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FF: Pyaar Ki Manzil (Part 50 & Epi Pg 158) 04/06 (Page 134)

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aahhhhhhh, maan came in this update thank god( you)

meera is so selffish yaar, she didnt show any concern, imean she was just getting fed by geet knoking on door. she should understand and help her na. i was very mad at her. 

any way, nice update

waiting to see some romantic moments  of maneet. 

simi91 IF-Rockerz

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awesome update
pls cont soonnnnnnnnn
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I read ur ff in one go. ...I must say u r a good wtiter.....
*Guli* IF-Stunnerz

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Part 50

Hey u guys........ Well sorry to say but this is the very last part of this FF!!!!!! Yup things have to come to an end!!!!!..... thats also why i didnt start a new thread..... becuz didnt want to waste it.. since its coming to to an end!!Thanks soo much for the comments... even though i dont comment.... i do read them and they did mean a lot!!!!!!!!.... This isnt the last of me... i have some stories coming up ahead..... dont know wen but they will be soon... so just look out for them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once again thank u very much!!!!!!!!!!!!Embarrassed

2 months later''.

Geet was on her 4th month of pregnancy!!!!

But she was big her stomach was growing  and this wasn't even a small bump!!! Geet had to go the doctors'. Maan took her!!!! The doc checks her out!

Doc: Everything is normal!!!! She doesn't smoke or drink And she hasn't been stressed out!!! So that's a good thing!!!! But''

When they both heard that word'. They were looking at him with a worried look

Maan: But'.?? Why the but? Is everything okay?

Doc: You guys can see''. that Geet is big!!! Yes people are big wen they are pregnant But on the 4th month'. She's huge!!!!!! The reason Why she is big' Is becuz'. Geet is expecting twins!!!!!!

And both of their faces shoot up!!!

Geet: What????

Maan: twins?

Doc: Yes!!!!!

Geet: Omg!!

Maan: twins???

Geet: Yes twins!!!

Maan: Twins???

Geet: Maan calm down!

Doc laughs!!!!

Afterwards' They both come home!!!! They all ask them How was it? Wat the doc say! Geet is all smiling Maan is still like twins??? Geet breaks the news!!!! And everyone is like omg! They are all happy!!!!!!! Maan is like Twins??? Geet is laughing She's like He's been like that Every since he found out!!!!! Annie is like That's a good thing!!! Double the fun!!!!!!' Maan is looking at her!!! He goes into the room!! He's like oh man!! Twins!!! He's trying to digest the fact That there are two!!!

But he's never been more thrilled in his life!!!!!!!!!

Geet comes into the room And looks at him She smiles! She sits next to him!!!! She puts her head on his shoulder And he holds her hands!!!!! Maan is like wow!!!! Geet is smiling!!

Geet: Not 1 but 2!!!!

Maan :That's the most greatest gift in the world!!!! Thank u Geet!!!!!!!!

Geet:  thanks 2 u!!!!

And she hugs him!!!!

Few weeks later'

Geet's been taking it easy ..She's been sitting a lot!! And she's been getting tired!!! The more she rests The better for her!!!!!!! She has another docs appointment!!!!!! She's getting ready for the docs appointment'''.. Maan comes in'. And sees her

Maan: Arent you going to change ur clothes??

Geet looks at him!!!

Geet: Change for what??

Maan: Your going to wear that to the doc's office???

Isnt that 2 tight??

Geet: Why don't you think I know my own body??

Maan is looking at her!!!

Maan: Its just that ur a little round!!!

Geet is looking at him!!!!!!

And she's like Omg!! No he just did not say that!!!

Geet: So what?? Now I am a little round???

She's talking with attitude!

Maan: No I didn't mean that'. Your just a little bigger than before!!!!

Geet's eyes pop out!!!!

Geet: So now I am round and fat???

Maan; No.. that's not what I meant!!!!!!

Geet: Wat are you trying to say?

