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y we are desitned to be ar ff pt 18 PG56 (27/11) (Page 56)

crazy4KASH_AR IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 14 November 2011 at 11:58am | IP Logged
This update was awesome niks.
I loved it so much.
The romantic scene were so hot.
AR lost control over themselves.
Ar's friends are just great.
they made ridz insecure and created a dobt in Armaan's mind regarding ridz's feelings for him.
I hope this confusion may get over soon.
Precap is quite scary.
I wish to see AR together soon.
Plz update the next part soonest.
love ya

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                                y we destined to be
                                        one shot
                                           ar ff

Inside Sanjeevani riddhima was looking for armaan she checked whole Sanjeevani but could not find him, and then she saw rahul was coming and

Ri:''hey rahul tumne armaan ko dekha kahin''

Ra:''han vo to chala gayya''

Ri:''kya chala gayya kahan chala gayya rahul vo?''

She asked immediately


Hearing him she was furious how dare he leave her and go just like this so

Ri:''aisee kaise jaa sakta hai vo mujhe chodd ke mujhe ose rookna hogaa''

Seeing her rahul

Ra:''riddhima kya ho gayya hai aapko vo Medical Confrence aur Surgeory ke liyye gayya hai abhie kuchh der pehle to vo aapko btane aya tha itnii jaldi bhull gayyi aap riddhima''

Riddhima was confused then her mind registered when armaan came to her cabin so he comes to her cabin to tell her and then leave like this.

Ra:''okayy riddhima mai chalta hun patients hai aur aap chahe to ghar chale jayiye armaan ko jyada miss kar rahii hai aap''

He said cheerfully and left while sid saw all this and he decided to talk to her and he placed his hand around riddhima's shoulder who was lost and seeing sid she

Ri:''dekha sid kaisa hai vo binaa btaye chala gayya mujhe''

Si:''so tumhe kyoon fikar ho rahii hai tum to ose pasand nahin karti''

He said casually

Ri:''sid tum naa khair chodo bakwas karte rehte ho yahan mai armaan kii vajah se pehle pareshan hun aur tum shuru ho gayye''

She said entering in her cabin with sid follows her

Si:''kya galat kahaa maine, tum hii keh rahii thi oos se tumhara rishta sirff compromise hai, aur tum ose pasand nahin karti''

Ri:''sid u get lost mujhe tumse koi bat nahin karni jao yahan se''

She said irritatingly

Si:''kyoon nahin karni? Takii tumhari feelings naa bahar aaa jaaye kii tum Armaan se pyaar karti ho? Oh please aab yeh mat kehna kii nahin karti(she nodded in disagreement), oh really to kyoon karti ho itnii parvah ooskii? Binaa btaye challa gayya to boora kyoon lag rahaa hai tumhe, aur aagar yeh sochh rahii ho kii tumhe oos se pyaar nahin hai aur tum aapni feelings ko samjha logii to let me tell u Dr. Riddhima Armaan Mallik shayad bahut der ho gayyi no no correction shayad nahin surely bahut der ho gayyi hai u r madly in love with Armaan and so was he, tabhie to he was jelaoused seeing ur closeness with me''


Si:''yes u idiot tabhie aaj jab oosne humein hug karte dekha to binaa kuchh kahee chala gayya can't u see his pain''

Ri:''par sid pyaar''

Si:''u know riddhima armaan is so right tum nahin maanogi, tum vohii maanti ho jo manna chahti ho, okk nahin pyaar karti naa to aaj ooske liyye mujhe kyoon daanta,jealous kyoon hotii ho ose kisii aur ke saath dekh kar, oos se ekk minute kii duri tumhe bechan kyoon karti hai, khush kyoon hotii ho jab tumhare kareeb ata hai, tumhe pamper karta hai, tumse jhagra karta hai, tumhe manata hai,tumhara saath detaa hai, kyoon tumhari nazrein ose har pal dhundti hai,miss kyoon karti ho ose''

He asked while looking towards her

Ri:''sid mai''

Si:''u know riddhima forget it mujhe answer nahin chahiye, kyonki I know, aagar answer denaa hai to aapne aap ko do, riddhima''

He turned to go when he heard her whispered

Ri:''I love him''

Sid turned to her and

Ri:''han sid I love him so much he is my life I can't live without him''

Sid smiled and

Si:''mujhe pta hai ose btaoo riddhima he waits for u too long''

Riddhima nodded and after give her a hug sid leaves

Ri:''han armaan I love u aur mujhe tumhe btana hai aur vaise bhi Dr.Armaan Mallik aap jahan chahe challe jayiye laut ko to aapko aapni Basket ke pas hii ana hai''

And riddhima smiled that too her million dollar smile, she was feeling on the top of the world after all she discovered her love and was feeling just go and to tell armaan that she loved him so much and wants to be in his arms where no one can saw her, just his arms around her and her head was on his chest, she blushed while thinking about him. This love does to u when u discover ur love u just want to close to ur loved ones and riddhima is no other than exception but what to do she was way far from Armaan and she did not like this distance a bit, now when she was all ready to say him the three magical words and ready to hear those words also and was all set to claim him as her love and was craving for his love, his hugs, his kisses, he was not there with her.

Ri:''kya hai armaan tumhe aaj hii kyoon jaana tha? Nahin riddhima hum doctors hai aur humare liyye patients sabse pehle ate hai, par is stupid dill ka kya karun yar, aab ise to armaan ke pas rehna hai, par Mr. Dill aapko wait karna padega jab tak aapki beats(armaan) vaapis nahin ati humare pas aur fir hum oonhe bilkul bhi nahin jaane denge''

She smiled and leaned back on her chair, not able to do her work, everytime she start to do work, his face come closer to her, and she was start losing her senses so she closed her eyes she was lost in his dreams, when her phone rang bringing her back to reality, it was ananya asking if she will send driver to pick her up as armaan did tell her that he was going to Chennai and riddhima will be alone but riddhima refused as she has to go somewhere else so she says that she will come by own. And she feels that armaan cared for her so much in his absence also, and after sometime she was about to leave the hospital as her duty is over.

She was crossing in front of armaan's cabin, she could not control herself so she entered in his cabin, just to feel him as she was missing him like hell, and she entered and saw his table was all mess, she smiled remembering he is such a messy person, and she arranged his files and then she stand beside his chair

Ri:''mai khadii kyoon ho yeh armaan kii chair hai to mujhe to right hai ooski chair par baithne ka''

And she sat on his chair and smiled remembering him and suddenly her gaze fell on the opened droor

Ri:''yeh armaan bhi naa sachi meiin kitna messy hai''

And she was about to close the droor properly when her gaze fell on a photo like thing which was peeping from the diary and under her curousity she picked the diary and under the diary a photoframe was placed and she was stunned to saw their picture in the frame



She was so not expecting this and she caressed his face over the frame and then she opened his diary and with in a moment she open the first she was stunned to saw the pictures



It was like he put all his feeling on the pages, every page of his diary covered with her pictures, their pictures, some of his,but most of hers, some pictures she even did not know when they were clicked and she was surprised to see this and each picture shows his love towards her, he on her each-picture written how much he loved her, how he wants to make their marriage successful, how he wants to live with her till eternity, and this brings tears in her eyes, the depth of his love makes her understand how much he feels pain when he saw her in sid's arms though it was only a friendly hug but after all he loved her and she is his wifey so it must be very difficult for him to saw her like this, now she understands y sometimes he behaves weird in sid's presence, she never say him that there is nothing between her and sid they were just friends, she knows he never will doubted on her, yet her simple words makes him feel better, she now knows what she has to do, how she was going to feel him better, she was determined to tell him that she only loved him, he has her heart and she has to tell him now she does not want any misunderstanding or any one beteen them, she was going to give him all the love he deserves and wants to be loved back by him which she deserves.

