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ZINDAGI SS mg #1 (Page 82)

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Pls update today...
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Part 11C

Geet looked at Vicky and saw that his head hung down in shame and guilt. Geet took a step back and ran away from the hall to be called back by Vicky and Maan at same time.

Everyone thought that Geet left Vicky too, but was proved wrong when she came back with a box and a diary. She was calm and had an expression on her face which was difficult to decipher. She came and stood before them again and throws the diary towards Dev and box towards Rahul.

Geet : I agree that Vicky too made bet but you guys forgot what the bet was. The bet was 'will Maan ruin Geet or Vicky protects Geet from the dirty game played by Maan' and not the way you told before that 'who'll ruin me first'. Read this Diary you'll know how much he loved me and that box contain my my pen, torn piece of my duppata, my payal, etc which Vicky collected during our college time. You must be wondering how he can love me as he only treated me as a bet but the truth is Vicky protected me because he loved me and not for winning the bet. And what you guys thought that I won't understand anything that you guys planned? Well I came to know about your plan the moment Sasha landed here. I knew your secret meeting at Park Avenue.

Dev : How come you know?

Geet : Well you are forgetting I'm Geet Singhania. I'll get every information.

Yash : So you knew that we were tensed about all this?

Geet : Hmm yes.

Jai : How come you know this?

Geet : I heard you guys talking about Sasha's arrival and saw Vicky's scared face too.

Vicky : You don't hate me?

Geet: Why should I hate you? You were there for me and our daughter every single time and day. For protecting me, you lost everything but you never regretted. You love us more than anything. You taught me to fight and face the world. Because of you and your support Muski came to this world. You showed me what is love and how deep and sweet it is. You showered us with love, care and everything. You're my strength, weakness, Lover, friend, guru, guide, philosopher, gift of God etc. You are my world. I Love you Vicky. I Love you madly and deeply. Thank you Vicky for coming into my life and spreading light into my dark life.

Vicky : No Geet don't thank me. I should be the one who should thank you for showing me what love is and what real happiness is. You gave me everything and more precious gift is Muski. You gave me her. I loved you the moment I saw you but I'm always living with the guilt that I never was able to protect you from him. I'm sorry Geet.

Geet : No Vicky don't say that. You protected me and Muski from this cruel world. Because of you only I'm alive and our daughter came to this world. You gave us everything. I never knew what love is. For everyone I was a burden, nobody care if I die or live but after you entering my life I came to know what true love is. I love you Vicky.

Everyone presented in the hall witnesses the love of the couples and were really touched even Khuranas. They never knew the true meaning of love but seeing them they knew what love is and how deep and pure it is. Maan seeing their love understood that his and Avi's relationship never had this magic and love is not merely physical but also it is something more than emotional, mental and everything. Love is divine and only lucky people will find their true soul mates who are also their lovers. Geet bend down and kissed Vicky on his lips and it was more passionate and it had some magical connection which made them again fall in love.

Maan : (Self-Talk) I never knew what is love and what is its power. I'm jealous of Vicky because he got everything. Geet. She is an angel in true sense. She was never behind my money. She always treated me like her true friend. She trusted me but I took advantage of it and ruined her life. Geet is a girl who should be worshipped but I always thought of destroying her even though she never did wrong to me. Today I realized one thing, I never Loved Avi in true sense. If I had loved her, I would never have slept with many girls behind Avi's back. I just looked only her status and my gain in marrying her. Now when she left me, I'm looking for a girl who will love me and care me. I always needed everything like others but in more perfect way. If I could see what real love is, may be Avi would have been with me. Avi left me because she came to know about Geet and my attitude towards her.


Flashback (Regarding Maan and Avantika)

Avantika's marriage was fixed with Maan when they were 15. They knew this and started to date each other. Avantika was from a good reputed family land was Khurana Khadhan's family friend's daughter. She was really beautiful and loved Maan truly. But when they were 17, she had to leave to US for her further studies.

