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FF: Pyaar Ki Manzil (Part 50 & Epi Pg 158) 04/06 (Page 71)

perfectflirt8 Senior Member

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 6:37pm | IP Logged
awesome ff i just started reading today and read ur ff at onepace ... awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Rohini20 Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 9:23pm | IP Logged
luvly update..continue soo..plz..!!


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*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 10:58pm | IP Logged
Part 23

The following morning had come…. Maan had his arm around her…. and they were both under the covers…… they were in deep sleep…. What a great night it was for the both of them!!! They had become one…. and it was a nice feeling!!!!!! Geet had moved a little bit and she had opened her eyes…. And felt his strong arm around her and she had a smile on her face!!!!! She had turned to look at him and saw that he was sleeping peacefully…… she was blushing just by looking at him thinking about the night!!!!!

She had to get up and get ready as it was almost 8!!!!! She was late!!!!! She had tried to move his arm off from her but she couldn't…. she had to so she tried… but had moved a little bit and got more comfy and mumbled to her telling her to sleep a little longer!!!!!

Geet: but I….

Maan: but what? …. sleep!!!!!

Geet: its almost 8!! Don't u have to work??

Maan: Dev is there!!! He can watch it!!!!!

Geet: you have to go!!

Maan: I just came back yesterday! Cut me some slack!!

Geet: Okay fine but at least let me go!!

Maan: No I like this position!!!! I mean the 1st time I am actually this close to you!! lose this chance?? Never!!!!!

He had kissed her on her shoulder……. And wrapped her around even more!!!!! She was just lying there and not moving!!!!,… how badly she wanted to move from there!!!!! But she couldn't!!!!! she had lost…. She couldn't get up from there!! Maan was happy!!! He had wrapped his arms even tighter and they were both snuggled up!!!  She loved being in arms!!!!!! It was heaven for her!!!!!!

She hadn't said anything…… so Maan had looked at her on her face and saw that she had her eyes closed…. He had kissed her shoulders….

Maan: Gone back to sleep??

Geet: No!!! I am awake…..

Maan: don't want the moment to end???

Geet: yeah!!!

Maan: but it has to doesn't it??

Geet: I'm afraid it does!!!!!

He had to let go of her sometime….. and he had finally did….. she had come out of bed… wrapped in a sheet and she headed towards the bathroom…. He was looking at her til she went inside and he just laid there!!!

Both of them were ready and they came down!!! This was late for both of them!!! It was already 10!!!!!

Meera: good morning!!!!!!!!!!! Man u guys are finally down!!!!! This is really late!!! Bhaiyya don't u have to go to work??

Maan: No I took the day off today!!!!!!!

He had looked at Geet when he had said that!!! Geet wasn't going to look at him or else she would get all red….. she wanted to avoid that….. and she just looked down at her food…… they were just having breakfast…. It was a late breakfast!!!!!

Meera needed to go shopping and she needed to get some few things!!!!!! Geet had told her that she would go with her!! when she had said that Maan was looking at her ….. he didn't want her to go!!!!!!…….

Meera: sure that would be great!!!!!! bhaiyya since ur home can u watch the kids??

Maan: since wen did I become the baby sitter??

Meera: since ur not going to work!

Maan: well I am not going to work doesn't mean that I am not going anywhere else!!!!
Meera; were you going somewhere else??

Maan: No!!! but..

Meera: Thank u!!!!!! bhabhi u finish eating I will go up!!!!!!

Geet: Okay!!!

Meera had gone up!!!

Maan: why did u say u wanted to go?

Geet: becuz!!! What was I going to do here??

Maan: well I am home!!!! thought we can go out somewhere!!!!!

Geet: well u didn't say!! So now I am going out!!!!!….

She had gotten up….. and before going up he had grabbed her hand…..she was looking at him…….

Maan: again…. do u have to go??

Geet: yes I do!!!! I told her that I will go!!! I cant back down!!!!

Maan: Please!!!!!!

Geet was looking at him!! he was sooo cute sounded like a little kid who wanted cookies from the cookie jar!!! All he wanted was Geet to be at home!!!!!!

Geet: we will try to be home early!!! We wont take too long!!!!!!!

Meera came down!!! Geet was already ready and so they had left!!! Maan was watching the kids…… he was baby sitting!!!!!!!…. he was playing with Sahil!!! Anu was sleeping so he didn't have to worry about her……..

Maan's cell was ringing and he it was from the office he had to come in today….. he didn't want to… he took the day off… but he had to come to the office…. He had called Shanti to come and watch the kids!!! Once she had come… he had left and he told her to tell the gals that he's at work!!!! Shanti just nodded her head… and he had left!!!!

The gals were back…. And Meera saw Shanti… and Shanti had told them that Maan went to work!!!!!!! Geet was smiling a little….. How Maan wanted to be with her… but then he was at work!!!!…. she was blushing thinking about today!!!!!… she was helping Meera put some of the things away.. and they were just talking!!!!

It was 7… both Dev and Maan had come home!!!!!!! Geet had come out to set the table…. And she saw both of them walking in….. she had looked up and was looking at Maan!!! Maan had seen and he looked at her…. he had forgotten he was a little tired wen he saw her!! he had smiled at her and he winked at her!!! Geet was avoiding him!!!!!!

During dinner…. Everyone was eating and talking!! Sahil was making a mess as usual!! Everyone loved looking at him!!! he was so cute!!!! When everyone was looking at him…. Maan had looked at Geet!!! And then he had held her hand under the table……. Geet had looked to him!!! and she was trying to make him let go but he wasn't!!!…since she was trying both of their hands banged under the table.. and everyone was looking at the table!!!!!… they had both let go!!!!