Maan: Never mind!! Lets just go to the docs office!

he didn't want to start anything!!!! And then Make her Be all mad at him!!! So he just left it there!!! And then.. Geet gets all teary!! Maan's back is turned So he cant see her!!! He's about to turn around And say Lets go But then He sees her crying! Maan is thinking omgMaan is like what did I do? Geet is looking at him

Geet: I am sorry!!!!! My body is changing and I have to accept the fact!!!

And she starts crying! Maan must be thinking Her hormones must be kicking in!!!!! And she cries!!! Maan comes to her And hugs her!!!!!! She's like I am know!! I am big!!!! I don't look like a model!!!!! And he's like Its okay!!!!! He's like No matter how big you look' You will always still look beautiful to me!!! Geet is like I will go and change!!!!!! SO she goes and changes her clothes!!!!!! She comes out!!! And '. Maan sees her He;'s like that's better!!!! Geet comes to him!! And says I am sorry!!!!!' Geet is like lets go!!! He's like.. This is much better!!!!! Looser clothes!!!!!!!!

Maan: tight clothes doesn't suit u!

Geet: tight clothes doesn't suit me??

And then She gets all hyped up again And shes like'.. Who wears tight clothes??? She's like prostitutes.. They wear tight clothes!!!!'.

Geet: So now I am Round! Fat! And a Prostitute'..Great! I am a round fat prostitute!!!!!!

Maan's confused

Geet: This is what I get For not giving you just one child! But 2!!!!!!!!!

And she walks off And she's all mad! Maan is like uhh'. They both come to the doc'. Geet is still mad! Maan is like' Oh man!!! Today is not a good day!!!! The doc comes towards them And the doc is a guy!! And he sees That Geet is mad U can just tell by the face!!!!!! Maan has that.. What did I do face!!!!!

Geet passes the doc' Maan looks at him Doc smiles And puts his hand on his shoulders'

And he's like I understand!!! He says that' Indicating He knows what Maan is going through!!!!! Geet who was walking ahead Stops And turns around And looks at the doc'..

Geet: Who do you understand????

Doc and Maan are like oh god!!!! Geet comes back And looks at him

Geet: What do u understand?? Husbands have a hard time??? They get the morning sickness!!!!!!! They have to deal with gaining weight!!! Oh God forbid'. A little bit of anger' Its just too hard for them tooo handle!!!! Whos' giving birth to this baby?? No I am sorry!!' Not Baby! Babies!!!!! He's giving birth???? No I am giving birth!!!! Apparently' They cant handle of all of that! So doc.. u tell me.. Wat do u understand?

Maan is like uh oh!!!!! Hes' quiet!! Doc is like Lets go inside! Doc does the check up and what not!!!!!

And everything is okay!!!!!

Doc is like' Do you want to know the sex of the babies??? And Geet says No!!!! Maan says yes!!!!!
And they both look at each other! Geet is like no!!! Maan is like Why not?? He's like I want to know!!! Geet is like I don't want to know! Maan is like Okay then U go outside And I will see Geet is like There's no way You are going to know!!!! Then u will know Before me! And I don't want that to happen! Maan is like I want to know! Whether its 2 boys 2 girls or a boy and a girl! Geet is like I don't want to know! And becuz I don't want to know Neither will u!!!

Doc is looking at this!!!!

And he's like oh brother!

He's trying to keep his smile in!!

Geet is like We wont know And that's final! She's like Thank u doctor!!!! And she gets up and leaves!

Doc smiles Maan is like Yea yeah!!! Stop smiling!!! He's like U don't know what its like He's like Believe me! I do!! There are many more of those!!!!! And he laughs!!!!!! They both leave!!!!! And they are in the car!!!! Maan doesn't even want to say anything Now he's scared He says something And boy Will he be in for it! And that's the last thing he wants!!!!!!!! As time went on.. Geet's been having her little moments.. And she's always had something to complain about And only Poor Maan Had to listen to it!!!! But he didn't say anything But then wen he did' It would always come out in the wrong way

In the night'.. She cant sleep!!! And she's craving For some ice cream!!!!! And she knows There's some downstairs In the fridge!!! And she smiles She wakes up Maan!!! Maan is like hmm'

Geet: I want some ice cream!!!!

