Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

#Devils Den# Aa Gaye na line pE!!

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THE  FIRST FEW POSTS  r on tour of some bloopers!!! Embarrassed




the most striking blooper it was raining wen geet entered to station & not wen maan entered... Cry

most important it did not look like any DELHI station :(LOL

& he had time to change clothes & come ?Embarrassed

shouting geet geet in mute mode? Ouch

& can anyone point out frm were geet went how she jumped & went out frm her room wen maan entered ?? 



wat abt maan falling into the bag ? & thise chor bacche never interfre?/
& most imp!!! maan's memories he was thinking of tat green dress gift which geet was actually imagining ??? Sleepy

and while playing hide & seek both of them wore THE INVISIBILTY CLOAK i guess, how else can u justify the scene wen both standing jus behind the other ?? Clap




the flight scenes ? manali takes an over night tracel ?LOL

they should have maintatined some cconsistency,


maan goes out in search of her ? & finds her in bench which loooked more like a garden set up of some home rather than a roadaway bench??Shocked






how come snowfall stucks only geet & not maan?? LOL

some kind of water proof jacket he is wearing Embarrassed


do ppl leave their house open for strangers to step in & make themselves comfortable ?? 

& most important such a biggy house & no room to change clothes for my darling geet ?? Sleepy



how come on both clipplings wen they showed the house frm outside it was PINKY'S HOUSE

atleast some other house they could have shown na?? Embarrassed


SHIRT ?? maan wore a semi sleeve & wen geet gets to wear it , it turns out to be a full sleeve ??Ouch


& dupatta, some kind of bed covering or watever the skirt was i could not think Confused


Getting little out ? did anyone happen to notice the bed position ?? Angry

wen they entered the house it was so far frm the window 

& during the song sequence wen she had to lie down it jus popped out close to the window?? aladdin ki mat tha kya??Clap

as the talks b/w maan & gett the dialogues were awesomely written, but again i had doubt as it was procceding whether they were seated or standing ?? it did'nt look proper ?? Shocked


the wodden screen & the window's postion in relation to fri & yesterday epi were not coherent... 


& geet ?? her voice was'nt dubed properly, it lost the charm of the intro scenes...Dead



i thought the garedn was a part of khurana mansion ???  frm where did the children start playing in private constructions ??? thoda illogical laga yaar Cry

& the funniest part!! has not maira seen geet in that file ? & while confronting her how come she forgot tat it's geet ??? Confused







does the link or a connector pay its existence betwen the outhouse & the kurana' mansion ??/LOL

  it was pathetic yaar... seriously it took moments for me to understand tat it was a poor shoor blooper... Ouch


out of ??? how come geet is apparated ?? i  can use no other word....Confused

how come she lands inside the mansion seconds after her room scene ??? yup,  it was bad

& maan standing behind tat wodden screen, he is tall his head was seen a top ? still 3 ladies & even dadima cant make out tat someone was standing ??? Angry


& my sweetie had to bath twice within minutes?? was'nt the first scene she was dryingher hair & again u show her in the bath tub?? logic??? Dead

hospital clock : AM  Telling again,,,,, no more clocks in BG..... it hurts time yaar.... it's very small to notice but dunno y i get pissed looking at clocks... may be cos i cant handle time effectively so i get nerved down seeing it!!!Embarrassed


position sense :  time & again,, dunno how many times ve told this.. but i still happen to see tat distance apart while  a single dialogue is delivered... the beloved editing team ?? have u lost it agagin ?? i find it silly tat u ppl can manage ti ignore such things??Embarrassed




It was a full moon day when Maan puts khandani ring on Geet. Consider that as day 1 and how many days have gone by since that...


Day 1 - Maan puts ring on geet's fingersEmbarrassed

Day2 - Geet's ring circulates in the office and lands in Maan's hands and he puts it back on geet - enter demellos - discussion on pyar ki nishani bunglow - Maaneet ask each other pyar ke maainey and get answersOuch

Day3 - Demello's wedding - pregnancy revelationCry

day4 - Maan avoiding geet - Geet runs behind Maan's car-maan stops-geet faints-maan brings her to his room-takes careClap

Day5- Geet's past revelation to Maan - Maan brings geet back at Khurana houseShocked

Day6 - leave for Manali to manage the lie they told dadiLOL

Day7 - Roop tera mastanaCry

Day8 - Back at Delhi-Maan angry with Geet- Dadi announces engagement party - Maaneet go on date - Geet confesses loveHeart

Day9 - engagement day - Maan shuru hua subheh - maannet go to doc - back for bhangra - getting ready for engagement - Maan clarifies to Geet that henceforth everything between them would be true including the engagement  - AGAIN IN FRONT OF FULL MOON????Dead


How is it possible????



