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ZINDAGI SS mg #1 (Page 128)

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me waiting like anything dear...
cant wait more
pls update soon

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yaayayyy waitingg...
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It's small update. Sorry.

Part 15

He was really happy though he knew that this happiness is temporary. He loved to spend time with her. He knew her cravings and he always fulfilled her wish. Muski came once in a weak to KM but the cold war among children still existed. At night Maan sometimes took her out for dinner and everyone were really happy to see glow in his face. Sam and NT became Geet's good friends. But Geet always maintained distance from Rahula nd Dev thiugh they tried to become more close to her. Every single day one of the Singhania brothers visits her and she was still more close to them.

Maan hated Geet working hardly but couldn't say anything because she ignores him when he advices. Daadi wanted to give Geet her Khadani kangan but she refused it saying that she can't accept it as she is a guest. Maan knew she still missed Vicky but somehow he wished that she forgets Vicky and move on with him. Geet is only friendly at times of her food craving and other times she is strictly maintaining professional relation with him. She laughs hearing Yash's and Jai's joke but she only smiles when Khuranas cracked jokes.

One day, Maan was passing through her room and he heard a sob coming from Geet's room and peeped in to see Geet hugging Vicky's photo in her sleep and crying. Maan guessed that Geet is having nightmare and went to console her. He patted her head and soothed her. She was continuously murmuring Vicky's name. Maan saw her fear-stricken face; he was hurt to see Geet crying in her sleep. The way she clutched Vicky's photo gave him an idea of their love and relationship.

3 days later

Maan was searching for his file in his study but suddenly a diary attracted his attention towards it. He picked that and sat in sofa. When he opened it, he saw Vicky written in it. Then he understood that it was the same book that Geet threw at Rahul at Sasha fiasco. He was curious to read it and find out what made Geet say that Vicky never intended to hurt Geet or bet on her. He knew that reading someone's personal diary is bad manners but he could stop himself and turned the page. 1st few pages were blank.


21st July

, It was bad day and good day today. You know why? Bad day because that Maan escaped the trap I set and good day because I finally broke up with Niharika. God, she was such a pain, a chipku type. I'm done with her. But tomorrow Maan can't escape because I made a perfect plan to make him go out of University.

30th July

, I can't believe Riya told me that. She told me that I'm attracted to Maan. YUCK.  I'm not a Gay and that stupid girl doubted me because she thinks that I always think about Maan than my GF. Yes, I always think about him but not in that manner. I'm sure if Maan come to know this he'll kill her. So I broke up with her too.

2nd August

Dear diary, I met an angel today. Yeah Yeah, you may think that me Vikranth Singhania calling a girl angel is like Crow turning white. But believe it or not, I met a sweet beautiful angel. I was waiting in corridor for ragging my new juniors but that Khurana guys came to take my prey. We fought but then, I don't know how an angel landed on me. She was light weight. I felt like a feather on top of me. I couldn't see that Angel's face. The hair was covering the face. But I saw a pair of beautiful Hazel eyes. It was the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen. It was deep which told me that the Angel on top of me is scared, she was breathing heavily, which fanned my face. I touched the hairs which covered the Angel's face to see its face. But then the Angel got up and so me. I saw the beautiful Angel running away from me. She was wearing white Anarkali suit and also wearing a payal which sounds musical to me. I loved the sound it creates while she running. But I couldn't see her face. But her eyes were all that I could remember and her breath on my face. Her Eyes made me skip my heart beat. She is beautiful. I wished I could see her face.

4th August

I saw her again. I saw her full face. OMG she is really beautiful girl I have ever met. Those girls I met in my past are nothing in front of her. She was wearing a blue salwar suite and her hair was tied in braid and chubmka was floating in air. She is divine, so pure and innocent face. I love her scared eyes. I love her beautiful hair. I love everything about her.

