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QSS THREAD # 4, part 194 on pg 150 on 26-5-11 (Page 104)

sammy4u IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 14 April 2011 at 11:28pm | IP Logged
great part
akshat is so cute

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saniashzadi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 2:08am | IP Logged

hey dear...

lovely update...loved akshat surprise gift...loved him and naughty ani is soooo cute....

feels real bad that u r ending this ff soon...i think many ppl agree that we become addicted to this ff this ff is like daily routine of r fav characters...but i guess all grt things must end some day.but one request do write more ffz as summer vacations are approaching and all my fav ffz are ending...please try to start new ff in summer holidays...

gonna miss this Mallik family specially angels of this family ANI and Akshat...



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sjain IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 2:25am | IP Logged
that was such emotional sweet update..I luved how akshat made special anniversery gift for AR..adorable...gud to see..everything is goin back to normal now..and my babyyy aniii...can't stop luveing himm:))))

update soonn

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 3:56am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ankita.M

Eeeks I hear you are going to end QSS ! Please dont ,its really close to our heart and am sure its closer to yours !! You can always get back to writing it when you are back and we'll wait <3 please do think about it

If you do end because its in every right for you, will you be taking the story to where it ended on the epilogue ?

I'm going on long leave but will be having some additional responsibilities there, so I may not be able to update regularly. i would just hate to keep you all waiting for an update.It feels wonderful to hear that QSS is so close to you all and as you rightly said it's closer to my heart.but end it I must. so sorry for that.

My plan is to take it to the part where it ended in the epilogue. Hope I'm able to do so. I'll definitely just not rush it up and end it.

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ssh57 Goldie

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 3:58am | IP Logged

Part 180

Days flew by.The Mallik household was getting busier by the day, and the little one, naughtier by the day. Nothing could be stored upto 3 feet from the floor. He was constantly on his heels trying to reach everything that he was stopped from using. The CPU of the desktop was also put atop the table, the keyboard hidden behind the minitor and the mouse on top of the speakers.


The Malliks were having a tough time putting things out of his reach or under lock and key. If the music system door was left ajar even for a minute, he would run to it and press all the buttons that he could. And his greatest joy was when someone would come running and shut it. He would laugh and clap his hands at his achievement. If it happened to be his mama he would get a glare from her, but he would pretend not to look at her. Even if she caught hold of him and said "aisa karte hain kya?" he would stand with his head bent down and not look up even if she said "meri taraf dekho aur jawab do." He would merely shake his head. And if she asked "phir kyon kiya aisa?" he would immediately say "cholly". And the very next minute he would be upto some other mischief. Akka was also finding it very difficult to be after him and control him.


 It was March. Akshat's final exams were round the corner. Riddhima had her exams in May and had a lot of assingments to complete, as well as to study. Armaan had completely taken over the kids' responsibility so as to give her more time for studying. Akshat's studies and keeping the little one out of mischief was his evening duty. He could see that akka also needed a break. As long as she was here she wouldn't take a break. So sometimes after dinner, he would take the kids for a drive and drop to her home, so that she could get complete rest. He was able to manage everything only because his betu was so mature and never troubled him unnecessarily. On the contrary he willingly ran errands for him.  


Riddhima felt even spending time for dinner was waste of time. So along with all the other duties, Armaam had to feed all three of them and himself. But that was a difficult job with the little one trying to pull and drop everything. He would even try to snatch his mama's book. So usually Akshat would ask his dad to feed himself and Ani, while he fed himself and his mama.


Looking at all this kaka wondered how his beta was coping up. When he was alone, he would be tired by the time he came home from the hospital. He would even skip his workout, to lie watching the TV and lazing. Now he was on his toes the minute he returned from work, but never complained or exhibited his temper, which used to be quite high previously. Love can change a person like nothing else can, kaka thought to himself as he served dinner.


