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ZINDAGI SS mg #1 (Page 60)

namita25 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 1:26am | IP Logged
plz update this FF has been so long you haven't updated this...

srilu_123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 September 2011 at 1:38am | IP Logged

i just love ur ss
update soon
ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Posted: 19 September 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged
updating within few hours.

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9staroneserials IF-Dazzler

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Originally posted by Ash534

updating within few hours.
thanks for the note...Waiting for the update quite eagerlyBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile
arniindia5 Senior Member

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waiting for the update
ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Part 10

Yash : Yes, I think Dev and Rahul brought her back.

Vicky: I can't loose Geet and Muskan. Just make sure that Sasha doesn't meet Geet. I don't want her near my Geet. I can't loose them.

Jai : yes, if Geet bhabhi comes to know about this then.

Vicky: no, I can't let that happen. Make sure that she is never meets Geet.

Jai & Yash : yes bro.

Jai & Yash left and Vicky was thinking about their past.




Maan and Vicky had another fight and they accidently entered an empty classroom. Vicky punched Maan and Maan hitted Vicky back. Vicky heard sound of footsteps and smirked at Maan. Maan knew Vicky was upto something.


Vicky : you remember the bet that I'll make you sit at home for 1 week. (Evilly smirked)

Maan : ???


Saying this Vicky hit his head at glass window breaking it. The glass piece broke and pierced through him and blood oozed out of his forehead but still Vicky gave Maan an evil smile. He then took the glass piece and pierced it in his arms and then charged towards Maan. Maan was in shock seeing Vicky hurting himself. Then he noticed Vicky charging towards him with glass piece, Maan thought Vicky was going to hurt him(Maan) and took the glass piece from Vicky. And at the same time Principal and director with others students and teachers came inside and saw a bleeding Vicky and furious Maan. They thought Maan tried to kill Vicky. Everyone separated Maan and Vicky from each other. Suddenly they heard a thud voice and saw a girl at the farthest corner of the classroom fainting down.


Geet came inside the empty classroom to study. Then she suddenly heard a voice and looked up from book and saw Maan and Vicky fighting.  She was scared and she stood still in shock seeing their fight. She saw everything that happened in the room. Suddenly she felt dizzy seeing Maan taking glass piece from Vicky, her vision become blur. Her books dropped down from her hand making a thud voice seeking everyone's attention. She then fainted but before reaching ground Jai caught her.


Geet and Vicky were taken to hospital. Geet was still unconscious. After sometime, she woke up. She was very scared and trembling with fear. One female faculty named Maya came to her room and comforted her. Maya knew Geet was a scholarship student and she got admission in this college through her hardworking. Then Maya took her to Principal's cabin. Geet saw Maan and Vicky with some faculty members. Principal asked Geet about the incident which took place in empty classroom. She was scared to say anything and said she doesn't remember.


Maan became furious hearing that as she is only one who can save him from 1 week suspension and enquiry. He charged towards her and held her by her shoulder and shook her violently and shouted at her. Geet again fainted seeing him closer to her and shouting at her. She was taken back to restroom. Maan was given suspension letter for 2 week instead of 1 week. Vicky gave him a evil smirk. Both came out of Pricipal's room and joined their siblings and friends. Then they turned around and faced each other with hatred written on their faces.


Maan : I'll be back soon and will make you pay for it.


Vicky : I'm waiting Maan. Now go home and take rest.(Sarcastically)


They walked towards opposite direction glaring at each other. Maan was very angry and went home with his siblings. He changed his dress and was practicing tai-chi; breaking ice with bare hands. Dev and Rahul came inside the room and saw Maan furiously breaking huge ice.

 Dev : Bro'. Calm down. We'll handle him.


Maan : But before that there is an impending work.


Rahul : What work?


Maan : To teach that girl to never go against Khuranas.


Singhania Mansion



Vicky cheering loudly with his brothers and friends. He was really happy that Maan got suspension and he was celebrating  it. Jai and Yash loved their brother very much and joined him.


Vicky : Today is my day. We'll party at Elin's.


Jai : Yes bro. I'll call everyone.


Vicky : Yes call everyone.


Yash : thank God that Girl supported us.


Vicky remembered her innocent face and got lost in thoughts. Jai and Yash shook him back to reality. Vicky smiled remembering her dance at rain and said sub consciously "GEET".


Khurana Mansion


Maan asked Dev and Rahul to leave him alone. They went out leaving him alone. Maan closed his eyes with anger and said furiously "GEET".


Flashback ends



Khurana Mansion



Maan was thinking of Geet. He was really happy to see her but was hurt to see a big change in her. The girl who shied from crowd and scared of any male proximity was now bold, confident and had no problem with men especially Singhanias. The way she was talking to them and had no problem with them touching her made him feel more hurt. He loved that old naive shy Geet who only know to love and spread love.


Maan hated the fact that he made that innocent girl suffer very much. His ego and mere bet just ruined her life. He left her to die so that he will be free from her. Now he is relieved that she is alive. She is now more beautiful. The way she smile, the way she talk, everything about her made him feel to take her away from the rest of world and hide her in his world. He was eager to meet her. He will beg for forgiveness and will bring her back to his life and will treat her like a princess. He will pamper her and love her, to heal the past heartbreak and those suffering which she went through because of him.


Maan : I'm sorry Geet. Give me one chance and I'll shower you with all love and luxuries. We'll have a family with many kids and will be happy like Dev and Rahul. I'll do anything for you to make you happy.


Maan came to have his breakfast with a slight smile on his face. Everyone noticed it and wondered what the reason was except Dev and Rahul. They knew Maan was happy seeing Geet and wanted her back in his life. They love their brother very much so they called Sasha back.