She smiled and hugged her diary feeling she was in his arms and after few minuts she placed the photoframe on his table

Ri:''aab aapko droor meiin rehne kii jarurat nahin hai aap humesha armaan kii aankhon ke saamne rahegi aur vo merii bahon meiin rahega''

And after taking his diary finally she leaves for her house. She before going to her house she went to parlour as she wants to surprise him in all the way and manner. Though she is very beautiful and does not need any artificial beauty yet some things are there which is to be taken care.After spending a quality time in parlour she was all set to go to home and she was feeling so happy to go to her home, hers and armaan's home when she entered in the house she saw billy and ananya waiting for her

Bi:''areey riddhima beta aaj aapko der ho gayyi''

Ri:''jii papa vo hospital meiin thoda kam tha''

An:''koi bat nahin vaise beta u r looking so beautiful and ur face is glowing today.''

Riddhima blushed with her comments and when she does not speak

An:''koi bat hai kya riddhima?''

She asked caressing her face, firstly riddhima did not understand, then she looked towards ananya whose eyes were asking the same question but she nodded in disagreement

An:''hmm chl koi bat nahin mujhe yeh din jaldi dekhne ko milega naa''

She asked and riddhima blushed and hid her face in ananya's shoulders.

Bi:''vaise tum maa-betii kii khusar-phusar khatam ho gayyi to khana khayein mujhe bhukh lagii hai''

And ananya and riddhima come out from the hug and

An:''han billy riddhima tum fresh hokar aao fir khana khate hai''

Before riddhima goes billy asked riddhima

Bi:''vaise riddhima jab bhi mai dada banuga mujhe bhi bat denaa''

And riddhima blushed and Ananya smacked billy and

Bi:''aauch aniee''

An:''billy sharam karoo''

Bi:''kyoon bhaii mai bhi to dada banuga to meraa janna banta hai naa kyoon riddhima''

Riddhima could not hold this topic anymore and she turned crimson red and ran to her room and both billy and ananya smiled.

Riddhima locked her room and leaned her back to door, she was panting, blushing and smiling, all the emotions were playing on her beautiful face, she was so happy today so so much, she hides her face in her palms and was blushing badly thinking her future with her armaan, she come out from her thoughts when she heard

Ar:''oye basket vahan door par kyoon khadi ho?''

She was amazed to saw him in front of her eyes

Ri:''umm armaan tum kab aye?''

Ar:''kab aya kya matlab 24 sal pehle aya is duniya meiin aur tumhari life meiin 14 sal pehle jab hum 10 years ke the''

Riddhima has her million dollar smile on her face and next moment

Ar:''aab yahan aaogi mere pas''

Riddhima nodded in disagreement but she start going to her and next moment as soon as she forward her hand to touch him he was not there, he vanished and she looked here and there not finding him she sighed and moved in washroom to freshen up, after few minutes she come back and put her duppatta over her shoulders and was going to the door when she feels tug on her duppatta and she turned only to saw armaan was standing there with the end of her duppatta was in his hands and he was pulling the duppatta and she like a  string was pulling towards him, and armaan pulled her closer to himself wrapped his arms around her waist and riddhima was looking in his eyes as soon as armaan kissed her temple riddhima wants to feel him so she forwards her hand to touch his cheek, but no again he was nowhere at sight. Riddhima was looking like a fool here and there she sighed and picked his photo from side table and

Ri:''armaan tum to abhie gayye ho aur mai tumhe itnii boori tarah miss kar rahii hun, aaj samajh aya kii jab tum U.S. gayye the to roz tumhe boora-bhala kehti thi jis se tumhari yad naa aye, par armaan aab kya karun, tumhare binaa ekk pal bhi bitana mushkil hotaa jaa rahaa hai aur tum bhi akele challe gayye mujhe le jaate aapne saath, aur mai sachh meiin stupid hun tum sahii kehte ho aagar aapna pyaar pehle pechan letii to aaj yahan akeli nahin hotii, tumhare pas hotii, saath naa sahii kam se kam yeh to hotaa kii tumhe bta diyya par aab jab tak tumhe nahin bataongi tum mujhe aisee hii state rahoge mere saamne aakar, kya karun armaan, please aab jaldi se aaa jao tum mere pas aur intezar nahin ho rahaa hai mujhse, I love u so much armaan''

She said to his photo only then she heard ananya's call and she went downstairs and joined billy and ananya for dinner. She hardly eat, she was playing with food as she was missing him and was imagning him sitting beside her, teasing her as always, she was not able to eat.Meanwhile ananya asked her to bring the desert and she went in kitchen and as soon as she picked the ice-cream bowl, she feels someone's hands over hers and she turned only to be lost in his blue eyes and armaan start careesing her lips with his fingers and riddhima gasped she was losing herself and here he was teasing her and riddhima right now just wants to feel his lips on hers so she leaned forward and about to peck his lips when she heard ananya's voice and she come back to reality no one is there, again dreaming him and then she heard

An:''riddhima armaan ka phone hai betaa''

And she literally ran to outside hearing his name and she reached near ananya who was talking with armaan

An:''armaan tu theek se pahunch gayya naa?''

Ar:''han mom mai theek hun, aap kaise hai aur dad kaise hai aur riddhima pahunch gayyi ghar ya abhie bhi hospital meiin hi hai?''

An:''hum sab theek hai armaan aur tere dad bhi riddhima abhie ayi hai hum bas khana hi kha rahee the aur humari chinta chodd tu bta tera patient kaisa hai aab?''

