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Hey guys? this is my second ss? just an attempt. Well I will soon update my ss Revenge?. Due to shifting problem it was tuff for my update? now I'm with my new ss "ZINDAGI" . Just some intro?. If u guys like it, I will continue this. Don't know whether u'll like this one or not. But still I'm giving this 1st part?. Plzzz give your precious comments, if u like it.





A girl of age 22, wearing spaghetti sleeves and tight mini skirt run towards a group of youngsters. She was breathing heavily due to fast running. A Handsome guy in that group was amused seeing her like that asked her.


Hi Sam, what happen? You running like a dog were behind you? chill girl. ? He said laughing. Hearing this others also started to laugh.


"Maan"? she said panting, then she continued? " Geet? Geet"


The handsome guy was Maan. He looked Sam and raised his eyebrow. "What?"


"She left?. She left the college?" Sam said with a worried face.


Everyone was shocked except Rahul and Maan. He just smiled and said "so?"


"Maan she left. How can you be so calm? She was carrying your baby." She said angrily.


This time Rahul answered instead of Maan. "good? thank god she left. Now bro is free."


Sameera was angry hearing this. She said angrily to Rahul. " Mr. Rahul Khurunna?. How can you say this? She is carrying your brothers baby. I think you also forgot that she is also an orphan. She has no one in this world. How can she survive in this world in this condition? "


Rahul said " C'mon Sam?. It was just a bet. Bro won it. Instead of partying for Bro's victory how can u say something like this and spoil our mood. Sweetheart? just cool down."


 Sam got angry and said " Don't Sweetheart me Rahul. I'm breaking-off with you. Its over. I can't trust you brothers anymore. So bye forever."



Maan said "hi Sam. How can u do this to him. we're friends. And you are Rahul's fiance also. Don't you dare to leave him. "  he threatened.


"ohh?. Maan. Don't think I'm like Geet who is poor, orphan and helpless. I'm from a rich family. I have many to care for me. so don't you dare to shout at me. And bye-forever guys". She said and left.


Rahul was running behind her. But she was walking.away cursing them. Maan was cursing Geet .





4 Years Later?. (IN LONDON)



A woman in her early twenties was walking in through her office. The staff stood up and greeted her. She was wearing her formals and pencil heels. She was beautiful and had her hair tied in bun. And a lady and a man were behind her. She entered into the conference room. She sat in her chair and her assistant and secretary behind her.


"Tasha? where is Angad? " she asked the lady who was her secretary.


" maam. He is here. " She said nervously.


A man came into the conference room with 3 people around him. He was handsome. He smiled at her and said " so Mrs. Singhania . Shall we start?"


Geet looked at him at said yes. Angad, her employee gave the presentation. It was quite impressive.


The handsome man said to Geet. " Well Mrs. Singhania . We're impressed. We would like to sign this Contract.


" Well Mr. Shiv Kapoor. We're glad to hear it. " she said confidently.


Shive, the business tycoon was impressed by her confidence and also like beautiful gestures. He said "the deal is on" and smiled at her.  



She reached home late to find her husband playing with her child. She smiled at them and went near them and said.


" what are you guys doing? "


The child smiled at her and went near her and hugged and kissed her and said in baby language " Mumaaa?.. me and dadaaa was playing. "


The man was smiling at her and pushed his wheel chair with his hands towards them and went near them and asked " How was your meeting Geet ?"


"Hmm? well we got the deal. So did you guys have your dinner?"


"YES?what about u Geet?"


"Yup? I too had."


"Don't lie Geet. Your eyes say truth".



" Vicky?.. I'm not hungry. "



"NO?you are going to have it now and that is final."



Vicky called Jenny, the baby-keeper and asked to take Muskan, their child to sleep. Muskan kissed her Dada and Muma and went with jenny. Geet helped Vicky to get into their bedroom. She took her food and had it in front of him. Then went to her dressing room and changed into nightie. She went into the room and lay beside him.



"Geet? thank you.." Vicky said


"For what Vicky? " geet asked


"For coming into my life and taking care of me. And giving me all pleasures"


"Thanks you Mr. Vikranth Singhania. For marrying a girl who was carrying someone's child and giving that girl and her child your identity inspite of the fact that she is the reason for your this condition. " she said angrily.


" Don't you dare Geet call Muskan, someone's child. She is my daughter. And you are not the reason that I'm not able to walk". He said angrily.


"ofcourse ?.you are right I'm not the reason. Its you who is responsible for your this condition. Why did you tried to rescue me Vicky from him? Its because of that. It was all in vain. We lost what we had ?. You? your leg and me my?." She bit her lower lip to control her tears.


