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ZINDAGI SS mg #1 (Page 18)

pakistan34 Newbie

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 10:16am | IP Logged
update soooooooooooon pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

-Veritaserum- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 11:35am | IP Logged
waiting for the update.......... pls update soon
maanujaanu IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
hey i thought u were gonna update 2 prts for us 2day comeon yaar update soon plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
pakistan34 Newbie

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 1:07pm | IP Logged
are you going to update today because I am soooooooooo looking forward to it I love your ff please update sooooooooooooooooooooon
TinkJia Senior Member

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Posted: 12 January 2011 at 8:53pm | IP Logged
wen r u updating, pls update soon!!!!!
KavyaNaik123 Senior Member

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update soooooooooooooooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnn
ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 3:57am | IP Logged
hi friends, sorry for not updating yesterday. part 4 will be updated now. part 5 will be updated at night....... so anyone who need update???
ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Posted: 13 January 2011 at 3:58am | IP Logged

Part 4 



Geet was talking and laughing. She was behaving as if she doesn't know any Khuruna member. Sam was first shocked and then surprised but then she was happy that Geet was not ignoring her. She was more surprised when Vicky talked to her. The engagement was announced. Jai slipped ring in Aisha's hands. Everybody clapped their hands.


There was music for the couples to dance. Jai was dancing with Aisha, Yash with Meera. NT dragged Dev into the dance floor. Sameera ignored Rahul. Vicky looked at Geet and said "you are looking too beautiful today". Geet blushed.


"I wish I was able to dance with my pretty wife". He said with a little sadness which was evident on his face.


"koi baat nahi Vicky. Hmm ?.. Well today my hubby is looking more handsome. Kya baat hai? Kisi ko impress karne ki irrada hai kya?


"Yes. Tumhe impress karne ki irrada hai". He smiled naughtily.


"mein tho already impressed hui."?. she said giving him a flirty look.


"I know. My charmness is one of my benefits and all girls' weakness". He winked at her.



"My poor husband is under an illusion". She said and smiled @ him.


He was about to say something but someone came there and started to talk to them. They were not aware that 3 people were watching them. It was Rahul, Sameera and Savtri Khuruna. They were surprised to see Vicky's and Geet's love for each other. Vicky cannot move from one place without the help of his wheelchair. It was like; he'll never be able to walk. But Geet's eyes were filled with love for him. They loved and trusted each other a lot. Geet was Vicky's strength and vice-versa. Savtri Devi was actually a little unhappy that Geet was badi bahu of Singhania's and not of Khurunna's. Sameera was happy that Vicky married Geet despite of knowing everything about her. Rahul was a little jealous that Vikranth Singhania got someone who loved him a lot despite his handicap. Rahul was also sad that Maan never got love from Avantika . Maan loved Avantika like mad man. But in return he was cheated. Here, Vicky just supported Geet only and in return he was loved blindly by Geet. Rahul is not ready to accept that Vicky, the college playboy is in love with Geet, his wife.


Suddenly Muskan came running towards Vicky and Geet. She was almost yelling.

"Muma????.. Dadaa??.." in her baby language.


Sameera and all other khurunas except NT were shocked to see a small girl calling Geet and Vicky mom and dad. They knew that after that accident which happened in past to Vicky, he was not able to become a father. They also knew that Geet was pregnant with Maan's child 4years ago. They soon realized that it was Maan's daughter, a khuruna blood.

Savtri Devi's eyes were filled with tears. She was really happy to see Maan's child but also sad that his child is calling Vicky, her papa not Maan. She knows that when the child of Maan will come to know what her dad (Maan) had done to her Mama Geet and to her when she not born at that time, she will surely hate him and also will even refuse to see his face. But she wants Geet and her great grand child to be with her. Yes, Savtri Khuruna was selfish for getting Geet into Maan's life. She knows that Geet hates him but still she was hoping for making them together.



Savtri Devi was searching for Geet when Maan divorced Avantika. She knew that it's best for Maan to be with a girl like Geet who only knows to love. But she was unaware of the fact that Mrs. Geet Vikranth Singhania was not a lady who is as innocent as Miss Geet Handa. Geet is changed. She hates Maan to core. She only loved her family and never belived others outside her family. Now her only family is Muskan, Vicky and Vicky's parents and siblings and their spouses. Her world mainly revolved around her house, her business and her college. Yes, she is still a student who is studying.