His bahu was no less. She was so dedicated to her studies, that she was waking up in the middle of the night, coming and sitting in the hall and studying for 2 – 3 hours. Perhaps his beta had not noticed, but he had. Once he had even said "bahu kal subah hospital bhi jaana hai, zara aaram karlo." "kaka bus yeh theen mahiney mehnat karlon phir aaram hi aaram hai. Aap please Armaan ko mat batyiye ke main raat ko uthkar padthi hoon. Naraaz honge. Aap chahte ho na main awwal number se paas ho jaaon? to please meri madad kijiye." He had nodded in approval and from that day before winding up for the day, he would leave a cup of coffee for her in the flask.


Even in the hospital whenever she had a little free time, she would be cooped up in Armaan's office with her book and he helped her by keeping out of her way or helping in clearing some of her doubts. Dr. Mohan also was a wonderful guide and gave abundant knowledge of the latest developments in their field.


Weekends were busier than weekdays, beginning with calls from Mumbai, Patiala etc. Her Chennai friends were also in constant touch. Though her parents kept pestering her to come to Mumbai for vacation, she refused saying she would come after her exams. Even Akshat refused to go alone without his parents. Her only worry was this year again she'd have to go to Chennai for 2 weeks for her exams. 


Akshat's exams were done. For the first time he did them without any help whatsoever from his mama. Tania's mother would make question papers for her and Tania used to duplicate it for him, to revise. When his vacation started Armaan once again enrolled him for the football training camp. Besides he also enrolled him for some art classes in the colony, which would be in the afternoon. He would learn cligraphy, glass painting, quilling and things like that.


The remaining time that he was at home, he would play games with his brother in the garden outside, when it was not sunny, or indoors. The bonding between the brothers grew very strong. Chotu, who always tried to snatch eatables from his anna's hand, now stretched out his other hand saying "anna" whenever someone offered him anything to eat. Then he would run to  his brother and offer him one, keeping the other one to himself saying "Ani". Akshat would than him and he would bw mighty pleased.


Of course, at times when his anna would say "nahi, mujhe nahi chahiye, tum kha lo," he would gladly have both their shares. He had even started obeying his elder brother now. When they were playing with dad in the evening he would at times remember his mama and run towards her room. But if his brother said "Ani mama ko disturb mat karo, unhe padayi karne do." He would just peep at her from the door and return back with his index finger on his lips, saying "ssshh mama payyi".


Armaan knew how distracting the kids could be, but he also knew that if Riddhima set her heart to something she would sacrifice everything else for it.


Soon the day for Akshat's results arrived. As it was a Saturday, both his parents went to the school with him. As usual he had fared outstandingly and topped the class, but had lost a few marks here and there due to some careless mistakes. When his teacher said that she was surprised he had made such silly mistakes, he said "My mama knows exactly what mistakes I'm likely to make. So on the exam days before I leave the house, she reminds me about them. But this time my mama is busy with her own studies. So she couldn't help me."


Riddhima felt guilty and looked down, but the teacher was surprised. She asked her as to what she was studying. She proudly said "when parents are so studious, it's no surprise that your child is doing so well." Many parents wanted to have a look at Akshat's papers. It was such a proud moment for his parents. Tania and her mother also congratulated Akshat.


Ak: Thank you so much aunty for helping me.


When she looked at him questioningly he said "I used to solve the papers you set for Tania. It helped a lot." "But the joke is she didn't score as much." She replied laughing but Tania felt hurt and hung down her head. "But Tania has scored 100% in maths, that's remarkabkle," Armaan at once spoke in her defence. When Riddhima enquired about Jason's progress "He's very weak and sickly. Anyway he's got an A in most things." His mother said defensively. After chatting for some more time and enquiring about Mathew, they came out of the school. Armaan offered to treat them all to some icecream and then drop them home. They got some packed for Ani also.


When they reached home Riddhima apologised to her son "sorry Shona, main tum logon ko time nahi de paa rahi hoon." At once her shona defended her, "nahi mama I wasn't complaining or blaming you. I was just saying you know me in and out. You can even predict what mistake I'm likely to make. Let your exams get over, then all your time is ours. Ok?" she nodded and hugged her understanding son asking  'what would I do without you beta?"


A: batao what gift do you want for such good results?


