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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 115)

ssh57 Goldie

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Part 183

Armaan was dead tired, so he was fast asleep. Her calling out sounded as if she was calling him from far away. Even when she switched on the light he hadn't woken up as he normally did. It was only when she shook him, that he opened his eyes. Seeing her crying, he sat up with a start asking "kya hua?" Then noticing the baby's condition, he just dashed out of the room.


He came back carrying a small cup in his hand, stirring the contents with a spoon and started searching for something in the medicine drawer. "Kya doond rahe ho?" she asked. "Dropper" he answered in a single word. At last he found it and put a few drops of the luke warm, salt water from the cup into the baby's nose. Ani rubbed his nose vigourously but it helped in getting the mucus out and opening the block. He then got up to fetch some paracetamol but in the mean time Ani started convulsing. Hearing Riddhima scream "Armaan" he turned around and took the child. "Get that spoon" he ordered. When she handed it to him, he placed it between his teeth so that he didn't bite his tongue. The convulsions passed over in a few seconds.


Telling her to undress the baby, he got a mug of cold water and a towel. He switched off the fan and started wiping his body with cold water. Though Ani was trying to push his hands away, he didn't stop. He squeezed out the towel and put it under his armpits while he got the thermometer. The temperature was over 102 degrees F. Squeezing out the towel again he put it between his groins and set about feeding him the paracetomol. Then wiping him completely dry, he put on a light cotton shirt and let him sleep.


Riddhima just stood like a statue watching him with tears running down her cheeks. As if he suddenly remembered about her, he turned around and hugged her. She burst out crying "Armaan he got convulsions. Mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai. Let's phone Dr. Sheila." Patting her head against his shoulder he said "Riddhima you know, it was because his body couldn't stand the high temperature, that he got convulsions. Tum doctor hokar aisey karogi, then imagine the condition of the other mothers. He's ok now. We'll wait till morning to call Dr. Sheila."


R: Armaan jab hamare bachche bimaar hote hain, I forget I'm a doctor. I'm as scared as any other mother. Why can't I handle the situation as efficiently as you?


"Because if you could, you wouldn't need me, and that would be too bad" he said teasing her and making her smile through her tears. "Chalo so jao. I'll keep watch on him. His temperature needs to be watched. It's a little down, but not normal yet."


R: Nahi Armaan, I slept during the drive. You didn't sleep at all. You sleep for a few hours, I'll wake you up after some time.


Armaan was about to refuse, but his eyes were literally drooping. He thought now Ani is comfortable, I'll sleep for some time. Then I'll wake up and let her sleep. Riddhima sat next to Ani changing the patti on his forehead. After a little while, her eyes shut on their own. Her hand was still on Ani forehead.


Suddenly she felt a jerk and opened her eyes. Ani's body was jerking. She picked the baby in her arms and started calling out to Armaan. She was scared he would start convulsing again. Armaan woke up at once and started repeating the body wiping drill. The jerking stopped and baby slept. He called Dr. Sheila and apologizing for calling at such an odd hour, he gave all the details. She asked them to get the baby admitted and said she would be there soon. Armaan asked Riddhima to go and change while he got the child's file etc. then he also changed and went to wake kaka and inform him, while Riddhima got Ani ready. Within a few minutes they were at the hospital.


Dr. Sheila had already informed the head nurse there and she immediately attended to the child. She first gave him an injection to bring down the fever, which was the most essential thing. By then the doctor also arrived. After checking the child thoroughly she said he has a viral infection. They told her about their Kochi trip. He could have caught the infection earlier, but the water rides in Veegaland aggravated it, was her conclusion.


Riddhima was very worried that he had convulsions, as it would leave a mark on the brain. "you have to be a little extra cautious now and ensure that his temperature never rises beyond 101. You should immediately start sponging him, as you did today. That's the surest way to bring down the temperature. I'll also prescribe a stronger syrup which you'll keep handy. If the temperature crosses 100, you give him a dose of it. Let him be here under observation till the evening.


R: What about his diet.


Dr. S: he might not have appetite. His tongue may also be giving him bitter taste. Give him something light. Soup or khichdi.


It was half past seven and Akshat hadn't woken up still. Akka went to wake him up. He was surprised to see athai and not his dad. But since it was already late, he just rushed into the washroom without any questions. When he came out dressed for school and went to his parent's room, he was surprised to find it empty, even Ani wasn't there.


He came to the dining table and was surprised to see just one plate set there. "Mom, dad, Ani sab kahan hai?" he asked kaka. "Ani ki thabiyat kharaab ho gayi. Isliye usey hospital le gaye hain."


Ak: Hospital? Kab gaye?


K: Raat ko.


Ak: Raat ko? Kya hua usey?


K: Bahut tez bukaar tha.


He was about to leave his breakfast untouched and go, but his dadu wouldn't let him do so. After finishing it he thought of calling his dad but felt he may too tensed and may not be able to talk.


But actually his dad was fast asleep at the hospital. Since Ani refused to move away from his mama, Riddhima lay down beside him on the bed and was soon asleep. Armaan had waited up till Ani's temperature came down and he was sound asleep. Then, he went to sleep at around five in the morning. Riddhima woke up when the morning duty nurse came to check the baby. His temperature was quite down, though not normal still. She told Riddhima, she would come later and draw some blood to rule out the possibility of any other illness.


Riddhima  didn't have the heart to  wake Armaan, but when he didn't wake up till seven o'clock she had to wake him. She knew at least one of them would have to report for duty. And since Ani clung to her, it would have to be Armaan. Akshat also needed to go to school. Though akka and kaka would see to that, he might feel bad that they hadn't told him.


After waking Armaan, she called home and was told that Akshat was still asleep.