Maan: What??

Geet: I want some ice cream!

Maan: At this hour! Its 1 in the morning!!!

Geet: Soo!! I am craving for some ice cream!!!!

And she's like please!! And she gives a small puppy face!!!!!!!

And then He's like okay!!! He puts his robe on!!!!! And he goes down!!!! Geet cant wait To get her ice cream!!!! And theres a magazine So she looks through it While' Maan is getting her the ice cream And then While she's looking She sees a picture of a pizza!!! And she's like omg! This looks sooo good!!Maan comes back And he's like here!!!! Geet is like'.. I want this pizza!!!

Maan: What???

Geet: Yes!! Look at this pizza! Its looks soooo yummy!!!!

Maan: But I got u this ice cream!!!!

Geet :No I want this pizza!!!

Maan:Whos open at this hour???

Geet :That's not my problem!!! I want pizza!!!!!

Maan is like Dear lord!!! He's like Let me see what I could do!!!!! But then She stops him And he turns around!! Geet is like I don't want pizza!! Maan is like Thank god!!!

Geet: Pani Puri!!!

And then

She starts smacking her lips

Geet: Get me some pani puri!!!!!

Maan: What? Where will I get that?? The restaraunts are closed!!!!

Geet: Who says anything about a restaurant????? I want it from the street vendors!!!

Maan: But that's not possible!!!! U swear that they are going to be up At this hour!!!

Geet: I don't care I want pani puri And that to From the street vendor!!!!!

Maan screams a little bit

Maan: Be realistic!!!! No one is awake at this hour!!!!!

And then She starts to cry!!!

Meera comes

Meera:Omg!!! What did you do? Why is she crying?

Everyone else comes!!!!

Geet: I made a little extra demands'''

Meera:What do u want????

And then

Geet looks over''. And she sees Mango Pickle Jar! Annie sees Geet's eyes And she sees Where Geet is looking Annie is like U want this?

Annie: U want Mango pickle??

Meera: U couldn't get that for her??

It's the kitchen for crying out loud!!!!

Annie tells Arjun to go and get it!

And went and comes back He bring her two bottles!! One that's sour And the other one that's sweet!!!! Geet looks at Maan And she's like See!!!!! They care!! They ran down And got it for me!!!! And they even bought me 2 kinds!!!!

Arjun has that I am soo proud!!!! And he smiles!!!!

Annie is looking at Maan! And she's like U couldn't do this much for her!!!

Meera: Yeah Bhaiyya!! I mean come on now! Give her a break! She's not giving you one baby!! She's giving you 2!!

Geet: Yeah!! And how hard this could be Becuz I mean I am pretty sure'. She didn't ask you something ridiculous like Pani Puri!!!!! I mean' She may have mood swings And hormones maybe kicking in'. But come on now!!!

Maan looks at her!!!

And Maan is like

Maan:She did!!!!!!!!!!

Meera is like Please!! Geet is not that stupid!!!!! Maan is like But that's what she wanted!!!!!!

Arjun is like Are you calling bhabhi stupid??

Maan is like WHAT??

Geet: I am stupid??? I was hungry!

Maan: Arre I am not calling you stupid!!!!

Geet; Then??

Maan is like oh dear!!!!!

Maan: I didn't call you anything!!! What do u want? And I will get it for u!

Geet : I got my mango pickle!!!

Maan is like dear lord!

Maan: Everyone  leave!!!!!!! And go to sleep!

Annie: Don't make my bhabhi cry!!!

Maan: Why do I always get the blame?

Annie: becuz!!

Arjun: Way to go!!!

Maan is about to whack him!!!! But he goes!! Maan closes the door!!! He sits down on the bed And he lies down!!!!!!! Geet finishes what she wanted to eat'And then She lies back down And goes to sleep!!! Maan is sleeping And he's facing her She comes closer to him!!! So she could sleep closer But she cant Her tummy is too big And gets in the way!! And she hates this She wants to sleep more closer But she cant!! This gets her mad And she sits up!!! She's soo tired She wants to sleep But she cant!! And she turns on the light! Maan opens his eyes

Maan: Wats wrong?