Ar:''mom he is stable right now mujhe aaj ooski surgeory karni hai to socha aapse bat kar lun aur bta dun aapko kii mai kal rat tak hii vaapis aaonga mom''

An:''achaa theek hai yeh le riddhima se bat kar beta vo yahin pas meiin hi khadi hai mere''

Ar:''nahin mom actually mujhe jaana hai abhie patient ke kuchh test karne hai mai oos se bad meiin bat kar loongs abhie socha aapko bta dun''

An:''par armaan betaa''

Ar:''nahin mom mujhe der ho rahii hai bye''

An:''bye beta all the best''

Ar:''thanks mom''

And armaan hung up here riddhima feels bad that he does not talk to her, she was so exciting that at least she will able to hear his voice, but not able to talk to him her face fells and ananaya

An:''areey beta koi bat nahin vo abhie bad meiin phone karega to jee bhar kar bat kar lenaa abhie ose kuch test karane the patient ke''

Riddhima nodded and

Bi:''han beta chalo abhie ice-creame khayein''

He asked in order to cheer her mood and she smiled to them thinking

Ri:''mai bhi naa kya sochti hun off course vo ekk doctor hai ose kabhie bhi jaana pad sakta hai, humare liyye emergency kabhie bhi aaa sakti hai, aur humein tabhie jaana hogaa mai bhi naa bas jaane kya sochti hun, armaan kyoon mujhse bat nahin karna chahega, vo to mujhse pyaar karta hai to ooska bhi to man kar rahaa hogaa naa mujhse bat karne ko, jaise mai ooske liyye bechan hun, vo bhi mere liyye hogaa, han par aagar vo mujhse abhie bhi naraj hua? To koi bat nahin mai ose mna loongi, aagar vo naraj hai bhi to bhi vo mujhse jyada der naraj nahin reh paayega. Naa dur jaa paayega vo.''

She smiled and after biding bye to ananya and billy she retired to her room.

Here armaan's state was no different than riddhima, he was missing her like hell, craving for her, wants to talk with her, but he was hurt with that words which he heard in her cabin.

Ar:''basket mai bhi tumse bat karna chahta hun par job hi tumhare cabin meiin dekha ooske bad mujh meiin itnii himmat nahin hai kii mai tumse bat kar sakun, mai nahin chahta aapne Pyaar, aapne gusse, aapne dard meiin tumhe kuch aisaa keh dun jis se tumhe aur mujhe 2ono ko hii takleef ho, isiliyye basket tumse bat nahin kii, I am sorry but I love u so so much.''

He sighed he knows he loved her but could not talk to her right that time, though he also want to hear her voice so that he can do his work in peace because as riddhima her memories was not leaving him, but he is helpless he knows if he talk with her right now he must do something in his anger he very well know he could not control his anger when it come to his feelings that too realted to his loving one and here riddhima was to his love of life. So he avoids talking to her but keep on missing her. He keeps on imagning her like always but he knows he has to feel it, may be he just able to saw her in his dreams, so he was enjoying her around him, though she was actually not with him but his LOVE for HIS RIDDHIMA was strong that she was never far away from him. So he was enjoying her in his dreams, little did he know may be soon his dream was going to true.


(Credit Of VM goes To VM MAKER)

Here riddhima was in their room, not able to sleep, every time she tried to sleep, her eyes leads to his couch, the room was filled with his touch, she feels she was going insane imagning him everywhere, sometimes kissing her, sometimes teasing her, sometimes fighting with her, even when she looked in mirror she saw him gazing towards her with his intense gaze, she saw him everywhere doing romance with her, making her saree pleats, nuzzling in her hair, hugging her, she tried very hard to let this go but her heart was watching HER ARMAAN everywhere, she knows she can not do this after all the person who is staying in ur heart, how much u try to avoid the person, u will never be able to get over from her, after all the love which was running in ur veins, how will u run from that LOVE, the same was with riddhima. 

Next morning

Riddhima was wake up but actually she did not sleep, everytime she closed her eyes armaan was  in front of her eyes, all the naughty thoughts were in her mind as she was hallunating him, it was early morning when she managed to sleep for some time only when she hold armaan's photo close to her heart. She thought about armaan when she woke up after her few hour sleep, she wonders where armaan is as it becomes her daily habit seeing him sleeping in front of her, but today where is he, and then she suddenly remembered that armaan was not at home, he was in Chennai, then she sighed and get ready for hospital with a low face as she was missing him like hell, moreover it was more than 24 hours that she does not hear his voice. When she joined ananya-billy ananya informed her that armaan was coming tomorrow not today as he needs to observed the patient and next day it was karva-chauth as ananya already tell her but the thing is that riddhima's mom-dad as well as armaan's mom-dad has to leave for some family function at their ancestral place, they already asked riddhima to accompany them as armaan was also not there but riddhima was in no mood to outing as armaan was not there of he is there thigs were different, ananya firstly volunteered that she will accompany her as it was her first karva-chauth but riddhima politely refused by saying she must go there as it was necessary so both her parents and in-laws left,she was getting ready for hospital thinking about how she was gonaa confess her feelings to Armaan and she was still in her thoughts when her gaze fell on wedding dress and she picked it and caressed it with love and remembered each and every thing what Armaan says about wedding dress and then it clicked in her mind, her heart knows what she has to do make their day special, even Karva-Chauth was she feels just come on right time and she smiled and after then she leave for Hospital.

In hospital she does not know how she did her duty everytime she was lost in Armaan's thoughts, her day was passing so slowly without him and she was missing him so much. Finally in evening she leaves for home but now instead of missing him, she was busy preparing herself for tomorrow, and she was so excited to give him the surprise. Firstly she called some person for applying mehndi on her hands after all it was her first Karva-Chauth and that too with the love of her life her Armaan, she does not want to leave anything. So she was doing just her best.

In evening when the mehndi person asked her what kind of mehndi she wants to apply on her hands, she immediately tell Bridal Mehndi and after she covered her hands and wrists as likely on her wedding, and she wants to apply Mehndi on her feet also, firstly she was hesitating she was just doing things like it was her wedding but then she remembered how armaan was happy on their first night when he saw her Mehndi, she blushed remembering the moment so she go with the idea as she wants to anything which makes him smile. This is nothing and moreover she loved him and she can show him her love by this way and after applying mehndi the person who came to apply mehndi leaves and riddhima was still sitting in house and a smile was playing on her lips and was thinking how will he react seeing her like this, he will surely placed lots of kisses on her hands while finding his name, she will surely tease him firstly and how will he ask his reward for finding his name which she hide in her Mehndi patteren, she blushed remembering the things. With these thoughts she drifted to sleep their only wondering how will her Mehndi colour comes, will it be dark, and now she realize y her mehndi colour was so dark on wedding after all Armaan loved her.

Next morning riddhima wake up with alarm and she smiled, and firstly she washed her Mehndi and then looked towards her hands and very happy as well as surprised and amazed to saw her Mehndi colour, it was much more dark than her wedding, then she smiled remembering his love and she hid her face in her palms and after sometime she changed herself in red saree which ananya gave her as her shagun and when she was to ate her sargi she called him, she does not want to disturb him but her heart was not her control, she wants to atleast hear his voice after all she was keeping the fast for him that too for first time ad he was not there, so she called him and armaan was turning on his bed remembering her when his phone buzzed, he was surprised who was calling him that time in morning, so he immediately grabbed his phone and seeing ''riddhima calling'' he panicked, what happen to her that she was calling him so early and he answered the call immediately

Ar:''basket kya hua? Tumne itnii subhh phone kiyya, Tum theek ho naa? Sab theek hai naa, koi problem to nahin hai naa basket bolo naa chupp kyoon ho tum''

 He asked whole panicked and Riddhima smiled at his concern and

Ri:''armaan stop panicking I am fine aur yahan sab bhi bilkul theek hai.''