on engagement night maan showed geet the full moon & nxt day maan's accident & the night in hospital & nxt morning the lift wala scenes & night he is back home ? were did the moon appear from??? Cry







maan & his substantiation tat he can read her ??Cry

he was the one who could see tears in her eyes in mid rain tat dhaba wala scene & wen she stood in front of him fully broken he could not sense from her words ? her tone ?Angry

maan & his justification??Dead

i care for my bro? o really ? then where did u go wen he needed u the most ?Cry

he is little shararati ?? o really?? with 3 known gf so far we know ??Cry

he is good at heart ??? o really ??? wen he is gonna leave geet , y he choose to make love with her tat fateful night ???Cry


maan & himself ??

did he not tell us all who keep doubitng that he has changed, tat he is still the MSK ?

but he spoilt tat image ? his rxn to adi's comments on tevar i sould not justify ?? 

& i forgive him everytime??? SO THIS TIME TOO U'LL SHOW MAAN FORGIVING DEV ?





NO U FAILED........Dead







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pinky's dad !! i guess the cv's r thinking we have memory loss....Cry

1. geet's dad wen he spoke to PINKY'S dad had clearly told him tat dont ask me any questions as y geet left HP it's cos of some personal family prob & we cant discuss, so Mr. mirchandani could never now it frm geet;s dad.LOL


2. wen geet told pink's dad tat she was pregnant, he told beta i completely trust u & will not ask u any question...Ouch




& pinky??? were is our dialogue writer?????? Question

geet & maan are in DELHI......Clap

then how come pinky' tells her dad that geet mangni chod kar MUMBAI se chali gayi???Cry






so if maan & dev came in lIft side by side how come they not meet in the ground floor ??LOL

the lift ? in 3rd floor ?Embarrassed

maan's cabin was in 7th flooor as per previous epiSODES??Dead




OMG 2 hrs in lift ?? & jus so little talk & conversations had happened in office?Cry

1. did not the security inform anyone about lift entrapment ?LOL contact b/w lift & office ? no phone? no alarm? no buzzer??LOL

3.maaan's entry is like ambulance siren in office so no one gotta know he even came to office?LOL

4. the guards called up themselves ? could not inform office in charge to contatct for ambulance? LOL

abin was in 7th flooor as per previous epiSODES??Embarrassed



 geet lands up in jail after a heavy conversation & mr.maan still roaming in corridors of a hospital not even in ICU ?? Dead

really delhi's traffic is falling heavy on maan but geet from HP has been saved from such things!! Embarrassed


remember the DNA testing thing, well ok the hospital will have the DNA information about the father but how to comapre maybe they have a CSI database with themLOL



remember this is india there is no dna database available!! Embarrassed


ICU: is there any ICU with a single bed ?? even CCU"s have multiple beds...Wink


surgery: we were supposed to believe maan was heading for a surgey ?Cry

how does he land up in ICU without any formal treatment?? do the dotors jus tell he is still serious even without an OT scene??LOL


sanjivani : back to square one!!! Big smile


geet runs to room nos 303? & nurse comments on patient nos 12 ? Dead

doctor told dadi maan is in ICU?? dailogue writers ? no?again ?Cry

y do i happen to get angry with each of u in turns?? me has royally been fed up with the room && icu triangle!! Wink

icu & 12 & 303? & now a square? room 26 ??? & to top it all the corrridors is the OBG ward!!

so many baby photos around!!!Cry


cauliflower>??? i guess the hospital is the one going to be constructed in space!! against gravity or zero gravity!!!   tell me were did the cauliflower fall??? if newton was in one such a place his theory of gravity would have escaped & me & all of u reading physics would have lessened!!!Ouch

Actually the most famous Maan's Kiss on Geet's forehead was two different shots..joined one shot Maan was holding her head (can clearl;y see that ) and in other shot he was not holding her head....may be they shot it twice and while editing forget the exact positioning of Maan's hand.

 & BE4 TAT REMEMBER the hugs & shugs :

 I counted the camera panned around them 11 times...shubh hai yaar..Clap


the beloved poetry & cards & the writing!!