7th August

How dare he touch my Angel?  My Geetu. Today I broke Prem's nose for touching my Geetu. Yes she is my Geetu. Only mine. I'll kill the ones who come between us. I dumped Rekha because she tried to rag my Geetu. Only I have right to tease her, scare her, love her and touch her. Only me. She is mine. Only mine, Vicky's Geetu. Rekha is will be last GF because hereafter I won't date anyone. I only belong to my Geetu. I know I'm not pure like my Geetu but her purity will wash my impurity. I have been with many girls, had many one night stands but now I only want one girl in my life. My Geetu, my to-be wife. Yes I want to marry her. I know it's weird that seeing a girl decided to marry her even without knowing what she wants or do she have anyone in her life but I only know one thing. GEET IS VIKRANTH'S.


Maan closed the Diary reading these pages. He now knew that Geet was never a bet to Vicky but more than that. He was not able to read rest pages but he knew one thing, Vicky's possessive increased day by day towards Geet. Maan never knew the Casanova Vicky could be a possessive lover Vicky. He knew the love Vicky had for Geet is much deeper than anyone's. He never loved Avi in same way. Even though he claimed to be in love with Avi, he slept with many girls. But Vicky, by realizing his love for Geet stopped all his playboy character and wished to spend all his life with her.


Geet : How much more time you'll take to make this thing? I'm hungry you idiot. (Angry)

Vicky : 2 more minutes Geet.

Geet : 2 minutes ki bacchi here I'm dying of hunger and you are saying 2 mins 2 mins like a parrot.(Angry)

Vicky :  Oyye hello, here I'm trying to make this and you are complaining instead of encouraging me.

Geet : You know what? You eat it. I don't wanna eat it. Happy now? (Angry)

Vicky : Geet wait. It's ready.

Geet : Then what are you waiting for? Serve it.

Vicky : Hello Ma'am first I need tip then I'll serve you.

Geet : Shameless guy. You are father of 2 children but still you don't have any shame to flirt.

Vicky : Why should i? I'm flirting with my wife naa. Not with my neighbour's wife Julie.

Geet : What? How come you know her name? We just shifted here yesterday only. You cheat.

Vicky: I'm not a cheat. By the way Julie is 60 years old woman and I'm not interested in her. How could you accuse me Geetu? (Puppy face)

Geet : Ohh I'm sorry Vicky. I love you. You know naa, I always hate woman around you. By the way why you went there?

Vicky : nothing Jaine, her granddaughter was in trouble, so went to help her .

Geet : Ohh so sweet.

Vicky :Hot too. (Accidently said it)

Geet : Kya ??

Vicky : Sorry Sorry

Geet threw pillows at him he ducked it. She was angry but he was calling her name.

Vicky :Geet Geet

Suddenly she woke up hearing Vicky's sound changing to someone else voice. She opened her eyes and saw Maan calling her name.

Maan : Geet Geet

Geet : haan

Geet realized that it was not Vicky but Maan calling her name and she had Vicky's dream again. Maan understood Geet again had dream about Vicky. She took phot-frame of Vicky and hugged it.

Geet : Why you left me Vicky? I miss you too much. I can't bear this pain. Why you left me? I hate you for breaking promise. Please come back Vicky. I love you. I can't live without you. (Sob) I love you. (Sob) Please come back.

Maan : Geet

Geet : Maan why did he leave me? Why? Kya kami thi meri pyar meih?

Maan : No Geet. Don't cry. Vicky hates your tears you know it naa?

Geet : I love him Maan. Love him very much.

Maan : I know. Now sleep. Shh sleep.

Maan laid her down and patted her head softly to make her sleep. He knows that Geet is not in full conscious mind that is why she poured her pain in front of him. He knows how deep she is hurt but couldn't see her like that.

Maan : Geet I know you love him but you need to move on. I'm sorry Vicky for thinking to snatch her away from you. But I can't help it. Her tears are making my heart shatter into piece. I'll take care of her Muski and new baby. I'll keep her happy.

Maan kissed her forehead but a frown appeared. He then whispered "Your Savior will come soon", her frown disappeared. He knew she is thinking about Vicky.

Pre-cap : same

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