Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge [10/1-Epi 52]

.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 7:54am | IP Logged


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pinkyfrkaranika Goldie

Joined: 04 December 2010
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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 8:14am | IP Logged
My exams r going a short nd quick take of mine on today's episode....

Awesome epi. today...couldnt see arjuhi crying in the last sceneCryCry..nd i wished they would have played kmh title song wen arjuhi were looking at each other instead of 'kismat se tum...' Unhappy ...nd plz dnt cry arjun... Cry I was literally crying seeing arjun's crying in the last part..arjuhi's expressions r really superb !!! Clap


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AmnaIsh Goldie

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 8:24am | IP Logged
Another Fantastic Episode...Smile
"pata nahi aisa kya hai iski ankhon main, jise main har baar sach maan leti hoon..."Embarrassed
Arohi crying for Arjun...helpless in love, hurt, in pain but kya karain...mohabbat hi itani hai..
Today I felt like hugging DJ and Daddu.Hug.mmmmuah..I really think daddu is gonna hide arjun's evidence file, and will help arjun and arohi come together..I think he'll stop the wedding..

and DJ..hahaha kya BADMASH Dj hain..lolz LOVED the way she spoke to cheeku..and this KABOOTER..OMG...he's such a phatetic soul..lolz..har kisi se darta hai, man get a dont deserve our Pyari si Arohi...Angry

Arjun and Cheeku's 'face-off' was just AWSOME..hahah..jeeyo mere shair arjun!
My favorite scene - Arjun and ARohi's meeting in the was JUST perfect..the way they couldn't take their eyes off eachother...Hayeee marjawaaanDay Dreaming

"...mujhey aise to mat dekho" dil ko sambhalna mushkil hota hai..:-P
Arohi's confession and OMG, Arjun's tears..ufff...and th way arjun said, "Itna Dard"..i felt like just giving the poor guy a hug and'll b ok dude ....dnt' cry..CryCry

CryApart from teh joker cheeku, mostly the epi was pretty serious and to the point..a very good episode, it's moving fast which is good..story is getting stronger...but let's see ab kya hota hai...
Karan and kritika as usual - outstanding with, expressions, portrayel of emotions, dialouge delivery..BRAVO!ClapClapClapStar

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 8:30am | IP Logged

Cry why did arjun have to cry, he was so strong and confident till now.  ok going to start of the epi.

Arohi and arjun both venting out feelings after what happened,  if arohi  was talking to herself about why she cant stop thinking of him Embarrassed and arjun killed chiku with  his eyes . he finally told chiku that he is angry  to see him with arohi Clap it was much needed that chiku was going too far. ha ha  he really wanted to scare arjun with papers,  arjun's warning on spot nothing can stop him,  he had even shown micky and bil their place,  now chikbootar just stay away from her varna khair nahi Angry.

Kartar remembering chiku's jhoot and arjun;s sach at  the same time, DJ knows arohi truth and yay she also knows that arjun was lying  Clap,  pls. cvs  keep it this way let them not misunderstand arjun again.

chiks & love LOL - as much as chiks sounded silly  Dead lovedeep was good as a cheerful person, she  was lightning up the mood for everyone  Big smile and also only dj and dadu going with arohi Thumbs Up, gives them  ample time to talk to and observe her.   DJ certified chiku to be liar and fool good finally she  is convinced chiku is a bad choice Thumbs Up.

ARJUHI   HeartBroken HeartHeart  -   Arohi is not able  withstand the pressure  of being around him anymore. arjun didnot even say anything but she could feel all  that through his eyes and since she knows she is  doing a mistake she is trying to blame him for making her  think like that.  Her feeling well put in words,  'mein tumse pyar karti thi' and he is scared to even ask properly  'aur ab?'  'ab sirf mujhe gussa aata hai, har waqt naraaz rehti hoon'  that was enough to bring tears to his eyes na, he  wants her to be happy always but is causing more  pain,  but what about his pain I wish she stopped to look at him one more time then she could have heard him say :
                 tumhari har gussa har gustakhi manjoor hai
                 unse tum aur apni lagi paraya nahi
                 lekin ek shikayat humari bhi hai
                 kya sach mein, mere dard ka tumhe zara bhi khabar nahi?
if she had said   'ab mein tumse pyar nahi karti hoon' may be he would have tried to convince her that she loves him but she is saying she is  worried and  stressed Ouch that made him step back.
god someone make these two understand , KSA and DJ  team up make them confess openly now.
both karan and kritika were fab here.  the movement of his eyes when he was saying aur ab and  the pain they reflected on what he heard Thumbs Up.   bg score in the end where the male voice in KMH1 style tune "kaise kahein hume " Clap
looking at precap, I am hoping ksa will also witness  arjun's integrity and chiku darpok ness. after a  long time we will be seeing micks, accha hai micks vs chicks.  good episode overall, it was like a base for what is going to happen tomorrow. sigh will have to wait so  long for that.

Edited by kavyasam - 10 January 2011 at 12:19pm

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arshravi Senior Member

Joined: 19 August 2010
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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 8:35am | IP Logged
Episode started off well and ended, well for the story REALLY WELL but for me CryCry
I just hope Arjun and Arohi get together VERY soon, i cant see the tears in their eyes anymore CryCryCry
Anyway, the guilt on Arjuns face was so genuine. I mean that he portrayed it really well Clap  No doubt Arohis dialogues were really touching too and beautifully, with emotions, executed by her.
I felt like Hugging both of them after this scene! It was so touching to see them in that condition!

Will go for now, just quickly wanted to write about this scene!  Hopefully will come back later to finish off.