1. poetry me lovezz the dialogue writers.. bharry good no gr8 work but cvs u ppl could have suggested some logical execution of it? & director sir me izz pissed ur entire team needs a make over wen one department is excellent the other does horrendous job?

wat is ur ulterior motive???Dead


2. love written poems in a hospital flower room cards?? some get well msg r supposed to be written right?Embarrassed


3. & u wanted to showcase all the card tat were gifted to u kya?? so many new cards??Wink


4. it was written in braill' script yaar!!LOL


 a. cos geet had poor eyesight but she managed to read it...Wink

 b. both of them were looking up & down & readin so the eyes were not focussed to it but the hands were... Embarrassed

 c. so they felt the braile acript of dots, which fit into such small cards too & they managed to read it even while looking around....Clap

jus wen maan got admitted in morning he was supposed to be critical & not even midnight all his reports turn out normal ??? LOL













10) the journey of misunderstanding :

1. the camp confession scene ? who took the pic  & released it to press???? if & oly if the driver had done tat!!! LOL


2. the hospital hug photo was ok,i mean anyone could have clicked it ?? Wink


meeera's bed pe yaash ki sandwich ???????Wink


& meera' bed room keeps changing like werrrrr???Tongue



y u ppl hasting out with unnecessary ideas of 1 week later stuff?? already geet is preg with how many months oly u ppl can xplain & u wanna run the story with weeks later & still dont care to show her preg?? Cry


meera's room is the world for me!!! its so different each time ?? i wish we all have such rooms which change with luxury every other scene... tats the advantage of being an interior decorator i guess, we can do make over of our rooms every night!!! Angry



geet gets locke d up ??? &&&& maan can hear her downstairs ?? Confused


tell me he has stolen the EXTENDABLE EARS from fred & george weasley!!! Wink


ok so geet steps down on maan's shoulder without a tactile sense of stepping into human?? 

& her BLINDSGHT some one take her to doc plzz.... Ouch


were was maan standing ?? behind the ladder in one scene & in the next in front ? my beloved editing team me izz so upset with no improvement in ur work ?? Dead






the first scene!! downstairs the time was 11.45 & wen geet springs up withthe file its 2.01 ?? how how ??? have u turned on the hour glass?? stole it frm the MINISTRY new collections???Clap




THE BEST BLOOPER!!! CHANGING ROOMS IN OFFICE!!! how come onl yone piece of wodden stand stuck out orphaned in the office ? & maan jumping in there too ?? weird to the power of inffinity!!! Ouch





POOJA IN silent mode!!!  diwali in funeral dress code ??????????



THE BEST ::::: jail main rest!!!!!


acha dev she produced nakli papers &&& u told haan hum log canada mein the???Cry


chi moi... u told main prashyatap karoonga... but kab?? JHOOT BOLKE"" jhoot ka saath dekar?? LOL


THE LOGIcs HAS BEEN COMPletlwt eloped here!!!Wink


dont tell me the air officers have some thing call IMMIGRATION papers & tickets ??????Shocked









how come maan can get healed off from lift fall & candle fire & HP GUN attack but not the POOJA THALI AARTHI ??? ok i tell u DIIVINE POWERS OF FIRE R MORE THAN THE PHOENIXXXXX righttt??????/Angry



THE LAL LAL HANDKY : playing hide N seek in maan pocket!!!! Embarrassed


HOW come oly maaneet get alone in bheed ???LOL


1. PEE LOON sequence ??Cry


2. IN SHIMLA roads???Embarrassed


3. on true engagement morning bath tub scene ???LOL




5. &&& now the DIWALI SET UPPP !!!! Angry






12) PARTY !!! ---- logic : subtract it frm this show & watch wit Zero expectations : then u ll all ingoy!!!! 

1. dev stayed in meera multiple roomed house && geet did not see him ? Dead


Blind kingdom rules.... CROWNS to u!!!! 


2, party at day time ? LOL


3. were r the business ppl who were invited??Cry


4. all wore the sme dress except arhaana were did & wen did she change?Wink


5. outhouse furnitures in farmhouse too ??? Angry


6. THE UNDESERVED SLAP>>>>> am against it, so will nt comment.. am still defending MAAN...... 

 13) THE maang BHari ful SINdoor da lahu....



GEET seated in heR seat as usual Wit SEat BElts so tat ur TUMmy is proTECted!!! LOLmy CUtiea lagaoifies sloW motion Mein BREAk  kk itussi totally unaware of it!!! Embarrassed


HE helds out the WOUND HEALED hands no pieces of Glass he is a flying PHOenix& ur TEARS u stole FRM DUMBLedor' phoeniX!!! LOL



& U GET UP... arg I SEE THE SEAT BELT IS MISIING COS NO need of protection now, maan will dothe honours of proyection....Clap


u walk & there he walks... footSTeps in STlye.... Wink

&  ^& the GLucose levels goes down.... gith tussi na neeche giro, cos it'll turn unlucky  13 th time tat ADREnaline Will rush into maa n to carry u!!!  but my GEET nothing is UNLUCKY b/w u & my maan.. this !13 time nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... its the first time he carries u aFter marriage.....Hug



& i see GITh upset in her ROOm ... how sad .. No decors on BED for SR, now i undersatbd her sad felings.... Broken Heart



