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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 117)

KaSh-Maneet-Fan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 23 April 2011 at 5:36pm | IP Logged
hiii di
awesome update
loved it
poor ani
loved armaan
cant wait 4 more
con soon
thanks 4 da pm

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anshara Senior Member

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Posted: 24 April 2011 at 2:07am | IP Logged
hey di awesome part
luv it akshat is so adorable
cont soon nd thanks 4 da pm

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Ethereal-Path IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 April 2011 at 5:46am | IP Logged
Hey di

So much happened in a single day! I felt soo low coz of Ani being unwell.. Cant see the notorious  kid like this.. Cry
And awww... Akshat is such a sweetheart.. i love his love for his younger bro... its touching!
The way Armaan managed this time again left me speechless..

Hope everything goes well ahead..
Thanks for the pm.


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Suvarna.... Goldie

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Posted: 24 April 2011 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
Whoops, convulsions is a scary thing. Glad that Ani has recovered. Hope nothing serious and normal baby stuff for Ani.

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-LoVe.KaSh- IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 25 April 2011 at 12:09am | IP Logged
awww very nice update...
gud to know that the lil baby is doing akshat too..mumma's carbon copyWink
continue soonBig smile

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2011 at 5:20am | IP Logged

Part 184

Ani was back home that night, to everyone's joy and relief. He was still running temperature, but somewhat less. His parents knew that a viral infection takes its own course and antibiotics don't help either. The path reports were all ok. Seeing them Dr. Sheila had said, "I just wanted to make sure it wasn't anything other than viral infection. The fever may fluctuate for another day or two, and then he should be ok. But it's going to leave him lot weaker. You'll have to ensure that he has a nutritious diet. I'm also prescribing some B complex and other supplements."


The day had been very hectic for Armaan at the hospital with 2 emergencies at the same time and no other senior doctor present. He delegated a lot of work to the interns and they were turning out to be quite efficient too. But still he had a lot to handle, including the OPD. So he had absolutely no time for lunch. He called up kaka and requested him to take lunch for Riddhima and khichdi for Ani. He said he would eat in the hospital canteen but he didn't have time for anything except a cup of coffee.


Akka also accompanied kaka to the hospital because she wanted to see her kutti paiyyan. Ani was asleep when they reached there. Riddhima told them that the medication was making him drowsy. She was sad to hear that Armaan was too busy to join her for lunch. She called him up and asked him to come and have a bite but he told her he was too busy to even talk with her. He was taking care of Rajan's OPD and wouldn't be free till 1o'clock. Then he had his own patients to be taken care of. "I'll order something from the canteen," he had said, but Riddhima knew he wouldn't.


Riddhima wanted to go and make him eat, but she didn't want to leave Ani and go. He might wake up any minute and the first thing he would ask on waking up was 'mama', she knew. But akka assured her that she would manage him and feed him the khichdi. So Riddhima made frankies of the rotis that kaka had brought for her and also mixed the rice and dal. Informing the nurse that she would return in a few minutes, she left at 10 minutes past one. She knew though the OPD was supposed to be till 1 it would go on 15 – 20 minutes more.


She entered the hospital through the back entrance and before anyone could spot her, she sneaked into Armaan's cabin."No you both carry on. I'm not hungry. I'll see you both in 20 minutes. Main zara Riddhima ko call karke Ani ki halat pooch leta hoon tab tak" he was talking to someone just outside the door. She understood that he must talking to Dia and Varun.


Armaan walked in carrying a cup of coffee in one hand and rubbing his forehead with the other. But as soon as he saw her he rubbed his eyes and looked again. Smiling at his cute action she said "you are not imagining Armaan, I'm here."


A: tum yahan kya kar rahi ho? Who's with chotu?


She walked over to him and putting her arms around him latched the door behind him. "Main apne sabse bade bachche ko khana khilane aayi hoon, because he refuses to eat by himself." He smiled at that and putting his coffee cup on the table hugged her. He felt so relaxed just holding her in his arms.


A: Ab Ani kaisa hai?


