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3IDIOTS-That's d Way Geet ki Gunda Gardi.Maahi Ve! (Page 56)

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 10:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mk.Gh

Here I come with my take on this dhamakedar episode! I hope I don't bore you guys!
Hellooooooooooooo My Idiotsssssssssss // Hug
How many of you are jumping with joy right now? How many? How many? I thought so -- EVERYONE! Big smile
Gash, I can't express my joy enough to you guys. I'm just hayeeeeeee in Maaneet Land .. finding it really tough to come back to reality at the moment... so bear with moi Wink
Loved the beginning scene:
First off, episode continuation! Loved how they showed Daadima crediting Geet for Maan's happiness, yes she's done it before, but this time she truly means it as she has never seen Maan Singh Khurana this happy .. dekho tau uska chehra kaisey roshni se jhalak raha he! Awwww .. his smile at the end thinking of his promise was too darn adorable I tell you! Embarrassed What a cutie pie .. felt like pinching his cheeks LOL
That's the wayyyyyyyyyyyy mahi ve!
Naino Se Bole Rabba Rabba
Mann Mein Dole Rabba Rabba
Amrut Ghole Rabba Rabba
Tu Soniye
Jind Maahi Ve
Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Everybody Sing Soni Soni Aaja Mahi Ve
Lovedddddddd the entire dance sequence.. hayyyeeee kitna pyaar .. mein tau hui fidaa!! GC/DD great moves, you guys made me want to join you two in the celebration! PartyPartyParty
Family Hug: Hug  Awwwww too adorable! Loved how they all consoled Geet! She is truly the happiest girl alive right now! All her dreams and khwahishain coming true finally and this time dhoom dhaam se... not "a quiet affair" like some people wanted it to be *cough* DEV *cough* Angry 
Awww I loved the way Maan and Geet were staring at each other at the end of the dance... like it seemed like those "only the two of us exist in this world right now" kind of moments.. truly magical! Back Hug was heavenly as well.
*Gosh I'm just pouring with compliments and I have a plastered smile streching from eye-to-eye right now so I'm not gonna spoil anyone's mood by saying anything bad.. even AA battery pack wasn't half bad today.. (maybe I'm delusional but yea that's what Maaneet do to you! LOL)
Morning after Sangeet:
Hayeee Hayeee ek din bhi Sangeet ke baad nahi guzra ke Maan ji ki khichai shuru! Haha awesomesauce! Oye Maan! Don't call Geet moti .. teri tau !! ROFL But that-a-girl Geet! Ye hui na baat! Give it back to him by commenting on his stiff neck. Bohut akad raha tha na abhi.. that's what I love about her... his insults don't phase her.. she gives it back to him within a second! LMAOOOOOOO who else laughed at his blown up cheeks when she was checking his neck?? Haha! Why he made that face I have no clue but he looked so funny !!! ROFLROFL I was positively rolling with laughter! Cackle-worthy scene right there.
Maan and his rejection of Bachelor Party:
I gotta say I love this man for not wanting to do anything without his Geet now. Ever since the last traumatic incident.. he is seriously not wanting to leave her alone for one minute! Loved the concern but it was filled with nautanki too. Haha ... Daadima you are mast! Talking openly about him not being in his senses when he's drunk! Bahahaaaaaaaa. I thought she didn't know about his drinking (remembering "Where's The Party Tonight") but I guess she knows everything about her pota now! And she's not afraid to use it to "uksao" him either. Seriously Daadi.. lallantop way of making him crib and then finally give in to the idea of a Bachelor Party. Haha I loved Geet in this scene too.. awww she really wants him to have all the experiences a groom-to-be should be having Embarrassed
