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ZINDAGI SS mg #1 (Page 102)

meena.. IF-Sizzlerz

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it s a nice story but i felt u rushing the storyline
r u finishing this storyCryCryCryCryCry

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Arsheela Goldie

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Originally posted by ambbiha

it s a nice story but i felt u rushing the storyline
r u finishing this storyCry
Me too having the same felling as the story goes in Fast fwd way 

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Radhika Shah IF-Sizzlerz
Radhika Shah
Radhika Shah

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Arsheela Goldie

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ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Before you guys read it, I just wanted to warn you ... the people who believe in superstitious, traditional and predictors do read at your will and if it is not upto your expectation, I'M SORRY.


Part 12

3 days later

Geet was wearing white dress with other Singhania members and doing pooja for Vicky. Muski was discharged from hospital but she was in her bedroom sleeping. She was unaware of anything. Geet knew that her family needs support and for them she needed to be strong, so she never showed them that she was weak although everyone knew that she is doing for them but is vulnerable inside. Everyone came to visit them, even Khuranas too but Geet never paid any attention as she was still in deep thinking about Vicky. Maam saw Geet wearing white sari and without any ornaments, his heart ached to see her like that. Maan wanted to console her and wanted to take her pain away from her but he knows that he was the one who gave her more pain and she doesn't wish to talk to him regarding her personal life. Prachi went to Vicky's room and took Muski with her to downstairs. Maan saw a weak Muski hugging Prachi and sleeping on her. He wished to take his daughter in his arms but he knows that she'll never accept him as her father. For her, it will be Vicky always, her dada.

5 days later

Geet went back to office for working and she slowly turned to a workaholic. She gave Prachi mom, Meera and Ayesha Muski to take care and concentrated on work. She goes early to work and come back at late night. Whenever she comes Muski will be sleeping in Prachi-Jag's bedroom. Seeing Muski will remind her of Vicky. Though he is not her biological father, she believes that he is and Muski got his behavior. She changed into her night suit and was about to sleep when the door opened and Prachi and Jag came inside.

Geet : Mom kya hua?

Prachi gave her some medical report and asked her to read it. After reading it, Geet collapsed on bed with a pale face. Her eyes were filled with tears, Prachi came and sat beside her and hugged her for consoling. Both the ladies were crying like no tomorrow. Jag came towards them and hugged them.

Geet : I can't loose Muski too. All I have is her now. (Crying)

Jag : we have an appointment with Dr. Armaan tomorrow.

Geet : Muski kaha hai? I want to see her.

Prachi : she is sleeping with Meera and Yash. Will see her tomorrow.

Geet : Nahi I want to see my baby now. Please mama. (Sobbing)

Jag : Geet beta, try to understand. If we go there, she'll be disturbed in her sleep.

Geet : Why God is taking everything from me? Why? First I lost my parents, then Vicky. No, I can't loose my baby. May be because I was a bad mama. After Vicky's death I never gave my baby time and lost in work to distract myself. I never even thought of my baby' s feeling.

Prachi : No beta, never say like that. You are a good and strong mother. You should be, for our Muski.

Geet hugged Prachi and kept her head at Prachi's lap. Prachi patted her to sleep. Prachi was always a mother to Geet. She knew about her past but still welcomed her with whole-heart. Prachi never felt that Muski is not his son's baby. She always loved the bond between Vicky and Geet. They reminded her of her and Jag's relation. Prachi was Jag's strength and weakness too. Jag and Prachi had 14 years age gap but they were madly and deeply in love with each other. Vicky was just like Jag when it comes to relation and Love.

Morning at Hospital (Cancer ward)

Geet, Prachi and Jag were in Dr. Armaan's cabin. Dr. Armaan was discussing the case with his senior Dr. Shubhanker and Dr. Kirthi. After sometime later, Dr. Kirthi comes to them to talk. Dr. Kirthi was Jag's niece also.

Jag : Kirthi beta, please say naa our Muski will be alright.

Kirthi : Uncle, I just wanna talk to you and Aunty for 5 minutes. Geet go with Dr. Armaan, he'll take you to Muski.

Geet : Ji.

After Geet left, Kirthi turned to her uncle and aunty. She was hesitant to speak first, but then gather lot of courage seeing Prachi's face.

Dr. Kirthi : Muski needs Bone marrow transplant.

Prachi : then do it please. I need my poti's life safe.

Dr. Kirthi : it's not easy as Muskhaan doesn't have any siblings.

Jag : What has it to do with this? (Confused)

Dr. Kirthi : see, a bone marrow transplant is a procedure to replace damaged or destroyed bone marrow with healthy bone marrow stem cell. There are three kinds of bone marrow transplants, 1st is Autologous bone marrow transplant: "Auto" means "self." Stem cells are removed from you before you receive high-dose chemotherapy or radiation treatment. After these treatments are done, your stems cells are put back in your body. This is called a "rescue" transplant.2nd is Allogeneic bone marrow transplant: "Allo" means "other." Stem cells are removed from another person, called a donor. Most times, the donor must have the same genetic makeup as the patient, so that their blood is a "match" to yours. Special blood tests are done to determine if a donor is a good match for you. A brother or sister is most likely to be a good match. However, sometimes parents, children, and other relatives may be good matches. Donors who are not related to the patient may be found through national bone marrow registries.3rd is Umbilical cord blood transplant: Stem cells are removed from a newborn baby's umbilical cord immediately after being born. The stem cells are stored until they are needed for a transplant. Umbilical cord blood cells are so immature, there is less of a concern that they will not match.