R: Temperature keeps fluctuating. Dose detey hi uthar jaata hai, phir teen chaar ghante baad chadne lagta hai. Ab soya hai isliye akka aur kaka ko uske paas bithake aayi hoon. Why did you skip lunch?


A: I've got so much of paper work to complete, I thought I could do that as I spoke to you. If I went to the canteen by the time he brings my order, half an hour would be wasted.


R: Mujhe bhi jaldi wapas jaana hai, before Ani wakes up and cries.


Making him sit on the chair, she opened the tiffin box and offered him the roti roll. Pulling her on his lap he made her take the first bite and then took a bite of it himself. As both of them were in a hurry, they were done in 10 minutes. But by then the coffee was cold and had to be discarded. Closing the box she got up from his lap saying, "mujhe chalna chahiye." After they had both washed up, she kissed his cheek and said "bye you can catch up with your work now. I'm off." Nuzzling into her neck he whispered "Thanks mama." When she pushed him away and stared at him he replied cheekily, "tumhi ne kaha tha, I'm your eldest bachcha."


Just then they heard someone trying to open the door. They stared at each other for a moment. Then kissing her cheek and leaving her alone in his cabin, he went outside saying "come on let's go on rounds now." Hearing them walk away, Riddhima escaped the way she had come. She didn't want anyone seeing her, lest they should think she was making Ani's illness to take leave and study for her exams.


Seeing that Ani hadn't woken up till she returned, she woke him up to feed him. He was a little fussy at first but seeing athai, he gave her a smile. Athai's eyes filled with tears seeing her kutti paiyyan so weak. "it's everyone's evil eye that has made my baby ill" was her conclusion as Riddhima had narrated Ani's interview incident to her, the previous day. Both the ladies managed to butter him up and made him eat a little khichdi.


Seeing the nurse enter he started crying "Ani davai nai". Athai pretended to taste the medicine and smacking her tongue indicated that it was very sweet. Somehow after a lot of maska polish they managed to make the medicine go in.


Armaan had come directly to the clinic from his hospital. And after Dr. Sheila discharged Ani, brought them home. Ani was cranky and clinging to his mama all the time. Akshat brought some of his toys which Ani had always wanted to play but was deprived from doing so by Akshat who used to hide them, afraid that Ani mught break them. Now he willingly gave it to the little one, just to please him.


Ani excitedly hit the keys of the toy computer, which his brother never let him touch. Akshat tried teaching his little brother, "Itne zor se mat maro, Ani, dheere se dabao." But the little one put full force on his fingers, as he tapped the keys happily. Akshat looked sadly towards his favourite toy mentally bidding it goodbye.


Thankfully it was Ani's dinner time so mama took him to the hall to make him watch his favourite cartoon while she fed him the khichdi. Akshat picked up his toys and made an escape to his room, only leaving some old ones for his dear bro.


The day after Ani had come home from the hospital, Varun and Dia had come to see him, but he wouldn't play with them as he normally did. Ani's temperature was back to normal in two days. Two days in which he wouldn't let his mama out of his sight. Whenever he was asleep, Riddhima caught up with her studies. She was very much worried because she had to go to the hospital the next day. She didn't know how she would manage that.


The next morning was a real chaos. Ani seemed to understand that his mama was planning to go to work, though she had got ready even before he woke up. She wore a very simple dress so that he wouldn't know, but he was too smart. From the time he woke up, he kept clinging to her saying, "mama Ani paas". Somehow they managed the breakfast as it was his favourite idli. Armaan took him on a small round to pacify him, but the minute he got down, he jumped into his mama's arms. Athai lured him telling him she would show him a 'Bow bow', she would take him to the terrace but he just kept shaking his head. Then waving out to Armaan he said "dad, bye. Mama nai."


R: he's become too smart for his age. What do I do now?


Armaan kissed him good bye and whispered something in Riddhima's ears before driving off. Once the car had left, the little one agreed to go with his athai, confident that his mama couldn't go anywhere now. As soon athai and nephew were out of sight, Riddhima picked her bag and escaped. Armaan had asked her to join them at the gate where he picked up Dia and Varun.


