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FF: Pyaar Ki Manzil (Part 50 & Epi Pg 158) 04/06 (Page 23)

bono_jostna Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:01pm | IP Logged
very nice.........ClapClapClapClapClapClapClap

*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:19pm | IP Logged
Part 9

She was just looking at him and not saying anything.. He had closed the door and came by her and sat down..... She was quiet and wasn't saying anything

Maan: here… let me do it……

He had taken the cream and he was slowly applying it on her…. Geet was frozen and not moving one bit… the more Maan was looking at it,… the more he wanted to kill Brij… she definitely didn't deserve this….. He had made sure that everything was applied…He had gone inside the bathroom and he washed his hands….. She was trying to put on a shirt.. she had bought a couple of them with Meera….. She had to keep it open…. And the shirts were cut so that way nothing was closed…..

Maan had come out and he helped her put on her shirt.. She felt so helpless… she was always thinking that why was he doing this for her? Why did he feel so sorry for her… Here he was.. a big man… also a famous one.. helping someone he hardly knew… he could have gotten anyone… because there are so many women out there…. But he had married her…… 

He made sure she was comfortable and told her to lie down.. she was on her back.. that's the only position she could sleep in…… he had gone inside the bathroom and he went and changed his clothes and he came out…. Turned off the lights and he went to bed next to her….

The morning had come…Maan had woke up.. he saw that Geet was asleep… he felt her moving a lot in the night as he knew that she must have been uncomfortable…. So he woke up really softly and made his way in the bathroom….

Meera was downstairs… Dev was having breakfast when Maan had come down

Sahil; Chachu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maan: Good morning!!!!

Sahil: Momma no!! I don't want this…

Meera: Why not its ur favorite cereal!!!

Sahil: I want pancakes!!!!!

Meera: Pancakes??

Sahil: Yes please momma!!!!!!

Meera: U don't want cereal??

Sahil nodded his head no!!!

Meera: Okay…. Will go and make ur pancakes!!

Sahil: with chocolate chips inside!!!

Meera was looking at him… this boy was too much!!!!

The guys were happy too.. they got to have it as well…Its not everyday where Meera made pancakes….Geet was awake and saw that Maan wasn't there…. She had looked at the time and it was 830!! She had sat up and she went inside the bathroom to get ready…

She had come down…and by that time.. Meera's pancakes were ready as well..

Meera: Arre Bhabhi.. come on! You came right on time… I made pancakes…..

Sahil: Yes!!!!!!!!!

Meera served everyone......

Sahil was making so much noise wen he was eating..

Sahil: Mmmmmm…. Momma these are soooo good……

Dev: yes momma.. these are really good…..

Meera: Of course they are…. I made them!!!!!!!!

Dev: And what are you trying to say???

Meera: That no one can make them better than I can!!

Dev: I made them for u once!

Maan was laughing!

Maan: And do you remember what happened to them???? They were all burned.... what the heck were you thinking…….???

Dev: What I was doing my good deed!!!

Maan: U mean ur very bad one!!

Everyone was eating…. Meera was looking over to Geet and checking out her marks…. She saw the cream was being applied....she was thinking in no time… it will get better!!!!!!!!

The guys had gotten up and as they had to be at work by 10….

Maan : we are going to be late today in coming home……. So just eat… and just leave the food on the table for us….

Meera: what time??

Maan: I don't know.. around 9-10.. it depends…

Sahil: papa.. u said that u were going to buy me a truck… wat happened???

Dev: I promise tomorrow… Papa is busy today!!

Sahil: but…..

Dev: I promise Sahil…. Tomorrow… if you be a good boy today and don't trouble momma.. then u might get 2 surprises!!!!!

Sahil: really???

Dev: Maybe!

Sahil: Okay I wont trouble her!!!!

Dev had hugged and kissed him........ Maan had gone upstairs to grab his things.. Geet had gone behind him and she had given him his bag wallet watch and everything……

Maan: Thanks!!.... Since we will be late.. just make sure you eat.. and tell Meera to apply the cream if you need help…. Take care of yourself…….

He gave a small smile and he had left from there…. Saying something very little was something big for Geet….he didn't say much but he said a lot… she had smiled a little bit….. after a long time she was smiling like that….

Geet was cleaning up in the room…. Geet heard Sahil and he was complaining a lot… to Meera… She had come out and heard him shouting..

Sahil: Momma.. I want to be picked up!!!