(Avantika's Photo)

 Maan, after she left started to date other girls even though he called her daily saying that he missed her. Once, a girl proposed him to marry her, that day Maan blasted on that girl and said to her that he only loved Avi and others were just time-pass for him. Every girl who sleeps with him knew this but still they tried their luck. Maan never keep girl friends but he uses them to satisfy his needs. He always sent Avantika gifts on her Birthdays, their anniversary and each special occasion. Avi was really truthful to him and never dated any guy in her university although many guys were behind her. She never knew about Maan's time-pass games and trusted him.

After completing her course she came back to India and found Maan's actions weird and also came to know that he had failed 2 years and is still in college in his final years. She was first angry but Maan's puppy face made her heart melt. Maan was tensed at that time because of Geet and her pregnancy. At that time, Sasha gave idea to get rid of her and the baby inside her. With help of Sasha, Maan hired goons to kill her. Then he came to know about her death and found a dead body which was burned making it impossible to decipher the face. He was happy that he got rid of her and partied with his friends. He soon completed his course and joined his family business, so that he can marry Avi soon.

(Arshad's photo)

Avi too joined her business and met Arshad, another business tycoon's son who fall in love with her at first sight. But when he came to know about Maan and Avi, he respected it and became her good friend. Avi one day came to know about Geet accidently when Maan was drunk. But then she thought that it may be some other girl behind him and kept the thought aside. Maan married Avi after 3 months but had to leave soon on their wedding day because of some problem in Khurana business in Singapore.

Avi said that she was OK with it and also she will wait for him. Maan kissed her forehead lovingly and left reluctantly cursing the person behind the problem making her giggle. She was sad but kept a smiling face to make others happy. Arshad always made her laugh with his silly jokes. One day, when she was looking at cupboard for some file, he got some pics of Geet and a clinic report of her pregnancy. She was confused and wanted to ask Maan but thought to not disturb him.

She asked Sam, who was already bahu of Khuranas, but she asked her to find it herself and said something sarcastically which made Avi doubt. Avi asked Arshad for help and they together hired a detective to know the truth. When the detective report came, Avi's heart shattered knowing the truth. The person she loved was a monster who was cruel enough to kill his own blood to hide his sin and then she understood why Maan was acting weirdly when she came back from US.

Arshad consoled her and Sam saw her crying and also went to console her. Avi then decided to take revenge from Maan for ruining her life and also for killing his child and Geet. Arshad and Sam supported her, though they initially protested. Maan came back after some days and Avi was acting like a good wife though she maintained physical distance from him. With the help of a Dr. Avi made Maan believe that she was not ready for physical intimacy and she needed more pampering and support from him. Maan believed it.

Avi made Maan fall for her in real sense and also her effect on him was very deep. He started to avoid other girls and only loved Avi, though he couldn't touch her. He then tried to be good man just for Avi. When Avi was sure that Maan was deeply and irrecoverably in love with her, she decided to give him the same medicine which he gave to her and Geet.

Sam asked Arshad to sleep with her but Arshad refused first but after pressurizing he agreed on the condition that she should maary him when she leaves Maan. Avi agreed to it though initially she hesitated. Avi asked Sam to bring Maan to the place where they will commence the plan. But the plan failed because Maan had an emergency trip abroad but this made Avi and Arshad more close to each other. They soon started to date and came closer emotionally and physically. Avi understood that Arshad was in true love with her and unlike Maan, he will never leave her. Soon they forgot about the plan though Sam noticed this, she thought that it was a part of their plan.

Maan one day noticed a love bite on her nape and was shocked. He was not sure whether it was a love bite or just a mark. Day-by-day, he saw many changes in her behavior and also marks on her exposed body parts. He then one day saw her kissing a guy from distance and now was totally shocked but before he reach them, they left. He hired a detective to know the truth. When the report came, he was shocked and heartbroken because the report also contained some of their intimate photos and clinic report stating that Avi is 2 months pregnant. He had not even kissed her and or even hugged her as she felt uncomfortable but seeing this picture he understood the reason behind her it.

Maan was really angry and more he was hurt. He went home and opened his bedroom to see them covered in duet kissing each other and morning each other's name. He roared her name which disturbed them. Both were cool seeing Maan, she took Arshad's shirt and wore it and Arshad slipped into his boxer and jeans.