Dev: what was that?

Sahil: earthquake???

Dev: No!! who shook the table?

JB were quiet they didn't say anything!!!!!!! They had let it go!!! And continued to eat!!!!! Geet wasn't looking anywhere else but her plate!!!!…. she didn't want to cause anything!!!!….. after dinner….. everyone was sitting on the couch except for Geet!! She wanted to clean up before coming out!!!!!!

Maan kept on looking towards the kitchen!!! She wasn't coming out!!! wat was taking her so long??? He was getting restless sitting there!!!! Finally she had come out and she had seen everyone and she joined them!!!!…. Geet had 2 options to sit… and Maan was hoping that she would sit next to him!!!! Geet was looking and she noticed…… and just to tease him she had sat oppisite of him…. and he looked at her!!!!! Geet was trying to hide her smile!!!!! Maan was looking at her…. that was soo not cool!!!!!

It was bad enough that he was waiting for her come… but now she wasn't even sitting next to him!!!!!!! sahil was playing in the middle…. and they were watching him play!!!!! Meera was mentioning how Holi was coming up and they should make it big this year!!! Maan didn't care… neither did Dev!! They would invite everyone so they could have it at WM!!!

Sahil was rubbing his eyes slowly!! It was getting to a point where it was his bedtime and he wanted to sleep!!!…he had come over to Dev and climbed on to him and placed his head on his chest…… Dev was just patting him and after like 10 mins he had knocked out and went to sleep!!!……..

Geet took the chance and she had told Dev to give him to her so she will put him to sleep!! She had picked him up and went upstairs!!! Geet had turned back to look at Maan and then she went up!!!! Geet had gone and put Sahil down!!!!….and patted him a little then she came out!! she had gone out and she went to her room!!!!

Maan had decided to call it a night and he had gone upstairs…….. Geet was taking out her night wear and she put Maan's out as well!!!!….. Maan had come in and saw her standing in the dressing cabinet …. And he had closed the door…. Geet heard that door close and she didn't say anything!!!!!

She had closed it and she went towards the bathroom to change her clothes… but he had come behind her and he wrapped his arm around her……

Maan: and why is my wife avoiding me????

Geet was blushing!!! She was quiet….and wasn't saying anything!!!

Maan: Hmm… 1st you didn't sit next to me downstairs… and now ur going away from me!!!…. this isnt cool!!!…….

He was kissing her on her neck……. She closed her eyes……

Maan: I missed you today!!!!!!! u went shopping and then I had to go to work!!!! I wasn't with you all day!!!…

Geet: You missed me???

Maan: very much!!!!!! Why you didn't???

Geet: well.. I was with Meera… we were shopping!! And then I came home and I was doing stuff!!!! So missing you…. well……..

Maan: well?????? Whats that suppose to mean??

Geet: well….

Maan: Geet???

He had began to tickle her and she was laughing!!!!! She was trying to make him let go!!!!!…. but he had a strong hold!!!!!…. she had gotten out of his grip….. and she made a run for it…… she was running from him…. and she had jumped on the go on the other side…. but then he had grabbed her again…and he had pulled her closer to him…. and they had both fallen on the bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They were both laying on the bed… and they were catching their breath!!!!! They both had smiles on their faces and they were looking up!!!! And then slowly…. They had turned their faces to look at one another!!!!!!!

Maan: So now will you mess with me????

She had nodded her head no!!!!…. he had turned over to her… and wrapped his arm around her…… and they were both looking at each other!!!!! He had come closer to her and placed a kiss on her cheek….. and she smiled and closed her eyes….. he was rubbing his hands around her waist….. and she was giggling… as she was ticklish!!!!! Maan was looking at her… what a cute giggle she had!!!!! And becuz of that… he had began to tease her more……

Geet tried to get up….. to get away from his grip…… too much tickling going on!!! But he wasn't…..he had stopped doing that…. And he captured her lips….. and she had wrapped her arms around his neck…. And she was running her hands in his hair…….They were both completely lost in each other…… he had extended his hand to turn off the lights……… and it was completely dark and the scene faded away!!!!!!!!

plz comment!

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jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 September 2006
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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 10:59pm | IP Logged
ya ya...i know...i havent read the last one...but hey! i was up at 4am!! you know where i had to go...effing 75+miles from home for a damned meeting!! *sigh*...ill do both tomorrow...

as i am!! Big smileBig smile (oh god...i just doing the one hundred ! points) yikes!

meera turned Maan into a baby sitter!!! LOLLOLLOLLOL...oh god thats awesome!! he he...and Geet...ditching her hubby to go it!! shopping always trumps hubby!! ha ah...hands banging under the table!! ha ha...what are they..high school kids!! he he...oh wait...did i ever tell you what Orpa said to the guy who asked if he could walk her to class? lmfao!! if i didnt remind me in the morning!! ROFL...again a fade away...sheesh!!! besharam couple here...Embarrassed


Edited by jnawaz - 03 February 2011 at 10:03pm
maaneetkimeet Goldie

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
lovely update  dear 
Semarnk Senior Member

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 11:34pm | IP Logged
wow awesome update :)
preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 11:35pm | IP Logged
nice update..................slowly they hv started to tease each other................hope brij never comesback in their life.........................loved the update..................
mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 02 February 2011 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
loved it sweet

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