But how could she.. she had Anu….

Meera: not now.. I have to feed her…

Sahil: But I want to be picked up! You always pick her up!!!! You always go by her….

Sahil: Momma please!

Meera: Sahil.. no means no!! go play with ur toys….

Meera had to deal with a stubborn Sahil and a crying Anu!!... Geet had come down and she saw that Sahil had his legs crossed on the couch and his arms were folded…. He was rubbing his eyes… he was time for his afternoon nap…..

Geet: what happened???

Sahil: I want Momma to pick up me… but she wont… she's with anu!!

Geet was smiling… pick up me.. aww how cute was that……

Geet: But Anu needs her more… She's very little she doesn't know.. Momma has to watch out for her.,.. feed her change her… put her to sleep.. aren't you a big boy??? Show ur momma that ur a big boy…|

Sahil: No! I want her!!!!!.......

Geet: How about.. Chachi puts you to sleep… come on…..

Sahil: No.. I want momma…..

Geet: Please!!

Sahil was looking at her…. And then Geet had her arms around… and he had put his arms up so he could be picked up.. she was very careful and she picked him up…. She carried him on her left side… and then took him upstairs… She had patted him down to go to sleep.. his eyes were wide open…but then they slowly drifted off and he had gone to sleep……. Geet just left him there on her bed…. And she continued to clean the room…. Meera had come out and put Anu to bed and was looking around for Sahil!!

Meera: Sahil…..

Geet had heard this and she came outside……

Meera: Bhabhi have you seen…

Geet: Yes he's in here….

She had brought her inside the room saw him fast asleep!!!

Meera: Thank you so much Bhabhi…… Sometimes he's just tooo much.. he is very much jealous of Anu!

Geet: It happens… he's little he wants all the attention to himself!!!!!....

Afterwards….. Meera was in the kitchen making dinner.. it was almost dinner time.. Sahil was playing with his toys.. and he always use to come by Anu wen she was downstairs in her swing… it just use to swing back and fourth and that way she was asleep…. He was just looking at her…

Geet was in the kitchen with Meera.. when the gas was on.. Geet was far away from it as she was freaked out…. Meera understood and didn't say anything.. the guys weren't going to come home til 10… that was usually late.... Meera and Geet had eaten…. And they kept the food on the table… Sahil wanted to sleep in Maan and Geet's room so Geet let him and took him and put him to sleep….

Once he was asleep she had come back down and sat on the couch waiting for the guys to come……. She was reading a magazine… and then… Dev and Maan had entered… Dev was so dead tired and so was Maan! It had been the most longest day ever… Geet had stood up and looked at both of them…

Dev passed for dinner….

Dev: I ate something at the office I just want go to sleep……

With that said.. he just went up to his room….

Geet: Are you going to eat???? (She asked softly)

Maan: No..did you eat??

Geet: I ate….. but…

Maan: I really don't feel like eating.. I just want to go to sleep….. You shouldve been in bed already… I told you I was going to be late……

Geet didn't say anything… they had both come to their room and Maan saw Sahil sleeping there….

Geet: He wanted to sleep here… so I let him.. is that okay???

Maan was looking at her… as if she got in trouble for it or something that's how she was talking….

Maan: Of course its okay!! Why wouldn't it be?????

Plz comment!Embarrassed

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jnawaz IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:19pm | IP Logged

ok...first things first...YOU NEED A NEW SIGGY! not a new one...just some more!! come've that the siggy forever!! i miiss our blopper patrol siggy!! oh man...those were the days! know i just noticed...on your comments i use lots of !!!! points Confused...isse kehte hai dosti! ROFL

aww...chocolate chip pancakes!! i remember making them for the twins when they spent the night in the summer!! we had soooooo much food LOLLOLLOL cuz i made veggie and cheese omelets too...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...oh and i made a strawberry syrup...TongueTongue...Sahils tantrum was too cute!! LOLLOLLOL...older child syndrome...Wink...


Edited by jnawaz - 19 January 2011 at 11:53pm
shah10 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:24pm | IP Logged
love it..
geet is so scared..
do continue plz
Rohini20 Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:33pm | IP Logged
luved it....but give us more updates plz...the story is getting interesting..Approve
vrsharma IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:38pm | IP Logged
loved it
Semarnk Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:47pm | IP Logged
how its cute and lovely
ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 10:55pm | IP Logged
i just loved it
awesome update
geet started to interact with maans family

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