" I'm sorry Geet to make you remind all those bitter memories"

"It's all right Vicky. I and Muskan are really blessed to have you in our life."


"And me also to have a beautiful and intelligent wife who take care of my business and also to give me such a beautiful daughter. " he smiled.


"Goodnight Vicky"


"Goodnight Geet"






A man in his late twenties is sitting in front of laptop and doing his work. He was seriously working in it and forgot about his surroundings.


"Maan Veerji" a lady came to his room. He looked at her and asked "what NT?'"


She smiled at him and said "dinner is ready. Come and join us please."


"NT I'm busy. You go. I will come now."


"Please veerji. Pari and Atul are waiting for you. They said, they won't touch the food until maan bada papa come. Please for their sake. "


"k. "he said and stood up.


He loved Pari and Atul very much. Pari was Sameera's and Rahul's daughter. And Atul was Naintara's and Dev's daughter. He had no company like his brothers. His life was empty. Dadi and Naintara was always worried about him. but Sameera hated him to the core.She married Rahul but never talked to Maan. She was friendly with all others except him. She always likes to see him hurt. And always thought ill of him and believed he deserved it.


Maan walked to dinning table and sat in the table. Pari and Atul came near him and hugged him. He smiled at them. Sameera stood up and went to leave the room. NT asked her what happen. But she said she was not feeling to eat and gave a glare at him and went to her room. Maan know why she left the room without touching her food. He smiled sadly.


After dinner Rahul went to her room and had a heated argument with Sameera.


"What was that Sam? Why did you left the dinning table?" he shouted.


"You know the reason Rahul. " she said calmly.


" why you hate him this much? He has never done anything to you? "


"well? you know why I hate him. then why are u asking the same question"


"Sameera?.stop this. "


"Well?.its my choice. I don't wanna talk to him. But I never restrict you and Pari. You both can talk to him. I'm not that bad. "


 "You can't restrict Pari?. Even if you want. She loves bro very much and she is my daughter. "


"hmm?.. hamari beti bohut choti hai?. She don't know that her bada papa used to hate children and he also got rid of his own child. His think children are burden. "


"Stop this nonsense Sam. He loves children now?. And moreover he loves Pari"


"hmmm? ye ek point hai. But Pari is our child. We love her more than him. and the fact is that he is alone and he deserves this"




"chillana mat. I'm talking the truth, the bitter one"


They didn't hear that someone was hearing them. His eyes were filled. He walked back to his room. He thought that what she said was true. He deserved it. he never knew what True love was and loneliness was. When his wife Avantika, was caught for cheating on him, his heart was shattered into million pieces. He loved her a lot. But she married him for his money. Their divorce was very quick. She said to him that she never loved him and no one will love him knowing him. When he shouted at his ex-wife for cheating him, she said she was better than him because those who know how he ruined an innocent orphan girl's life will say Avantika is better than Maan. They were right. He deserved it.



Pre-cap : maneet meeting.


                Maan wants Geet and his daughter back. Will he get them back? Will Geet forgive him? well lets see in next update.




Character Sketch

                                                  PART 2

                                                  PART 3
                                                   PART 4

                                                                   PART 5


                                                                    PART 6


                                                               PART 7

                                                                PART 8

                                       PART 9

                                        PART 10

                                       PART 11A

                                         PART 11B


                                          PART 11C

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bono_jostna Senior Member

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
ow! Maan was so mean!! I want him to have the punishment of loniiness some more time....first time i was happy that his wife cheated him...he deserved this.
I dont want geet to be soft and accept maan...he should suffer to get his daughter back...but plz remembr vicky. Dont let that poor soul be alone.
Continue this and plz update ur other ss soon.
-afsha- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 11:30am | IP Logged
Nice strt
Hating Maan for wat he did wit Geet
I actually believe that Sam's behaviour towards him is wat he deserve
Im happy that Geet hav sumone in life
Lets c wats ahead
Update soon n Im in ur pm list
Plz update Revenge also soon
shivangi783 Goldie

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 11:31am | IP Logged
Its too interesting and gripping!
Please continue and soon, haanEmbarrassed
luvabbybaby IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 11:33am | IP Logged

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 11:36am | IP Logged

Awesome one........... loved it.......... pls continue soon

VirIka4ever Senior Member

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Amazing ... Can't wait to read the next part of the SS ... Please update soon :)
Amor. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 09 January 2011 at 11:46am | IP Logged
its nice plz continue

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