Maan was about to punch Arshad but Avi came in between and held his hand. He shouted at her for cheating him and playing with his feeling but she laughed at him.

Avi : Really Maan? For heartbreaking, a person need a heart but you don't have it. You are made up of stone heart. And you were accusing me of cheating right, so what are you then? I loved you sincerely Maan but you cheated on me by sleeping with different girls. You must be grateful that your wife only slept with one guy not many like you. And you were talking about feelings and love right? Where was this feeling and love when you killed Geet, the woman carrying your child? Where was this love when you mercilessly raped her? Where were all this feelings when you asked her to abort the child? Where was this feeling when you called your child someone's dirt?

Maan : You knew? Then why did you act? (Hurt)

 Avi : I did it to show you how it hurts when you play with others feelings. Well, now for little amount of alimony too. I loved you but you played with me and with others especially the girl Geet. I was loyal to you Maan but the moment I came to know about your real face, I started to hate you.

Maan : Go to hell. I'll get 1000 girls like you. And for Geet, well I don't care and happy that she's no more.

Avi : Yes you may get 1000 girls but you'll never find love in them. They'll only love your money and not you. Do you really think the girls who slept with you ever loved you? No they were only behind your money and power and not you. You'll never ever find true love and also true friend. I trusted you and loved you once but you cheated me but now thanks to you because I found my true love. Geet too trusted you as her good friend and surrendered her trust, respect to you but you took advantage of it. I really pity you Maan because though Sam hated Rahul for forcing to marry him, she really loves him and also giving a baby as a gift of their love. NT is also pregnant with Dev's child and they both are also in love. You sister and brother-in-law also love each other to core. Arshad also love me to core and we're expecting a baby. But in your case, no one loves you Maan. No one. You may get 1000 girls to sleep with you but they'll never love you but your money and status. Each of us have true love but you don't have anyone to love you, care you or wait for you. And you'll never get anyone who loves you also. And also a true friend, who never look your money or power but just you. Geet, trusted you as your true friend but you ruined her life. A true love and friendship is not in your destiny. People will show concern and love because you are a Khurana but they'll never show concern to Maan, as an ordinary person. Your whole life, you'll see your nephews and niece but not your own child. You'll crave for a family once, but you'll never get it. You'll see your brothers loving and romancing with their wife but you'll never get a wife who'll love you. Because you don't deserve it. You deserve to be alone and ruin.

Maan: But I loved you (Hurt)

Avi : You never loved me Maan. You only love yourself and only can love yourself. You don't deserve happiness Maan because you ruined many people's happiness. You killed your own blood for your selfish reasons. You cheated me by sleeping with many. You forced Sam to marry Rahul for satisfying your ego.

Maan : You could have made me understand other than hurting me. (Hurt)

Avi : No, because you never felt other's pain or else you would never had killed Geet and baby. You could not think of spoiling an innocent orphan's life. You should taste the same bitter medicine then only you'll know how bitter it is. I'm leaving you Maan forever. I'll never say that be happy and move on because you don't deserve it. So try to make others happy and please don't spoil other people's life. I'm sending you divorce papers, please sign it.

Daadi : Avantika... How could you say about divorece?

Avi : Daadi?(Shocked)

Daadi : Yes me. He loved you very much and how could you cheat on him.

Avi : Ek minute Daadi.

She went to cupboard and brought a file and handed it to Daadi. Daadi looked her with confusion.

Avi : Read it Daadi. You'll find your answer and will also know who cheated on whom first. Arshad and I started our relation about two months before only. First as friends but now we both love each other. Read it first and then judge me. This is a detective report. And I'm not sorry for hurting your grandson even though I'm sorry for hurting you guys. Bye forever. I'm leaving this house and you guys.

Saying this she took a suit from the cupboard and went to washroom to change. And Arshad took her bags which were already packed with her belongings. They both left the KM leaving a heart-broken Maan behind.

