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ZINDAGI SS mg #1 (Page 38)

Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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hey guys..7th part of this ss. hope u guys enjoy it.


Sharma I N company

Geet was walking towards conference room with her secretary, Tasha behind and also her two brother-in-law, Jai and Yash. She was in her formals. She stepped inside the conference room and greeted others inside the room. Dev and Rahul were also present there. They were shoked to see Geet in her formals which was above her knee. She looked like a professional unmarried lady. She was modern in dressing style but also kept professionalism in it.  She took her seat between Mr. Sharma and Jai Singhania, facing Dev. Dev and Rahul thanked their stars for making their brother held up with other meeting so that he will not face Geet now.

Geet : So Mr. Dev Khuruna, lets start it.

Dev : OK. (shocked to see her new avatar)
The presentation started but both Dev and Rahul were staring at Geet instead of concentrating on the meeting. Jai and Yash noticed this. They felt an urge to punch both Dev and Rahul.

After 1 hour, it got over. Geet shook her hand with Mr. Sharma and then she extended her hands towards Dev. Dev was still in shock. But some how he recovered from it and shook his hand. And she also shook her hand with Rahul. She was acting professionally.

Mr. Sharma : I think we need to celebrate this. how about a part tonight Mrs. Singhania?

Geet : sure Mr. Sharma.

Mr. Sharma : ok. Then its fixed.

Geet got a call and she excused herself. She went outside the room telling Yash and Jai to deal.

Once she went outside, Maan came inside the conference room. Dev and Rahul was tensed to see Maan here.

Dev : Agar bro Geet ko dekh liya, then it will be a problem.

Rahul : ohh God. ab kya karu?

from behind Yash came and whispered to them.

Yash : Don't worry. Your brother Won't see geet 'bhabi' here today because she is not coming back to conference room bcoz she is with her husband yaani Vicky bhai. so take a chill pill and relax. (he winked at them and smirked)

Dev hated Yash always and felt his words are irritating ones but today he was relieved today hearing his words.

Maan came towards Mr. Sharma and talked to him, he also shook his hand.

When he was about to go near Dev and Rahul, Jai came near him and talked to him which made Maan surprised.

Jai : So Mr. Khuruna. hope to see you today at party.

Maan didn't know how to react back and was really confused.

Jai extended his hands towards Maan for a shake hand. Maan extended his hands and shook it.

Jai smiled at Maan and excused himself and went outside the room with Yash. Maan still wondering about Jai's behavior.  Dev and Rahul came near him and talked to him about the deal.

Outside The Conference Room

Jai : so Yash what you think of giving our buddy Maan a surprise?

Yash : what surprise?

Jai : informing him about Geet bhabi and Vicky Bhai.

Yash : pagal ho kya? no way...i don't want his eye on our happy family. He will again try to kill bhabi and muskan.

Jai : no..he won't. i know him now. he is too weak from inside.

Yash : no jai. I don't want to talk about this topic. And make sure that Geet bhabi doesn't meet him.

Jai : ok.

Another place in Sharma's Company

Geet was busy with her husband. (office romance)Wink

Suddenly they got disturbed by a knock on the door. They broke off instantly. She straightened her clothes and her hair. Vicky wiped off lipstick from his face, neck and chest. He buttoned up his Shirt instantly.

Tasha and Jai entered the room. Tasha told her about an emergency call from London was waiting for her. So Geet went with Tasha. Jai was staring at Vicky and laughing. Vicky got irritated by seeing his brother laughing like an idiot.

Vicky : what?

Jai : Sorry to disturb you both. But bhai don't you think office is for working rather than romancing?

Vicky : what you mean?

Jai : i mean bhabi and you can romance at home. if u want ask bhabi to take break. so that you two can romance at home. And believe me, nobody will disturb you. IDEA... what about planning a second honeymoon?

Vicky : Shut up Jai...  what romance are you talking about? i was busy with Geet discussing about Khanna Project.

Jai : Really? I didn't know that discussing project will give you a lipstick mark on your left side of your neck and the buttons of your shirt will be buttoned improperly...

Vicky was embarrassed. Jai was laughing very loudly like a psycho.

Outside Sharma's Company

Geet got into the car and Maan saw a glimpse of Geet. He thought that he was hallucinating.

