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ZINDAGI SS mg #1 (Page 120)

luv_DD IF-Rockerz

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waiting. .

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Day Dreaming

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luv_DD IF-Rockerz

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stil waiting. . .
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This one is for abisamratgunjan and all my friends who supported me.

Part 14

Geet laid Muski on bed and turned around to face Maan. Maan was really excited about Geet's arrival at KM and he personally selected the interior for the room and instructed everything to be perfect. Seeing his excitement everyone excluding Sam was happy. She was really sad when she came to know that Muski must have a bone marrow transplant from her own full bold sibling. When Daadi and others were talking about Maneet's marriage she was really worried for Geet as she knows that Geet doesn't want this but she is doing it for her daughter. 

Geet asked Maan about her luggage when he said that Nakul will bring her suitcase. Maan asked Geet does she need anything but she said she is tired and need some rest which made him little sad as he was in no mood to leave from there but he seeing her tiring face he went out of her reluctantly. Geet laid beside Muski and caressed her hair. She kissed her forehead and slept besides snuggling closer to her baby.

Maan came out with a smile and whole family was happy seeing his smile. Maan came out and hugged his Daadi and went to his room. Daadi knew only Geet could make him happy but she was scared of letting go of Geet. Maan came to his room and took a photo-frame of Geet with Muski and kissed it. He took their photo without their knowledge when he came to know about Muski. He laid on his bed and started to dream about his future family with Geet.

Geet was disturbed by a phone call and she attended it. It was from Mr. Sharma again reminding her about the meeting. She sighed and talked to him about the plans and quotations regarding their project. Afterwards she went to take a bath for cooling and relaxing her body.

8:00 at KM

Everyone was waiting for Muski and Geet to join them for dinner. Geet slowly came with Muski to dining hall and took their seat. Atul & Pari were staring at Muski again. This time Muski too stared them back. There was a staring competition going on which was disturbed by Daadi's voice.

Daadi : Muski beta what you want ? You like Chapatti or rice?

Muski : Pasta. I love Pasta very much.

Everyone giggled because it was Maan's favorite food too. Maan looked at her with adoration and pinched her nose softly which made her smack his hand. Everyone laughed seeing her angry cute face except Pari, Atul & Geet. Geet was not at all interested and little Pari & Atul hated the attention received by Muski.

Atul's Pic

Pari's Pic

Muskhaan's Pic

After dinner Maan was about to kiss Muski goodnight but she stopped him by saying she hate strangers kissing her her than her family. {Dad (Vicky), mom (Geet), Chachu (Yash & Jai), Chachi (Meera), dada (Jag) and Daadi (Prachi)} Maan was hurt but hid it and wished good night and went to his room. Before going he wished goodnight to Geet and she just nodded her head. He wished that one day Geet will forgive him and will accept him. He was ready to accept Geet even though she loved Vicky. All he wants is a family like his siblings. A happy family forever.

1 week later @ night

Geet's attitude towards Maan didn't change much but she started to become soft. Though she hated his caring nature she never stopped him. Singhania called and visited her daily. Muski went with Singhania's though she hated to leave Geet. Muski always asked about Vicky and they all lied to her. Muski come daily to KM but there was still cold war between Atul and Muski more than Muski and Pari.

Geet woke up at mid of night as she was hungry again. During her 1st pregnancy too she had this habit. She wants to munch on anything or else she'll be restless, so she headed to kitchen. Maan hearing footsteps got up and followed the sound. He headed to kitchen and switched on the light to see Geet struggling to find some food stuff in refrigerator.

Maan : Are you hungry?

Geet : Ohh. You scared me. (Panting, keeping her hand on her chest.)  No I'm not hungry but I feel to munch.

Maan : OK what you want?

Geet : Anything crunchy. Hmm like Chocolate chip cookies. I love it.

Maan : Sorry but none here.

Geet : What about Butter Cookies?

Maan : No cookies.

Geet : Ok Chocolate biscuit

Maan : No biscuit here.

Geet : Chocolate crepes  

Maan : Sorry we don't have that too. But you can have fruits.

