaan I'm sorry I lost my temper. I know your intentions were good, but honestly I won't be able to enjoy the trip without you and the kids. I'll be constantly thinking only about all of you. I'll be with them physically but my heart will be in Munnar. That will be even worse than not going with them.


A: Don't you trust me with the kids?


R: Par Armaan, you have to go to the hospital also na?


A: So? I'll get Akshat ready before I leave for the hospital. Aren't akka and kaka capable of taking care of Ani for a few hours? Anyways I'll be going home for lunch. Once you start your internship, he'll have to stay with them only na? He'll get used to it. I want your parents to know that you are not being bogged down with family duties but can afford to spend time with them, without any apron strings attatched.


R: Armaan whether I want to go on a tour, or work or be a stay-at-home mother and wife, it's totally my decision. I don't have to prove anything to anybody.


A: I totally agree with you, but do you want them to feel that me and the kids have deprived you from holidaying with them? Defnitely that's what they'll think if you refuse. Just agree to go on this trip and you'll see the joy on their face. Riddhima they care for you, as much as you care for Akshat and Ani.


R: No Armaan, heaven forbid, but if our kids ever committed a crime, I won't desert them. On the contrary I would find the reason for their doing so and try to rectify their mistake, I just wouldn't give up on them. I have the greatest trust on my children. They didn't care whether I lived or died for seven years, just because I made one blunder. I agree it was serious matter, but at least they could have heard me out.


A: Riddhima, they've forgiven you, you should also forget the past, what's the point in going there again and again. You are only hurting yourself. Come on let's see that million dollar smile o yours.


Akshat thought this was the right time to intervene so he said rather sadly, "Dad, mama, koi mera drawing to dekho." And ultimately succeeded in distracting them. Both of them admired and appreciated his talent. Then they decided to join the others.


Seeing them enter, Shashank and Padma looked up from their seat on the sofa. "My husband and son have convinced me to join you all on this trip." Riddhima announced proudly.


An: That means you have decided to join us because they want you to, not because you want to.


P: Anjie bus bhi karo. She said she's coming na?


Then turning to Armaan she enquired what arrangements were made for their stay and tour around Thiruvananthapuram. He informed her that the whole thing was a package tour and everything would be taken care of by the tour operators.


Padma had decided to stay with the Malliks till Akshat's birthday. She thought it would also be of help to Riddhima in her transistion from a stay-at-home-mom to an intern at MSHC.


The rest of the day went by admiring the natural beauty around. Lunch time was a boisterous affair with Ani regaling them with his antics. He didn't want to be fed but reached out to everybody's plate, and helped himself to whatever he wanted. No one was in a mood to reprimand him, not even his mama. In a few hours she would be leaving him. For the first time she would be away from him for four days. As Armaan pointed out this would also be a good opportunity for weaning him. She still wasn't sure whether she had made the right decision. Somehow she had the innate feeling that things weren't going to be so smooth.


After lunch everyone went to have a short nap. Gappu and Mini sat down with the scrabble board. Armaan set out helping Mini with Gappu screaming out that it wasn't fair. So Akshat joined his team, though there wasn't much that he could do. Riddhima took the little one to her cabin saying that she would make him sleep. The last few days it had been his dad making him sleep so that he wouldn't pester his mama to feed him. But now she put him to her breast even before he asked for it, to let him have his fill one last time.


As it is she had very little milk now and if she stayed away from him for four days, it would completely dry up. Even after he fell asleep she didn't put him in the crib. When Armaan entered the room, he saw her sitting with the baby in her arms, cuddled to her. She was leaning against the bed –post and her eyes were closed. He could see that she had cried because her cheeks were wet. He wondered if he was doing the right thing by forcing her to spend time with her parents. Or was he doing it only to earn a good name for himself, that he took care of the kids while she enjoyed herself with her parents? Would she really enjoy herself or would it be a punishment for her?


When he tried to take the baby from her, to put him in the crib, she opened her eyes. He sat down beside her having laid Ani in his cot. He put his arms around her and pulling her chin to make her face him, he asked looking deep into her eyes, "Do you want to take Ani along with you?" She thought for a while and said "I would have loved to, but it will be an unnecessary strain for him. Moreover if he falls ill I will be helpless, as you won't be there with me. I'd rather leave him with you and akka." He was awed by her implicit trust and total dependency on him. It felt great to be so needed.



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sjain IF-Addictz

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 11:02am | IP Logged
LOLZZZ...I forgot to comment on this part...
I liked how arm and akshat tried to convince ridzz..but I guess arm was a litle pushy though his motive behind sending ridz with her family wasn't wrong ....but ridz was not happy whole heartedly and I felt bad for her somewhere...

mr ani..he is my baby ...a complete sweetheart ..I luved ridzz ani scn alott....Embarrassed

upate soonnnnn

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rtjks Goldie

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Nice part.Smile

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kritiksg Newbie

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Posted: 27 January 2011 at 11:20am | IP Logged
love u ksg u r like god to u my jaan.......Dancing
mwah...i want u...i need u...miss u plz come back jaana..........mwah mwah......Day Dreaming

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