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 15 May 2010
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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 8:42am | IP Logged
well todays episode was very touchy ..though it had nothing much to show..yet it potrayed the true feelings of arjun and arohi...finally arohi breaks her silence and confesses to arjun that she loved him..and the moments they had spent together were the best and beautiful moments of her life...but after that one truth(about arjun being a criminal) ..followed by the current situations always forced her mind to take over her heart..yet she is rite..arohi is sad coz she was trusting him again but again he was proved wrong!!..she admitted that nowadays she remains angry 24 hrs.she didnt say that she hates him..Wink.she is angry coz she loved him....its very painful situation for arohi but still she gets to vent out her feelings ...but arjun..he has no one...

love has changed him so much that he has no negative feeling towards anyone not even cheeku though he wud never let cheeku take away arohi...his tears today didnt potray his sadness but his guilt that arohi's present situation was coz of him..he had hurt her to such an extent was a beautiful realisation..also followed by the fear of losing arohi coz he was asking himself whether arohi really wanted to forget him....

loved todays epi...Heart..thankfull to CVs to give us such a wonderful show where we can feel tthe characters..

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Du_Nish Goldie

Joined: 14 November 2010
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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 9:23am | IP Logged
I love today's episode.
My first take on Arohi:
I love you ArohiHeart
I know she is hurting Arjun but the episode starts after precap with Arohi washing her face, that was so so intense for me, I felt like she needed a tight hug from a friend who she can pour all her heart with and get some light to how it is going.
I love today's episode because the theme was just so real, I have known a friend who has been in such situation, she trusted the man more than herself and what she got in return (the man was not Arjun's character) was the man backstabbed her with one of her good friend's itself. She almost went mental and believe me if one's character is not strong that jhadka would have been suicidal. I love my friends a lot and I know I was there for her. I know I was the listener and let her pour her heart out and get her back to all the crazy things between friends.
It is the same feeling I felt for Arohi today. Today we have seen how  much shattered Arohi is. The way she admitted the selfless love she had for Arjun because in the bathroom scene, we have seen that Arohi knows he lied and she was hurt that his lie hurts her to the extent that she wonders why did she fall for such a complicated relationship? Why? She knew she was the 'happy go lucky type' but then WHY all the cheerful nature of herself has become remorseful that all what she can remember is only the 'jhadka.'
No friends, Arohi is not misunderstanding Arjun, the audience knows she is but herself, she is not. She fell in love with a stranger who was using her? that's a shock in itself. The audience knows that Arjun really loves her but Arohi's reasoning is justified too. Then it comes with the stigma that RPS hit on her and she got another shock Why Arjun, why you did not say this is not true?
She completely lost herself, and she started finding sooth in the love of her family, she tried to say to DJ but DJ was not so much of a help because in DJ's mind, it is just a mere infactuation.
The one who knows Arohi really loves Arjun in the family was Gauri, her best friend.  Oh Gauri, the same friend that Arohi is very caring anfd protective towards. Happened to be that this friend had a crush on Arjun and Arohi knew in Arjun's side that Arjun respected Gauri's feelings. Ofcourse this does not make a meaning now because her best friend, whom she thought to be equally caring and protective to her like she was; told her Arjun is a playboy.
She was already torn and such a words on the guy who she loves turned her to be ''kora kaagaz.''
And for that,I will have the title song of Kora Kaagaz for Arohi here:
The lyrics is in the clip and this is for my dearest Arohi.
I will once more say, I love you, Arohi,Heart
Now Arohi knows her family loves her a lot, they know they will always think the best for her. As the sweet innocent childlike image she has, she readily accepted to DJ that she will not mention what DJ thought to be infactuation to anybody. She thought that Arjun told Gauri and she knows Gauri is her best friend.
Friends, even in her spiteful nature, Gauri, really did not tell other members too and on that note, she proved to be a friend even if it worked on her side.
Arohi knows for her family sake she has to be happy and she assembled herself, with the continuous mind vs heart conflict and agreed to whatever her family decision will be. She agreed to move on like her family wanted and at the same point of time, Arjun came again.
Her conflict on seeing Arjun grew stronger. In her mind, after hurting me so much, what has he come to see, has he come to see that I am living or has he come to see I am living a dead body.
Each time she comes to see Arjun, she let her heart rules in those eye lock scenes but then quickly her mind come in the real sense and reminded her she has lost herself to the extent she does not want to hurt again.
And then today, she could not bear it, O Arohi, you realised that 'just say it. Say it this time.' She realised even with time she will feel lighter to tell to the person who has created so impact on her what is actually through.
Friends, it was as intense for me, as in KMH1 when Arohi said 'I love you.' I felt the same intensity of these hurtful words that I have to place my hand to my heartbeat and keep it warm. Ekta, you did it again to meClap
She said it, she confessed what was in her heart and mind to this important person and she was just so strong character here, for that again, I will say 'I love you, Arohi'Heart She was so strong even if it hurts she poured everything to that person. It was tearful to her too that she could not let tears flowed down, the same tears she never wanted to show that man to know what is the influence he had on her,today, she let it go.
On a conclusive note on Arohi's part,for me it was a self surrender again, she had to let the tears and words awashed away all the pain she is feeling for her now to see the rays of light. These tears are going to wash all her misunderstandings.
There will be another flow of tears but not for the pain she felt,it would be more for the recognition of the selfless love of Arjun to her.
Entirely on Kritz performance today,I am giving for a flawless,I was how instantly dry eyes filled with tears,did it really edit or was it one shot, for that I bow down on her acting and give 10 out of 10.

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adhasrujana Senior Member

Joined: 26 July 2010
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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 9:57am | IP Logged
Angryarohi u cry n also make arjun cryCryarjun all i can do is a tight hugHuglolLOLmauke ka faida utaya maineROFLROFL

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