Maan POV  starts

How can she be here? Something is wrong with me. That too wearing a formals above her knee length. Geet and Dress above Knee lengh? uff, sure i'm on the edge of madness. She only wears Indian Dresses. She hates all those modern stuffs. (little did he know that Geet is not the Same Geet. She has changed a lot.)

He remembers the girl wearing a salwar suit whose eyes were the most beautiful, he have ever seen. He smiled remembering this. He unconsciously said 'GEET'.

                                                                    Maan POV ends

He was walking towards Mr. Sharma's cabin to discuss about the project. Suddenly, he felt something bumped into his leg. He look down and found her 'again'.

Maan : Aap?

Muskan : hai (baby language)

Maan : yaha kya kar rahi hai?

Muskan : meethiinng hai (baby language in serious tone)

this made Maan want to laugh but he controlled it. He nodded his head seriously and  asked.

Maan : konsa meeting?

Muskan : Proojjecct Meethiinngg (baby language)

Maan : Really?

Muskan : whhatt aaree yyoou doiingg here? (baby language)

Maan : Meethiingg (baby language , he mimed her)

Muskan : hmmm (baby language  in serious tone)

Maan loved this kid very much. He felt an unknown bonded feeling towards this girl child. He always loved his brother's kids but this child was special more than them. he didn't know the reason. Suddenly Jai came and picked her up in his arms.

Muskan : Majjnuu  (baby language)

Muskan call Jai Majnu because Yash, Meera and Vicky tease him calling that name.

Muskan : aisshhaa kaha hai ?(baby language)

Jai embarassed : hmm.. pata nahi. kyun?

Muskan : aap hamesha uusskkii saatthh haina?

Jai : kisne kaha?

Muskan : Cchhaaachhu...

Jai : Yash ki bacche..meih tumhe choodonga nahi. Darling, meih aur aishu tho( he was finding something to make the child stop embarrassing him further.)

Muskan : Aiisshiqq hai (baby language)

Jai : kya? shocked

Muskan : you botthh need every time exxcuusee to (before she could complete the sentence Jai covered her mouth with his hands.)

Jai : ye baccha hai ya koi recorder. Yash ki bacche, i will not leave you...

Maan was laughing seeing Jai's flushed face. Suddenly, jai noticed Maan and he said.

Jai : Mr. Khuruna, i'm sorry for... well..

Maan : its OK. (laughing). i think she is really smart.

Jai : actually over smart. (embarrassed)OK. Mr. Khuruna, we are leaving. Once again i'm sorry for disturbing you.

Maan : Jai, emm, i mean Mr. Singhania. who is she?

Jai : well, u'll know soon. (murmured)

Maan : kuch kaha?

Jai : well, my brother's and Bhabi's only child.

Maan : well, brother's child means that she is also bhabi's child. Then why brother's and Bhabi's child?

Jai : you'll know soon. OK bye Mr. Khuruna. See you in party.

Muskan : bye Unncclee (baby language)

Maan : bye princess. Maan smiled seeing her.

Pre-cap :Party timeParty

note : sorry guys for delay but i don't think that you guys are enjoying this because i don't actually get any response from you all. I'm trying to finish this SS as soon as possible but there are many past incidents to be included in this. So that's why this is continuing. one suggestion needed from you guys. Should i write the including the past or skip the past. please say about it. I don't know about your guys choice...Smile


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yaaar aish ye toh cheating hai....kabse I am waiting for Maaneet meeting.....and tum kabse hame tarpa rahi hoo.....bas bahut hua...not you don't think of delaying it...coz i am ready with my danda.....loved Muskaan...she is chooooo cuteeeeeee..

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Awesome update.... loved it.... pls include the past incidents also and plss continue soon

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ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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i really love this ff
include the past also it wil help us to get in to the story
continue soon

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puth IF-Dazzler

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dear we love this FF......please add past parts also to make it more interestingWink
please continue soon dear

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heermeher IF-Dazzler

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phir bouncer dal ke chali gayee

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loved the update.................i just want to c maan's reaction when he knows abt geet's marriage and abt his daughter...............kya yaar phir se hamhe intezar karwa diya..................i was eagerly waiting for it..........par koi baat nahin party dhamakedar hoga...............

well abt past including i think if it comes as flashback somewhere else rather than spoiling the present flow pl.....its my view pl check how many response u get and decide...........either way i will love to read ur ff.........

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