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FF: Pyaar Ki Manzil (Part 50 & Epi Pg 158) 04/06 (Page 7)

maansee IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 3:40am | IP Logged

 i would like to go with u to find pyaar ki manzil.......... so plz pm me too once u update.............. thanks

-TeriMalang- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 4:10am | IP Logged
hey guli!!

its a treat to read ur FF's
i loved this FF nd maneet version surely gonna be icing on cake..

cont soon :)
varshakhedekar Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 5:19am | IP Logged

interesting story...............awesome update............n pls pm me also

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:41pm | IP Logged

Part 4

Thanks for all the comments!!!! They mean a lot!!!Embarrassed

Person: Hello Geet!!!!!

Geet had turned around and when  she turned around it seemed like the world had froze… Her eyes became big and she began to shake and tremble…..

Geet: You???

That was all she could mutter!! Those were the only words that came out of her mouth!!!!!!

Person: Yes me Geet!!… Me… Brij!!!!!!!!!!!! (He's not her brother in this!)

Geet was scared out of her wits.. Brij was the last person who she wanted to see… she wanted to make a run for it… but she couldn't…. Brij came closer to her…. Geet looked at him and he didn't have a happy face on him….

Brij: you don't realize…. How much I have been looking for you??? Who told you to leave?? Who told you to run away??? What permission did you have that you can do whatever you want????

He was sounding so mean and rude… it was scaring her! He looked at her arm…. And then he looked at her…..he began to laugh….. He knew very well where those marks had come from!!

Brij: You see this….. you know why this happened??? And you were the cause that it happened…… you are just lucky that you are still alive……

Poor Geet was trapped… there was no where she could go as she was blocked by him… she was walking back slowly!

Brij: Arre.. where are u going?

Then he had held her arms really tight…. And Geet was in aching pain!!!

Geet: You are hurting me Brij….

Brij: Do I care?? As me if I care…. Becuz I don't care!!!!!!! You ran off…. and you left….. and now you will pay the consequences…..

Geet was in aching pain and she couldn't even scream….. tears were coming down from her eyes….

Brij: Now that I have found you will be coming with me!! And no funny business…. Because if you do anything.. the outcome of it wont be good……I did it once…. And I will do it again… and this time.. it will be so bad that even God wont even know what hit you!!!!!!!!!

Geet was looking at him…. he was still holding to her arms…. She closed her eyes tight.. and tears were coming down….. he just wouldn't let go and was hurting her like anything else!

Brij: Arre don't cry!! I don't know why you crying! Everything is your fault!! You wanted to leave me… and I wiped ur whole world in front of your eyes…. And today.. you are here… in this place where you don't even know anyone…. Thinking that I will never find you!!!!!!!!!!  Thank god I did!!!!…. now you will be coming home with me!! … and remember…. I did it once… and I wont be scared to do it again……

Geet was trying to make him let go…. But he had held on soo tightly… that she couldn't!!!! she was trying and trying… He taken out the lighter… he knew how much she doesn't like the fire… and she just looked at it… and he was waving it back and fourth…

Brij: You remember…. This flame… caused the biggest destruction in your life….. ur mom… ur dad… ur sisters…. They were gone with this flame…. See.. I don't like it when people don't listen to me or follow my rules…. And you didn't do it…. Who said to break our relationship??? Who gave you the right?? You made this one mistake…. and…

Geet was crying a lot…… She closed her eyes! She didn't want to think about that day!!!!

Geet: well if you killed my family… why don't you kill me too??? That way I can reunite with my family and I will be happy!!

Brij: Hey!!!!!!!!!!

And he squeezed her arms even more harder….. Geet was hurting….

Brij: I wont let you go that easily!!! And  you can never leave me!!! You cant! And I wont let you!! We are going to go back inside…. You will just follow my lead…no.... and I mean no funny business!!!

He had finally let go of her arms…. She was looking at them as they were stinging…..

Brij: Come on!

She was slowly coming behind him and then they both stopped… Maan was standing there…..

Maan: Is everything okay?????

Geet was looking at him and she didn't say anything!! He was looking at both of them with a very suspicious look! Something was wrong!

Brij: Yes everything is just fine!!!!

Maan: Geet you know him?

Geet was quiet and she wanted to say so much but she couldn't..

Brij: yes we both know each other… I know very well…. I apologize if she caused any inconvience…

Maan: No its not that.. she wasn't any problem!! Geet why are you crying???

Brij: We both just got a little emotional!!…
after seeing her after few days…

Maan: why are you answering for her??
Geet has a tongue.. I think she can answer for herself!…..

Brij was looking at him! He wanted to say so much but he kept his cool… Who was he to talk to him like that!! But he didn't utter a word!... Maan was looking at them two and he was looking at Geet!…Geet was looking down!!! Maan wanted to ask her so much but she didn't say anything she had kept her mouth shut…

Brij: Geet got all quiet… that's the way she is!

Maan: Yes I know how she is.. she is really quiet.. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay!

Brij: Everything is just fine…

He gave Maan a smile and he grabbed her hand…and he walked away with her! But before Geet and Brij walked off… Geet had grabbed Maan's hand tightly for a quick second…. She squeezed it gently without Brij noticing!!.. Maan turned around to look at them… Geet had turned around and her face was saying something else… He knew that there was something wrong!..... Her eyes were saying it all!!

