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Hey guys. Here are some stories about some charecters which Fahad Mustafa & Sunita Marshal have played.  
The first story is about Ibrahim & Haniya, from the pakistani drama "Asmaan Chooney Do".  Hope you all like it, and plz do comment, and tell me what you guys think about it.. Smile 
"A Small Hope": 
Haniya and Ibrahim were married. they were both really happy, despite what had happend to their family. as any other familiy, they also faced some problems. Problmes which could have solved easly, but just didnt. But that was now over. finally there were nothing unsaid or something that would break the familiy apart. It was finally the time to be togehter as a family. That also made them closer, when Ibrahim and Hnaiya told the other that they were expecting a child. The whole turning point included them. And it felt great.

She is finally pregnent. Therefore the whole family throwed a party, just for the family members. Everyone was really busy with the preperations etc. While Ibrahim is getting ready, he cant stop thinking about Haniya, when she first told him that she was pregnent. It was a dram come true, ecspecially after the docters telling them, they couldnt be parents. It was a very dark chapter in their life, and Haniya did not deserve all this. He wanted to give everything and make her the happiest person, afterall he did make a promise to Barhi Bi, about it. and he was sure to keep it. 

It was late at night, and they were watching some movie. Haniya had just sat there and watched Ibrahim all the time. She couldnt stop thinking about him, even though he was infront of her. She was just so lucky that she got Ibrahim as an husband, who loved her unconditionly. He noticed that she was looking at him, so she turned to the side, where she was sitting, and cought her eye. He asked her what was wrong, but she didnt say anything. Soon after the movie finished, she stood up, and went to the bedroom, but were stopped by him, and again, he aksed. she didnt say anything. They just kept looking at each other, and came closer and closer to each other. He sensed, that she was holding back, so he gave her space enough to decide. He didnt want to push her into anything. He backed a bit, but was soon stopped by her griping his hand. She said no by just moving her face side to side. And he understood. They both moved closer to each other, and also like that the night came slowly. <3

.. They just woke up from sleep, next morning, and Haniya sat up in her bed, and had the biggest smile on her face, withour noticesing, Ibrahim were watching her right next to her. She turned to face him, and he pulled her down to him, so she was close to him. She just smiled and said that they should get up, as the time is a lot. He placed a small kiss on her forehaed, and says okay. She was about to get up, but he held on into her hand/fingers, and simply said: I Love You. She nodded, and smiled and stood up.

Some days later, She was feeling sick, and almost close to fall, but Ibrahim catched her, by aksing if she was okay? She said that she was fine, just a little headache. He is not sure if its "just a headache".. as she did not look good. Some time later, she was in the bathroom, throwing up. He come behind her, and lifts her hair out of the way. When she was finished, she came inside the bedroom, to lie down. He came and sat beside her, and took her hand in his.. He said: "Shayed tumhe doctor ke paas jana chahiye.. Tumhari tabiyat nahi thik, Haniya". She simply smiled, and said that all this was normal for me. He was confused, and asked her what she meant. She replayed: "Ibrahim, woh raat yaad hai..". "Bhule se bhi nahi bhula sakta, Haniya..". Haniya says: "Woh raat humare liye bohudt khaas hai.. Jaante hoo kyu? Kyu ke hume woh qimti toufa mila hai, jiska humein bharso se intazaar tha.." And places a hand on her stomich. He finally understands, and cant believe what she just had said. But somehow he is confused: "Par, haniya... Hum.." She knows what he is talking about and says: "Kaha na, ke woh raat kuch our hi thi. Khaas thi humare liye". and smiles. He was soo happy that some tears came into his eyes. He took her hand and kissed it and, said how thankfull he was to her, and yet again, they shared a speciel moment together, that no word could ever describe their feelings toward each other. They both were so happy, and shy at the same time.. They just sat and looked at each other, where he took her hand into his. That was their moment together.  

