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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#Devils Den# Aa Gaye na line pE!! (Page 2)

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 8:08am | IP Logged

Great job on the bloopers Mali...Thumbs Up

I liked the pace of the episode and also the progression...they are not dragging things unnecessarily and making things boring for the viewer....And in the midst of all the happiness they are also keeping the drama quotient intact too....So it makes it fun to watch and also a little scary coz you're waiting for the other shoe to drop!!!

Now coming to the highlights of the epi....

1) As everyone has already mentioned ...I liked the continuation of Saturday's scene but I wud have preferred to see some more dialogues after the awesome hug in Saturday's epi...Oh, Well!!! Beggars can't be Choosers now....can they???LOLLOL   Atleast they started from Maan and Geet walking out of the room hand in hand instead of suddenly starting with the dance sequence LOL

2) I liked Daadi's monologue addressed to Geet and Maan. She has been acting like a real mature Daadima these days and giving them advice left, right and center...Her words make you feel that she is handing over the reins of Maan to Geet and that's what a mother-in-law does!!

3) Although I liked Maan's smile after this convo, it looked more like GC and less like Maan....I kinda like MSK's half smile...Embarrassed . Him remembering the promise he made to Geet was a prelude for the dance

4) The dance was nice and I have no complaints about it...Everyone is anyways gonna be talking and dissecting it so I won't do it....I'll pick out the moments I liked from the dance instead
a) First of all Geet's happiness throughout the dance was really heart-warming to see...coz that girl deserves all the happiness in the world for the pain that she has been through at such a young age..
b) Then the way Maan walked towards Geet and pulled her into the dance was cute...Embarrassed
c) Maan getting naughty with Geet and trying to kiss her EmbarrassedEmbarrassed and then his signature chin holding was nice too Embarrassed..Also I liked Maan caressing Geet with his cheek in the Back hug moment of the dance...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
d) Romeo repeating Maan's chin holding scene with Taasha..ROFL....Manisha and Pandeyji dancing together...ROFLROFLROFL
e) Daadi and Anvesha making Geet not feel the lack of her family and embracing her was really touching and also Maan standing at the back watching this was done in a nice way
f) Then Maan coming and completing the family was an Awww moment for me...
g) Then again Geet and Maan getting lost in each other with the whole world moving around them goes on to show how much in tune they are with each other...Embarrassed
See the dance had more to it than just a dance...Big smile

5) The morning scene was nice ....I liked the link of the headlines in the newspaper and what Maan calls Geet...You have no clue what I'm talking about right....LOLLOL...Let me tell you....The headlines read...."How many COWS does it take to run a data centre" and the next moment when Geet is showing Maan the pictures...He calls her a "Fat Cow"  I know he doesn't say this verbatim but that's what he meant right.....ROFL...And I liked Geet's comeback to him..."Akadooo ki Akdi hui Gardan" ROFLROFL

6) I pity Adi, Romeo and Pandeyji...they chose the wrong moment to enter KM...MSK was already pissed off and these guys had to face his wrath...that too asking for his Bachelor Party..

7).Well, Geet convincing Maan to have the Bachelor Party although funny was a bit OTT...And MSK saying "Mujhe Chadthi Nahi Hai" Ouch....What was that??

8) Brij standing upstairs looming over Maan and Geet during their cozy and happy moment was kind of symbolic of things to come..."Unke sarpe Kaale saaye ki tarah mandra raha tha"

9) Everyone scuttering off after convincing Maan was funny LOL

10) Brij planning another strike...dramatic..Shocked....Poor guy keeps planning and failing..Let's see what he does next...

11) The NEB-NES scene left me confused...What's up with these two people??? Although they are Non-existent for me still they leave me baffled....Really its exhausting....ROFLROFLROFL

12) I liked how Maan even though he is not gonna be around is making sure that Geet is safe and sound....His arranging the Bachelorette Party for Geet to make sure that she's not alone and the tight security arrangements (last scene) to make sure that no harm befalls her are proof of the smart MSK we know....

13) Maan seeing Brij make his signature move from the back was kind of a clue to the things to come...the scene by itself was I would not like to comment on that...maybe in the future when MSK is connecting dots we'll see this scene again...