A: Ok, I'll do one thing. I'll go home and see him off to school and I'll also freshen up and come. Then you can go home for some time.


R: Nahi  Armaan one of us will have to go to the hospital. Rajan is also not there today. You go home, send Akshat to school and you go to the hospital. I'll remain here with Ani. You come in the evening. By then the pathological reports will also come. Then we can talk to Dr. Sheila and see what's to be done.


Armaan also felt she was right. So he kissed the little one, who was fast asleep and left. When he went home, he had expected Akshat to come running to him, but only kaka came and opened the door. When he asked him about Akshat he said that he was in his room, as it wasn't yet time for his van to arrive.


The room door was shut, which was surprising. Quietly Armaan turned the knob and was shocked to see his betu sitting on the bed clutching his Ganpathy bappa and tears rolling down his cheeks. "Bhagwanji I'm very sorry. Main abse kabhi zid nahi karoonga. Please, please Ani ko jaldi theek kardo. Woh bahut chota hai. Aap chahe to mujhe bimaar kardo, par usey theek kardo." Armaan stood shocked-still listening to his betu. God! This boy also had the same problem like his mother. Just like her, he too carried a guilt complex. He easily blamed himself for anything that went wrong. Armaan had somehow got Riddhima out of that complex, now he needed to work on this child too.


He went and hugged him tight. Seeing him the child broke down totally. "I'm sorry dad, sab meri wajah se hua." Armaan wiped his tears and kissing his cheeks said "Aisey kyon kehte ho? Bachche to baar baar bimaar hote hain. Tum kyon apne aap ko blame karte ho?"


Ak: agar main Veegaland jaane ke liye nahi kehta, to Ani bimaar nahi hota.


A: You are wrong. Dr. Sheila ne kaha usey infection do teen din pehle hi ho gayi thi. Tab to hum Munnar mein hi the. Agar hum Munnar mein hi rehate to bhi usey bukaar  zaroor hota. Infection hone ke do teen din baad hi bukaar chadtha hai. Veegaland na bhi jaate to bhi koyi farak nahi padta. Aur ab to woh theek bhi ho gaya. Isliye main ghar aa gaya hoon.


He lifted his betu in his arms and took him to the washroom, wiped his cheeks with water and dried it. Akshat put his arms around his neck and kissed his dad's cheek. Hugging him closer, Armaan asked him "do you want to go to school or do you want to go to the hospital?"


Ak: aaj mera class test hai, to mujhe school jaana hi padega. Otherwise I'll lose the internal assessment marks. Par kya aap hamare princi se permission lekar, mujhe ek baar Ani se milwakar, baad mein school chod sakte ho?


"Sure, why not?" said Armaan "let me shower first, then I'll talk to your princi. He instructed kaka to make some soup for Ani and pack it along with some breakfast for Riddhima and himself. He asked akka to pack a set of clothes for Riddhima and some for Ani. In a few minutes he was ready and taking Akshat along, left for the hospital.


When father and son reached the hospital, Ani was awake. Riddhima was trying to get him to drink some water but he was refusing to do so. Akshat went and sat next to his mama and hugged the baby on her lap. Kissing him on both his cheeks he put his palms against Ani's cheek and asked him "Kaisa hai shona? Bahut dard ho raha hai?" Ani gave him a weak smile and gave him a pa. Riddhima put her arm around her elder son and asked "aaj class test hai na? are you prepared for it?" He nodded. She kissed his cheek saying "best of luck, shona."


Then turning to Armaan who was unpacking the naashta, she complained "dekho na, paani  bhi nahi pee raha hai".


A: water must be tasting bitter for him. I've got some soup for him, he'll enjoy that.


When Armaan brought the soup to feed him, Akshat said "main usey pilaata hon, aap dono nashta karlo. Maine ghar par hi nashta kar liya." Handing the bay to Armaan Riddhima said 'I'll freshen up and come." So Akshat started feeding the little one with his dad's help. After some initial fuss, Ani started taking the soup, smacking his lips. Athai had made it exactly to his taste. After feeding him the soup Armaan sponged and changed him also.


Ani was happily playing with his Anna, when Riddhima came out and she was happy to see it. After she and Armaan had their breakfast and coffee, Armaan and Akshat bid Ani goodbye. Armaan told her that he would be back at lunchtime. Riddhima wished her shona 'Best of luck', while Ani  kissed both of them.


Armaan dropped Akshat to school, wished him luck and rushed to the hospital as he was quite late.


After they had left Riddhima noticed that Armaan had brought her lappy also. So when the child slept, she could carry on with her studies. Dr. Sheila came on her rounds and was pleased seeing Ani's recovery. She asked the same medication to be continued and said they could decide the further course of action after the reports came.







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shonagudia IF-Rockerz

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I hope ani ko kuch aur na hoo.. The reports come clean... Really Akshu is so like his mother. No wander he is so soft and nave.

I didn't know to put luke warm salt water for the blocked nose. Does it work really ???

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-Anku- IF-Stunnerz

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That was a very eventful and an amazing part !! Loved it :)

Akshat is an amazing child and Armaans constant care for everyone and his ways to handle every situation leave me spellbound !!  
Thanks for the pm !

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miss93 Goldie

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hey dear

that was a great part
poor Ani is sick:(( I hope he will get well soon
I'm proud of Akshat he is excatly like his mother:))
tnx for the pm
take care
love miss93

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spicyheart IF-Dazzler

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wonderful part
i have no words
continue soon Smile

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jiyaa_m IF-Sizzlerz

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plz plz plz ani should be fit n f9 from next part

i m felling bad for this lil angel

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sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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wonderful update dear.

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meow23 IF-Rockerz

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seriously gud 2 c d bond bwn akshat n ani increasing...luvd al hose amazng brother moments..
hope to hav more of them
thnx 4 d pm

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