^ i SEE THE FULL moon again which makes its apperance evry other day wenever  maan calls for it!!! but i see the missing dialogues... no witness mooning now???Approve


cause this SR is to be private....ROFL


moi izz jumping by the dialogues.. & cnat say anything but bow my head down & SAlute....Thumbs Up



 both  walk in stlye to the bed & all those passioncate & caring Moments Left me COnfused as y munda got up frm BED ??? ARGH.. nahiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......Shocked


i see gith hold on like a small kid to its fav toys.. me dheddding tears for her beautiful expressions.....LOL


& moi stll jumpin with Dialogues.... LOL


& moi closed my eyes to SEE : am borrowing shonnu' words.. AIR chi : maan kissing eyelashes & 76% nitrogen.. tat the COncentration of nitrogen in Air... Ouch

& i SEE maan kissing his own hands.. OmG!!!Cry



& i turn to look into mirros In the ROOm to see reflLECTio then i remember ? how THESE PPL r wearing THE INVISIBILTY CLOAK .. how canthey be visib;le on it ?? Embarrassed


THEn i see maan get up & do the HOnours of SEDuction & lie DOWn with her.... LOL




Tell moi were did geet get her clothes from &  wardrobe full of clothes'.Wink


Am sure Meera would have packed & sent it to outhouse on geet's request after the marriage wala scenes!!!Dead








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The information here is Xclusive to de Den ONLY! Read n FORGET IT!  Infringe our CopyRite and Anj will make u watch the "India Paints" Videos till u c the Light! Everyone Is Welcome, so Post Post! We are like Appy Fizz and Grappo Fizz....Cool to de Core!   
- Devils of the Devil's Den-

1. If U don't like the Devil's Den residents then just fly away!  We don't like to be mean hosts!

2. U can only jappoo Geet HSP ki Geet at Den - So, stay in your maryaada and don't jam about other shows!

3. The Den is not just about CONfakes, but reel takes so discuss dey story constructively in all its gloryBig smile

Do dish about the Actors, but don't diss em or their frogs!  Anj won't post ur IF bail!

5. This is not Dadimaa's Darbar, so don't spam about the best way to bake ham, etc.!

6. We r going to open new Den before airtime and shift there once the show finishes whether u ve reserved ya not!  So, be PHAAST!

7. Don't QUOTE use "@" to reply varna you will get a Watt o Unwanted pics that will make ur eyes snap crackle n pop!  Max of 1 quote is okkie if u really must - that's all.

8. Naya Den if we run outta the original 1 for the day can be opened by anyone, but only post these rules & the link to the old den in the 1st post.  Don't forget to leave link of 2ndary dens in original one for the day.  

9. There is Devilsden A/C.  Its for emergencies & our awesome Kreations Corner 
All the Devils raise hand and repeat after me 
"And hereby Pledge to diss All de Spoilers n Spoof de Pictures" 


Star Player is testing whether they could go live at the same time or within the half-an-hour of airtime, but are NOT

Previous DENS with THEMES


Potential Plot lines (MB)



Aesthetics (make up etc)


Brij and Yash








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PG 1 : Anamika urf bri!!!!, REssmii!!! aSH!!!! Clap
PG2: kavi, jyo, nabiha, shreya,geeta,marsha gouri!!!!
PG 3 


 MA TAKE!!!!!! Clap

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Significance of mehendi'..



Here goes the first doubt!!


The lady's who were supposed to be dressing geet!!


1. did they do nail dcrub??


2. or was it mehendi ??




Geet & pinky in the dressing room


Geet has mehendi, Life is a mere dream, a fleeting shadow on a cloudy day.

Mehndi legh ghi tera hath Mehndi legh ghi tera hath dolakh bajh ghi sari raat jakh ka
tum sajan ka sath Bool na jahana yeah din raat tuja ko dais piya ka bahya Tera piya tera gun
gayia aya kushio ki barath la ka ranghoo ki raat Mehandi legh ghi tera hath Dolakh bajh
ghi sari raat. 


Geet & maan in terrace


Geet has mehendi, Strength and dignity are her clothing.

pehnoon main odhoon chunariya (Ghagariya pehnoon main odhoon chunariya) Baahon mein uski bitaoon
umariya (Baahon mein uski bitaoon umariya) Ghagariya pehnoon main odhoon chunariya Baahon mein
uski bitaoon umariya Jee bhar ke, jee bhar ke, jee bhar ke doon main usko pyaar


Geet maan & dev in terrace


Geet has mehendi, Crocodiles' teeth are white daggers.