14) I liked the way Maan teased Geet about the Bachelor's party and Geet the dumbo not knowing that a bachelor part is not a men only party...I liked her naivety and how Maan uses it to get her jealous...He sure knows how to push her buttons...LOLLOL...But in the end he is a pakka Joru ka Ghulam and does Ji Huzoori Ji Huzoori to Geet...LOLLOL

15) The scene where Maan was reluctant to leave Geet and kept saying Bye, Take Care etc...was another "Awwww" moment for me in today's episode

I liked the usage of the office staff in the epi...Adi, Romeo, Pandeyji, Manishaa, Pinky and extremely well in their bit parts too...unlike some NEs I know... I feel Adi and Romeo should be used more often...Both of them can carry a scene on their own....

I didn't like
1) Geet's way of talking to Maan in front of the office staff was not right...Certain dignity has to be maintained....After all he is their boss... I know she is happy and all but because of that MSK's character shouldn't suffer
2)The "I love you Maan " ringtone...what the hell was that??Ouch....I hope it is never used again
3) Pinki's reaction to Maan's call ConfusedConfused??? Why was she scared to pick his callConfusedConfused??
4) Some of the dialogues in the epi..."Krodh mein jalne ke ilava", "Aa gaye na line pe" were kinda strange...

But Overall I Liked the Epi and the main reason for that is as I mentioned earlier Geet's Happiness...I like seeing her happy and for that the episode was special....ClapClap

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I loved today's episode simply because it brings out the right flavour of the marriage thats going to happen this week...also the Sangeet ceremany was not dragged but in the limited time all the emotions were covered up very nicely and whole flow of the episode was good and entertainingThumbs Up
I liked the continuation of the episode ..the way Maan-Geet walked out of the room was a lovely sight to watchEmbarrassed...Dadi's interaction with Maaneet there seeing both happy is a feel good scene after a week of suspense and painThumbs Up
I liked the whole essense of the mahi vay dance and editing was quite good...lets not forget its not suppose to b a dance competition being performed by professional dancers where we r judges and giving them marks out of 30LOL.. It looked like a typical sangeet dance where all hv some simple fun, masti and enjoy with relativesEmbarrassed..I loved the simplicity and natural flow of the whole dance and how even Dadi and all joined them looked very naturalEmbarrassed...what I loved about the Dance today if I keep aside all the technicalities is the fact that this is the first dance number which Maan-Geet r dancing in glory and happinessEmbarrassed..earlier whenever they danced together they had many issues or anger or pain hidden somewhere during the dance..but this time both were tension free and were just enjoying the celebrations and the danceEmbarrassed..and for me that made the dance specialEmbarrassed;The way MSK throughout the dance kept on lovingly looking at Geet and the way Geet kept on giving that lovely smile to Maan made the dance look adorable even if the steps were not properly choreographedSmile..its the overall love and happiness surrounding the dance which made a pleasant watch for meEmbarrassed..The only thing which irritated me in the dance sequence were those yellow/orange ball effectsAngry;CVs should get out of their yellow/orange ball wala obsession nowStern Smile;They seem to put those annoying effects in each and every dance these daysLOLOuch;Other than that I loved the dance and even those flashbacks which they showed when Maan comes and hugs her from behindDay Dreaming;The end of the dance was also very good the way whole family joins Maan-Geet on the dance floor and then MSK hugs all the 3 ladies of his family from the was a picture perfect momentDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
Next morning scene where all the ladies r looking at the photos was quite a cute and natural sceneEmbarrassed;Loved the way MSK was teasing Geet by telling her about how she looked fat in those photos and then Geet made fun of his twisted neck in the photoROFLROFLROFLROFL;It looked more like GC-DD moment to me since GC keeps on making DD's fun about how she is very heavyLOL and DD keeps on pulling GC's leg calling him a saduuLOLLOL;I get a feeling these two might hv asked the dialogue writer to give those dialgoues there in that sceneROFLROFLROFL;But it was a cute Maaneet momentEmbarrassed
Now here there is one scene which I hv some serious issuesStern Smile;Few episodes back we saw MSK telling Geet that he is still Maan Singh Khurana for his employees and so she should not make a public display of their private moments and here today we see Geet doing the same in front of Adi and others when she forced MSK to go for the bachelars partyOuch;In fact she was again pulling MSK's leg with Dadi and Annie here and that too in front of his office employees but MSK was cool with itConfused;So for me this scene din't work in terms of character consistencyThumbs Down;And I hope CVs don't repeat this mistake againSmile;Its fine to show some masti in the marriage house but Geet pulling MSK's leg in front of his office employees was not needed hereErmm;
Having said that ,One thing which I liked in that above scene is the way Geet showed her desperation for the bachelar's party more than MSK just because she saw something similar in a English movieROFLROFLROFLROFL;This is the reason why I feel Geet is different from other female leads of TV...because its her innocence and cool attitude towards everything which makes her different from othersEmbarrassed;I mean how many female leads will b so cool to send their fiance for a bachelar's partyROFLROFLROFL;...Poor girl ,she has no idea about the so called hot girls over there with whom MSK is all set to do some dirty dancingROFLROFLROFLROFL;But I liked this fun element in the episode din't look forcedSmile...