Geet: I cant sleep!!!!

Maan :Why not?

Geet: Becuz I cant sleep!!! I am tired' I want to sleep' But I cant sleep!!

He sits up

Maan: U want something?

Geet : yes!!!

Maan is thinking Another round into the kitchen!!!!!!!!

Maan: Wat do u want???

Geet puts her head on him!!!!

Geet: This is what I want!!!!!!

And then After like'. 5 mins she falls asleep!!!!!!! Maan moves back And sits up Against the bed
And she is sleeping peacefully on him!!! And he puts a blanket over her! And he just goes to sleep like that!!!!!

Next few days Life hasn't been that easy!! Geet and her hormones hey run hay wire sometimes! Maan can only do so much!!!!!!! Geet wanted to go baby shopping!!!!!! Maan had already gotten the nursery done'.The room was done But now It was the decorations and what not And like To get everything for the babies!!! Geet wanted to go!! Maan wanted to do it himself But he didn't want to risk
Of having an angry Geet!!! So he took her And they ended up going to'Babies R Us!!!!!

(if you guys don't know what that is' it's an all baby store here in US!! But in my FF so its in india as well!!)

they walk in and theres soo many things to choose from!!! Geet grabs a cart!!!! There are so many pregnant wives there With their hubbies!!!!! Geet puts a few things here and there ..And then She comes By the strollers'. And she's like omg This one is nice And then She keeps changing her mind
Like Everyone 2 seconds Maan is just watching her'She just keeps talking to herself!!!! Maan takes a step back!! And he looks around!!! And all the other guys Are going through the same thing They are all looking at each other And are like I feel ur pain!!!!!!!!! Geet hits him'

Geet: Are you listening?

Maan: of course ..U want that one?

he points '.And its not that one!!!

Geet: no!!! I said this one!

Maan: of course!

She does this With the strollers The high chairs' And everything else And then Comes to the blankets
She doesn't know what to get' She wants to get something.. For a boy and girl!!!!! So she goes For a light green'Light yellow theme!!!! And she takes her time!!! Maan is just standing there His job is too just push the cart!!! And that's all he's doing'Afterwards They get everything that they need! They go to the cashier!!! Geet missed the toys section Where it was filled With stuffed animals!!! And she goes!!
She stands there And cant decide On wat to get!! Maan goes up the cashier And it's a lady!! She's a nice looking gal too!!! Gal is talking to Maan And she's like' Gonna be a daddy!!! Maan smiles 'And says yes!!! And he's like '.Its twins! Gal is like omg! Congrats!!!!!! Maan is like thank u!! 'They both are talking Maan is all blushing Cuz he's gonna be a daddy!!!! Geet looks over there And she sees Maan talking to the lady!! she's scanning the items' 

Geet: Wats going on over there???

She is looking '.She grabs a few things and brings it'She comes to him And puts her arms around his!!!! And she smiles!! Maan is looking at Geet!!

Geet is giving him a look!!! Maan is thinking'Am I in trouble again? He's like uh oh!!!! He pays And they head out

Maan :Wats wrong?

Geet :Wat were you talking with To that lady?

Maan: We were just talking '.She was asking me 'Am I going to be a father

Geet: Well duh!! Hello!!!! Are u people blind? or do u think I am really this fat!!!

Maan is like Here we go again!!!!!

Maan: Don't worry about it!!!! Don't stress urself out

Geet: I wont If you don't stop talking to pretty ladies like her!!!

Maan: It was nothing!

They come home And put the things in the room In a matter of hours The whole nursery is all done!!!!!!
It looks good! Geet is all smiling She loves it!!!!! Later on' Maan's in his study!!! Geet wants to make it up 2 him She knows That she's been getting on his nerves'. Becuz of her mood swings So she decides
To have a small candle light dinner!!!! With just them two!!!!! She actually 'Sets it up in the garden!!!!! She goes into his study!!! And he's looking at things'

Geet : Wat are you doing?