Aye khushiyon ki baraat, leke
rangon ki barsaat Mehndi rache gi tere haath, dholak baje gi saari raat Kangna baahon main jab
khanke, khole bhed yeh tere mann ke -2 Chahe karo na koi baat, sub ne jaan liye jazbaat Mehndi
rache gi tere haath, dholak baje gi saari raat (Tera ghoongat jo uthaye, roop tera seh na
paye Chaand ko woh bhool jaye, dekhe tera singhaar) -2 Tere maathe ka yeh jhoomar, bole piya ke
mann ko chookar -2 Saajan sun lo meri baat, jeevan bhar ka hai yeh saath


Geet & maan in pathway


Geet has mehendi, Love is a growing garland.

Gore gore haathon pe mehndi
lagaoon (Gore gore haathon pe mehndi lagaoon) Phir jaa ke apne sajan ko dikhaoon (Phir jaa ke
apne sajan ko dikhaoon) Gore gore haathon pe mehndi lagaoon Phir jaa ke apne sajan ko
dikhaoon Choomega, choomega, choomega mehndi wale haath Sajan mera mehndi laaya Haath rangeela


Geet &dev in terrace


Mehendi lashes out on cheeks, Drowning in the sea


 Bikhar Jaati Hain Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain Tut Ke Daali

Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain Tut Ke Daali Se
Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain Yeh To Mehndy Hai Yeh To
Mehndy Hai Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain Yeh To Mehndy Hai Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain 

Geet in main hallway


Mehendi o mehendi, She ran like the Wind


 Bandh Mutthi Mein Dil Ko Chupaye Baithe Hain Hai Bahana Ke Mehndy Lagaye Baithe Hain Mehndy Ha Ha

Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Tut Ke Daali Se Haathon Pe

Geet maan adi pinky tasha in pathway


Missing mehendi & the raang of it, A laugh in a sea of sadness.



ishaara sajan ko bulaoon (Karke ishaara sajan ko bulaoon) Pyaar bhari akhiyon mein kaajal
lagaoon Karke ishaara sajan ko bulaoon Mehenga main, mehenga main, mehenga karoon main usse
pyaar Sajan mera kaajal laaya Haath rangeela rumaal sajan mera kaajal laaya Haath rangeela rumaal
sajan mera kaajal laaya Haath rangeela rumaal sajan tera kaajal laaya Haath rangeela rumaal sajan
mera kaajal laaya Haath rangeela rumaal sajan tera kaajal laaya 

Geet & maan in maan's room


Mehendi were u ?? You are the expression of my heart. You care for me and love me all the time.

 Mehndi Ki Raat Aayee, Mehndi Ki Raat Dekhe Koi Pyari Dulhan Ke Haath Mehndi Ki Raat Aayee, Mehndi

Ki Raat Dekhe Koi Pyari Dulhan Ke Haath Rang Se Bhare, Khushboo Se Saje Mehke Huey, Kayee Sapnon
Ko Dil Mein Chhupaaye Huey Sharmaaye Huey Mehndi Ki Raat Aayee, Mehndi Ki Raat Dekhe Koi Pyari
Dulhan Ke Haath Milne Gaye Hum To Dulhan Se Matwali Si, Pyari Dulhan Se Chand Sa Tan Uska,
Bhola Sa Man Uska Chehra Bhi Tha Chand Sa Haan Chehra Bhi Tha Chand Sa Joon Sang-E-Marmar Ki

Geet & dev in terrace


Missing again, He has a voice of a wolf.


 Baat Re Mehandi Lagi Mere [ Mehandi Lagi Mere Haath Re ] Maang Bhi Ujadi Dil Bhi

Tuuta Mehandi Ka Rang Bhi Nikala Jhuutha Ansuan Se Dhoye Haath Re Mehandi Lagi Mere Unaki Gali
Ka Phera Chhoda Aap Hi Apane Dil Ko Toda Ban Gayi Aisi Baat Re Mehandi Lagi Mere Dvaar Baji
Thi Jo Shahanaayi Vah Shahanaayi Thi Harajaayi Chhod Gayi Mera Haath Re Mehandi Lagi Mere [
Mehandi Lagi Mere Haath Re ]

Geet in dressing room


Raang tho finally aa gaya, The pidgeons fountained into the air.


 Tut Ke Daali Se

Haathon Pe Bikhar Jaati Hain Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Log Baago Se Ise Tod Ke Le
Aate Hain Aur Patthar Pe Ise Shauk Se Pisvaate Hain Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha
Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Log Baago Se Ise Tod Ke Le Aate Hain Aur Patthar
Pe Ise Shauk Se Pisvaate Hain Aur Patthar Pe Ise Shauk Se Pisvaate Hain Phir Bhi Hothon Se Phir
Bhi Hothon Se Iski Uff Talak Na Aati Hain Phir Bhi Hothon Se Iski Uff Talak Na Aati Hain Phir
Bhi Hothon Se Iski Uff Talak Na Aati Hain Phir Bhi Hothon Se Iski Uff Talak Na Aati Hain Yeh To
Mehndy Hai Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain Yeh To Mehndy Hai Mehndy To Rang Laati Hain Mehndy Ha Ha

Geet in roads


Were are the lines?? Once your hearts been broken it grows back bigger.