They know Sasha can bring truth in front of Geet that Vicky is not a saint as he appears to be. They want Geet to know entire truth which she doesn't know. Suddenly dev got a call and excused and went outside followed by Rahul.


Dev : Hello Sasha


Sasha : hello Dev


Dev : Where are you now?


Sasha : On the way from Air-port. I'll see you at Park Avenue.


Dev : OK.


Dev turned to Rahul and said they need to leave early and reach Park Avenue. They both went inside and made excuse and rushed out.



Singhania Company




Geet was working and her secretary Tasha came inside and told about meeting with Mr. Khurana. Geet told her to arrange for meeting and she'll come soon to conference hall. She took a deep breath and looked at the photo frame in front of her. It was the photo of Vicky with Muskaan. She smiled and kissed the photo before leaving to conference hall.


Maan saw Geet wearing formal white shirt and black skirt which was above knee length and black pencil heel shoes. Her was tied in a bun but was perfect. She looked like a professional business woman. Tasha and Angad were behind her carrying stuffs. She sat opposite to Maan. She formally greeted Mr. Sharma and Maan. Maan was impressed with her professional behavior but hated the fact that she also treat him like other as if they never had anything.And the way some people were ogling at her.


Angad presented the plan and everyone was impressed by it. Mr. Sharma appreciated Geet and left with his assistants. Geet asked Tasha and Angad to clear up and went out followed by Maan.


Geet walked inside her cabin and sat on her seat. Maan knocked on her cabin door and she said to come in. Geet then looked up and saw Maan staring at her.


Geet : Yes Mr. Khurana. May I help you?


Maan : where were you all this time?


Geet : Excuse me


Maan : i mean I thought'(Paused)


Geet : I'm dead. Right? But unfortunately I'm not. Well, I don't want to discuss these things. So are why are you here Mr. Khurana?


Maan : Mishty I '


Before he finish his sentence Geet roared.


Geet : Don't call me Mishty. I hate it. And please I don't wanna discuss all those bitter memories.


Maan : I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I wanna make everything right. Please give me a chance. I wanna make you life filled with happiness.


Geet got up and came near him and hold his collar. Her eyes were filled with painful tears.


Geet : Sorry. Sorry for what? For playing with my feelings or raping me or for cheating me or for deserting me or for trying to kill me or trying to abort my baby? And you want me to forgive you and give you a chance for setting everything right?


Maan was listening to her but when she said "trying to abort my baby", something stuck him but was not sure he heard it right or not.


Maan : Trying to abort? Is our baby alive? (With little hope and excitement)


Geet : Don't even say our. She is only mine. Never dare to say that again Mr. Khurana.


Maan : its her? How does she look like? Where is she? Please I just wanna see her once. I can't believe it, I'm a father of beautiful baby girl. OMG'.


He was really excited and happy to know he is a father of small girl. Suddenly Geet's cabin door popped open and a little girl walked in wearing pink frock and a small teddy in her hand and she called "Mama" in her baby language.


Maan turned around and saw Muskaan, the sweet little angel who already had a special place in his heart. She smiled at him and went to Geet. Before she reach Geet, Maan scooped her up in his arms and kissed her like there is no tomorrow. Muski was protesting and hit him with her fits.


Muski : Don't kiss me. Yuck' Leave me (Baby Language)


Maan : My baby, my shona (Kissing her all over face)


Muski : Mama take me please. Uncle stop it. (Baby Language)


Maan : Call me pa (Before Muski shouted)


Muski : aaahhh put me down (Baby Language)


Geet took Muskaan from Maan and soothed her baby. Maan was looking at them lovingly. Afterwards Muskaan was stopped shouting and crying.


Muski : Mama

Geet : Haan Muski bolo


Muski : chachu kaha hai? (Baby Language)


Geet : go to his cabin beta


Geet kept Muski on feet and kissed her cheeks. Muski glared at Maan and went out. Maan was so happy to know that Muski was his daughter. He was in trance thinking about his future with Geet and Muskaan.


Geet : Mr. Khurana please leave now.


Maan : Muskaan is our baby? She looks exactly like you Mishty. Wahi naak, wahi ankhen, wahi gussa.


Geet : My daughter looks like me, I know it Mr. Khurana.. And never call me Mishty again. I hate it. And how dare you call Muski your baby? Remember that day you said that the baby I carry is not yours and asked for proof insulting me infront of everyone. You even tried to kill her even before she was born. You hated babies and what you call them? Ohh yeah 'BURDENS'. You call babies as burdens right? Suddenly out of nowhere you are calling my daughter Shona and all showering her with fake love. Where was this love and concern when you asked me to abort? Where was this concern and love when you hired goons to kill me? Where was this love and concern when you celebrated our death by partying? Never ever say you daughter from your filthy mouth. I hate myself for trusting you. I was a fool to think that you cares for me. Once I did a great mistake but now I learned from that a lot. You want  to make my life filled with happiness right? Then please go away from our(Muskaan & Geet's) life.


Saying this she went out of her cabin angrily leaving a hurt Maan behind.


Park Avenue



Rahul and Dev reached Park Avenue. They were looking for Sasha but did not find her. Suddenly they heard a voice  saying "looking for me" they  turned back and saw a lady wearing Pink designer sari and matching ornament standing before them. It was SASHA.                            



Pre-Cap : Hurt Maan


Please comment and also press like button. I'll update when I get enough comments and Likes.

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part 10
nice part...
looks like Vicky too has a dark secret hidden from Geet...
Maan didnt know about Geet carrying his baby?
cont soon dear...
seemamary IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved it, continue soon.

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