MSK's ringtone is now changed to "I LOVE U MAAN" and its done by GeetROFLROFL...but I liked was cuteEmbarrassed and well hilarious u can sayROFLROFLROFLROFL...I mean just imagine after marriage Maan is in a board meeting and his mobile rings with that "ILU Maan" jaap...gosh it will b so embarassing for himShockedShockedROFLROFLROFLROFL;I guess Geet is taking stalker lessons form MSK now..and mayb this ringtone idea was part of his lesson onlyWinkROFLROFLROFLROFL...Also loved the way MSK was non-stop teasing her about the hot girls in the bachelars party and she was showing her authority on him like a typical wifey saying dare u looked at those hot girlsLOLLOLEmbarrassed;These r very simple scenes but r entertaining to watchEmbarrassed...
I liked the decoration of Geet's room which MSK did for the girls partyThumbs Up....But I fail to understand why Pinky was getting so scared taking MSK's call ??ConfusedLOL...
I also  don't see the purpose of Brij-MSK hit and miss scene todayErmm;I guess the scene was meant for MSK trying to recollect where he has seen something similar like a man itching the backside of his headROFLROFLROFL but the scene din't come out too clear because MSK din't recollect anything from HPConfusedLOL;But I hope CVs can justify this scene in the coming episodesErmm;
But again What will Brij do next makes the viewers curious for next episode along with Sheila's jawaani of courseLOLLOL
MSK looked hot in black in the last scene..especially when he said "Byeee" to heart went "Haiiiiii"Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming..I will say hot is an understatement todayLOLEmbarrassed;He looked bangable actually giving those deadly looks to Geet while saying "Bayeeee" to herBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushingBlushing..Also loved that bedroom eye wala naughty look which he gave to Geet when he said that he loves her "gundagardi"WinkLOLTongueTongue...Even though GC's  BD was used in half of that scene,but his close-up shots were quite goodEmbarrassedEmbarrassed;I will not complain about the BD today because I can understand the hectic schedule under which the actors must b working these days while shooting for the shaadi episodes and also mayb GC had to do his rehearsals for the Sheila dance with Shayantani and mayb thats why he was not available with DD in the same frame in that sceneErmm;So it doesn't matter much hereSmile
Even Arjun-Annie scene din't look too irritating today and went with the story flowErmm..I understand that Arjun right now is confused and in a dilemma because he is falling for Annie but he doesn't want to forget his main mission as well but I hope CVs just don't reduce his character to a love sick puppy nowOuch;What about his love and loyalty towards his own sister NT here ??I hope CVs don't forget all thatSmile;I don't mind a love track between Arjun and Annie if he doesn't forget his mission of destroying MSKLOL..he  should not become a love sick puppy and instead try to balance out both the sides..romance Annie but with a missionEvil Smile...its fine right now if he is trying to maintain distance from her because he is actually falling for her but at the end of the day he should not forget his mission for which he was introduced in the showLOL LOL
Precap looks stunning to me...I loved the dance moves given to GC-Sayantani together..they both complimented each other in the dance and proved that both r fab dancersStarStarStarStarStar;Even the part where DD is dancing with Sayantani and GC  too looked quite cool to meThumbs Up;I loved the spirit of Geet here the way she joined them on the dance floor rather than getting jealous and sulking in some corner like a typical fianceLOL;This showed the faith that she had in her man even if he grooves with other girlsLOLWink

Episode Rating:8.5/10  After the emotional roller coaster ride on Saturday..this was a good light hearted episode with some fun momentsThumbs Up ...Embarrassed

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Hello everyone,

Welcome to the pre marriage functions of the most awaited marriage ceremony of the most beloved couple of small screen, maan and geet aka maneet. The wedding bells are ringing loud and with that the music too. The bride and groom are so ready to get us awestruck with their mind-blowing performances and show the world how beautiful and exciting it is to be in such a pure and extraordinary relationship as maneet. As the day is approaching both the couple and the enemies are getting ready with breathtaking excitement. We, the audience too are buckling up our seatbelts for a rollercoaster experience of maneet wedding. 