Brij Oyeeeeee: Don't worry you try as hard as you can...nothing will happen to our Geet. Haan! ApproveAngry
Maan's New Ringtone: "I love you Maan..I love you Maan..I love you Maan" Ok someone tell me where I can go about acquiring this ringtone as it is one hot ringtone to have! ROFL Loved Maan's expressions at first and Geet's masti wala face when she saw him look at her like that! Love how we get to see such unexpected things like these.. two thumbs up for whoever thought of that.. and Maan ji.. you better not change it! Evil Smile It may be embarrasing for you but it's one cute ringtone.
Maan in Black: BlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing Someone open the window.. it's getting hot in here! I don't know how Geet doesn't faint whenever he looks this dashingly HAAT! She has some resistance!
Bachelorette Party: Awwww Maan will go to any height to make Geet happy while being safe that he calls up Pinky (loved how she wouldn't pick up the phone ! LMAO!) and tells them to come party with Geet. And Maan ji you may be good at architecture but you are a major faiiil at decorating for a girl's party! Lol yea we're girls but we don't need an overdose of pinkkk na! Lmaooo chalo chalooo chalta hai.. he has no idea about a lot of stuff to do with girls/women so it's ok. Maan ji you are maaf! LOL
Mr. Khurana: Ok .. that was hot! DD's voice is husky and hot on it's own.. but it's killer when she says that to him! Sounds so seductive hayeee. Day Dreaming Lolll.
Precap: Sheila Ki Jawani .. oh deary I hope my heart doesn't stop tomorrow.. just looking at the precap gives me jitters.
Oh and Maan .. a warning for you .. Don't you dare get chipku on Sheila! Oh wait too late for that! "Mujhe chardthi nahi" ... Yea right! Bohut chardh gayee! That is Sheila.. not Geet! Get off her before Geet comes behind you and sees you all up in Sheila's face! Get off! Right now! ROFL
Awww DD's wish fulfilled of wanting to dance on SKJ. I wish her a very special birthday and may her wishes be fulfilled! <3 Awww she wishes that she does Geet for the next 4 birthdays! Big smile  
Can't wait for tomorrow.. they look like they're having the time of their life! DD and GC are wonderful dancers and actors and all round great people! They bring so much to the screen and it showed today!
So please comment on my bak bak! I know this was such a sugar-coated take .. but it was a sugar-coated episode with full on masti mazak and dhoom dhaam shaadi fun! So what else do you expect from me !? Wink
*I just realized this post is ginormous! Sorry lol!*
lovely take...u kept the fun mood intact....truly the CVs deserve a special clap for that ringtone wala scene....
their back hugs always hv a special impact so much so that even the CVs make those scenes extra it maan telling ILU seq or in ystrdy's epi....
and yes maan not wanting to go anywhere widout geet...wat i love is that maan unabashedly confesses it in front of everyone...
brij was watching from above....for a sec i thot he wud melt on seeing his little sis being so happy and pampered in khurana parivar...but then i expect too much from this devil...