Armaan sighed in relief and

Ar:''basket r u sure?''

He asked still a bit unsure

Ri:''han armaan''

Ar:''achaa to fir tumne itnii subhh call kiyya?''

Now riddhima fumbled with words how will she say that she was actually missing him, wants to hear his voice when she does not speak for a minute armaan

Ar:''basket r u there?''

Ri:''umm han armaan tum kuchh keh rahee the''

She replied coming back from her thoughts

Ar:''basket tum bta rahii thi kii tumne itnii jaldi call kiyya koi kam tha''

Ri:''umm han vo maine socha kii tumse pooch lun kii tumhara patient kaisa hai?''

Ar:''han vo aab theek hai abhie under observation hai thanks aur kuchh''

Ri:''han vo yeh kii mai aaj muskaan ke yahan jaa rahii hun to tum aapni spare key se gate kholna''

Ar:''achaa theek hai tum ghar par akele ho naa theek hai jao''

He feels bad does not she want to met him but still

Ri:''theek hai armaan bye take care see u soon''

Ar:''same here basket''

And they hung up and riddhima smiled

Ri:''I miss u armaan''      

And kissed her phone as if him and start eating her sargi, she did tell him lie about her going to Muskaan's house as she was going to surprise him so she planned all this.

All the day riddhima was preparing for all the surprise, though she feels little weak due to fast but she was so excited that she does not feels her tiredness, though she was excited yet at the same time when she did pooja in evening she feels lonely as no one is there, not even ananya, her parents but she smiled as remembered armaan and it was evening and armaan's flight was landed around 7:00 p.m. that means he will be there around 8:00p.m. so she did final touches to the things and locked the main gate and then she entered in her room and took out her wedding dress and quickly changed in the dress and start dressing up completely with her jewellary and all and did some little make-up as she knows he like her as the way she is and after getting completely ready she looked herself in mirror, she blushed seeing herself once again as a bride. This time she feels happiness and love makes her glow more as compare to before. She was now waiting for him impatiently.

Ri:''kahan ho armaan?''



(Do watch vm it was riddhima's state how armaan was far away from her, how she gets ready for him, and imagine the last bit after reading the part and the credit of this beautiful vm is gone to vm maker)


Here armaan reached Mumbai after a tiring journey and headed towards his house knowing no will ne coming to receive him and after reaching home, he pressed the door bell again and again but no one open the door, only then he realized that there is no one at home, actually he somewhere wants that once he returned to home his riddhima comes running to her and hugged him tightly, he will embrace his basket in his arms but now reality stuck to him,there is no one there for him to wait for him, he sighed and moved towards the door to open it with his spare key while

Ar:'' mujhe zindagi akele hii guzarni hai''

He never knew after entering in the house his life is going to change completely. As soon as he entered the home he was surprised seeing the sight in front of his eyes, there was written ''welcome home armaan'' with his favourite rose petals on the door steps, he was surprised as well as confused who did this,

Ar:''yeh kisne kiyya?''

Never the less he entered the inside confusingly and he was still thinking about this when he moved to kitchen to drank water as he was feeling thirsty and he was about to drank the water when his gaze fell on dining table and there are lots of dishes and he was surprised seeing the food and when he opened the dishes he saw all were his favourites and on a side it was a note lying and armaan picked it up, it was smelling of his favourite perfume and he was inhaling the smell and with in a minute he start reading

''Tum sochh rahee ho yeh sab kyoon tumhara birthday bhi nahin hai, vaise aaj koi special din nahin hai aur hai bhi, samajh aya I know nahin aya buddhu jo hai''

And it completed with a wink and after reading the note armaan was so much confused that he does not undersrand a bit so he moved to his room without eating or drinking anything and when he was opening his room's door, his gaze fell on the rose petals which was now saying''waiting for u'' with a arrow towards the terrace and now his confusion was converting into frustration what was going on? Firstly he told there is no one in the home? She herself told him and now she was playing these hide and seek games with him so he moved to terrace and after opening the door of terrace this time he was not surprised he was shocked beyond limits, all the teraace was decorated and hearing his steps she turned and armaan was shocked seeing her in her bridal attire, seeing her claded in her that red bridal attire, armaan forgot everyting in that moment, he could not take his eyes from her she was looking so beautiful in the moon light. But next moment he remembered her behave, his insecurities, her lie being at muskaan's house but y she lied to him and what was se doing here at this time and was giving him the tough time by making him feel special. His heart was happy seeing all this but the brain was not in his favour he was just so frustrated and seeing him unusual quite riddhima slowly start going towards him but she is cut short by an angry armaan

Ar:''don't u dare riddhima aab yeh kya tamasha hai tumhara? Kya kar rahii ho tum? Merii feelings tumhare liyye mazak hai naa samjhti kya ho tum aapne aap ko? Kyoon aakhir kyoon yeh sab flowers, dinner anur aab tum what was going on? Chahti kya ho tum? Ekk taraf tum bolti ho kii humara relation compromise hai aur oos sid ko btati ho yeh sabfir is sab ka kya matlab hai? Kyoon nahin jeene detii tum mujhe shantii se? Jab bhi mai humari shaadi ko mauka detaa hun evertime u did something, kya problem hai tumhara? Maine socha its fine aagar tum nahin chahti humare rishte ko normal karna, itnii mushkil se aapne aap ko samjhaya aur aab tum yeh sab kar rahii ho? Kya chahti ho tum? Kyoon kar rahii ho yeh sab? Batao mujhe jab tum humara rishte ko COMPROMISE samjhti ho naa kyoon kar rahii ho yeh sab kya mill rahaa hai tumhe mujhe hurt karke?''

He burst at her, the feelings of three days, all the confusion, her behave towards him and his Love for her now coming out in form of anger, he loved her that is so true but what she was doing, she herself says just three days ago that ''it's a compromise'' that too hugging some one another, he was controlling himself from so longer but after toady all the things which she did today what was that for, his heart surely feels happiness but now he wants to clarify the things and these two behaves of hers confused him so much that it leads to his anger.

And hearing his sudden outburst here riddhima's eyes welled with tears, she was not at all expecting this from him, she was expecting him to hug her tightly after seeing her like HIS BRIDE, but that is never happened actually, and he was shouting on her bit she cooled herself and thought he was upset with her and she has to make up with him thinking"mujhe kuch karna hogaa'' so she slowly whispered

Ri:''armaan maine tumhare liyye Karva-Chauth ka fast rakha hai?''