Avi divorced Maan and married Arshad and left to UK. Daadi, Maan's father and mother also came to know about Maan's deeds and how Maan ruined and killed an innocent orphan girl. They were shocked to know that their son can stoop this law to win a mere bet. Though Maan and Vicky were rivals, their families were in good terms with each other. But still they don't that Maan forced Sam to marry Rahul and that was the reason for her hatred behavior towards him.


Geet left with Singhanias; Khuranas and others saw this. Everyone afterwards left the hall. Maan was shattered and little hope he had was also gone. Avi was right, he'll only see his nephew and niece grow but not his child. He will witness love and romance between his siblings with their spouse but can't love his wife.

12days later

He was in Singhania Group of industries, he had a meeting there. While walking, he heard some noices coming from a cabin at the corner. He walked towards it and opened the door to witness passionate kiss between Vicky and Geet. He was heart-broken seeing this and left from there. While walking towards stairs he saw Muski playing with her Yash and Jai chachu. She was giggling and playing with them. He had an urge to go and lift his daughter and kiss her cute cheeks. He wanted to pamper her but couldn't do it as he doesn't deserve any happiness.

Maan reached home late, he saw Rahul and Sam playing with their daughter Pari and in between when Pari was not noticing, Rahul stole some kisses from Sam making her blush. He then walked towards his room but on the way he saw NT and Dev with Atul going out for family dinner.

Before he reaches his room, he heard a shout of Arjun from their room and rushed towards them. Anne had fainted and Arjun was shouting her name and patting her cheeks. Everyone rushed towards them and they called Dr.

Dr. came out after checking Anne and wished him as he was going to become a father. Arjun was really happy and rushed to see Anne. He kissed all over her face and thanked her, he then gently bends towards her stomach and kissed. Maan who was about to wish his sister saw this and without a word went to his room.

He was in a deep thought and was thinking about ending his useless life but then Avi's words came to his mind "I'll never say that be happy and move on because you don't deserve it. So try to make others happy and please don't spoil other people's life." He then thought that if he ends his life then everyone will be unhappy, so he thought to make other's happy and seeing their happiness he'll be happy. Also decided to apologize to Vicky for taking his legs and also come in good terms with Singhanias and forget everything to make everyone happy. He also promised that he'll never cause trouble to Geet and Vicky. Muski will never know that he is her biological father because he doesn't want to ruin happiness in their life and also he doesn't want Muski to hate her 'Maan uncle'.

1 year later

Though Maan and Vicky did not fight, there was still cold war between their siblings but they never showed it in front of them. Maan saw love for Vicky in Geet's eyes. Vicky and Geet invited every business tycoons including Khurana family in Muski's Birthday. Maan, Dev and each Khuranas gifted her toys and Jewels. Geet talked to Maan only professionally but Vicky spoke to him casually. Dev and Rahul never showed Vicky that they hate his siblings and talked to him nicely. Buy Yash and Jai were always same with Maan, but in front of Vicky they never showed it.

Geet had a meeting in London, so she went there for 3 days. Vicky smiled at her and said he'll take care of Muski and himself. It was first time that Geet stayed away from them but as it was important she went ordering Vicky to call her every 3 hours. He smiled at her and nodded his head. She kissed him and Muski goodbye and left with Jai.

While going back to Singhania Mansion, their car met an accident and they all were hospitalized. Muski, Ayesha, Vicky and the car driver were at ICU. Vicky and Driver were at critical stage. Hearing this Geet and Jai landed and went to hospital. Ayesha and Muski were out of danger while Vicky was still in ICU. Car driver died within 27 hours fighting for his life ICU.

Geet reached hospital and saw Vicky through glass partition, she was crying seeing her love fighting for life. Doctors said that they are trying their best. Khuranas came immediately hearing about the accident, they were more worried about Muski. Khuranas seeking permission of Singhanias went to see Muski. Afterwards Doctor came out and said that one of them (Singhanias) can visit Vicky after sometimes. Geet was crying and was pale. Ayesha got back conscious and was OK now. Doctor after sometime came out.

Dr. Excuse me who is Maan in this? Mr. Vikranth wanted to see that person.

Yash : What? Bhai want to see him instead of us? No way.

Dr. But the patient is saying that he wanted to see him.