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Originally posted by Mk.Gh

Here you go Nargis.. and anyone else who wants to see:
Kaju is my bestie and I love promoting her work here, there, and everywhere ! Enjoy! Big smile
loved it....GC and DD r the best...

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 10:45pm | IP Logged
i guess noone is here now...ok then let me get busy with making siggy...hvnt yet made one on their wedding....

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hi gals...wassup...sorry cudnt reserve for analysis on time last night...anyway posting my analysis here...
Episode analysis -
The episode started with maan and geet coming out from maan's room.... finally speaking bout his choice ...n her forgiving him, he is finally out of his guilt .... a smiling maan n geet..... Daadi seeing them.... good ... daadi saying geet's coming in maan's life has made him smile again always.... may u both always be together n geet and maan shud always be together n maan's smile shud never be erased....
Daadi taking geet away n then maan deciding to fulfill his promise of smiling n enjoying n making sangeet special for Geet....
I love the mahi ve dance.... GC really dances well n so does DD.... n maan n geet were looking so much in love....
Next day morning .... awww... i love it when Maan ki taang khichayi hoti hai...
well its true maan has eyes only for geet..... firstly because she is the most important person in his life.... he totally loves her ... secondly he wanted to prove to her that he is happy and will make all the wedding ceremonies special for her so is continuously looking at her... to check if she is happy and thirdly he is scared and protective and hence wants to make sure every moment she is infront of him....
Every foto maan is looking at only geet.... lol... daadi n annie wont let even one chance away...they try to prove at every point that Maan has changed totally and is a joru ka gulam.... LOLLOLLOL
I loved that scene... where maan is telling geet that foto shud hv been taken zoom out as fat ppl dont look nice in closeups n in such condition u hv put on weight.... i thot it was more of a taunt on DD...GC said that Drashti lagti patli hai par bahut bhari hai in the fake engagement SBS segment..n then the SBS they hosted he told her u shud work out.... so was this dialogue a dig on DD?? lol... LOLLOLLOL
DD was too cute in the scene where she is checking out his neck to see how akdu he is.... LOLLOL
Maan to ser to Geet sava ser hai... usse panga na lena.... LOLLOLLOL
The office junta coming home to convince maan for a bachelor's party.... aadi, romeo and pandeji want to hv a bachelors party....of all pandeji?? ShockedShockedShocked....brahmachari ji ...yeh kya ho gaya.... aap bhi bachelors party chahate hai???
Annie, daadi and geet ugsaoing maan.... geet doesnt actually know whats bachelors party...she just has heard bout it but still wants maan to have that party as she wants all the functions to happen for her wedding... but she also know may be maan wants the party but wont do it as he is scared of leaving her alone.... so she uses teasing tactics ... says things which will show that if maan says no for the party then he will be proven as a darpok.... LOLLOLLOL 
Finally Maan agreeing to the party but also calling Pinky and arranging a party for geet at home as he cant leave her alone...
Romeo, Manisha discussing bout the hall being fine for the party...arjun  asking what sort of a hall is this for party... annie coming there n telling arjun she has come to supervise the arrangements as she is in charge of all functions for her bhai's wedding.... n then she talking to arjun on whay is he doing this...he is the one who arranges ppl's relationships n yet he himself is running away from it when it comes to himself.... n he tells her he doesnt believe in relationships... he doesnt believe in love... he only believes in relationship with himself....
Brij - deciding to use this opportunity to execute his plan to finish off geet....
Maan seeing brij from behind n getting some doubt....
Maan's new ring tone..... ILU Maan in Geet's voice,.... ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Mr Stalker King's gal is even more insecure than him.... Mrs Stalker King changed his fone ring tone to her voice saying I love u Maan..... ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Geet is in expectation that guys will be partying but the moment maan teased her saying there will be gori ladkiyan dancing..she's all possessive ...saying i will call every 5 minutes... do not forget there is someone waiting for u at home... do not touch those gals.... n maan says i wont b able to hear the fone in that noise... n geet saying...dare u touch any other gal, u will find me there in no time if that happens..... ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL...... the gal is showing her possessiveness so openly.... i love this couple.... they are so different from the teleworld's other couples..... TongueBig smile
Maan showing geet the arrangements for a party for her...n he says if i am partying u shud party too... n geet tells him..u did this so that i wont be alone in teh outhouse na....n maan denying it first n then saying, we have decided not to keep anything away from each other...well yes he agrees he dint want her to be alone n she says i told u na.... i loved the Maan then told Geet...i'm liking ur gundagardi on me.... LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
then adi and romeo come and maan leaves with them after telling geet to take care.... haaaayeee how much care..... Adi and romeo assuring maan that the best security ppl hv been placed at home no need to worry....
Precap - Sheela ki jawaani dance....
well i must say Sayantani is a fabulous dancer and Gurmeet totally complimented her....
i loved the dance we got to see in the SBS segment.... Sayantani knows how to sway well..she is really good.... Gurmeet rocks and Drashti danced well too....
Overall - i liked the episode....
the episode had maneet moments in romance, comedy, sweetness, cuteness...everything today...
Overall rating  - 8/10

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hey Gouri

you around?

Aditi, Z

anyone else around..
yeah..wonders never cease i am around tonight
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@vrush - am around.... do read my analysis....Big smile
btw i hv deactivated my FB u will find me only on IF now.... waise u still have my fone i will be accessible like that.....
did u write analysis?? which page??

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New promo - very good to attract TV audience..... masala.... dramatic.....
-RushTrip- IF-Rockerz

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oh yes..i have your number

what happened why deactivated FB?


i wrote on page 1 no analysis..just faltoogiri..

me no mood other than maahiness now a days...

will read yours

do you read my Take my breath away by any chance ?
me asking cos i updated and i donno remember now who all read it..

so if you do here is the link

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