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Avi's Gallery:OS on Monaya pg 11

lucario IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 1:49am | IP Logged

hi all i m avi....this song sequence was written by me 3 to 4 months ago..but i was not able to post i thought its not at all gud and i was very busy for last couple of months...but today i posted it...i know its not at all gud but still i want to share it with all of u...tell me hows it...gud or bad.


The atmophere is cool out there...wind is blowing out....all the people are inside the home as its cold out thr...but someone is standing outside...over her window...looking at focuses on her....she has some diary in her hand...and she is looking at starts and what thats...she is crying...why????

Now the camera zooms to the girl and we can hear..she is murmuring something to herself looking at some photo which is thr in diary..we can't see the picture still.

Girl: kash tum muzhe samaz mai tumhe kitna pyar karti hu...but i know  i m not as beautiful as  others or rich as others...but i loved u from bottom of my heart...but i think it's not in my fate to get love of urs...i loved u so much samrat'.ya its our gunjan.

G: it's true that... "All of us might not be lucky enough 2 get love v want...But we can always make someone lucky by giving d love and care they need".

I always loved u but u always considered me as ur best frend...i m not sad that u not love's perfectly okay but when u today said that u are going to propose to your love of life in valentine party in front of all'my heart broke in pieces at same time as I know u will gonna propose to diya as u only told me abt u want to take some firm decision abt ur relation with diya..ur gf.'I wanted to go away at the same moment'but u hold my hand and told me to come in u wanted I to be there when u propose to ur love of life....and as usual for ur sake I said yes.


(Gunjan reached the party'looking hell gorgous'.wearing the white dress which sam gave her today when they were returning home.)


Samrat went to mall to take a gift for his lady love and taken his chashmish with him even though she was saying No.

G: samrat mai yaha pe kya karungi samrat.

S: kya karungi matlab kya hai chashmish'muzhe apne lady love ke lia gift lena hai..aur tum muzhe isme help karogi.

G: mai kaise madad kar sakati hu samrat'muzhe to uske bare mai kuch bhi pata nahi samrat'muzhe to ye bhi pata nahi ki wo koin hai'aur agar maine jo gift liya wo use pasand nahi aya to'I don't want to make her angry..tum hi kuch lelo jo use acha lage.

S: chashmish'.i want u to select gift for my lady love'u always helped me in every problem of mine chashmish'u always thought best for me'nd I kno u will choose best for me now also.

G: (in mind)why samrat'why u r giving me more and more pain'pehale hi mera dil tut chukka hai'ab ussi tute dil se muzhe apne pyar ke lia gift lene ke lia keh rahe ho'but still I have to help him'if not'he will find tht I m not feeling gud abt it all'if he founds abt it he will get tensed and I don't want to make his best day bad bcs of me..never

(and so she started helping samrat'.and at last she spotted one beautiful ring'.she loved it on spot and she showed it to samrat.)

S: its fabulous chashmish'it will look awesome on her..thanks a lot chashmish'and he hugged her tight'she also hugged him and while doing tht she was crying'but when he was abt to leave she wiped her tears so sam didn't notice it.

G: to chalo hum chalate hai.

S: ruko chashmish.

G: (stopped )kya hua samrat..hume nikalana hoga'nahi to party mai late ho jaoge tum.

S: chashmish maine tumhare liye kuch liya hai'aur mai tumhe wo dena chahata hu.

G: kya samrat???

 S: chashmish'tum isi dress ko pehenke ana.

G: nahi samrat'ye dress bohot mehenga lag raha hai'mai ye kaise le sakati hu'aur waise bhi mai itni achi dress kaise le sakati hu'ye muzhpe achi nahi lagegi.

S: kuch bhi chashmish'I kno it will look best on u'when I saw this dress I remembered only u'and so I bought it'.and mai chahata hu ki tum party mai sabse special logo'kyuki tum meri special frend ho chashmish'and samrat ki frend party mai sabse special hi dikhani chahiye.

G: ok.


 (In party)

Gunjan is in party and moving here and there'trying to find samrat'she asked others but sam was not thr any where'.when she was looking here and there she spotted diya'she was looking best...gunjan thought.