Well I don't wanna make any introduction but directly state that the opening dance today was magnificent! It was flawless, entertaining and stimulating. A huge round of applause to the Gteam, DD, GD, adi pinky, romeo, manisha, dadima, anne and everyone else who made the act so beautiful  and precious. I was so mesmerized while watching the act that in the end it felt as if GC is gonna faint now like the original song! We are glad that he didn't, lol! Well the editing team too did a very good job because in the precap last Saturday, the dance dint seem very tempting and I was thinking that GC, being so skinny may not rock with those moves. But today my thought process completely halted. Wow and beautiful. Thank you Gteam once again; you are the best!

The rest of the episode was thoroughly entertaining too. The conversation on the living room regarding maan's eyeballs sticking on geet, anne-geet-dadima jointly making the bachelors party take place, maan's new ring tone(ROFL) and finally the office staff enjoying the wedding so much was inexplicably amusing.

Ne-rjun situation was well planned and executed. Yes, it was not under rjun's hotlist to seriously fall in love with the enemy's sister whose wedding he purposefully planned to ruin. If he accepts this feelings inside him he wont be able to do his job. On the other hand rjun may stop himself from talking to ne but how will he stop himself from feeling anything? Yes, an inner fight is going on between arjun's thoughts and emotions. Lets see who wins, how and why? Their love track so far went like this,

attraction at first sight-flirting-self mental acceptance of feelings-understanding facts......................

And so it seem to follow the following route in the future,

Denial of feelings-self mental struggles with failure-severe misunderstandings-damage control at life risk-two people running from two ends of delhi to meet and hug-conclusion!

About brij, we can see that maan saw the back of him today and any tired helpers may want to massage his neck like that. Don't know if it would be wise or too intellectual of maan to recall brij just from one neck rubbing scene but catching brij so easily will kill the suspense of brij's reentry in the show. Even maan should be scare for geet's safey like hell when he finally sees brij and before that a little hde and sick glimpses between maan and brij would be really thrilling. Most importantly maan, if don't meet brij in Kmansion rather on the street would bring back the suspense factor. He wuld know that brij is in delhi but couldn't even imagine that he is wonking in his own house till the very end. As we all know that maneet will be safely married so a little suspense on the border will be interesting. But no matter what please do not make brij a saint. Dev character has gone in the limbo, rjun in love and on the way to become the father of the khurana church! God forbid dev don't come and confess to rjun. And if brij becomes a saint too somehow then geet can be used as radar for deactivating evil spirits in human!

One thing though, I believe its winter in India too and I can see that all males get to wear warm clothes except the females. Ne and sasha are too much in the summer mood while geet and pinky are in autumn moods. I hope the female performers don't get cold. Take care there.

Finally the precap dance sequence looked rocking. The girl performing the dance is really good. We hope to have another entertaining episode tomorrow.

Loves and prayers

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Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Drashti! May you climb the ladder of success always!

Theme of the Den : Bloopers!
Nice work Maliha!Lovely poem on imperfections Bri!Clap

Episode Analysis

Khushiyon ki ban aayi lehar,
Geet rakhegi in khushiyon ko sambhal kar.
Maan ke jeevan ki baagdor,
Daadi ne badhayi Geet ki or.
Sangeet ka hai shuru hua silsila...
Man main hain dono ke utsaah bhara.
Dono ko dher saari badhayian,
Jindagi bhar rahein yeh khushiyan.

Samay ab mera yahan se lene ka vida,
Kuch dino ke liye main karti hoon is Den ko alvida....
Apne parivaar sang bitane ka hai khayal,
Uske liye safar karna hoga mujhe har haal...
Badi muddat ke baat hai aayi yeh ghadi,
Miloongi apne parivaar se aur baatein hongi dher sari...
So mere den ke sathiyon dhanyavaad aap sabhi ka,Hug
Phir hogi mulaqat GHSP ke saath mere lautane ke baad.Smile

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Just a short take today!

Happy Birthday Drashti, many happy returns of the day!

Loved the flow in today's episode, just awesome!

Maan's love for Geet and how, she is the apple of his eye!

Loved his sense for  people!  Especially Brij...loved it!