Meera : I'll call him.

Meera went to Maan and said that Vicky wanted to see him. All Khuranas were shocked hearing this but Maan went to ICU to see him. Vicky gestured Maan to come close and he did what Vicky told him to do.

Vicky : Maan I know we hated each other but before dying I want one favor from you. Will you do it? Please this is a dying man's last wish.

Maan : Vicky, don't say like this please. You'll live. You have to live for Geet and Muskaan.

Vicky : Maan I know I'll die but I want to die peacefully. Please fulfill my last wish.

Maan : Vicky

Vicky : Look after my Muski and Geet after I die. Protect them from this cruel world. Promise me you'll do it.

Maan : Yes I promise.

Vicky : Thank you Maan. Although we are not friends, I'm sure you'll keep your promise given to your enemy.

Maan : I'm sorry Vicky for everything I done to you and Geet. I know I have done a big sin that I can't seek for forgiveness.

Vicky : I forgive you because you give me a precious gift unknowingly though you committed many wrongs. Muskhaan, meri beti.

Maan : Thank you for forgiving me.

Vicky : I'll never forgive you if you hurt them again.

Maan : I'll never hurt them.

Afterwards Singhanias rushed inside and Maan moved to the side of the room giving Vicky an assured look. Geet was looking at him with tearful eyes but Vicky gestured her to wipe it. He then asked for his daughter, and Geet brought her to him. Vicky then looked his family members and smiled suppressing his pain. He talked to them but suddenly the machine started to produce some sound giving alert which made Yash and Jai run out and shout for Doctors. They came inside and others gave the room to stay and stood at corner of the room.


Geet : Yes Vicky.

Vicky : Please Kiss me before I leave. I want to taste your sweetness before I leave.

Geet : You are not leaving me. Please don't say that. I Love You Vicky.

Vicky : I love you too Geet. Please Kiss me Geet. Its my last wish.

Geet : Please stay Vicky.

Vicky : I can't bear the pain Geet. I want to relieve from this pain.

Geet : I'll join you then Vicky. We'll go together .

Vicky : No Geet our daughter need you. Our family need you Geet. You have to take care of everything.

Geet : But I can't live without you. I want to live with you Vicky.

Vicky : I promise we'll be together in our next birth. Then no one will come between us. I'll also make sure that no one snatches you from me. This lifetime, I asked Maan to protect you but next birth onwards you are only mine Geet.

Geet : No I don't want anyone to protect me but you. I Love You. I'm only yours.

Vicky : This pain is making me burn each and every minute. Please Geet give me permission. Mom, dad, Yash, Jai please tell her to kiss me goodbye. It's my last wish.

Mom : No I can't. Please beta we want you.

Dad : No Prachi. We should not be selfish. We can't see him die each and every second in front of us.

Mom: But Jag

Dad : Prachi please. Say to Geet to do what he want.

Mom : Geet do as Vicky says.

Geet : No. I won't. I want him. (Shouts)

Vicky : Please Geetu... Please

Geet : But how will I sleep without you to snuggle? How will I wake up without your morning kiss? How will I be pampered without your love? How will I look our Muskhaan without your support?

Vicky : I'll come in your dream to sing lullabelly every night. I kiss you morning as sunshine every day. I'll always be there in your heart to support you to look after our daughter.

Geet : Then tell me how will I breathe without the air because you are my air.

Vicky : I'm always there in you. You are me and I'm you. We are one. So breathe the air around you because I never left you as we are same. Geet is Vicky and Vicky is Geet. Now please Geet kiss me goodbye. I want to sleep peacefully.

Geet :I Love You

Vicky : I love you too.

Geet came towards him and kissed him on his lips and let him explore her for the last time. He kissed her eagerly as he knows this will be the last time. They broke the kiss and looked into each other's eyes. Vicky mouthed a 'Love You' and closed his eyes to sleep forever.

Pre-Cap : Muski in critical stage.Shocked

Guys, I'm sorry to kill Vicky but this is a maneet story. Please please guys press Like Button and also comment. This update is really long. If I get enough like and update today itself, I promise you I'll update tomorrow night itself. a

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