Prachi : Can't she receive it from Geet?

Dr. Kirthi : About 30% of patients in need of a bone marrow transplant can find an HLA-matched donor within their immediate family. Siblings (brothers and sisters) are usually tested first, since they have the highest likelihood of having HLA-matched bone marrow. Parents can also be tested, but the chances of a match are low.

Jag : That means we can't save our Muski?

Dr. Kirthi : we can save her as you know her biological father is still alive.

Prachi : You mean that we should ask our beti to go to Maan? No way, our daughter has suffered lot and I can't be selfish to throw her back to that Monster again. Geet is my daughter not bahu and I can't see her like that.

Jag : Prachi calm down. Please calm down.

Dr. Kirthi : There is no other way Aunty. For saving Muski this is only way.

Prachi: Why is god testing my daughter? (Sobbing)

Jag : Please control Prachi. We need to become strong for our poti and beti.

Jag discussed with Dr. Kirthi and Dr. Shubhanker for about 1 hour. Afterwards Jag sent Muski, Prachi and Geet with driver and called Savtri Devi, Maan's Daadi. She came to meet him at the place where he suggested. Jag told Daadi everything and Daadi was shocked to hear it. Meanwhile, Jai and Yash who came for official meeting at that place with Khurunas saw Jag and Daadi, and came to towards them heard all those things. They were shocked to hear Muski's condition and treatment for saving her. Maan was also among them and his heart ached to hear that his princess was suffering from cancer.

Maan : How is Muski now? Where is she?

Daadi and Jag turned around and saw Dev, Rahul, Maan, Jai, Yash and their assistants Abhay and Adi. They were shocked to see them all together.

Jai : Dad, what happened to our Princess?

Jag : Woh..

Yash : Please dad

Jag : She is suffering from cancer and to save her only way is bone marrow transplant, and for that Muskhaan need to have another sibling.

Jai : But Vicky Bhaiya is no more.

Jag : Muski needs a sibling from her biological father and mother. That is Maan and Geet.

Yash : What? No way.

Jag : But it's for saving our princess.

Dev : But Daadi, how come you are discussing this with Jagnaath uncle? You knew it before?

Jag : I called Savtri aunty here and told her just now.

Maan : Can I see her? I'm ready for anything but I want Muski's life to be safe.

Suddenly Abhay, Singhania's assistant got a call from Mr. Sharma. Abhay attended the call and informed that Mr. Sharma is waiting for them in conference hall. Singhanias and Khurunas asked their respective assistants to cancel the meeting.

Evening at Singhania Mansion

Everyone including Khuranas was present in the hall discussing about Muski's health and ideas to solve it. Geet who heard this went to her room and sat on bed with Vicky's photo. Afterwards Maan, Daadi and Jag entered her room and saw Geet hugging Vicky's photo and crying.

Vicky's photo

She suddenly sensed someone in her room and turned around to find them. She quickly wiped her tears and stood up. Maan saw her pale face and came forwards to console but she stopped him by showing her palm. Jag told her that they wanna discuss something important with her but she gestured sleeping Muski and told them that they'll discuss it outside the room. They all went out, while moving out Maan shoulder touched Geet's, she moved away feeling as if she touched some disgusting thing. Maan saw this and was hurt. When they reached hall, they saw that Dr. Kirthi was also there sitting beside Prachi. Geet went and sat beside Yash and others took their seat.

Dr. Kirthi : Geet I hope you understand that the seriousness? We need to do this transplantation quickly.

Geet : Hmm

Daadi : we'll have the marriage done as quickly as possible.

Geet : Marriage?

Maan : Yes we need to get married soon for this.

Geet : Kirthi didi, does it say that baby should not be born out of wed-lock? (Calmly)

Jag : What are you saying? Geet, this is not time for argument.

Jai and Yash who were quiet because their Dad told them turned to Geet. They didn't like the idea of Geet marrying Maan but Jag scolded them as it is important for Muski.

Geet : Dad I'm serious. When I was pregnant with Muski, I was not married. So what is the need of it now?

Daadi : Are you going to stay with him without marriage?

Geet : Who said I'm going to stay with him?

Jag : Then how can he... I mean how will you get pregnant? (Embarrassed) Don't say that you are with him for few days and then you'll leave.

Geet : I'm also not going to stay with him for few days. Let alone, I even hate his touch. Only Vicky has right on me. I'm only his. My body, my soul, everything is his.

Maan : Don't you want to save Muski? (Shouts)

Geet : Yes I want to but I don't want any man to touch me.

Maan : Then how the hell will you become pregnant?(Shouts)

Daadi : Maan. Calm down and don't forget we elders are sitting here with you.

Geet : Surrogacy.

Pre-cap : Surrogate relation

Please girls, don't throw chapel at me and if you don't like this update. Don't comment on this or press like button. Because when I'm down, I won't be able to update for 3to 4 weeks. I will update next part when I get enough comments and likes. If I get enough tomorrow, then you can expect another long update from me.  Those who didn't like this update, Please don't comment and make me sad because for updating this I took enough pain and fought with my bro to take the system.

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