She said ever so softly and lovingly putting all her feelings and hearing this armaan looked towards her, he was so happy hearing this and wants to hugged her tightly but next moment again sid comes in his mind though he was not doubting her but still he was Armaan and in his anger he never think straight

Ar:''oh really rehne do yeh sab shadi-shuda logon ka kam hai to fir tum kyoon kar rahii ho yeh sab, jabki tum to humari shaadi nibhana nahin chahti, vaow that's gud shaadi nibhani nahin hai to tumhe merii lambi age se kya lenaa denaa so please rehne do mai jaanta hun sab kii tum''

But he is cut short with a slap of riddhima and he was dumbfounded receiving a tight slap from her not expecting this reaction before he reacted he was cut short by riddhima

Ri:''don't u dare Dr. Armaan Mallik speak a single word more. Tum armaan samjhet kya ho khudd ko kisne kaha tumse kii mai humari shaadi nahin nibhana chahti, bas ekk bat sun li aur sochh liyya, tumne poocha mujhse kii maine aisaa kyoon kahaa? Nahin naa kyonki tum armaan mallik the superman jo thehre jisee sab pta hotaa hai, had kardi tumne. Kabhie kuch socha nahin tumne bas ekk bar jo man meiin samjha vahii aakhri bat doosre kii bat to tumne kabhie samjhi nahin nahin jaani. Aur mujhe keh rahee ho mai drama kar rahii hun, jab se tum gayye ho ekk minute bhi aaram se nahin baith paayi har pal tumhe yad kiyya maine tumhe aur tum kehte ho mai tumhe shanti se jeene nahin detii, subhh se tumhare liyye yeh sab kar rahii hun, tumhara besabri se intezar kar rahii hun, kitni betabi se tumhe btana chahti thi aapne dill kii bat par tumhe to merii kisii bat par vishwas nahin hai naa, tumhare liyye subhh se bhookhe-pyyase hun, moon dekhh kar bhi fast nahin khola socha tumhare haath se kholungi par tumhe yeh sab tamasha lag rahaa hai? Vaoww that's super armaan tumhe merii yeh sab feelings drama lag rahaa hai aur tum kehte ho mai tumhare feelings ke saath khel rahii hun. Bas yehii sunna baaki reh gayya tha armaan, aur yahan mai tumhe btana chahti thi kii mai tumhare saath har pal rehna chahti hun, humari shaadi mere liyye compromise nahin hai armaan, yeh merii zindagi ka sabse khoobsoorat sachh hai jiske aage merii zindagi ka koi bhi sachh maayne nahin rakhta, par tum to kuchh sunna nahin chahte naa. Tumne mujhe kabhie samjha hii nahin armaan.''

She said in choked voice while her cheeks were covered with her tears and hearing all this armaan was on cloud nine, feeling her love but seeing her crying he moved towards but she backened

Ar:''riddhima basket''

He tries to hold her but riddhima shrugged him off by saying

Ri:''don't u dare to come closer to me armaan''

She said and next moment armaan saw she was holding her head and with in a moment she collapsed and was going to fell when armaan immediately holds her and he panicked seeing her fainted so he tapped on her cheeks

Ar:''riddhima basket ootho please jaan I am sorry I promise I won't hurt u again''

But she did not and armaan picked her up in his arms and rushed to their room and he gently placed her on bed and checked her pulse, it was normal, but her b.p. is low because she does not eat or drank anything from morning and all the work exert her even more, he slowly caressed her tear-straine face and holds her close to himself and then his gaze fell on the room's atmosphere, it was completely covered with candles and he looked at her she was looking pale he practiacally feels kick himself for doing this to her, here she was doing so much for him and what he did he shouted on her, talking the ridiculous things and just spoiled the beautiful moment which she planned so well and he just ruined it in his stupid anger and he holds her hand in his, and slightly kissed her hands

Ar:''sorry naa jaan mai bahut boora hun naa kitna tang karta hun tumhe, maine tumhara pehla Karva-Chauth bhi kharab kar diyya, tum sachh kehti ho mujhe sachi bahut gussa ata hai so sorry jaan but please tum oothh jao naa, chahe oothh kar jhagra karna basket par please naa oothh jao, mujhe tumhe btana hai kii tum kitnii sundar dikhh rahii ho iss red wedding dress meiin bilkul merii Dulhan kii tarah  I Love U so much jaaan, tumhara saara surprise kharab kar diyya par basket baby jaaan tum oothh jao I promise mai sab kuchh theek kar doonga please naa basket riddhima''

Then he realized she was wearing the heavy jewellary and armaan looked at her she was indeed looking like a new bride but armaan knows she must be feeling suffocation so he slowly-slolwy start removing her jewellary though he wanted to remove when she is conscious  and when he removed her jewellary while kissing her and she blushed, armaan smiled at his thoughts but right now his main priority was her so he wants to feel her comfortable so he removed her all heavy jewellary and when he removed her ear-rings riddhima slolwly opened her eyes and armaan was happy seeing her conscious and hugged her tightly buried his face in her neck, riddhima was taken back with the hug but she responed the hug and armaan

Ar:''I am sorry basket maine tumhe bahut hurt kiyya but sachii mujhe pta nahin kya hi gayya tha jo maine aisee react kiyya tha I am sorry basket please maf kar do mai fir kabhie aisaa nahin karunga I promise, pta nahin jab se oos din tumhe sid ke close dekha to bahut boora lag rahaa tha so I react like a stupid so sorry''

He said while facing her

Ri:''kyoon armaan kyoon boora lagaa tumhe mujhe sid ke saath dekhh ke armaan''

She asked and armaan was baffled with her question how he admit that he was jealous with her so called best friend but actually no he was actually jealoused seeing her with anyone else.

Ar:''vo basket mai tumhare liyye kuchh khane ko laaya u must be hungry''

He replied try to avoid the topic and about to go but riddhima holds his hand and stand

Ri:''armaan merii bat ka answer do''

Ar:''riddhima vo sid''

But he is cut short

Ri:''nahin armaan iss sawal ke beech koi nahin hogaa naa sid naa koi aur bas itnaa janna hai mujhe tum mujhe kisii aur ke saath kyoon nahin dekhh sakte ho rahul auron ke saath to tumhe koi problem nahin hai''

Ar:''basket mai vo''

He fumbled with words and

Ri:''armaan mujhe janna hai''

She said facing him and armaan sighed he knows he has to tell and she has the right to know so he

Ar:''kyonki mai tumhe kisii aur ke saath nahin dekhh sakta, rahul auron ke saath jaanta hun kyonki hum kabse saath hai aur vo tumhe ekk achii dost, atull aur abhie ekk behen ke jaise dekhte hai isliyye kuchh nahin boora lagta par sachh meiin kisii aur ke saath nahin dekhh sakta, mujhe nahin achaa lagta jab tumhe koi aur chuhe ya hug karee, mai chahta hun bas tum sirff merii bahon meiin rahoo mere sivaye koi bhi tumhare itnaa kareeb naa aye, mai tumhe humesha aapni bahon meiin sma ke rakhna chahta hun, aapni dill meiin basana chahta hun isliyye mai nahin dekhh sakta kii koi aur tumhare pas bhi aye''

He finally confessed and hearing his reply riddhima's eyes moistened


Armaan looked towards her and

Ar:''han basket I love u so much humesha se''

And riddhima smiled and then she herself whispered

Ri:''I love u too armaan''

And hearing her confession armaan's eyes shoot up and he looked towards her face and he smiled seeing her flushed face and feeling his intense gaze on herself she lowered her eyes and with in a minute she was engulfed in armaan's arms. They were hugging each-other tightly, promising never ever will leave each-other's side.