Mahi Ve was awesome, loved the editing, dancing and daadi too, it's suppose to be a family thing and they showed that.  Maan wiping Geet's tears in the end!  Yes, she is missing her family!

Again, loved the nok jhok the next morning, yes he keeps looking at her, I mean which guy wouldn't, not only she has outer beauty, she also has inner beauty too!  She is MSK's life, breath, smile and what not! Every breath he takes, its only for his Geet! OMG I was floored when he said she looks big in the pictures, GC was that for DD...if so that is meanLOL

Bachelor Party boys arranging everything, I enjoyed AA scene, wasn't that bad, just nikuj can't act, she walked up to Arjun  like a stiff board!  Must say Piyush is impressing me with his new hair style! 

Maan's ring tone, I have to say this kudi is very very smart, he is all hers and she wants to keep him in check. Maan making sure Geet is happy while he is having his party.  Loved Geet's possessiveness on her man, infact he loved it too!  He only made her that way, better watch out Maan, she will eat u alive by the looks she gives u!  Gunda giri LOL!  That was quite cute!

Brij, what do I say about him, MSK has spotted him and this MSK won't leave alone, so he will come in front of him just to bust him out!  MSK is no idiot! 

Sheila ki Jawani, loved the dance, but MSK breaks his promise to Geet, why did he dance with another woman!  He did that in the party by the pool and it nearly killed both of them inside!  Not a good move by the creatives for Maan's character!  Yes he is talli, but he should have thought of Geet before dancing all close and hot with the dancer!  Sorry this is not justified for me!  This tells me he has faults and can fall weak when it comes to things like this or when drunk! Yes its a bachelor party, but still he needed to remember his promise!  Good going Geet lands up there, she will fix him straight, at least I hope so! LOL

Maaneet marriage is a must!

Geet not marrying anyone else or u can shut shop!

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I liked today's episode.

The Beginning: I loved that Dadi sees how happy Geet makes Maan. Whenever he is in a  bad mood, Geet is the only one who can put a smile back on his face. EmbarrassedThumbs Up

Mahi Ve: Although we saw almost the whole song sequence on SBS/SBB, I loved it. I loved the part Dadi and Annie sing to Geet, making sure she knows that the Khuranas' are her family as well. Embarrassed Maan comes and hugs all of his girls, his wife and daughter WinkLOL, dadi and sis. Beautiful family now bring the brother back. Big smile

Romeo/Adi/Pandeji: I love them. Romeo is the cutest EmbarrassedROFLI loved that scene about the bachelor party ROFL Brij eavesdropping, and if he  appeared angry it is because of Maan only. Embarrassed How dare Maan not invite him to the party!Angry He wants a piece of Sheila or Maan Wacko Blushing ROFL

Maan/Brij: Ooooo Maan is suspicious Thumbs Up He should look into this mystery person in his house WinkLOL

The Ringtone: It's very sweet of Geet but it completely shatters Maan's MSK avatar ROFL Imagine that thing going off at  a meeting or ANYWHERE in public ROFL

The end:
I loved the end. There was something about the way he said bye and take care of yourself, it melted my heart EmbarrassedROFL My heart is so melt-y these days. But yeah, that was very cute.  And not to mention Maan looked hot Day Dreaming


Arjun and Annie: They were ok ROFL

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vivacious_gurl IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey mali - awesome post on bloopers... Big smileBig smile