Maan had followed them both back inside and he had told both of them to stay until the wedding was over… Brij had refused but Maan made sure that they stayed and they did…. Maan gave a small smile…

Maan had gone back towards the mandap and everything was okay..... they both had stood up to do the pheras…. Brij had a control of Geet's arm and she was in pain.. Maan was watching this and he couldn't believe it… Geet was trying to let go and when some people were passing by… Brij had let go of her arm and Geet had walked off away from him…. Brij gave her a look that you weren't suppose to do that…. But Geet had no choice but to escape…

This was a very auspicious moment….. the priest started the mantras… while Naintara took the pheres with the groom… (he's just a dude... not important) Geet was walking around the mandap lost in her thoughts… and little did she realize that at the same time... Maan was walking right behind her…. when Naintara was taking the pheras… in that same moment and time… so were Maan and Geet… Geet wasn't paying attention.. she was basically running from Brij but Maan knew very well what as going on!!!! Instead of throwing flowers at the couple he was staring and looking at Geet!!!

The whole wedding was over and Naintara was finally married…. She took the blessings of the elders... She got all emotional because she was leaving Dadi…. Her and Dadi were really close.. but one day a girl has to leave and go to her sasural.... she had hugged Maan and told him thanks for coming to the wedding……

Maan: Arre… it was all worth it!!!!

Naintara came to Geet and told her quietly.. that it was nice to have met her… Geet gave her a small smile….. Naintara was taken to the car and she sat down and she waved bye to everyone… all the guests were still there and Brij had come to Geet…

Brij: lets go… its time to go… the wedding is over…. And u don't have to be here…

Geet was looking at him….

Brij: Where are your things??????

Maan was talking to Dadi and then he shifted his attention towards them two… and a small smile that he had,… had gone away wen he was looking at Geet….

Brij was grabbing her arm as he was telling her in a very soft but angry tone to get her things…Afterwards he got so annoyed that she wasn't taking a step that he didn't care anymore….

Dadi had come towards Geet….

Dadi: Arre Geet.. who is he???

Brij: Aunty.. I am Geet's friend..
Actually I have been looking all over for her and it's a good thing that I found her here.. now she will be coming with me..

Dadi: Oh okay..

Brij: We should be leaving now…. Lets go Geet…

Dadi: Why don't you take your things Geet?? They are upstairs.. in the room…

Brij: Yes Geet.. Go and Get them!!!

Geet was looking at him and she quietly went up and she was taking her time on purpose….. she was going at such a slow pace… she was a nervous wreck!! She didn't want to go!! There was no escape route at all!!!

She had finally come out and her things were right there.. Brij had taken her things and he held them and he told everyone goodbye…

Geet was looking at Maan and Maan was looking at her…. Dadi told Maan to come forward… and say bye to Geet.. Maan had come to her…

Maan: It was nice to have met you Geet… Im sorry if I bothered u!!!!

And he was smiling at her…..

He had moved to the side so they could both go....Geet was just looking down and not saying anything…

Brij: Geet… he's talking to you!!!

She looked at him!! Maan was staring at her!! They were both looking at her! She had slightly nodded her head no…..

Right wen they were about to go… Maan had grabbed Geet's hand…. And Brij couldn't pull her and he was about to get mad and he turned around… the reason was becuz Maan had held her hand…

Brij: What are you doing???

Maan: What do you think I am doing???
I am holding her hand… I am not going to let you go with her…..

Geet was stunned and she looked up at him..

Brij: What do you mean you are not going to let her go?? Who the hell do you think you are to tell me that?? I am going to take and you cant stop me…. You don't even know her!

Maan: Oh yes I can!! Because I know that Geet doesn't want to go with you!

Brij: Excuse me but how do you know that? You know nothing!!! She is going with me and she wants to…

Maan: How do you know she wants to?? I know as I can see it on her face and I am not going to let her go with a monster like you!

Brij: You have no idea what you are talking about! And you know wat.. I think you just want her because you are the great Maan Singh Khurana!! You just want someone to keep you warm in bed in night…. Or else why would you want this middle class stupid girl to urself!!!!!!

Maan got so angry he pulled Geet out of the way and he grabbed her collar…..

Maan: What the hell did you just say??????

Maan had started to beat up Brij like anything.. Dadi couldn't believe what was going and she was trying to stop him.. everyone else was watching on… and they were all gossiping on the side….

Maan: You *astard…. I know… what you have done with Geet's life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And this is where I end!!! If you guys read jnawaz's SS's or FF's and she leaves them off in the most horrible places.... Well she got that from me!! Im the queen at that!!!!Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile the only difference is I update everyday and she doesnt!!!!!LOLLOL

plz do comment!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:41pm | IP Logged

i read babeji...just not in the mood to me tomorrow at work...ill be there by ya...ill explain then CryCryCryCryCryCry


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shivangi783 Goldie

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:53pm | IP Logged
The story is so gripping!
Its getting interesting with each passing update!
Brij ki entry was quite a surprise. But who is he actually-an obsessive abusive lover or husband?Or is there some twist here?

Ah, so Jaz has learnt it from you. Her cliffhangers are like they can give a heart-attack by thinking whats gonna happen next!

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ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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great update
continue soon
pls pm me ur next part
mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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awsome yaar...loved it ll be wonderful if u continue ..

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