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                                y we destined to be
                                        one shot
                                           ar ff
                                NEW BEGINING

After sometime armaan did opened her fast with fulfilling each and every ritual and after made her drank water and feed her with food now armaan was sitting on floor while riddhima was sitting in between his legs, her back was facing him and her head was resting on his chest and armaan was playing with her fingers and hair locks, they were quite, just savouring each-other's presence after their dramatic confession, armaan leaned towards her nape and placed a kiss there, his lips were lingering there, riddhima was enjoying his touch and she pulled herself more giving him better acess and armaan was so much losing himself feeling her so close to him that too after their confession but suddenly he remind something and he holds her hands and kissed her hands


He whispered in her ear


She replied with eyes closed

Ar:''ekk bat poochon tumse?''

He said getting a little serious and riddhima looked at him sensing seriousness in his voice and

Ri:''han armaan bolo''

Ar:''vo tum oos din kyoon keh rahii thi kii ''it's just a compromise''

Though it does not matter to him knowing very well she loved him but still he wants to know otherwise he will remain confused so he wants to ask, hearing his question riddhima smiled and slightly pecked his forhead

Ri:''vo armaan mai humari shaadi ke vaare meiin nahin keh rahii thi vo mai riya ke vaare meiin bol rahii thi, jaante ho naa arjun ne ooske saath kya kiyyaa(armaan nodded in ''yes'') han ooske bad riya ke liyye koi rishta aya aur oosne ''yes'' bhi kar diyya, jabki hum jaante hai kii yeh ekk compromise hai aur kuch nahin kyonki vo arjun se bahut pyaar karti hai, chahe oosne ooske saath kuchh bhi kiyya ho, after all jis se koi ladki pyaar karti hai ose hi vo haq detii hai aur mujhe riya ke liyye bahut boora lag rahaa tha aur tabhie sid aya to maine ose yeh saari bat btayi, he was just consoling me armaan nothing else aur vo hug bhi sirff ekk friendly hug tha jab tumne humein dekha tha''

She replied and armaan kissed her in her hairs

Ar:''I know basket but believe me maine tum par kabhie doubt nahin kiyya tha bas u know mai thoda sa possessive hota hun oon sabke liyye jinse mai pyaar karta hun aur tum to merii zindagi ho riddhima isliyye maine aisee react kiyya, because mujhe bilkul achaa nahin lagta koi tumhare pas bhi aye, I love u''

He said while facing her

Ri:''jaanti hun armaan par tum thode nahin bahut possessive ho''

She giggled and armaan frowned

Ar:''ohk fine hun mai possessive aab to tumhe isi possessive husband ke saath rehna padega''

He replied while tightened his grip around her and riddhima smiled

Ri:''my pleasure''

She replied while holding his hands and both smiled and

Ri:''vaise armaan sach bataon ekk pal ko jab maine riya-arjun ke vaare meiin suna, to mujhe bhi tumhara aur mera relation yad aya par armaan sachh kehti hun aagle hii pal yeh khayal dimag se chale gayya jaante ho kyoon (armaan asked her to continue with eyes) kyonki dill ko pta tha kii meraa armaan aisaa nahin hai, vaise bhi mere armaan ko mujhse jyada koi aur nahin jaanta hogaa aur humari shaadi is time par mujhe aisaa lagaa kii hum to shaadi ke majbot bandhan meiin bandhe hai humara relation aisee kaise ho sakta hai aur fir kuchh dimag ne galat socha nahin meraa dill jeet gayya armaan''

And armaan smiled hearing her and nodded and then armaan kissed her ear-lobe and bites her ear-lobe sensuously and riddhima feels shiver ran in her spine and armaan moved towards her another ear, there was still one ear-ling, he removed all the jewellary but this one was there as she gained consciousness before he removed another one, and riddhima gasped as armaan's grip was lossened on her waist because he was busy in kissing her, riddhima take the advantage and she pushed him and ran, armaan was flabbergasted with this, he looked at her and she was giggling at him and armaan ran towards her while she

Ri:''itnii aasani se nahin Dr. Armaan Mallik''

She giggled and teasing him and armaan ran after her

Ar:''oh really''

And with in a minute she was caught by him, now she was jammed in his chest and armaan holds her hands stopping her to move, both were lost in each-other's eyes, armaan slowly-slowly leaned towards her face, when riddhima feels his hot breath kissing her lips, she gasped and closed her eyes and armaan was enjoying her flushed face, she was looking more beautiful with her flushed face and armaan was enjoying her warmth in his arms, the armaan kissed her temple and

Ar:''vaise sahii keh rahii ho itnii aasani se to nahin naa''

He whispered in her ear and riddhima's eyes opened try to register what he was saying but in a swift movement she was in his arms and armaan gently placed her on bed and he himself moved to his ward robe and picked something and come towards her while riddhima was sitting in middle of the bed

Ar:''aab jabki maine aapni khoobsoorat dulhan ko dekhh hii liyya hai to kya mai aapni dulhan ko ooski muh-dikhai de sakta hun please''

Riddhima blushed and nodded and armaan put the red box in her hand she opened it and was stunned to saw the pendant in the box with the initial of RA, it was beautiful, the beautiful pendant with small diamonds and in between in was  RA heart was which was of solitaire she really liked no no loved it

Ri:''I loved it armaan thanks so much armaan yeh bahut sundar hai''

She said and armaan smiled

Ar:'' oh yeh mujhe nahin pta tha hai par jab tum ise pehnogi to I can bet yeh bahut sundar ho jaayega''

Riddhima blushed and armaan settled on bed with his head in her lap and riddhima was ruffling his hair

Ar:''jaanti ho basket yeh maine tab purchase kiyya tha jab mujhe mehsoos hua kii I love u''

Riddhima smiled and she bends and was about to kiss him armaan put his hand on her lips and riddhima was surprised with this

Ar:''pehle meraa nam tab tak no badmashi u know naa how much I love ur Mehndi and my name engraved on it''

She blushed deeply and nodded and armaan kissed her one more time

Ar:''may i?''