Dear Drashti,
Many Happy returns of the day..... may god bless u with happiness and success.....
Episode analysis -
The episode started with maan and geet coming out from maan's room.... finally speaking bout his choice ...n her forgiving him, he is finally out of his guilt .... a smiling maan n geet..... Daadi seeing them.... good ... daadi saying geet's coming in maan's life has made him smile again always.... may u both always be together n geet and maan shud always be together n maan's smile shud never be erased....
Daadi taking geet away n then maan deciding to fulfill his promise of smiling n enjoying n making sangeet special for Geet....
I love the mahi ve dance.... GC really dances well n so does DD.... n maan n geet were looking so much in love....
Next day morning .... awww... i love it when Maan ki taang khichayi hoti hai...
well its true maan has eyes only for geet..... firstly because she is the most important person in his life.... he totally loves her ... secondly he wanted to prove to her that he is happy and will make all the wedding ceremonies special for her so is continuously looking at her... to check if she is happy and thirdly he is scared and protective and hence wants to make sure every moment she is infront of him....
Every foto maan is looking at only geet.... lol... daadi n annie wont let even one chance away...they try to prove at every point that Maan has changed totally and is a joru ka gulam.... LOLLOLLOL
I loved that scene... where maan is telling geet that foto shud hv been taken zoom out as fat ppl dont look nice in closeups n in such condition u hv put on weight.... i thot it was more of a taunt on DD...GC said that Drashti lagti patli hai par bahut bhari hai in the fake engagement SBS segment..n then the SBS they hosted he told her u shud work out.... so was this dialogue a dig on DD?? lol... LOLLOLLOL
DD was too cute in the scene where she is checking out his neck to see how akdu he is.... LOLLOL
Maan to ser to Geet sava ser hai... usse panga na lena.... LOLLOLLOL
The office junta coming home to convince maan for a bachelor's party.... aadi, romeo and pandeji want to hv a bachelors party....of all pandeji?? ShockedShockedShocked....brahmachari ji ...yeh kya ho gaya.... aap bhi bachelors party chahate hai???
Annie, daadi and geet ugsaoing maan.... geet doesnt actually know whats bachelors party...she just has heard bout it but still wants maan to have that party as she wants all the functions to happen for her wedding... but she also know may be maan wants the party but wont do it as he is scared of leaving her alone.... so she uses teasing tactics ... says things which will show that if maan says no for the party then he will be proven as a darpok.... LOLLOLLOL 
Finally Maan agreeing to the party but also calling Pinky and arranging a party for geet at home as he cant leave her alone...
Romeo, Manisha discussing bout the hall being fine for the party...arjun  asking what sort of a hall is this for party... annie coming there n telling arjun she has come to supervise the arrangements as she is in charge of all functions for her bhai's wedding.... n then she talking to arjun on whay is he doing this...he is the one who arranges ppl's relationships n yet he himself is running away from it when it comes to himself.... n he tells her he doesnt believe in relationships... he doesnt believe in love... he only believes in relationship with himself....
Brij - deciding to use this opportunity to execute his plan to finish off geet....
Maan seeing brij from behind n getting some doubt....
Maan's new ring tone..... ILU Maan in Geet's voice,.... ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Mr Stalker King's gal is even more insecure than him.... Mrs Stalker King changed his fone ring tone to her voice saying I love u Maan..... ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL
Geet is in expectation that guys will be partying but the moment maan teased her saying there will be gori ladkiyan dancing..she's all possessive ...saying i will call every 5 minutes... do not forget there is someone waiting for u at home... do not touch those gals.... n maan says i wont b able to hear the fone in that noise... n geet saying...dare u touch any other gal, u will find me there in no time if that happens..... ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL...... the gal is showing her possessiveness so openly.... i love this couple.... they are so different from the teleworld's other couples..... TongueBig smile
Maan showing geet the arrangements for a party for her...n he says if i am partying u shud party too... n geet tells him..u did this so that i wont be alone in teh outhouse na....n maan denying it first n then saying, we have decided not to keep anything away from each other...well yes he agrees he dint want her to be alone n she says i told u na.... i loved the Maan then told Geet...i'm liking ur gundagiri on me.... LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
then adi and romeo come and maan leaves with them after telling geet to take care.... haaaayeee how much care..... Adi and romeo assuring maan that the best security ppl hv been placed at home no need to worry....
Precap - Sheela ki jawaani dance....
well i must say Sayantani is a fabulous dancer and Gurmeet totally complimented her....
i loved the dance we got to see in the SBS segment.... Sayantani knows how to sway well..she is really good.... Gurmeet rocks and Drashti danced well too....
Overall - i liked the episode....
the episode had maneet moments in romance, comedy, sweetness, cuteness...everything today...
Overall rating  - 8/10

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Tere Pyaar Mein Hum Ho Gaye....FANNA


Author: rickks   Replies: 11   Views: 1799

rickks 11 1799 24 August 2010 at 8:11am by rickks
Taras gaye Naina..........

Author: br200910   Replies: 0   Views: 568

br200910 0 568 13 August 2010 at 8:20am by br200910
#*Devil's Den#* Disappointed "Eye Hungry" Devils

2 3 4 5 6 7 ... 149 150

Author: Doodle   Replies: 1192   Views: 55461

Doodle 1192 55461 06 August 2010 at 12:33pm by SuhaniSonia
Fav Maan Line

2 3

Author: perfectdreams   Replies: 19   Views: 1838

perfectdreams 19 1838 02 August 2010 at 5:28am by PremKiDeewani

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