Maan: Nothing 'Jus looking over some stuff '..U need anything?

Geet : yes!!

Maan: wat?

Geet : Come with me

Maan looks up at her

Maan: Everything okay?

Geet: Everything is okay! But plz come!!!!!

Maan puts his things down!!! And he comes with her!!! And then She takes him In the garden'And he sees a small table!!!!

 Maan: Wat is this???

Geet: I am making it up to you!

Maan: Making it up to me???

Geet: Yes!!! I haven't been the' Well' u know'

Maan knows What she's trying to say!!! He smiles

Geet:  I thought 'Maybe today 'We could have a nice dinner together

He comes closer to her And he hugs her!!! They have their dinner together!!!! It was nice!!! It was all quiet ..And what not! They come back'' He tells her to go in the room And he will be there!! Afterwards He comes back in!! She is sitting there He changes his clothes!!!!!! He comes And sits down She rests her head on him!!!!!

Maan: This is nice!!!!!!

Geet: Yes it is!!

They both talk'And what not!!!! And its all nice 'Its gets quiet! They don't say anything!! just relaxing Maan laughs a little!!

Geet: Wats the matter?

Maan: Nothing!! Its nice Not being yelled at today!!!!!!

Geet : And whats that suppose to mean?

Maan: Oh no 'Nothing!!! Its just that'

Geet sits up'.. And looks at him!

Geet :So what?? You expect me to be a crazy mad raging bull!!!!!!!

Maan:  no'. I didn't mean that!!!

Geet :Yes you did!!

And then She gets up!!! Maan is like Oh crap!

Maan: Geet you need to rest!!!!

Geet: That's why There are guest rooms!!!

And she leaves! Maan goes out

Arjun is there And he's like What did you do again??? Ur always doing something!

Dev: U are something else!!!

U say so much to her!!!

Maan: Will u hush??

Dev is laughing!

Dev: Biggest business man '..Cant handle his wife!!

And he goes laughing'In the nite Maan goes to Geet She's on the bed Of the guestroom He comes inside And he picks her up!...he knows Its only her hormones talking!!!! She isnt the lightest person But he manages To carry her All the way Back into the room And put a blanket over her!!! And he turns off the light!!!!!!!

3 months pass by

and Geet's on her 7th month!!!!!!!!!!!'''  She was taking it very easy!!!!.. But even with all of that' Meera had planned her baby shower' She had told Geet if she wanted to have one or not' But Geet had said yes! Even though.. Maan was against it' he didn't want her to have stress but'. Geet told him that it would be all okay!!!

The week had passed by and it was the day of the baby shower!!! Maan had given the sari to Meera so then when it was time to get Geet ready!! Geet still hadn't known what she was going to wear!! But Meera was ready herself and she had Dev take care of Anu.. while she was going to get Geet ready!!

Both gals were helping Geet get ready but Geet was just looking at the bag!!!! She couldn't even see it' as the gals were doing other things!! When it was time to put the sari on she had opened it and all 3 had looked at it and Geet was amazed on how it was looking!!! Maan had very good taste and Geet couldn't believe it!! She fell in love with it!!

Geet was finally ready after like 2 hours'.. and the guests had started to arrive!!! The only guys that were going to be there were Maan Adi and Dev!! Maan didn't want to go anywhere and he wanted to be a part of it!! And he made sure that he did!!!!

Geet had come down with the help of the gals and Maan was looking at her'. And he was mesmerized on how she was looking!! He had always imagined how she would look like'. But when he saw her today' he was like wow!!!! He was smiling at her and she couldn't help and blush cuz she knew he was looking at her!!

She had sat down and the rituals had began!!''. All the women were looking at her and they were all smiling!!'. She looked really good and everyone was telling her that!!!'. Maan wanted to go by her so badly but he couldn't!! not with everyone there!! He didn't want to embarrass her!!!!!

But then when he was called and asked him to go to her' she was looking at him! He had his hands in the back of him!!!!! He had come down' and he kneeled in front of her!!!'..