Riddhima nodded and armaan caressed her hands and start finding his name and with in seconds he find his name and then he kissed her palms and riddhima blushed and he take her one ear ring out that was in her right ear and placed a kiss there

Ar:''lo jii aab yeh shagun bhi ho gayya''

Riddhima blushed lowring her eyelids and armaan slowly slowly bends her head by placing his one hand behind her head and as soon as riddhima leaned almost towards his lips he whispered

Ar:''aab hum karenge''


She asked innocently


He winked to her and riddhima blushed hardly and armaan was now facing her completely, he slowly start kissing her, he kissed her forhead, and riddhima closed her eyes and he kissed her on her eyes, her nose tip, and then he kissed her left cheek, her right cheek and then her chin, and slowly leaned towards her lips riddhima feels his hot breath on her lips, she gasped and she holds his collar in anticipation, armaan smiled seeing her reaction, and he brushed his lips with hers not kissing her, he just lingered his lips on hers still not kissing her just feeling her, here riddhima was so much lost in his touch that she wants to kiss him but here he was teasing her like anything, so she slowly start sucking his upper lips and armaan's lips curved into a smile and he

Ar:''so Mrs.Mallik is getting impatient''

He teased her and she frowned and pushed him aside but armaan holds her wrist and in a second he smacked his lips on hers kissing him furiously, riddhima was first taken back with his sudden kiss but feeling his passionate kiss she gave in the kiss, and start kissing him with equal passion, he sucked her lower lips while allowing her to suck his upper lips, he was kissing her hungrily with riddhima responding him with equal hungerness and armaan deepened the kiss while clutching her tiny waist while riddhima 's hands moved to his hair ruffled him aroused him more,and now riddhima feels armaan was pleading to open her mouth, she slowly opened her mouth as their tongues met, they danced in pleasure, tasting each-other's saliva,and they were kissing each-other passionately, soon riddhima break the kiss as she was out of breath, armaan looked towards her, she was breathing heavily so was he, but as his desires were out of control he kissed her full mouth when he feels riddhima's tighten grip around his collar he feels something then he moved back and asked

Ar:''basket r u sure? Aagar tum chaho to hum yehin ruk sakte hai, I love u basket isliyye I can understand aagar tumhe time ki jarurat hai to''

But he is cut short with riddhima's lips on his, she pecked his lips giving him all answers and armaan smiled and hugged her and she hugged him back, armaan hide his face in her neck and start placing kisses on her nape, her joint of shoulder, her slender neck and with the each and every kiss riddhima was losing control and she blushed hardly anf turned to other side of bed so that her back was facing him and armaan smiled at her nervousness and he leaned towards her back and armaan start opening the thread of her choli with his teeth and after that riddhima was completely under his spell, they freed each-other from their dresses and after caressing her armaan entered her sealing her lips with in a kiss that he never ever hurt her, as soon as riddhima was comfortable both moved in harmony and after that in  that night they both made love to each-other many times until riddhima warned him to stop as she was completely tired otherwise armaan will still make love to her for few more times so when he feels she was exhausted he stopped and hugged her while pecking her lips and both drifted to sleep in each-other's arms.

Next morning riddhima opens her eyes only to be lost in his blue-eyes, he was looking towards her with his intense deep gaze while his hands were wrapped around her petite waist, caressing her and sometimes pinching her and riddhima blushed and

Ri:''good morning tum kab oothe?''

Ar:''aab jab tum merii bahon meiin ho morning to good honii hii hai aur mai to soya hii nahin jo oothta''

Ri:''kya tum soyee nahin armaan magar kyoon?''

She asked while sitting up pulling the comforter over herself covering herself and

Ar:''neend nahin ayi''

He replied while kissing her cheeks

Ri:''lekin mujhe to itnii achii neend kabhie nahin ayi pehle sab tumhari bahon ka kamal tha''

She replied and armaan smiled

Ar:''oye hoyye don't worry basket aab tumhe aapni poori zindagi naa correction ane vale har janam meiin inhii bahon meiin rehna hai''

Riddhima blushed and hugged him

Ri:''I love u armaan''

Ar:''love u too aur vaise tumhe bataon jab tum aisii halat meiin merii bahon meiin hogii to mai pagal hun jo soyunga tumhe dekhonga nahin han''

He replied with a wink and riddhima blushed and

Ri:''kya armaan tum naa besharam ho''

Ar:''han vo to mai hun aab jaisa bhi hun tumhe isi ke saath guzara karna padega jaaan''

Riddhima smiled and

Ri:''and I would love to''

She replied while kissing his chin and they stayed like each-other's arms like this when armaan holds her hand and

Ar:''basket ekk bat poochon to boora to nahin manogi''

Ri:''armaan mai kyoon boora manogi?''

Ar:''vo basket chalo rehne do''

He fumbled with words and

Ri:''armaan I love u tum mujhse kuchh bhi pooch sakte ho yeh tumhara haq hai''

Armaan smiled lightly

Ar:''basket mai vo janna chahta tha, I mean mai tumse pyaar karta hun aur mere liyye humare past kii koi bat maayne nahin rakhti, yeh bhi jaanta hun kii tum mujhse pyaar karti ho, par mai bachpan se hii janna chahta hun kya sach much meraa chehra subhh dekhne se tumhara din kharab ho jaata tha ya jis din exam vale din tum mera chehra dekhti thi tumhara exam kharab jaata tha, see basket is se humare relation par koi farak nahin padega its just I''

But he is cut short when riddhima put her hands on his mouth

Ri:''nahin armaan aisaa nahin tha vo mai aapni bakwas ko solid reason dene ko bolti thi, actually jis din mai tumhe jyada miss kar rahii hotii thi aur tum mere saamne ate to mai aapni stupid feelings ko dur karne ke liyye bolti thi that u are unlucky for me but its not true actually u r lucky for me(armaan's expressions  turned into confused ones so riddhima continued while kissing his both dimples)actual;y sachh yeh hai exam meiin jis din tumhe dekhti thi osi exam meiin sabse jyada number hotee the remember PMT test tumhe dekha tha subbh, sorry armaan mujhe aisaa nahi kehna chahiye tha tumhe boora lagta tha I am so sorry tumhe kitna hurt kari thi sorry''

She said with tears in her eyes

Ar:''oye I agree mujhe boora lagta tha par isliyye kii kahin sachh meiin mere kaaran tumhare exams to nahin kharab ho rahee aur vaise bhi chodo aab yeh to poorani bat hai in sab faaltu baton ke liyye itnee bade-bade moti kyoon waste kar rahii ho (he points to her tears and wiped them) aur vaise bhi aur bhi important kam hai mere pas''

Riddhima asked with eyes what

Ar:''mujhe aapni pyaari sii biwii se romance karna hai''

And he hugged her tightly and riddhima hugged him back.

After that both come downstairs with riddhima in armaan's arms, he did all the masti with her while getting ready, having a cozy bath with her, wrapped in one towel with her and then makes her wear saree doing all the shaitani and finally riddhima warned him if he would not stop she was going to her mom's house for 12 days and armaan immediately stop his naughtiness, after all how he will survive without her that too 12 days.