Geet :  What you give to ur niece and nephew? These fruits? Yuck (Made a face)

Maan : But it's good for health.

Geet : then you eat it you Moron. I knew it, I knew it that coming here is a mistake. Now I'm craving for one simple chocolate cookie but you are saying to eat this fruits. You know what? I don't want to eat anything. (Angry)

Maan : Sorry

Geet : Hell with your sorry. Keep it with you. (Angry)

Maan : How about milk? It's really good for health.

Geet : MILK… MILK… do I look like a small kid to you? (Angry)

Maan :  Then what do you want?

Geet : I told you naa I feel like eating chocolate cookie, crepes and biscuit. Are you deaf or stupid? Can't you grasp what I told just now or you have partial amnesia?  How you run Khurana Empire? (Angry)

Maan : No body talk to Maan Singh Khurana like that. (Shouts angrily)

Geet : No body raises their voice at Geet Vikranth Singhania. (Shouts back)

Suddenly Maan felt silent when he heard her saying Geet Vikranth Singhania. There was an unknown pain hearing that but he hid it .

Maan : OK I'll bake some chocolate cake.  Today you adjust with it but tomorrow I'll bring everything of your favorite.

Geet : But I want to have cookie.

Maan : But this cake is really good. Have some, you'll love it.

Geet : OK.

Geet sat on counter of kitchen and watched Maan taking ingredients and baking her chocolate cake. In between, she was ordering like a Princess which made him glare at her but she glared him back and shouted at him to stop staring and do work. Maan was first irritated but then he liked her ordering. It made him feel an unknown happiness like she is accepting him like someone closer to her. Afterwards, he sliced the chocolate cake and gave it in a plate to her. Before eating she offered a small piece to him which made him really happy. He ate it, after 2 minutes she ate the cake fully. He smiled at the way she ate. It was really cute, he had an urge to pinch her nose but he controlled it.

Maan : How was it?

Geet : OK, its eatable.

Maan : What? I don't believe this. You ate this cake as if you had not seen food for many days and now just saying its OK and eatable. What you mean by that?

Geet : What? You want me to say that its best thing I had. Then sorry to say that it's just OK and not that much special.

Maan : You know what I should get a slap for making you this. I really need it. (Angry)

Geet : OK as you wish. (She smacked him on his arm)

Maan : Oouch. What was that for?

Geet : fulfilling your wish. You made me this cake naa and you asked me wish in return so I just fulfilled it.

Maan : You are mad.

Geet : What? How dare you you call me mad you moron?

Maan : if I'm moron then you're are Fatty.

Geet : How dare you call me fatty? I'll kill you Vicky.

Suddenly there was a silence. Geet just mouthed a sorry and left the kitchen. Maan was hurt when she called him Vicky. He knows she loved Vicky only but somewhere he hoped that she may have some feeling towards him too. Maan followed Geet.

Maan : Geet

Geet stopped and turned around to see Maan.

Geet : Yes.

Maan : You still miss him naa?

Geet : Hmm.

Maan : I know it's hard for you to forget him but..

He was cut in middle by Geet.


Saying this she walked towards her room and shut the door close leaving beside a hurt Maan.

Maan : I know Geet you love him but I started to fall for you. I know you'll never love me but I can't help. Because this heart is not in my control anymore. I'm sorry Geet but I want you in my life. I know you don't love me but I can't help, I need you in my life. I'm selfish I too need a family. For making you mine I'll do anything. Sorry Vicky but I'm going to make your Geet mine. Because I started to fall in LOVE WITH MY MISHTY.

Pre-cap : Vicky's diaryShocked

                 Maneet moment.Embarrassed

I'll only update next part if I get enough Likes and comments from you guys. Silent readers, please do press Like Button if u ike this, it won't hurt you right but it is much more to me.

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honeygrape IF-Sizzlerz

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lovely update...hope geet will forgive him soon...

Edited by honeygrape - 18 November 2011 at 11:27am
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awesum updae
Hpe every tng gets wel soon
Thanks 4r updatin
Waiting 4r mre
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awsome update
hawww feeling bad for maan

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loved the concern maan is showing towards geetSmile

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