Maan: This is the part where I am suppose to give you something'.. but today I don't have anything to give you!!.. becuz you are giving me the most precious gift in the whole wide world!!!!' and there's nothing that I can give to you that would beat what you are giving me!!!'. So whatever you want today'' and whatever you ask for''.. just tell me'. And I will give you that!!'..

Geet was looking at him!!!'..

Geet: I do want something!!!

Maan: What???

Geet: Give me your hands!!!''

Maan: My hands???

Geet: Yeah!!

Maan was confused and he put out his two hands out and she just held them!!!!!

Geet: This is all I want!! Is for me to hold these hands!!!  As long as you are there with me and guide me'' my life will be very easy for me!!!'' And as long as you will be there with me'' and to protect me'.. I will always be safe!!!!!!

Maan:  They willl always be there for you!!

Geet: And I know that u wont ever let me down!!

Maan: Never!!!! I promised that I would take care of you'. The day I married you was the day that I vowed that I take responsibility and made sure that you are happy!!!'.. and as long as you are happy then I know that I am doing my job the way I am suppose to!!!!!

Geet: You have given me everything that I could ask for!!!' And in return'. I am giving you something that is precious to both of us!!'..!!

Maan: Thank you Geet!!

Geet: Thanks to you!!!

He had kissed her hand!!! And she was trying really hard not to shed tears in her eyes!! But she couldn't help it and she was crying!! But he had told her not to and he wiped them for her!!

Everyone was looking at them and they were all smiling!!! That was the most sweetest thing that they had ever seen!!!!!!'' He had kissed her on top of her forehead'. And he had stood up in front of her!!!!'''

She had leaned forward a little bit'.. And she went down to touch Maan's feet' and he was taken aback and he had made her stop''.

Maan: Arre Geet'..

Geet: I wanted too!!!'..

Maan was deeply touched by this' but she really didn't have to do that!!! He had walked away from there and just let the rituals continue'' He had walked off from there'.. went outside for some fresh air'.. And he just closed his eyes'.and just thanked the lord for everything that he  has been given today!!!!!!!!

(continued in next post see belowBig smile)

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3 years later….

All the kids were fighting!! And it was crazy again!!!… everyday….. same old thing….

Annie: Arre why are you guys fighting?? What happened???? See this is why… I don't bring Abhay (her son) here……. u guys always……

Sahil: But Bua… Abhay is getting mad at me!!!!

Annie: Abhay why?? Why are you yelling??

Abhay: Look at this!!… Look at what he did!!

Sahil: He did it!!!!!!

Abhay: No you did it!!

Sahil: No!!!

Abhay: yes!!!!……

Sahil: No!!!!

Abhay: Yes!!

Sahil: no! Bua.. tell him na!

That went on… and Annie stopped their fighting!! These two… they were always at it!!

Sahil: It wasn't me!!!!…

Abhay: Then???

Sahil: Who else would do it??

Neha: I know!!!!!

Neha was in her little dress!!!! With her little 2 pigtails………..and holding her teddy in one hand!!!

Sahil: Who??

Neha had pointed!!!…..

Sahil: Uff!! I shouldve noticed!!!!

Abhay: Yeah!! Always!!!!

Sahil: chachi?????…… Chachi????

Abhay: mami????

Annie: Bhabhi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Geet had come out!!!!….. seemed like she was popular today! everyone was calling her!!! she had come wiping her hands from the kitchen…..

Geet: Whats wrong???

Sahil: Look at this mess!!!…

Geet was looking around!!!!.. she was like oh god!!!!

Geet: again?? not again!!!

Sahil: Yes again!!!….. Chachi…. Every day!! All of our toys are always scattered all over the place!!!!…

Geet had gone to Rohan!!!!…… …

Geet: My naughty boy!!! What is this?

Rohan: Momma!!…..

Geet: Don't u momma me!!

Rohan: Momma… I wuv vu!!

Geet: No!!!!….

Rohan: Yesh!!!

Geet: Nope!!

Rohan: Yesh momma!! I wuv vu!! Muah!!!!!