Mehandi Lagi Mere Haath Re Mehandi Lagi Mere Haath Bhuul Ja Isako E Dil Ye To Sapanon Ki Thi Baat
Re Mehandi Lagi Mere Anajaane Mein Main Baavariya Likh Baithi Tere Naam Umariya Nibh Na Sakegi


Geet & nayantara in main hall


Missing ?? Her belt was a snake curling around his waist.

Jaaon Kahin Lup Chup Jaaon Kahin Bhaag Mein Jaaon Kahan Se Aaye Jaane Kahan Le Jaaye Yeh Raasta
Anjaana Chaahe Kuch Bhi Kahe Dil Deewana Dil Ki Baaton Mein Mujhe Nahin Aana Na Na Na Na Na Ji Na
Na Mehndi Mehndi Na Mujhko Lagana Mujhe Saajan Ke Ghar Nahin Jaana 

Geet & dadima


Nahiiiii, Authority is a chair, it needs legs to stand up.

 Root Na Jaaon Kahin Toot Na Jaaon Chalo Saath Saheli Main

Na Jaaon Akeli Chup Na Rahoongi Saajan Se Kahungi Tu Pass Na Aana Chaahe Kuch Bhi Kahe Dil Deewana
Dil Ki Baaton Mein Mujhe Nahin Aana Na Na Na Na Na Ji Na Na Mehndi Mehndi Na Mujhko Lagana Mujhe
Saajan Ke Ghar Nahin Jaana

Geet & meera in park akka garden


Raang or mehendi dono gaye, The silence was a blood-cudling scream of anguish, set out to break my soul

 kangna jab bahyoo main kehana bola yeah dil tera pai menka jaya ka karo na koi

bath sab na jan lia hai yeah jazbath Mehandi legh ghi tera hath Dolakh bajh ghi sari raat 
Tera gougeth jo othyia Roob tera sahya na paya chand ko vo bool jaya dekha tera sangar 
Mehandi legh ghi tera hath Dolakh najha ghi sari raat Tera metha ka yeah jumera boola piya
ka metha koo choo kar sajan sun loo meri bath jevan ber ka hai yeah sath Mehandi legh ghi
tera hath 

Geet & meera in her house


Same Christensen phenomenon, Your friendship is the picture to my frame.

Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Apne Ras Rang Se Is Duniya Ko Sajana Hain Kaam Mehndy Ka To Gairon Ke
Kaam Aana Hain Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha Mehndy Mehndy Ha Ha
Mehndy Apne Ras Rang Se Is Duniya Ko Sajana Hain Kaam Mehndy Ka To Gairon Ke Kaam Aana Hain Kaam


Geet in office


Law of golden rule, A heart of stone.


 Baatein banaaye chaahe koi samjhaaye Par teri chaahat badlaaye Hoga sajan tera

laakhon mein ek Anhkiyan teri muskaaye Chaahe jo bhi ho Parwah nahin hai mujhe kisi ilzaam ki
Mehndi lagaoongi main sajnaa ke naam ki Kuch naa khabar mujhe ab subho shyaam ki 

Geet in police station


Law of justice still raang & mehendi missing?  You are the sun in my sky
                                                                            You are the light in my life

 Yeh mehndi, yeh mehndi mehndi sagadaa di - 2 Mehndi lagaoongi main, sajnaa ke naam ki -

2 Kuch naa khabar mujhe ab subho shyaam ki Main sun rahi hoon yeh kaisi sadaaye Sapnon ka saajan
mujhko bulaaye Mehndi lagaoongi main sajnaa ke naam ki Kuch naa khabar mujhe ab subho shyaam
ki (Ek baar aaye to samne mere voh Pehchaan loongi hai mere bas mere voh) -



Geet in hospital


Back to square one still doubtful about mehendi & its raang!!

Love is a fragile flower opening to the warmth of Spring.