G: aaj diya kitni khush lag rahi hai'.shayad use bhi pata hai ki aaj sam use propose karne vala hai'aur kyu na pata ho'she is samrats gf...she is colleges top cheer leader 'class ki sabse famous girl hai'and its obvious that diya is perfect for samrat'I stand no chance against her'and she started moving again.

At last she found samrat'he was chatting with other frends' she was going to meet him..diya met him and at the same time DJ announced tht all the couples to go on dance floor and diya took samrat with him. And here gunjan starts remembering her moments of her with sam'how she fall in love with him'..watching thm dance she sings'looking out of window'.at moon in sky.

(Remembering old college days'.trying to tell samrat tht he belonged with her only.)


You're on the phone with your girlfriend, She's upset

She's going off about something that you said

She doesnt get your humour like I do


I'm in the room, it's a typical Tuesday night

I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like

And she'll never know your story like I do


But she wears short skirts, I wear t-shirts

She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers

Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find

That what you're looking for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you

Been here all along so why can't you see me?

You belong with me

You belong with me





Walking the streets with you in your worn out jeans

I can't help thinking this is how it ought to be

Laughing on the park bench thinking to myself

Hey isnt this easy?


And you've got a smile that could light up this whole town

I haven't seen it in a while, since she brought you down

You say you find I know you better than that

Hey, What cha doing with a girl like that?


She wears high heels, I wear sneakers

She's cheer captain and I'm on the bleachers

Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find

That what you're looking for has been here the whole time

If you could see that I'm the one who understands you

Been here all along so why can't you see?

You belong with me

You belong with me


Standing by, waiting at your back door

All this time how could you not know that?

You belong with me

You belong with me



Oh I remember you driving to my house in the middle of the night

I'm the one who makes you laugh when you know you're about to cry

I know your favorite songs and you tell me about your dreams

I think I know where you belong. I think I know it's with me.


Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you?

Been here all along so why can't you see me?

You belong with me


Standing by or waiting at your back door

All this time how could you not know that maybe

You belong with me

You belong with me

Have you ever thought just maybe

You belong with me

You belong with me


As song ended gunjan was very sad and is about to start leaving the party when in middle samrat took mike and told all tht he want to make one announcement.

All the eyes were on him and gunjan also looking at him with teary eyes'she knew what is going to happen'he will propose ti diya and she will loose him forever'.but what can she do..nothing'the fate is so cruel to her that she is here to witness her love getting along with other'and she cant even express her feelings as she is afraid of her feelings will hurt him.

S: today I want to make confession.

G: that's it'gunjan cant stand it and she is going back to the door'.when lights gone'everywhere is darkness and suddenely a light falls on samrat..who is in middle with bunch of red roses'.diya is standing in front of him and back of her gunjan was standing looking at samrat for the last time.she knew tht this the moment whih she didn't want to witness in her life but now she has to'.so she is rooted to the place.

Sam start speaking.

S: aaj mai kisi se apne dil ka izhaar karna chahata hu'jisse hamesha mera khayal tha'jo hamesha mere sath rehti'mere dukh mai use dukh hota..mere happiness mai wo apni happiness manati'.she never told me that she loved me'before she came in my life 'I didn't thought abt love..i thought its useless..all the things like love changes u..changes ur life'all things I thought were just film dialogues..until when she entered in my life'.she gave me meaning to my messed up life'she made me believe in myself'even though she was not that confedent abt herself'.she supported me when no one supported me'my grandma said tht god sends a guarding angel for everyone'and for me she is my angel'my life'without her my life is nothing'.I loved her so much.

And with that he starts moving'he is walking straight'his eyes fixed on her only her but gunjan still thinks all sam said is for diya as she was also sams best frend.

As sam starts coming closer gunjans heart beat started increasing'.she cant see this and so she started moving back'as if she keep looking at him she will not be able to control her emotions.

Sam smiles and starts moving still towards her and to gunjans surprise samrat didn't look at diya at all he crossed her and he was moving still.

