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sweetfari Senior Member

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Posted: 15 January 2011 at 12:17pm | IP Logged
Nidhi will wait for u at RRR

missing u really 

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hbuy Senior Member

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Posted: 16 January 2011 at 2:15am | IP Logged
awesome writing....
keep it up...
atleast ffs of u people are a great relief when cvs r not listening to us...

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luvrr Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sweetfari

Nidhi will wait for u at RRR

missing u really 

even i m missing a lot sweetu.....Hug
will cum soon...just 18 days left....
luvrr Senior Member

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Posted: 17 January 2011 at 2:20pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by hbuy

awesome writing....
keep it up...
atleast ffs of u people are a great relief when cvs r not listening to us...
thnx aloooooot dear.....Smile
luvrr Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2011 at 2:21pm | IP Logged

                                    YE DOORIYAN PART 1

This track is aftr arjan died,,santu in jail for 1 year..Birwa told truth to everyone ,,dm got santu releasd by prooving in jail that what santu did was to save her husband,,so a case of self defence n not a murder,,,so he saved both santu n Birwa….
Whole M family sitting at dinning table,dinner time…
taural n khemi r serving the food…normal chat is going on…
santu says to khemi n taural to sit n have the food…they do that…
Taural ::are,,next week,,papaa's n santu maa's wedding anniversary is cuming!!!!
So we shd celebrate!!!Smile
Thn khemi surprised!!!
Santu says::no its not possible…the same day,,arjan died,so how can we celebrate???
Baa,,bapu ji agrees with her…
But Birwa,taural n kaddu was nt happy coz they want to celebrate specially Birwa! So they were arguing that already 2 years have passed n we havent celebrate even once n every year we do pooja for arjan…this is the 3rd anniversary n we shd celebrate this year at least…we can do pooja in morning n party in evening!!!
santu ::no,,he was son of this house..taural,,u tell me how will it look to the whole d'pur…n at least think abt khemi n Krishna.!!!
Tairal::but maa….
Santu stops taural n says::bus!! I don't want any more argument….its final there will be no party!!!

taural trying to convince baa n bapuji n hiten…..
Hiten:taural.u r bahu of this house n still u r behaving so immaturely…how can u even think of a party on the day when son of this house died!!!
Taural:I agree with u hiten bt at least once think of papa n specially santu!!
She has done everything for this house,,for kaddu,,for u,,for khemi..for me..for suraj,,for baa bapuji..for papa,,,,n for Birwa! but do any of us given anything in return to her!!!
bapuji::in return??????? What she has done for this house..noone can return her equal to that ,,don't mtter how hard he or she tries!!!
Taural::I know bapuji n that's what I m saying we can at least try to give her some good days in her lyf now!!
Nither we can  forget she was in jail for 1 year for Birwa n nor can santu maa!! Cant we help her to forget that!!
Khemi enters n she was listening everything::I totally agree with taural!
Every1 surprised!
Hiten:khemi,,u,,,u r saying so!!!!!!!!
Khemi:ya hiten I m sayng so! not as arjan's wife..not as bahu of this house,,not even as santu sister…but just as a normal human being!!
U urself think hiten whatever happened that day,,what was santu mistake in that!! Even then she suffered for 1 year to save Birwa…bt it was not even Birwa mistake n even she sufferd equally n will have guilt for whole lyf…….mistake was of only person…ARJAN!..n he got his punishment!!!.
Yesterday night,,,arjan came in my dream n he said he is very sorry for what happened…he was cryng…he said coz of his one misunderstanding.his whole family got shatterd…he cant come come back n correct his mistake,,so I have to complete his all responsibility which is to make happy two persons who loves him sabse jyada in this world i.e. papa n santu maa!!!!!!
Everone surprised to hear this n having tears in their eyes!!!Cry
Baa::bt beta,,santu will never agree!!
khemi::baa,,only 1 person can make her agree!
Everyone 2gthr:what??
Then slowly,,khemi looks towards gate n see dm standing ther with teary eyes!!!
Slowly she moves to dm n fold her hand in front of dm n says::pls papa!! Arjan of maafi ka ek mauka de dijiye!!
Dm unfolds her hand n just nodd his head in YES!
I know it was a boring ff,,,Sorry!!
bt I m thinking of a story track and for that I need this episode as base so…

She cant bear that she talked to baa so rudely…..she want someone's support….her maalik support
Dm sitting in his office n checking the diamonds n suddenly,diamond fall from his hand…
He is in confused state of mind!!
Dm::I don't know what is happening to me…why I m feeling so restless…why I..I think someone is not well….santuri!!!
He pick up the phone,,dial the home,at his room…