He came out of his thoughts, and smiled. He really wanted to see her. He just needed to say something to her. He somehow maneged to get to her room, where she was getting ready, afterall the whole house were full of poeple walking around.. He got to the door, and knocked to it once, and came inside, where Haniya was standing infront of the mirror, and ziping her dress from behind.. When she saw him, she simply answerd in confusion: Ibrahiiiiim?? He turns around to face her, and sees what she is doing, and suddenly says: Oh, sorry.. and turns around and opens the door and goes outside. Realising what he just did, and thinking: .. "Huh? Mein bahar kyu aagaya.. hmm.."? So he goes inside, and close the door right behind himself. He turns around, so they both faces each other. He was in chok, by seeing her, like that. He couldnt believe how beautiful she was looking right now.. Haniya knew what he was thinkng, and made sure that he came back to his senses, and asked him: "Ibrahim, idhar kya karahe hoon"?. He answers: "huh? oh haan, woh mein tumse kuch kehna chahta tha.. .. Beitho." Haniya is confused, but listens to him, so she sits on the nearby couch. he says: "Haniya, aaj eik bohudt khaas din hai humari zindagi ke liye. is tharhake pal zyada nahi aate. mein bohudt khushnaseeb hoon, ke tum jaisi biwi mili hai mujhe. hehe, Jitna bhi mein bool sakta hoon, utna kum hai. Mein bas yeh bolna chahta hoon, ke thank u, ke tumne mujhe itni mohabbat di.." Haniya cant believe what she is hearing, she is so touched by his words.. and he continiues: "thank u, ke mujhe itni mohabbat di, our... sabse bhari khushi denegi.." She is blushing/emberessment, and looks down. He lift her face from the chin and says: "Sach mein, haniya". They are looking at each other, and she smiles/laughs, and says: "Taali eik haath se to nahi bajti, haina?.." They both smiles, and hug, as they both understood the last sentence, and there were no need for words anymore. 
They both get down to the living room, where the occasion started off. Everyone were having a really great time. Without anyone notecing, the time went by so fast, that all the guest were going home, and it was getting really late. 
 *Some days later*:
Haniya is not feeling so good, but ignores it and convinces herself that its a part of the whole preg. routine. She goes down the living room, to see Ibrahims mother(Cant remember her name) she sees that everyone is at home, just relaxing.
*Mainwhile in the other room:
Saleha appa and some other girl(some other family member) is talking in a room beside the living room, about how they hate that everyone is so excited about Haniya and Ibrahim. They should have been that with her own son Talha and Qaynat, as they are the new married couple of the house. Saleha appa cant control how she is fed up with evrything about Ibrahim/Hnaiya. She dosnt want the new born child to be born, as she thinks it will steal all the attension from the others to them. Also that teh new born baby, Should have been talhas and Qaynats as they deservs it first. they should also get the love and support from the family etc. Therefore she convinces her self that the child must not be born, no matter what she has to do. and afterall haniya is "sweet like suger" so she wouldnt even dare to take names of who had been behind her accident, as no one will ever know anything.  
Back to the living room. Everyone is getting bored, so Qaynat comes in and says they should go out, as the weather is good. Everyone agrees, but Barhi Bi is consurened about Haniya, that she should be resting. But she tells her that she is absolutely fine, and she can go with the others, so she need some fresh air. She stands up and tells the other that she just needs to change, and she will get ready in no time. She smiles, and head over for the stairs.. Mainwhile, Saleha appa is going up the stairs, and is really close to fall over, but dosnt, she sees that there are water spilled, as she could slip from it, she was just about to call the servant but catches Haniya coming from behind, heading for the stairs. She gets a thoght. She leave it as it is, and quickly come and stands by the top of the stairs. Haniya is coming, and sees Saleha appa, and smiles to her.. Just as she is about to reach her, her foot touches the water, and at the same time, she was reaching for Salehas hand, from preventing her to fall, but she didnt take her hand toward her, which results in that she slips backward, and falls down the stairs. Everyone is chocked, and yells her name as they run toward her to see if she is okay. Saleha appa comes running down and put on a act, and askes everyone if she is okay.. They saw that Haniya had passed out. They rushed to the hospital, where the doctors took her into the operation theater. Everyone was really worried, and prayed for her and the child to be fine. They called Ibrahim to tell him about the accident, as soon as he heard about it, he rushed to the hosp, to see if she was okay. Mainwhile Ibrahims sister sent everyone home, as they couldnt do anything other than pray for their well-being. Everyone went home, except from Ibrahims mother, Rabia and Haniyas parents. Ibrahim came and asked the doctros, if they knew anything about the patient who just had been admitted. They didnt told him anything. He got to her mother and hugged her.. She consoled him with every positive things, but he was mad, and most of all sad. He shoudl have been there for her, and all this would never had happened. He then came across the other family members, where were they? Couldnt they take care of her? all kind of thoghts were running into his head. He got so mad, that he wanted to pay them a visit.. His mother could sense/feel the anger inside him, and told him that he shoudl stay here and wait for the doctors to come out. Haniya needed him to stay. He didnt listen, he just got out of the hospital, and drove to Barhi Bis home where averyone were. 