When they reached downstairs riddhima pulled him into Mandir that was made into the corner of house

Ri:''jaante ho armaan jab humari shaadi fix hui thi to mai insee poochti thi kii ''y we destined to be''''

Ar:''mai bhi yehii janna chahta tha basket insee''y we destined to be''''

Ri:''mujhe aaj iskaa answer mill gayya hai''

Ar:''mujhe bhi''


They said together while hugging her from behind

RI&AR:''thanks god''

Again said together this time riddhima joins both her hands while armaan over lapping his.

And riddhima turned and hugged him tightly

Ar:''I love u basket''

Ri:''love u too armaan''

Ar:''u know aab yeh basket aur attitude mister ki shaadi sabse successful shaadi hogii''

Ri:''han because yeh humari shaadi hai''

And they hugged each-other tightly and sealed the promise with a kiss.


If God choose something for u never question him because it is the best for u as u once wrong for urself but God will never as God loves his children so believe in god and the most beautiful emotion created by God LOVE. It is only love what makes the lives beautiful.


So friends yeh hai ARMAAN-RIDDHIMA kii "Y WE DESTINED TO BE'' vo saath hue kyonki vo ekk-doosre se behad pyaar karte the, well as usual mai yehii kahungi kii story finish nahin hui kyonki mere liyye ARMAAN-RIDDHIMA ka pyaar kabhie finish nahin hotaa, they are indeed live example of LOVE, han par oonki story ka yeh part mujhe aapke saath share karne meiin bahut khushi hui, umeed hai aap sabne bhi yeh safar enjoy kiyya hogaa. Aap sabke pyaar ke liyye thanks so much.

Aur han aab mujhe iskaa pm part likhna hai to mujhe please batyiyega kaun-kaun panda chahta hai.

Chalo abhie ke liyye'''''''.

Bye nahin nahin bye nahin abhie aapke liyye ekk surprise hai yeh hai surprise dekhiyega please do watch ohk friends please

Han-Han confuse mat hoyiye aap sab ''y we destined to be'' ka seaseon 2 aayega i promise to u all readers, hope kii aap sab iss BASKET AUR ATTITUDE MISTER kii kahani bhulenge nahin aur mujhe aagle season meiin jaror milenge, will wait for u all, so tab tak ke liyye this is NIKITA signing off and yes before commenting do see next post friends

With lots of love


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desir IF-Dazzler

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Aap sab ne ''y we destined to be'' ko jo pyaar diyya hai ooske liyye thanks so much friends, seriously aap logon ke binaa yeh journey itnii achii nahin hotii, well thanks to u friends for giving ur precious time to ''y we destined to be'', i am very thankful to u for ur love without u it does not even happen, my lovey-dovey readers thanks so much seriously u rock friends love u so much thanks

harini19,  peachgirl,  Romanaxx,

  aar123,  ammy_amna,  KSGforever08,  

mitchell,  minnat_mahi,  ksgmyluvmylyfff,

 mohit_aggarwal,  blessed4,  akshad

 AR-kash,  cutie13,  divi1oct,


  Redrose21,  blue_lotus22,  Nihson

 pinkpearlz,helen_of_troy,  qt4ever,

 araja1234,  hotKaJen,  ...vibha...

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mijanur,  Riarai2346,  RabiaKSGKaJen-

 anumeha_rajat,  jiyaa_m,  janu1610

 zhasan2,  vaishiksg

thanks to all of u my silent readers who was always there with ''y we destined to be''

aur aab kuchh special logon ko thanks well ekk to Sonu sweetie she is angel and the reson of my being on if,

Shilpu-well yahan mai aapko isliyye thanks nahin kar rahii kyonki aap merii friend hai par isliyye because yeh is ff kii sabse favourite reader hai, yeh is ff ko mujhse better jaanti hai, mai ekk bar iss ff ka scene bhull bhi jaon but she will never so thanks so much.

Gyanu&Asma&Geet-love u both my angels seriouly thanks for ur inspiration for writing this ff.

Jiyaa&Ashu&Ria-thanks so much for ur support.

Priyanka&Rabia-thanks so much.

Chalo aab mai chalti hun aagle season meiin milege bye

Love u all friends

Thanks once again friends 


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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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hey nikkkEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...okay there is comment on part 18 means last part...first want to tell this is the  bestest  part all over...i loved it core of my heart...awesome, mind blowing , amazing, superbbb, outstanding,fabulous, thier i want new word to describe it but their is no wordLOLBig smile  ...hmmm armaan already left for chennai...ridz is so sad...but she deserve it she made ammy cry ...ridz is so stubborn there sid wanted to realise her but she is very adamant...finally she realise her feeling towards armaan... thanks for sid he made her realise she is in love with armaan...n i loved  this dialouges so much "

Ri:''han armaan I love u aur mujhe tumhe btana hai aur vaise bhi Dr.Armaan Mallik aap jahan chahe challe jayiye laut ko to aapko aapni Basket ke pas hii ana hai'' 
Ri:''kya hai armaan tumhe aaj hii kyoon jaana tha? Nahin riddhima hum doctors hai aur humare liyye patients sabse pehle ate hai, par is stupid dill ka kya karun yar, aab ise to armaan ke pas rehna hai, par Mr. Dill aapko wait karna padega jab tak aapki beats(armaan) vaapis nahin ati humare pas aur fir hum oonhe bilkul bhi nahin jaane denge''

lovely dialouge yaar...amazing...ridz is so happy so i m...ridz missed armaan n went to his cabin...she read his diary  n came to know his feeling n his love for her...kya baat hai parlour hmmm...hehehe ananya thought ridz is pregnant to see her happy n glowing face...superb bonding between ananya, billy, n ridz ...loved ittt sooo much...wowww ridz ko armaan har jagah dekh rha hai...ohhh ab use pta chala vo use cusre karke yaad karti n uske baare mein sochti thi but mujhe toh yey pehle hi pta tha hehehe...hmmm both r missing each ridz plaaned to give surprise to armaan on karvachauth good very good...really she prepared very well but armaan is confuse personality n he took everything wrong...he really hurt ridz to his words...yey achaa pehlre hurt karo phir sorry bolo...finally they confess thier love with eachother or dono se jyada happy main hun Big smileLOL...i loved it sooo muchhh...amaing part deaClapClapClapClapr...thanks for pm...
love u

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shonadesire IF-Dazzler

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hey nikkk...again meee come to epilouge superbbb yarrrClapClapClapClapClap...loved it ...hmmm finally armaan n ridz cleared their all confusion n misunderstanding...why she said its compromise...their monents are cute n sweets...muhdekhahi gift is awesome lovely...loved this when armaan said...

Ar:''aab hum karenge''


She asked innocently


mindblwoing yaar...hmmm finally ridz told vo hamesha kyun kahti thi ki armaan ka face dekhne se iska din khrab jata hai...i was to know reason already  this is her lame excuse to hide her feeling ...hey khatm ho gai yeyy ff Ouch but i know u will write second season super soon...u made lovely vidaeo of second season...thanks for wonderful ff yaar...loved it so much,...

love u



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Romanaxx Goldie

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Awesome update dear Hug

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Riddss IF-Sizzlerz

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nice part
continue soon

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