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luvrr Senior Member

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 1:43pm | IP Logged
Dm go to meet baa'
Baa::did u talk to santu?
Dm :;no baa'actually,,I was thinking sumthing else.
Baa:;what ?
Dm::I think u shd talk to santu'.she never refuses to what u says'n this tym also I think,whn u will talk,,,I know she will get agree''.
Baa::if u r sayng so then its ok,,I will talk to her'.
Dm go to factory'
Next scene,,,evening time'.everyone in hall except santu,,,,discussing how to talk to santu'
Santu comes'everyone silent''
Santu::are..what happen???why everyone get silent in front of me'
kaddu::nothing maa'me n taural were discussing abt a movie..
Shanky::ya ya we were talking abt a latst movie we watched yesterday'
Hiten::ya it was awesome u also must watch it'
Santu.::  Oh u all were discussing abt movie with baa n bapuji???? Stop it,,don't tell lie to me'now tell me what happen'
Everyone start sayng the same thing'..thn''.
Baa::stop it'.why r u all saying lie to her'.now or later on we have to talk to santu'so why not now'.
Everyone little surprised'
Baa::santu I want to talk to u'
Santu ::ya baa'why r u thinking so much'u need not think even once before sayng anything to ur daughter'
Baa::ya I know santu,,,but'.actually,,,I want to tlk abt ur wedding anniversary party'.
Baa:::ya,,,a party'a very small party!!!!I think we can have a party on that day,,at our home only'
It will be just a small party
Taural::ya,,just all family meambers..
shanky::ya,,no business people'no frnds,,,no d'pur people'just our family
Kaddu:no big deccorations'.just'''..white flowers in main hall'
Birwa::white flowers??? No!!!,,red flowers..
Taural:I think Birwa is right'n red is sign of love'
Hiten::n white of purity'so white
Suraj in between::I think yellow!!
Everyone fighting'
Baa put hand on her forehead n says:::in logo ka kuch nahi ho sakta'''
Santu tryng to stop them bt no one listen so she shouts:::stop it!!
Santu:::stop it all this!!I already said there will be no party n u all again'
Baa::but beta'.
Santu ::baa u r also with them'I thought u would be with me
Baa::I m always with u beta,,,but this time I think they all r right'this is ur wedding anniversary'the day whn this house get its malkin back,,,kids got there maa n we got our beti'.so why don't we celebrate???
Santu::because the same day this house lost its lost there brother,,u lost ur grandson n my sister lost her husband!!!!
How can u even think that I m going to celebrate the day whn my sis became widow!!!
Baa::but khemi also agree with us'n only after her acceptance,,I m talking to u'
Khemi::ya santu baa is right'I gave my acceptace'
Santu::n wht abt krishna acceptance??? Have u askd him???
Shanky::he is a kid santu..
Santu::N when he will grow up n will ask,,what will u say to him??? We were happy that his father died???
Baa::but santu ,listen to me'.
Santu((full angry tone,,,shouts on baa))::::::::no baa'.u listen to me'.I don't know whether khemi behna agrees with u all or not,,,I only know this much'.that she is all alone,,n very sad n specially on that day''so I also cant be happy whn my sis is sad n I will feel very sad if I will celebrate that day'so'those who want me to make sad on the day of my anniversary will celebrate n rest will not'..

Everyone surprised,,,one coz of santu's argument n,,,secondly coz she shouted on baa!!!!!!!!!
Santu just looks at everyone n baa n then realises the way she talked to baa,,,,,,,santu is abt to cry,,,,just run away to her room'''

Santu cryng in her room::::how can I talk to baa like this???''.Cryng a lot'n says maalik!!!!
She cant bear that she talked to baa so rudely'..sshe want someone's support'.her maalik support
Dm sitting in his office n checking the diamonds n suddenly,diamond fall from his hand'
He is in confused state of mind!!
Dm::I don't know what is happening to me'why I m feeling so restless'why I..I think someone is not well'.santuri!!!
He pick up the phone,,dial the home,at his room'
Santu cryng in room,,,phone is ringing'santu after few mints,,wipe her tears n pick up the phone!!!
Dm::haa..I m speaking'r u fine'
Santu::haa maalik im absolutely fine but why r u asking so??
Dm::nono,,,actually I was doing my work n suddenly I had a feeling that u r nt well..u r in some trouble n needs me,,so I called u,,just to confirm'.
Santu: start cryng agn aftr listng dm words n cant believe that he listened whn she called her!!!
Santu:: im good'u pls don't think so much abt me ok!!
Dm smiles n says::chal thik chhe'ab phone rakhta hu'
Dm::hm'shu thayu'
Dm::shu bath chee'vol naa'
Santu::maalik I want to meet u'
Dm:: yaa,,I don't have much work left'.I will come home in 1,2 hrs'
Santu::no maalik'I want to meet u now'n''.not at home'
Dm::ok.'..r u going to mandir??
Santu::ya,,in abt 15 minutes'
Dm::then its ok,,I will come there only'is it fine??
Santu::ya ok'I will be waiting for u'
Dm::hm'.I m coming'

PRECAP:::Santu waiting for him..its 5.30pm
She calls dm
Dm cut the phone
Dm driving so rashly with bleeding frm his''.

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ipodmackid Goldie

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Posted: 19 January 2011 at 2:32pm | IP Logged
nice going nidhi - like what you are writing- better than the cv's 

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luvrr Senior Member

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Posted: 20 January 2011 at 2:09pm | IP Logged
thnx crystal....n mira.....

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