She was worried how he would react not seeing her, but she had no choice, she had to report for duty. As soon as she reached the hospital, the first thing that she did was to call home. Akka said he was looking for her everywhere but not crying. She asked her not to worry as she could manage him.


At lunch time Riddhima decided she wouldn't go home as she didn't have the heart to cheat the baby again. So Armaan also decided to stay back. But she forced him to go so that at least he could have a look at the baby and ensure that he ate lunch and had his medicines. She joined Varun and Dia in the canteen.


As soon as Armaan reached home, the little one came dashing to the door as usual. Seeing him alight alone he asked "Mama?" Making an innocent face Armaan said "subah Riddhima to mere saath nahi aai thi. Woh to tumhare saath thi na?" The little one pursed his lips and spread his hands indicating he didn't know. "Theek hai main doondta hoon usey, agar tum mum mum khaoge to." Thus the little one was tricked to have his lunch. Then having fed him his medicines, both father and son searched for mama from room to room. In the process the little one fell asleep on his dad's shoulders. Laying him gently in his cot, Armaan quietly left for the hospital.


In the evening, Armaan and Riddhima returned home together. The little one came running to his mother and hugged her legs. She picked him up and kissed him and he too did the same. Armaan said to him "dekha main tumhari mama ko doondke laya hoon. Usey police pakkad kar le gayi thi kyon ki woh hospital nahi gayi. Kal se usey jaane dena ok?" hearing the word 'ok' he just nodded his head without understanding what his dad was saying. But the next morning it was the same story. He kept clinging to her. Finally she said, "theek hai main hospital jaakar doctor uncle ko chutti bolkar jaldi aati hoon." Akka assured her that it was 'out of sight out of mind' for him. He could be distracted easily.


In a couple of days the Mallik house was back to its routine. The little one was less cranky now, but had lost a lot of weight. They had taken him for a follow up check up to Dr. Sheila and she had given him a clean chit.


They were now discussing the next major issue - Riddhima's Chennai trip. As per their original plan Riddhima was to go alone, but now she was hesitant. She felt Ani wouldn't stay without her for 2 weeks. Armaan and akka assured her that they would be able to manage, but she was not very convinced. Then Armaan said "Let's try. If he doesn't stay, I'll bring him, akka and Akshat over. That's not an issue. Anyways Akshat has got vacation at that time." Akshat wanted to go with his mama as he had holidays, but Armaan dissuaded him saying "mama will be studying and going for her exams, you'll get bored there." He was disappointed but didn't say anything.


The next day Riddhima was not her chirpy self during the drive to the hospital. Later, when the two of them were alone, writing some charts, Dia asked her what the matter was.


R: I am always doing things at the wrong time. When I should have done my PG, I went and got married. Now when the kids need me, I'm studying.


D: Come on Riddhima it's an achievement you should be proud of, not crib. It's after all a question of 2 weeks and with such a co-operative husband it should be no problem.


R: Dia, Armaan has no problem with my going away. He's prepared to manage the kids with akka and kaka's help. The problem is Ani. He's become so cranky and adamant from the time he's fallen ill. Both Armaan and akka will have a tough time with him. I won't be at peace if I don't take him along.


D: If you take him along, you won't be able to do your last minute revision properly, as he'll be clinging to you. If Armaan decides something for you, you should know, it will definitely be for your best only.

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crazy_4_karan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 25 April 2011 at 5:41am | IP Logged
Hey Shardha nice part... good to know tht Ani is gettin better...i kinda feel bad for Ani n Riddhima both here... poor Ani at such a phase of life he needs his mama the most no one else can take the mothers place for a kid... wer as Riddhima poor soul being a mother she doesn't have the heart to leave the child alone which is very normal for... hope everything goes well... waiting for the next update..

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Suvarna.... Goldie

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Posted: 25 April 2011 at 7:12am | IP Logged
Glad chotu is all fine and back to his normal self. Ani is truly way too smart for his age. :)

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