Gunjan is afraid now'.if its not dia'who is the one whom samrat loves'.and why he is coming towards me??????? Is he found out abt my feelings for me'.no it cant'he don't kno abt me loving he is not and she started moving further back and her eyes fixed on him still and he is looking at her only'.and as she turned to go'he came in front of suddenely.

Gunjan shocked to see him'got no words to say at all'.when she is abt to say something..sam kept his finger on her lips and said.

Kaha ja rahi ho chashmish'tumhe nahi janana ki mai kisse pyar karta hu????

G: nahi samrat aisa kuch nahi'.muzhe thik nahi lag raha tha so I was going home.

S: chashmish tumhe nahi lagata ab bas ho gaya.

G: kya bas ho gaya???

S: Chashmish tumne muzhse kuch churaya hai.

G: maine nahi toh.

S: sacchi??????

G: (silent for some time but says)sacchi.

S: chashmish tum zhoot bol rahi ho.

G: mai zhuth nahi bol rahi'maine tumse kuch nahi churaya hai'aur nahi chupaya hai.

S: ohhhh acha'magar muzhe to mera dil kahi nahi mil raha'.kyuki woh tumhare paas jo hai.

G: mai kuch samazhi nahi samrat..tum ye sab kya bol rahe ho????

S: (But when gunjan is abt to say anything sam says)I LOVE U CHASHMIS

 G: gunjan is shocked to what is happening'what sam this all true????

S: sam falls on his knees and gives bunch of red roses to gunjan and says will u be my partner for entire life'..i love u so much chashmish'do u love me????????

G: tears start flowing from gunjans eyes and she hugs him tightly'.and all clap for them.

(After party outside home sajan sitting in garden)

G: samrat agar tum muzhse pyar karte the to tumne pehale kyu nahi kaha?????

S: tumne kyu nahi kaha??

G:wo'wo mai'wo mai.

S: dar gayi thin a ki mai kaise react karunga???? Muzhe bhi vahi darr laga hua tha'jab muzhe realize hua tht I was in love with u but didn't knew if u loved me or not'.so I tried to test ur feelings and so I told u tht I want to make some firm decision abt my relationship with diya'..told u to choose gift for my love as I wanted to see if u get affected or not if I m loving someone else'and as I thought'u got sad'but still u didn't told me anything'u helped as usual like nothing had happened'..chashmish tumhe kya laga kit um nahi bataogi to muzhe pata nahi chalega'maine tumhari aakho mai mere liye pyar kab ka dekh liya tha'bas tumhe mere pyar ka izhaar karwana tha.

G: tum to bohot badmash ho'kham ka muzhe rula diya'aisa koi karta hai kya'muzhe kitani takleef ui thi pata hai'jab tumne muzhe gift lane ke liye kaha.

S:sorry chashmish'magar mai chahata tha ki jo ring mai tumhe pehenaunga'wo tum hi select karo'and with that he taken out the diamond ring which gunjan selected as gift.

Sam fall on his knees in light of moon and says.

Will u marry me chashmish???????

G: yes samrat'I will.

S: I love chashmish.

G: I love u too.

(And with that gunjan got what she belonged'..her love of life.)

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Awwww... Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming  Day Dreaming  That was such a sweeeet OS avi bhai... Clap It was Sajanish to the core..  Blushing  Day Dreaming  And about the song!! WoW WoW! Perfect lyrics bhai and they suited Gunajn's feeling sooo aptly! Embarrassed Simply loved the whole OS... Day Dreaming It was beauutiful and the confession was just mindblowing! Embarrassed Thumbs Up

M soo glad that u are back with ur awsome writings.. Embarrassed

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awesome update!!
very beautifully written!!
do continue soon!!

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nice yaar

thanx for pm

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Posted: 10 January 2011 at 3:31am | IP Logged
Omg it ws awsm,superb.
rcking updt dear .
realy realy luv d os,too gud.
plz dear i thnk u shud write mre os.u rite realy well.
luv u

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nice, lovely update. loved it.

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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hey bhai awesomeeeee Thumbs Up
loved it ....

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