Geet: Why are you troubling ur brothers and sister???

Rohan was just giggling!!!!… He had gone to Sahil and Abhay… and he had given them both hugs!!! And they were looking at each other!!!!

Rohan: I wuv u bhai!!!!!

Rohan… was life of the party!!!… He was very loud and hyper little fella!!!….. Everyone loved him!! and he went by everyone!!!….. He wouldn't even leave the others!!!…. He loved playing with is older 2 brothers and his sister!!!.. Sometimes Neha was a little too much with her tea parties….. but he would get over that!!!……. Neha would always be kissing Rohan on the cheek!!!…..

Rohan: Yucky!!

Neha: No yucky!!!! U luv me!!!

Rohan: ish!! Yesh!!!

Neha: See no yucky!!!

Because Anu had done this to Sahil… Neha would copy everything and do it to Rohan!!! It was a mess!! But it was sooo cute!

Geet was always behind him!! sometimes he was a little too much!!!….. but he's the best thing that has ever happened in her life after marrying Maan!!!!.….. Rohan was a copy of Maan!!!……. He would sometimes walk like Maan….. and it was the cutest little thing!! Maan was very attached to him!!!…..

Maan had come home from work and Rohan wasted no time and he would leave what he would be doing and he would run to Maan giving him a big tight hug!!

Maan: Hey champ!!!

Rohan: Papa!!!!!! I wuv vu!

Maan: really?? I love you too!!!

When Maan would come home….Rohan would never leave Maan!

Would always follow him around like anything!! That's the only time he would be on his best behavior was when Maan was there!!!!!! And that's the time when the kids would rat on him and everything and tell Maan what he was doing through out the day!!!…. Maan would ask this to Rohan and he would just stay quiet!!

Maan would end up putting him to sleep and everything and taking care of him after he would come home from work!!…. He knew that Geet would be tired….. after taking care Rohan all day she needed time for herself….. As another bundle of Joy was on its way!!!……. Geet didn't want to be surprised this time.. so she had gone to the doc and found out that it was another boy!!!……

Geet was on her 4th month….. and she was trying to take it easy… but with Rohan… she couldn't really take it easy!!!… Meera had given Birth to another baby girl!!… Dev had 2 little angels… he was def happy!!!….Everyone was looking at her!!… She was sooo cute!!!.. Neha would sometimes be jealous… she as the youngest… and she would always be fighting with Anu…. Everyone was giving the attention to her!!….

Annie and Arjun had ended up moving!!…. They had moved right next door… as Arjun got a better job!!…. They were both happy…… They wanted to enjoy life a little bit before settling down…. And having kids of their own!!!.. they were going to wait!!!

Geet's life had def taken a huge turn and it was all for the best!!….. From everything that happened in her life.. after Maan had come….. nothing had gone wrong!!!….. She was blessed!!…. She couldn't ask for more!!!..

With the kids… things were hectic… but when she time to really think about it….. she wasn't complaining one bit!!!! God had given her a 2nd life… and this life was for the better!!…..

Maan had never thought that his life would turn out like this after marriage!!! After Geet coming into it….he loved it!!!!! He couldn't be more happier!!! This family was now complete!!!…..with Geet on his side…. He didn't need anything else!!!!! He had an awesome son…. And another one was on his way!!!…He was a happy husband and a proud father!!….  Geet was a great wife… and an awesome mother!!!……

Maan had put Rohan to sleep!!!… And Geet had walked inside and kissed him on his forehead and Geet kissed Neha….. They had both closed the door.. and left from there…. they had gone outside in the garden…. And looked up at the stars….. She had rested her head on his shoulders…. And together….. they were both enjoying the night….. as well as the many more days to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plz comment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Embarrassed THE END!Big smile

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me me and me!! he he LOVE YOU BABEJI!


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Wow Great end,..Guli I am hoping you going to start new Ff nearly..
perfect family..
maaneetkimeet Goldie

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Posted: 06 April 2011 at 11:32pm | IP Logged
lovley update dear i never thought u will end up ending this FF ...........but love it 

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