He came inside the house, and started to yell, as he was very angry: "Kaha hai sabh ke sabh?.. bahar niklo.. Bari Bi and Saleha appa and other pople cam down. They were cofused, and asked him why he was yelling? He goes: "Why im yelling?. Haniya hosp mein hai, our uski haalat critical hai. Haniya ko aap samhal nahi sakte the.. huh?". He goes on to yell at them and give them taane, but Bari Bi interrupts him by saying: Ibrahim, yeh mat bolu, ke Haniya humari bhi bachi hai. Ibrahim replays in a sarcastic mood: Huh, janta hoon, ke kis rishte se aap ki bachi hai, and looks over Saleha appa. Qaynat speaks: "Hum nahi khayal rakhenge, to koun karega?". Ibrahim is mad, and tells: "Mein kuch nahi janta. Bas, Bohudt hojukha. Agar haniya ko ya mere bache ko kuch bhi hua, to mujhse bura nahi hoga. Sunlijiye aap sabh". And he turns around and walks out the house.
He cames back to the hosp. and sees that Haniyas parents are crying softly.. He rushes to them, praying that it must not be what he is thinking. He asks her mother what the doctors have told them, and she answers, catching her breath from crying so much: "Ibrahim.... ..Haniya... Ibrahim, tumhara bacha nahi raha..." As he heard that, it was like the whole world slipped thrugh his feets. It was like a punch right inot his face. He coudnt believe what he had heard. A single tear rolled down his cheek. He needed to sit down. He couldnt think clearly.. He couldnt breath.. He need fresh air, - He needed haniya. He needed to see haniya. Make sure that she was okay. How will she be okay? She had just lost a pice of her own flesh and blood. No human being would get over that. He made his way over to the room, where she stayed..
He comes inside, and sees her siting on the bed. She is devestated, and had red eyes from crying so much. She calls after him:"Ibrahim.. yeh.." He calmly comes to sit beside her, and take her into his arms. they both are broken from the news.. And they both let all their emotions out. They sit like that for hours, crying, consoling each other. Some time later, they both sit and have their head toward each other.. he takes his hand up to cup her face and tells her to listen to him: "... ..Hum phir koshish karenge". She looks up and is so broken, that she cant even replay him, so she just buries her head into his chest. Where he hold her firmly into himself. Mainwhile their parents were looking at them from the glass door, and prayed that they would get well, and soon would find some happiness.
Some days later, she got hospital discharged, so she could go home to rest. Evryone was really quit, and didnt wanted to distrub the issue which had happened. Saleha came with a remark on saying: "Bechari Haniya, pehle se hi itni mushkile ka samna karahi hai, our upar se yeh sabh kuch hogaya.. Shayed Ibrahim tumne sahi tarha se khayal nahi rakha..". In that moment, Ibrahim looked at her and got a feeling, that meybe it was beacuse of him all this happeened, but Haniya made sure that he did not feel like that, beacuse in very that moment, she slipped her hand into his, and held it tight. and said that she wanted to go to her room, to relax. So it happened. Haniya came inside their bedroom, and laid down on the bed. She was tired, and wanted to relax. She was not in mood of anything.. Just wanted to be in her room. Ibrahim made sure she laid down etc. and sat right opposite her on a chair. He just sat there and watched her sleep. She was so vulreble the way she was sleeping. such a small creater. She did not deserve all this. He did not deserve this for the matter. It was really hard for him, losing a child. But he needed to stay strong. For her sake. 
Days, weeks, went by. One day Ibrahim came inside the room, with a tray full of food. Haniya saw this, and sat up in her bed. He came and sat it infront of her, so she could eat. When he had layed it there, he sat beside her. She asked him if he had eaten. He said yes, but the truth he hadnt. He just couldnt make himself. She took her hand over his, and said: "Agar tum nahi khayonge, toh mere kya hoga?".. After said that she took a small piece of the roti and some other food and fed him. He just looked at her, and took the bite. That was the first time he had seen her smile after the incident. he did the same to her. And they both sat there and ate.
*Some weeks/monthes later*:
The family were treating Haniya very well. They all moved on, but it was not easy for her. it would take some time.
Some time later, They were sitting in their room, talking about the incident. Try to find some positive abpout it. Ibrahim: "Tum fikr mat karo.. Hum phir koshish karenge..". Haniya was fed up/tired of the words, mostly because she was so hurt. So she stood up in anger and said: " .. Bas karo, ibrahim!! Thak gayi hoon is lafz ko sun ke. Kaisi Koshish, kaha ki koshish? huh.." There comes some tears down her cheeks.. He stands up and walk toward her, but she walks backwards until she bumps into a wall. He places a hand on the wall to support them both, as he hugs her, but she refuses and try to push him away, and says: ".. Ibrahim.. nahi.. stop" but he is too strong, and hugs her and places a kiss on her neck/shoulder, and says: "sshh.. everything is gonna be ok", and simply hugs her. She tries to let go, but surrender, cuz she is too broken, so she let it all out, and hugs him back. She holds into him tightly, as she never wanted to let him go, and says: "Dudth chuki hoon mein!.." and they just stood there like that and hug each other, where he tries to whisper some sweet things to console her.