Love is a camara, full of memories.


 ho daaman teri preet ka na chhute mere saajna o mere

saajna aankhon se duur hoke ek pal bhi main jee na sakungi sajan tere bin (mehandi se likh gori
haath pe mere tu mere balmaa ka naam - 2) - 2 (ho meri toh saari khushi balam tere vaaste tere
vaaste) - 2 mujhko mili zindagi balam tere vaaste tere vaaste lag jaaye tujhko meri bhi umar
maangu duaan main yahi raat din (mehandi se likh gori haath pe mere tu mere balmaa ka naam - 2)
- 2 dekhu main jismein unka hi chehra ho din dopahar subaho shaam - 2 (mehandi se likh gori haath
pe mere tu mere balmaa ka naam - 2) ' 2











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bDgT IF-Dazzler

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Theme: Bloopers (counter to Maali) ROFL

The sun has sunspots
The moon has dark spots

Even nature balances
The light with the dark

What is right without wrong
Which is beauty without ugly

Perfection is only a myth
A parlance that one can only play with

That acts like a whip
To beat oneself with

We can choose to see the good or the bad
We can do away with what man is capable of or incapable of

Every day we learn a new thing that tells us
Our own limitations

We can aspire to retreat in fear
Or retrench ourselves with more vigor

To turn every weakness into a strength
and to clay mold every threat into an opportunity

~ End of theme ~

PS: No episode analysis from me tonight

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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Hug doing it alone.. hmmm.. il read n comment asap!

First off!!  t best thing i can say today...   Happy Birthday Drashti... Hug

Now CVs...

start biting ur nails.. coz whnevr i get CRAP.. i am gonna gonna giv u T NightMare NES is to us!!Angry

For me Episode began on a goodnote.. and an unexpected one.. yes i thought against popular opinion tat u ill not continue the scene.. and i am only half wrong.. u did continue with Maaneet walking through the corridor to  The Sangeet.. but there were no exchange of wrds.. !! hmmm... but still i ill giv it to u for the support Geet was to Maan thru that gesture !! tat was good.. toh the lighting  or shud i say lac of lighting.. spoiled it!Sleepy

Next off Daadi - Maaneet scene.. tat was good but Maan was so GC.. GC u r allowed to smiling as Daadi said Since Geet is with you..  but pls see to it tat u r MSK to us Maan to his Geet!

T- Sangeeth.... as i had expected lik how spooilers are bttr than wht u spoil harder b4 u air....

with SBS n SBB.. i tot the dance was thanda...
and when i saw .. i cud see noting but orange anda...
oh wait.. i saw som orange boxes tooo...  which still makes me wonder mera number kab aayegaa.. u seem to hav auctioned out song sequences to random VM makers... but really if u r doing tat.. pick somone good.. i can help u with choices.. or may b i can do it myself!!
Coz for a fact The effects were horenderous!! Professional softwares hav bttr options if u wud lik to know..  i didnt even lik just forget enjoying.. tat even a tiny bit!! not evn as much as i felt for yesterdays SBS wala spoiler! it cud hav been way bttr..
n there i come to the most important of all things i hav been repeatedly trying to shove down ur throat.. Understanding tat T show is now 6days n U hav little tim with Nonstop wrk going on round the clock for only u know how many days n nights... i Ask!! .... Dont u Hav separate ppl to look aftr editing scripting cinematography... etc etc... ??? if yes.. wht the freaking hell are tey doing?? tey dont hold the lights by any chance do tey?? no right?? thn why t ... cant tey do wht is their job!  atleast why cant a responsible "being" proof read such badly edited n executed stuffs b4 u throw it on our face??? why??... r u afraid abt wht u might see... well mayb thn i might understd u.. coz frm today on.. i ill b afraid to watch GHSP.. coz while once in a blu moon i see a Good episode coming from professionals!
the rest of the days it feels lik going aage peeche in a spooky maze...! 

i had to get tis out.. n u bttr get tis in!!Angry

Rest.. i had lot to say,.. but t gussa i am in right now erased a lotta my memory.. ill com bk aftr i rewatch the rest..!! till thn read read n read n get myself clear to urself!

just read brii.. n she is right.. u can chose to see the good or the bad.. its ur choice!
today i chose to see the bad.. n mayb tomrw tooo... but thn tats coz there is a hope of betterment i hav.. in u the CVs.. who i think may take those hard wrds as Constructive criticism and work toward Perfection!

To all those who are confused by my Angered self.. i did not hav much of a problem with the dance.. till it was shot! though i hate to see *the one hand up n the other down* from MSK and did not think Geets attire and its Non-glitterati was a suitable choice.. n thought the dance in itself was a bit dull.. and Thanda coz of it..  frm wht i saw in the spoilers
My problem strts aftr the shoot...  what i expected was the editing team to cover up.. adding a bit of light n vibrance to the video but instead i got orange stuffs popping in n out randomly.. my biggest problem today was at wht happnd in the editing room n l8r..

The way Geets chit-a-chat with Daadis Kitty Party frenz was chopped off looked anoying a 5 secs of geet saying a hi n Maan first peeping n thn moving himself to the dance wud hav had a smoother flow.. n bttr looing to t eyes.

Brij - Maan scene cannot b justifed no matter how  hard u try! it was really no need for Maan to ghoor at someones back side... without any joining dot waali flash backs or anything.. it is Bad to his image!!