Ak: can we go to the Veegaland amusement park? All my friends have been there in the vacation.


A: done.


Ak: lekin mama,


When both of them looked at her expectantly, she said "sure I can spare one day for my Shona." There was a loud shout of jubliation from father and son hearing that and they were joined in by the little master himself who was clapping and cheering without even knowing why. They decided to go there the following Sunday.


That afternoon, after his nap, Armaan was assigned the duty of covering the new books Akshat had got from his school that day. Their school was to reopen from Monday and they would again have summer vacation after a month. As Ani was asleep as yet, there could be no better time than that. He was assisted by Akshat who stuck the labels. Armaan's cell rang. He picked it up and was surprised to hear "Vanakkam athaan".


A: Hello Prema, how are you?


He got up and went inside where Riddhima was sleeping. He woke her up and putting the phone on loudspeaker mouthed "Prema."


P: Ya I'm fine. I just wanted to tell you that all the formalities regarding Peripa's property is over and all the money has been transferred to my account.


A: That's very good. Your appa had called a month back to tell me that the person I had introduced him to, has made the full payment and also that he has made your father the manager for that workshop.


P: Yes, that's a blessing because now he's also busy and doesn't brood.


R: hello Prema, how's your morning sickness?


P: hello akka, for 2 months it was very bad, but now it's somewhat less. How are you akka and how are my nephews? Akka, I called to once again  request you, to accept half of peripa's property. Actually you are the sole heir to it. I didn't have your number, only athaan's number was saved on my cell.


R: That's ok. But my answer is still the same. You've begun your married life just now. You can put it to use for you and your family. Paati was saying you don't have your own house. You can buy that. How is paati by the way? I haven't spoken to her for more than 15 days.


P: Paati is very fine. She's planning to come here next week to see me. Regarding buying a house, I've told my husband, it's his look out. They are not able to decide whether they want to buy a house in Coimbatore or Kochi. You see Kochi is more expensive than Coimbatore. Till they arrive at a decision, I'll keep the money in Fixed Deposit. But akka, athaan, if you don't wish to accept half of it, I want to do some charity with that amount. Since peripa found the most important person in his life at MSHC, I want to do it for that hospital.


A: MSHC is quite a rich hospital, but we do get patients from the lower strata of society, who cannot afford to pay. You could keep a certain amount in a fixed deposit and from the interest, some needy patients could be helped. I do the same with the amount my parents left for me. But before you decide anything, consult your husband, your in-laws, your paati and parents. If they all agree I'll do the needful at this end.


P: they are all coming here next week. We can talk together and decide then. You said you come to Kochi quite often. Then why haven't you visited your sister or had you forgotten her?


Her voice was sounding very sad. Riddhima explained to her that she has been busy with her studies, akshat's exams etc. Suddenly Armaan asked her if it would be ok if they came next Saturday evening. She was thrilled and asked them to come for lunch itself, as all of them from Coimbatore would also be there then. He looked at Riddhima for approval and when she nodded, he said "Ok we'll see you on Saturday." She was very happy and excited about it. It could be heard in her voice.

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crazy_4_karan IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 4:20am | IP Logged

Nice update.. :) Akshta is such a understanding child... n Ani aww he's getting cutter by the day... waiting for the next update.. thnx for the Pm :)

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sjain IF-Addictz

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Posted: 15 April 2011 at 5:03am | IP Logged
HEARTBREAKING news..u r planning to end it???...being a reader..I never want this fic to end and if possible I wud say don't end it ..but decision is all urs :((((

anywayss...update was super interesting ..I njoyed reading it..u so simply and easily descirbe day to day life to MALIKSSS..that is sumthing I simply LOV about ur writing and this 2 babies r sooo cuteee..little one and his nautankii ..uffff....and elder one for his inteligence and maturity:))

my fav line ....."his greatest joy was when someone would come running and shut it. He would laugh and clap his hands at his achievement."LOLLOL

update soonnn

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-LoVe.KaSh- IF-Stunnerz

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amazing ff....its soo natural n feels home like...great update..loving the cute family :D
cintinue soon :D

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