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"Thrusting Each Other" A small story about Pasha & Mahnoor from drama seriel "Tair-e-lahooti"
They are at their house. she is standing by the window, where she looks outside. Its raining yet again. Pasha comes inside, and sees her. He comes and stands behind her, and take his hands on her shoulders and asks her what she is doing.. she turns around, and they look at each other. mahnoor is not in mood of anything, so she walks by him, but pasha grabs her hand, and stops her. she turns around, and their eyes meet. Pasha breaks the silence by a filmy dialogue: "shaid bichli ko bhi is raat ka intazaar tha, nahi?". She acts confused, but knows what he is talking about.. She knows very well that she had fallen for this man, who once kidnapped her, married her forcefully, but that was a long time ago.. and besides, she didnt have any familiy members left, after that incident, whom she could go back to. BUT, she had one thought in her head, which she couldnt let go of. she wasnt fully convinced that he "Only Loved her", she cam out of her thoughts, and saw that he started to come a bit close to her, so she sat donw on the couch, in anger/irritation, and says: "Mein un jaisi larkiyon ke jaisi nahi banna chahti. jinke paas tum faltoon waqt ke liye jaate ho". "Eik ourat ki zindagi mein yeh pehla our gimthi pal aata hai. our mein woh zaya nahi karna chahti, Pasha!!
He goes down on his knees, so they have the same hight and says:: Tum un larkiyon jaisi nahi hoon. kabhi nahi. Mein woh sabh kuch chor chuksa hoon.yeh tum bhi jaanti hoon... ..Mein vaada karta hoon, mahnoor ke sabh kuch tumhara hai! sabh kuch. Yeh pasha bhi!! sirt tumhara, Agar tum thori sa saath do, our koshish karo tabh!!. He stands up and walkes to the living room, where he turn on for the tv. mainwhile, Mahnoor is still sitting there and cant belive what he had just said. Maybe he was right, and I should start believing him, for once. She stands up, and goes to the living room, where she stands by the doorway, and watches him.. While sitting there, he lits a cigaret. She comes in, where she takes the cigaret and the whole packet and throws it out. He is surprised, by her saying that it is dangourous, and not good for his health. He cant hide his smile, and goes to her. They talk and eat dinner together. The evening goes by, and night comes follewing closely.. 
The next morning, when he wakes up, he sees that Mahnoor is sleeping next to him. He smiles, and touches her face, with the thought she truely is the most beautiful women, and how much he loves her. He stands up to go to the bathroom. Some hours later, she wakes up with a smile on her face, and is deepely toched by the words/doing which had happend last night. But she notices that he is not in the room.. She immediately get consured.. She stands up, and goes to the window, to see if the car is home. Its not. She cant stop thinking what he had said to her last night. Was that all a lie? Just so he could get her.. All kind of though were running through her mind..  Without noticeing, Pasha came and stood behind her, and slips his arms around her, He knows what she is thinking, therefore he whispers to her: "Itni asaani se mein tumhara beecha nahi chorne wala, mahnoor". He smirks, and turns her around, so she faces him and says the same thing to her, what she had said to him: "Eik ourat ki zindagi mein eik haseen, pehla our gimthi waqt aata hai. Mujhe umeed hai ke mein us pe the guzra hoon"!!. She cant believe that he IS changed, and cant really form a sentece, so she simply hides her face from emberssemtn in his arms.  Pasha understand, and hug her back..
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Awesome!!!!I love Fahad Mustafa and Sunita Marshal....THey make a cute couple!
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thaaank u for liking it.. Tongue There is a fan-club of them together in the Pakistani Seriels Thread.. Do check it out.. Wink

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