Rest of epi analysis i am not in mood for.. n its too l8 for my bed.. caio.. but i ill say i generally i liked the rest.. bt tats only the rest on the whole!

i rewatched the Dance online...

n u know wht i felt it was a VM - a random amateur one toh.. but a VM.. n tat way i felt bttr and kinda liked t actual dance.. but if U want to please onlin viewers with  VMs.. why with such horrible.. no pathetic effects!!Ouch try watching it on TV u ill know wht i mean.. !! *i feel lik baging my head on those air heads* who edited tat...n u CVs who gav em t green signal... totally out of ur senses... nah completely senseless!!Angry

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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It seems you guys are not going to get mukti from my takes that easily,my exams got postponedGeekand I am KhushBig smile and dukhiOuch bothh...Khush coz I won't miss Maaneet Shaadi happenings and dukhi coz I revised so much and now I will have to hit my head on the books againOuch
-Loved the Continuity of the episodeThumbs Up
Maahi ve was great wid summ fab dancers I gnored NES so I enjoyed itLOL,The PHAMILY hug was really adorable..and ofcourse the outta world BhangraLOLI am sure not everyone liked it, but I won't complain..this is the typical sangeets you havee..I loved the fact that everyone joined in and it just didn't focus on Maaneet dancing alonee..Everyone was like dancing together and celebrating Sangeet..Big smile
Teen Mahila Vs Ek Mard Bahut Nainsaafi HaiEvil Smile:Always Pulling innocent Munda's LegLOLWoh toh Paper padh raha thaLOLHe is so touchy touchy the mahila party convinced him wid no efforrts for the bachelor partyLOL
Handa Vs Khurana: Maan calling Gith Fat, CVz makin mockery of their own fundas to all those ppl who keep questioning as to why her stomach is not out yet..I love how they do tht like previously they did it wid MaahiROFLLol it seemed Geet wanted to check his neck so tht she can bite him as a vampireLOL
Recession ka Maara Err-Jun: 1st Day Clothes same as today..tauba taubaa now u knw wat happens err-jun we u waste ur time behind NE wid sajnaaa ve..Sudhar jao or one day you won't even have those clothes to wear..Raste pe Katora Leke Khada hona Padegaa..ROFL
Maan bewafa Bewafa bewafa nikla Hai Tu: How could you do this maanOuchyou didn't recognise your Jeevan saathiAngryWhen Maan was checking him out I thot his mind was thinkin..Aisi Adaiyan toh sirf mere Brij ko aati Hai..Brij Brij Aaajaa Gale Lag ja and let;s groove to I like to move it move it..but no he has bcum a bewafaOuch..I guess I need to kill him in my Brimaan Vm now...LOL
me will Baksh him since he didn't see his Face..But maan wen u see ur Brij;s Chanad sa Mukhda better Recognise him or me will do ur Satyanaash..Evil Smile
ILU Ringtone: Tht is embarassing but cute at the same timeROFLROFL..
Maan in Black:HAWT Day Dreamingand the white too..Love him todayy..was drooling lyk a pankhaaDay DreamingLOL
Typical Obsessive Biwis:I can't believe Geet watched an english film wid bachelors party& there were no gals thereErmm..Afterall NE showed teh film to her so what can I expectLOLAnd here we go again I see this in my house everyday..and Mum refreshing her memories abt how dad's bachelor party ended up being Mum's Bachelor Party..I am so glad my exam is postponed or I wuld miss all these momentss.
Bye geet was adorable..EmbarrassedGunda GardiROFLor he is jus too scared to say main Joru ka ghulma ban ke rahoongaLOL
Gith Bachaa Ur Pink taufa from Papa: No Issues but cmon tht looked lyk a 1 year old's bday partyLOL
3 Idiots: I hope they stay forever..without them the epi gets tooo boringg..Love them for the humour flavourHug
Brij's Third Scheme: we will know wat it is 2morrow but we kinda knw its gonna fail coz we see geet happily dancing wid Maan on SKJ..Embarrassedbut anyway tht is a good place to end coz ppl will bak next to see wat he is thinking of..
Ik Doubt toh banta hai..Today is what date 10th Jan and they are gettin married on wat date 13th Jan...Ok so how does the 12 Day Vow fit inErmm..ErmmmmmGeekErmmErmm
I don't get your calendar, its too Messed..
@Mali PErfect Job with Indicating the Infinity BloopersThumbs Up
@Gunjan&Sandip You are gonna get a jhappi from me for the 1st timeHug for well editing wid Mahi ve..but SBB covered Manisha dancing and you didn'tAngry
I knw its Rotlu but get used to the fact that I am a saddistCool..I don't lyk to make Romanchik VMzLOL

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