Geet was pregnant with Maan's child when she was 18. She had a tuff time in her life for bringing her daughter to earth. But Vicky came as a knight in her life and protected Geet and child from the evil side of the world. He gave Geet an identity in the world. Mrs. Vikranth Singhania. When the baby was born, he cared the child as his daughter. The relationship between Muskan and Vicky was strong and deep. He always pampered her a lot. Muskan's world is Vicky. Without her dada, she cannot imagine.


Savtri Devi saw Muskan hugging Vicky and Geet.  She was a replica of Geet. Savtri Devi saw Muskan talking in her baby language to her parents. They were laughing hearing this. It was like a perfect family. All other singhanias came there and was playing with her. Muskan was enjoying the attention of all Singhanias. Jai and Yash were fighting for holding her. But Meera took Muskan and Aisha was talking to Muskan. It was a Perfect family. NT went near them and holds muskan. She was smiling at NT. She kissed NT on her cheeks. Sam went neat NT and took Muskan from NT. Geet just smiled at NT. Rahul, Dev and Savtri devi wanted to hold her too but was scared that will Geet protest. Sam ignored them. NT took her again was talking to her. She was replying to them in her baby language. Dev came near them. Jai was about to protest when Dev hold Muskan's little hands but Vicky caught hold of Jai's hands and asked him with his eyes to let go of it. Jai went near Yash and said.


"How can bro let that idiot touch our Muski? I'm tolerating them because they are Aisha's relatives. I don't want that family hurt Geet bhabi again and let their evil sight cast on our Muski".


Yash replied "Me too. I hate that Khurunnas like anything. But we can't do anything now. Bro and bhabi won't let us argue with them."


There Muskan was enjoying more attention. Dev hold Muskan in his arms. She smiled at Dev. Geet did neither react nor Vicky. Jai and Yash came near Vicky and Geet and asked them why they are letting Khurunnas touch Muskan. But they simply smiled at them and said to chill.


Now Rahul and Dadi too came near Muskan. They too hold her and were playing with her. Jai and Yash who can't stand it went from there. Geet and Vicky were talking to some other relatives leaving Muskan with "Khurunnas". They did not have any fear in leaving them with Khurunnas. (but why, God knows and Kingu too LOLWink)


Afterwards Khurunnas Brothers were fighting for holding Muskan.


"It's my chance to hold Muskan. Now leave her." -  Rahul.


"I'm elder to you. I have experience to look and hold kids' better than you. Moreover she is comfortable with me. So she is not coming to your hands". ? Dev


"You are forgetting that I have daughter and you have a son. So I know how to hold girl child. So now give her to me now. "


"Stop it you both. This is not our home. Now give my Muskan to me. NOW"- Savtri Devi Khuruna.


They gave her to Dadi. She was holding Muskan. Dadi looked her carefully and asked Muskan to call her "dadi" but Muskan just smiled at them. Dev told Muskan to call him "Chachu." NT was surprised seeing her family treat Muskan like this. She saw love for her in their eyes.


"Her hair colour is exactly like Maan. Her smile too. Just like him naa. Eye colour too are same. But eyes are big like Geet."- Savtri Devi said blissfully.


"Yes, she is like him naa"- Rahul.


"Wrong. She has no feature of him. You all are imagining things. She is like Geet. A replica. " ? Sameera


Everyone looked at Sam angrily. But NT was confused.


"But how can she have features of Maan Veerji. She is daughter of Vikranth Singhania right?" ? confused NT.


Suddenly Jai and Yash came near them and took Muskan from Dadi's hands. And said


"Sorry but Muskan need to go back to her family and to her dad. her dad and mom are missing her". ? Jai.


He stressed the words "family" and "dad" intentionally. Dev and Rahul hated to leave her but had no choice. NT kissed Muskan's cheeks. Muskan giggled. Then Jai and Yash left with Muskan.


NT was more confused with their behaviors. She thought "how can Muskan be related to Maan veerji? Meera said that Geet and Vicky were living in London. Its Vicky's and Geet's first marriage too. Moreover Maan veerji was married to Avantika at that time before Muskan's arrival. Meera told me that Vicky's and Geet's marriage was a love marriage. Ufff?. Lot of confusion. God?. Just help me?. or else I will be mad"


Geet and Vicky saw Muskan coming with her chachas. She was giggling. But her Jai chacha was really angry while Yash chacha was playing and holding Muskan. They came near Vicky and Geet. But before they could say anything, Geet was called by one of the elder woman. Geet excused herself and went with that woman.

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